idk what happened i didnt mean to do this

Anyone reading My Secret Brother (Unstoppable Siblings)???

I caved to my curiosity n checked the korean site. ch.81 - ch. 113 are free (i’ve read till ch. 111 on the english site) so i started reading after that even though i didnt understand what theyre talking about but at least one of my favorite ship happened! i’m so happy the author pulled through for this, theyre so cute <3

anyway, i bought the rest of the chapters because why not, and let me just say the rest was such a wild ride! i was hoping for another queer relationship n okay technically we get two more of them but i certainly didnt expect that to happen! in that way! on the last chapter! lmaooo waiting for context but idk what it’ll do either idk how i even feel :/ (i mean its partly my fault for reading something titled like this w hints of junhyuk/hanmi being thrown everywhere but i had my doubts okay)

next season when tho