idk what era but looks early

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if it isn't too much trouble could you describe what your tags mean or like a couple of them like what's the different between "lover boy" and another Frank tag or how do you know when it's "Gerald my life" vs another Gerard tag

haha ok yes. i have…too many fucking tags

here’s a page with links to (most) of my tags including a description but i’ll try to elaborate

‘loverboy’ is my general like pre-mcr through 2009 frank tag. i’m literally about to do tag relacer and change it to princess tho.

‘dad frank’ was my ‘current frank’ tag when frank was newly a dad so like early dd through…idk. the past couple years? its an awkward tag but idk what to change it to.

‘angel’ is my long haired frank tag, any era

‘twink’ is just…super twinky looks. 

‘frank iero ruined my life’ is a tag ive been forgetting to use but its for pics where i really feel attacked

‘loml’ (love of my life) is like current frank. since like early 2016 i think. so dad frank era ends and loml era begins lol

‘baby’ is a tag i use for both gerard and frank when i can’t decide what tag i wanna use

‘gerald my life’ is my general gerard tag. supposed to be a play on lynz my wife but gerard doesnt stress the right syllable so it had to be gerald. its dumb and no one gets it and i think i should change it

‘pretty princess’ is pics where he just looks extra pretty

‘ilu’ is just…idk pics where im like Damb i really love gerard

‘qt pi’ is extra cute pics, most blonde gerard probably

‘dumpling’ is basement gerard

‘muffin’ is current gerard, like post- hesistant alien era

‘queen of england’ is hesitant alien era gerard with red hair

‘my goth husband’ is just really Extra revenge gerard gerard looks

idk if i ever started a duckling tag but if i did it would be blonde gerard after it started getting a little bit shaggy and more yellow like a soft lil duckling

im ridiculous but. yes.