idk what else ur url was

holdup  asked:

Idk why im crying in the ♣ right now

You’re my: cool mutual!!!!
How I met you: i dont remember!! i think it was a while ago when we became mutuals
Why I follow you: i love ur content u got an A+ blog
Your blog is: A+!
Your URL is: legendary i love it
Your icon is: beautiful what are u drinking there
A random fact I know about you: u blog at like sorta the same times as me? thank god bc no one else blogs that late
General opinion: good mutual thank u so much
A random thought I have: Hnggggng soup good

ahhh I made this blog, probably, a month and a half ago? and i’ve reached 700 followers which blows my mind bc ??? why me what have i done to deserve all of you lovely people? all that aside, thank you to everyone that’s put up with my trash posts, and stupid MS paint pics, and crying over seokmin in the tags!! you rock!!! haha idk what else to put into this intro, but let’s hop right into the list. i am a piece of crap, so i’m sorry if i didn’t add you )))): i’m really bad at keeping up with urls and i follow like 500 blogs. ok here we go:

italics: svntnetwork family (i love all yall in this network ok ily)
bold: my faves (we’ve interacted and ur real cool and too good for me)


164cmwoozi / 17caratjokespledis / 17dad / 17-carat / 1kon7 / 7teans / 7teenpls / 95joshua / 95scoups / akajunhui / bo0seungkwan / byunnieboy / cantwithjeonwonwoo / c0ups / dongjinja / djseungkwan / dkjpg / doogiipd / emohoshi / ewhansol / ew-vernon / h5ya / hansolcanunot / hansoulvernon / hansvc / hansvernon / hey-seokmin / hongjiswoon / hoon-seok / httpminqyu


iridescentwoo / itseventeen / jeguk / jeonghanii / jeongshua / jeunghan / jiisooh / joshuahonqjisoo / jshuahong / lee-seokchan / leeseokminbabe / leeseokminnie / livster4ever / macfullyloaded-ah / mingyusdreamtree / mintgyu / mlnghao /  mngyusgf / mychildren-seventeen / overallwoozi


saythenamesvntn / seokyeom / seungkwanraps / seungkwans-gf / shiningjisoo / svntny / swaghao / t-asuna2000 / the1the8 / the8ght / the8soo / ty-dk / ultimatekpoptrash / umseokminuri-jihoonv-olletvernonshit / vnons / w-ozi / wcozi / won-to-the-woo / wonwoowhowonwoo-wow / wonwooziest / wooziscalves / xmeganpenguyen / yoscoups