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Okay but like imagine Kate hanging out with Clint, when suddenly she jumps up from the sofa like ‘shit I’m late’ and Clint hadn’t known she had plans, so says ‘late for what?’. And Kate really casually replies ‘my date with America’ but of course Clint doesn’t know that the two of them are dating, so it doesn’t really register with him who she means, so he’s like ‘wtf Kate you can’t date an entire country’ but she doesn’t correct him, just walks out saying ‘watch me.’

okay but star wars lifeguard!au because they say to write what you know so:

Finn and Poe can’t stop eyeing each other up all the freakin time because they just can’t take seeing each other’s arms and shoulders in those skimpy tank tops 24/7.

Rey as that one swim instructor that every parent requests to teach their child because she’s made of actual sunshine and also actually knows how to communicate with children unlike all of the other idiots she works with.

Kylo as that one lifeguard with a short fuse and all the twelve-year-olds know it and purposefully break the rules in hopes that he’ll lose his cool. Has definitely kicked people out of the pool on more than one occasion. Constantly on probation for yelling at children and adults alike.

Hux as the supervisor who divides his time between educating customers (and his coworkers) on the extensive list of rules that he insists they all strictly adhere to, and reaming out Kylo for “terrorizing patrons and giving the facility (aka Hux himself) a bad rep.” Has read the pool’s Policy and Procedure manual several times over, blows his whistle just to tell kids to stop running.

Phasma as the long-suffering other supervisor who sometimes wishes she had a different job. Her arms and shoulders are more defined than Poe’s or Finn’s. Looks cooler than everyone else when wearing sunglasses.

Snoke as the creepy manager who is literally never around but will occasionally stop by in the middle of the busiest swim of the day just to stand on deck and watch his employees sweat. Somewhat regrets hiring Kylo but won’t fire him for some reason. 

On rainy days they all cram into the tiny office and play cards until Kylo inevitably starts losing and throws his cards in someone’s face before stomping outside to stand alone in the rain and sulk.

They all dread the monthly “mandatory skills assessment” in which they all die whilst completing the brutal “endurance swim,” save for Phasma who finishes at least a full three minutes before everyone else.

Poe teaches a beginner’s first aid class and all the thirteen-year-old girls (and boys) end up swooning over him. Finn gets protective.

Everyone hates being in the office alone with Hux and Kylo because there’s so much fucking sexual tension it’s unbearable.

Rey constantly receives crudely drawn cards and homemade cookies from her favourite students and their respective families.

Hux actually has to perform CPR on a non-responsive little girl one day and bites clean through his lower lip, continuing compressions but letting Kylo take over doing the breaths because blood is literally running down his face. The girl is fine once EMS arrives but Hux ends up having a panic attack after because what if, what if, what if and Kylo just kind of holds him and reassures him because he’s not sure what else to do.

It’s a tradition to have a staff dinner every summer and everyone’s like what the fuck because they’re used to seeing each other all gross and sweaty and sunburnt and now they’re all actually dressed up and everyone collectively is like,,, damn.

No one’s sure at what point Hux and Kylo actually become a Thing but they’re all momentarily relieved because the sexual tension is gone until they realize that whilst Kylo and Hux were both insufferable before, KyloandHux is much, much worse.

Basically just all my faves savin lives and breakin hearts.