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hey guys after this episode we were suffering and then we had a thought: why not find other people who want to suffer with us? wouldn’t that be fun?? and then this happened!!


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date a guy with a heart of gold and a moral compass made of steel. date a guy who speaks in poetry and literature references on a consistent basis. date a guy who commands with great ease and a playful sparkle in his eyes. date a guy who’s willing to bend and break the rules and go to ends of the earth for the ones he holds dear to him. date a guy who doesn’t give two shits about the prime directive. date a guy with 23 temporal violations and the largest temporal investigations record on file. date james tiberius kirk.


I’ve been in a very Kingdom Hearts mood lately and realized I hardly do any art for it anymore. Hope you guys like! They’re available as prints and a thousand other things on my Redbubble if you’d like to show some support! 

As always please don’t reupload/edit/ or share my work on other social media without permission! Thank you<333 

If this does well i might do more of the KH babes ;o; 

Positive and not so positive headcanons of pre-voltron Lance because I cant think about anything else while walking home:

  • he’s one of those irritating guys who catcalls you on the street but he’ll always help an old person carry their stuff or give them their seat or walk them across the road or smth
  • he smiles back when children or babies look at him and he makes funny faces to make them laugh
  • he always gives to homeless people even if it’s the last money he has
  • when he has a chore to do he complains, a lot, the whole fucking time
    • but he does his best and does a pretty good job
  • he’s ridiculously competitive (fucking canon) and the sorest loser you’ll ever meet.
    • he literally will not speak to you for a week and holds petty grudges (“you thought I forgot about the time you humiliated me at scrabble?” “Lance that was fucking two years ago” “YOU CANT HEAL A BROKEN PRIDE WITH TIME, PIDGE”)
  • he’ll make fun of what you want for christmas but will secretly buy it and hide it in your room
  • he’s very sentimental and everything everyone has given him is stashed in a box hidden in his closet (or under his bed) and he has a scrapbook with all the movie tickets and stubs and stuff
  • he does nice things to his friends but hides it under an insult or a joke or smth
    • like holding the door for them (“I’ll get that, since youre small, you probably cant hold it open”)
    • or staying behind them when walking and watching their back
    • or buying them drinks when he sees them exhausted (“since I’m the awesomest friend in all of friendville, I figured I’d get you this, be grateful peasant”)
    • he will walk on the side nearest to the road while walking on a sidewalk in case an accident happens
  • he gets jealous easily when his friends gets friendly with another person (“hey lance wanna go see this new movie?” “why dont you go ask youR NEW BEST FRIEND???!”)
  • he’s a “I’m the only one who can insult my friend, anyone else will have to deal with me” person
  • harshest critic on cooking food (“ugh, my sister who hasnt even been toilet trained can probably make a better lasagna than you”) hut probably can’t even cook
  • he probably carries a first aid kit at all times because of how many times his siblings get scratches and stuff
  • he’s a shock absorber, whenever theres an argument, he puts all the heat on him (by laughing out loud or pulling a joke) because it’s better if theyre mad at him than at each other (being the 2nd child in the family made him that way)

I’ll add more as boring days go by. I hope this isn’t somehow offensive or anything.

Luke is the type of guy to continuously poke your shoulder and say your name over and over again until you get fed up and pay attention to him but all he says is “Hi” or “I love you” then giggle and run away

kevin and the trojans
  • i’ve been seeing a lot about kevin’s love of the trojans and it got me thinking
  • i see things joking about how kevin adores the trojans and jeremy knox and how he is the biggest trojans fan to ever exist
  • but then i thought on it some more and
  • what if the reason kevin loves the trojans so much is because they’re virtually the opposite of the ravens?
  • think about a younger kevin, who been settled with the ravens for quite some time and realizes the dark place he’s in
  • he can’t play for the ravens just yet, but he knows he’ll always be number 2 (riko never lets him forget his place)
  • they don’t let him watch TV or read books except for anything related to exy so he can learn to be a better player
  • so he watches every exy game he can
  • and one day he is just watching college match where the trojans play another good team
  • a player trojans messes up (something the ravens would never tolerate) and kevin thinks man they are going to be punished for that mistake
  • but instead of being yanked off the court, the captain walks over to them and pats them on the shoulder and kevin is astonished
  • up to that point, kevin had rarely seen positive reinforcement at work
  • but it sparked something inside kevin
  • something that said
  • it can be different
  • and
  • exy doesn’t have to be painful
  • and the flame inside kevin was lit
  • while he was still with the ravens, kevin was reminded that exy won’t always be this way
  • that some day, he’ll play for a team that isn’t the ravens
  • so the trojans became kevin’s drive for exy
  • every time the trojans won, kevin was reminded that there was more than one way to stay connected on the court
  • that playing as a team was just as valid as following a leader
  • the trojans planted a seed in kevin that silently grew in the darkness of the nest
  • everything about the trojans rivals the ravens
    • the trojans are light and happy while the ravens are dark and serious
    • the trojans play as a network of people while the ravens turn into a machine
    • the trojans have no red cards while the ravens have the most
  • kevin held onto the trojans like a lifeline to get him through riko’s abuse
  • and then kevin saw the trojans thrive under jeremy knox
  • he saw how the team he clung to had managed to somehow become an even bigger inspiration for kevin
  • kevin saw how riko captained the ravens with insults, injuries, scowls, and pain
  • and he saw how jeremy captained the trojans with positivity, team spirit, smiles, and positive reinforcement
  • jeremy knox was the human embodiment of everything kevin wished exy could be for him
  • so kevin pushed himself even harder to be better, to secure himself a future in exy that wasn’t related to riko and the ravens and the hell his life had been
  • and he got his wish, because riko broke his hand and he joined the foxes and then riko was gone, and kevin was finally his own person
  • he played exy still very seriously (it’s in his blood) but every time he scored goals during a game, his heart beat with adrenaline and excitement, not fear
  • of course kevin is still kevin and cannot show his emotions correctly because of years of them being a secondary part of him, something that wasn’t important
  • so he doesn’t seem to enjoy exy, but internally there has been a shift 
  • but whenever the foxes bring up kevin’s odd adoration for trojans, kevin can’t help but think of what a lifeline they were for him
  • he can’t help but to remember feeling helpless in the darkness of the nest and the trojans breaking through like the sun had started shining at night
  • so kevin takes his teammates jabs, and looks at how far he’s come, where his is right now
  • he has his father, thea, and a team family that will always have his back
  • and he can’t help but attribute that to the trojans

Phan One Shot

Title: Falling down the stairs

Summary: Phil falls down the stairs that’s near the office and Dan helps Phil get better with hand kisses and such.

Genre: Fluff

Tw: None (unless injury is a tw)

Word count: 944

A/N: This is just a short drabble I decided to write and thank you to the lovely @hiraethhowell who helped me beta it! ilysm ellen bean <3

“SHIT!” Dan hears from his position in the lounge, followed by a series of bangs and groans. Phil had made his way up to their office to grab the flash drive that was containing all of their pictures from the photo shoot for TABINOF, and he still hadn’t returned. Dan quickly got up from his spot on the sofa, heading towards where the noise had came from. He turns around the corner to see Phil laying on the floor, trying to sit up before Dan had gotten there.

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Rain, Sunlight, and Stardust

Read it here on AO3!

Rating: G

Word Count: 746

Pairing: BokuAkaKuroKen

Summary: Kuroo thinks on the different ways his boyfriends kiss him and how they make him feel.

inspired by this gorgeous piece from @eicinic

Kissing Akaashi is like a light summer rain. Not in the way that it’s wet and potentially ruins your plans, but in a way that’s warm and gentle. In the way where you curl up by the windowsill with a good book, blankets wrapped around you, sipping on hot cocoa or tea while the rain hits the window pane with soft, soothing plinks. Refreshing.

It doesn’t happen often. Kuroo’s never been as close to Akaashi as he is with Kenma and Bokuto. He finds Akaashi difficult to read, even for him. So it’s always somewhat of a surprise when Akaashi will decide one day to lean over and kiss him, usually quick and soft, pulling away with a faint smile as Kuroo feels his cheeks heat up.

It’s nice when he lingers too, placing his hands on Kuroo’s chest and leaning into him with his whole body for just a moment. Kuroo finds it pleasant, and always that warm, comforting feeling spreads through him, and he thinks of rain.

Kissing Bokuto is like sunlight. Not in a scorching way, sweaty and uncomfortable. In a happy way, like skipping through a meadow in spring, the sun chasing away the cold bite of winter. The warmth from his kiss spreads quickly, and he’s usually smiling or about to laugh, and Kuroo can’t help but laugh too.

Their teeth clack together, they bump noses, their hands twist in shirts and hair, and they lean against each other as their shoulders shake. Bokuto’s presence brightens up every room he’s in. His upbeat nature is contagious, and Kuroo loves basking in that positivity and excitement. He catches it, runs with it, until they’re both crying tears of laughter, and they fall together with kisses holding contentment and happiness. Joy. 

It’s always fun kissing Bokuto. Kuroo does it often. And even on Bokuto’s bad days, when he’s struggling with his dejection, Kuroo tries to make him feel better: with lavish attention, with stupid jokes, with tickles, with kisses pressed all over his body until he’s giggling and kissing him back and the sunlight returns to warm them both.

Kissing Kenma is like touching stars. Not in the way that that’s actually impossible, but in the way that makes you feel like it is possible. It’s bright and it tingles, his skin shivering in wonder and anticipation of what could be. It’s looking up at the expanse of the sky at night and seeing galaxies and constellations and reaching up to grab them because they shine so brilliantly you feel like you can. And you feel that swell in your chest. Amazement.

Kenma’s lips spark heat with every touch, and Kuroo can’t help but tremble when Kenma grows attentive to every sensitive inch of his skin. It’s not rare for Kenma to kiss him, but each time it feels new, and Kuroo’s heart swells as he wraps his arms around Kenma and pulls him closer. Just looking into Kenma’s eyes is like looking into the expanse of galaxy. He has stardust caught in the gold of his irises, and Kuroo loves getting lost in them, with his heart in his throat. 

Sometimes he can’t believe that he belongs to Kenma and Kenma belongs to him. He wonders if sometimes people look at them like they look at the universe and think “How?” 

They’re different, and he knows they’re different. But they’re also the same. Kenma understands him in a way most people don’t, and he figures it’s the same for Kenma. At first he was afraid that bringing Bokuto and Akaashi into their relationship would be hard on Kenma, but after seeing how the other two treat Kenma like he’s their stardust too Kuroo knew that it would all work out.

And now he has three boyfriends. Three. It seems sometimes as though it’s too many. It seems sometimes that he doesn’t deserve to have this much love. He’s not perfect. He’s made mistakes. He’s failed them before, and he probably will again (despite his best efforts). 

And yet.

And yet they continue to love him. They continue to kiss him, to hold him, to whisper encouragements and reassurances into his skin. They continue to make him laugh, to make his heart feel too big for his body. 

They’re his friends, his family, his joy, his love.

Warmth and radiance and wonder.

They’re his rain and sunlight and stardust. 

And with every kiss they let him know that he is theirs as well.