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Here’s that possible color scheme for Black Star Sapphire I said I’d post XD

Not too sure about the main dress color but I’m pleased with the results for now

But luckily I think I’m finally on track to developing a background for her - she’ll most likely belong to my friend’s gemsona Onyx, who is a Homeworld gem and a member of Black Diamond’s court (I have a few drawings of him but they need to be redone - and yes, my friend’s Onyx is a “him”. Deal with it.)

Hope she looks good so far!

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

This Sapphire designed by me

“I’m sorry Eijun…”

I was just slapping colors like a boss but then it struck me. Yea why don’t we make another AU??? I mean, I don’t even know where this is going, but this just has so much potential and maybe you want to pitch in your ideas as well and let this AU budding in our minds~ well it’s certainly going to haunt my mind so…. hahaha

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It’s four am. My internet is shit here. But I did these edits just now :U

I should’ve just used marks video from case animatronics instead of the park but my mind is tired so i made this

An edit where Mark and Jack switch places?? idk man here you go im tired

EDIT : The chair has been bugging me so i changed it. let me know what else I should change if necessary. Man Im really bad at photoshop XD please recommend me more edits i should do so I can practice.

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Wait why don't you like the Master? (Um. Idk I feel like maybe I've asked you this before. Feel free to answer this privately if you don't want fandom drama, I'm just curious bc most of fandom seems to love them.)

I do think you’ve asked me this before, but I’ll answer it again XD

I don’t like villains in general, for starters, and I don’t like villains that overstay their welcome. To be fair, I did like the Master as a villain when he first came back in S3. It was a good arc that should’ve ended when he died. Bringing him back in the End of Time cheapened it, and definitely especially when they brought him back as Missy.

The thing that really bothers me about Missy is the cutesy way she’s portrayed. She’s presented as this quirky, whimsical person, when she’s literally killed people. She’s an actual fucking murderer, who toys with people because she thinks it’s fun, and we’re supposed to somehow find this amusing and entertaining. I don’t. I don’t like the way she messed with Clara in S9, and manipulated the Doctor into almost killing her.

And now, in light of what happened in this most recent episode, it feels like this season was wasted on this bullshit “redemption” arc for Missy, while Bill just gets killed for no reason. Even if Bill isn’t really dead, even if she does get to ride off into the sunset with Heather or Penny, or just, like, gets to live period, the way they treated her in this episode was unnecessary. She was literally sidelined in favor of Missy, and that’s bullshit.

Well since everyone else is jumping on the DS train, I might as well show off my mod…

  • Health 250
  • Hunger 120
  • Sanity 240

Comes with The Crown of Fire

The crown of fire makes Vlad hit harder but also drains his sanity at a higher rate.

  • Gets a bigger sanity boost around catcoons
  • Will glow in the dark unless sanity is below 40%
What about Ja’far (theories)

Okay so like, in the new arc we’ve seen a bit of Ja’far. (Not nearly enough in my opinion. XD) Although how he’s going to be involved in this final arc is not really clear yet, but from what we’ve seen before Ohtaka always brings things full circle even with all the characters she has. I mean even freaking Budel wasn’t left out, so we can assume Ja’far will play a some-what important role as things progress.

So let’s start with what we can guess from what little we have seen of him recently:

-He’s working even harder than usual and is not nearly as close to Sinbad as he used to be.

This could be from a falling out, or it could just be his dislike for ‘Hakuei’ (Who he may or may not know to be Arba at this point) as we can assume it is for the other generals (particularly Masrur apparently)

-He’s depressed. OH MY GOSH HE IS DEPRESSED! 

Okay, this one isn’t necessarily a given, but he doesn’t seem very happy about his job or his life or his anything right now. Which of course makes sense, since he loved Sindria more than anybody. (I WOULD have said anybody but Sinbad but he’s shown us just how much he cares. *sigh*) So he loses his country, and more or less all of the torture he went through to create it is now in vain. On top of that the other generals A.K.A his FAMILY all up and left, spread across the world, and aside from occasional phone calls don’t seem to talk much. So we can assume he is pretty upset.

-Sinbad is mostly ignoring him, or rather David. Currently Arba is in a higher position than him and spends way more time with Sinbad/David while Ja’far is working his life away miserable and lonely.

So the question is: WHY HAS HE STAYED?!

Okay, now Sinja fans will most likely be saying because he loves Sinbad. Which is fine, I mean it’s semi-cannon and heck I ship it too, but let’s set that aside for now because seriously Ja’far isn’t the kind of person who would put up with this crap for romantic reasons.

Okay so we can assume that Ja’far chose to stay with Sinbad instead of moving on with his life like the other generals did, and that it wasn’t just a “I don’t have anywhere else to go kind of thing” Because that’s not the case.

He could have tagged along with the others, at LEAST Hinahoho could have taken him in, I mean he is technically Hinahoho’s adopted son. He’s also very educated with a very impressive skill-set and could probably do a million other things, I mean heck, if all else failed he could always be a midwife. XD (Midwife, midhusband? Idk. lol)

So the question is what is keeping him there. And so this is my theory:

He is trying to save Sinbad from David.

So he either knows already that Sinbad is being partially (mostly) possessed and is trying to find a way to draw David out, or he doesn’t know what’s going on exactly but knows something’s up and is trying to play detective and figure it out.

This makes sense because he loves Sinbad. (Whether romantically or otherwise it doesn’t matter my point remains the same) and like with what happened in SnB with Masrur, he’d suffer through nearly anything to save his family.

So all that being said it’s hard to say how he’ll come into play in the story, though I have a few theories.

What if Ja’far spread the rumor?

I mean, I know that sounds crazy and probably isn’t true, but maybe Sinbad/David told him too and he did it to avoid suspicion. Or maybe he knows of something else going on and put a stop to it in his own subtle way. (I mean, Arba had to have known about Kou trying to raise up an undead army, since they seemed to have been researching it for decades and for all we know she could still have a hand in the affairs of Kou, I mean maybe she’s pulling the strings of Kougyoku or let’‘s say Kakoubun?) So for all we know Ja’far could have spread the rumor to stop one of Arba’s (And probably David’s) plans.

If he is trying to save Sinbad will he succeed?

I think this is the real question here, which of course all depends on which direction Ohtaka wants to go. Though I’ve thought up two scenarios that seem plausible if not likely.

There could always just be a heart-wrenching moment where David consumes Sinbad completely and Ja’far has to be the one to try and kill him in the end. (Just imagine it, Alibaba and co. all fighting against David in the very end and he is about to defeat them when SURPRISE Ja’far stabs him through the heart or something.)  Or Ja’far could try to kill David and die, because this is Ohtaka writing the story. XD

Or Ja’far could find a way to extract David from Sinbad, let’s say by bringing David into himself? In this case the roles would be reversed and Sinbad would have to either find a way to get David out of him or just kill Ja’far. OR Ja’far could suck David into himself and use his last moments of self control to kill himself. (Just imagine Sinbad holding him tearfully as he begs him to still be alive secretly like in Zepar’s dungeon)

Will this happen? Probably not, but it’s definitely possible. And all the above scenarios are very angsty and this fandom sure loves it’s angst.

(full view please!) 

This is a Christmas drawing for Jady based off of one of her cute headcanons huhu (which was that Sora and Riku send each other letters via their dream eaters xD)

I’m so proud of this and so happy she liked it!!!

(Also, I used a bunch of origami/christmas patterns I found off of google images to make this, jsyk.)

hoho Merry Christmas!

jensmishapie  asked:

rumy! babe! what's your favorite movies? i remember you said somewhere in your tag you like "horrible bosses" i just watched it for the first time last night! it was good! (love the beginning! the ending somehow felt a bit rushed XD) anything else u like to watch? im not doing anything this summer, just kinda chill' haha so lookin 4 some good movie/tv recommendations, and you're the first person come to mind on whom to ask idk i just really trust your opinions k' xoxo

my favest movie rn is The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, actually! It’s the DEFINITION of a chill movie, but it’s also sweet and moving and I adore it.

I’d also recommend you watch Mad Max: Fury Road if you haven’t yet (beautiful and profound), Paul with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost (hilarious), Spy with Melissa McCarthy (hilarious), Kingsman if you haven’t yet (hilarious), and Fantastic Beasts too! Finding Dory please don’t skip this one if you haven’t watched it yet cus I love it. Oh and if you liked Horrible Bosses I’d defo recommend 21 & 22 Jump Street 1100% (hilarious). For a more serious but surprisingly good movie, check out Colossal with Anne Hathaway! Also why not Avatar (with the blue aliens lmao), The Boat That Rocked (with Nick Frost, it’s so much british fun), all the Despicable Me movies, the original Footloose movie (classics are always gud), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED IT YET PLS DO, ITS AN HILARIOUS ANIMATED FILM).

I don’t gotta rec you any star trek now, do I? But if you haven’t seen ST: Beyond for some reason yet PLZ DO IT it was the best of all 3 no lie! Oh and honorable mention to Pride & Prejudice because that film is both gorgeously directed and fabulously adapted from the book. It’s my 2nd favest movie after Mitty \o/ GoTG2 wasn’t bad, either. It wasn’t THE best movie, but it’s better than the 1st film so I’d suggest finding it online winkwinkwink


TV stuff: In the Flesh (british zombie gays!!), Legion FX (cute marvel mutants and psychedelic shit i love it), Brooklyn Nine-Nine if like me, you skipped watching it until now lol. I binged it recently and loved it! It’s just casual fun for 4 seasons. Ash vs. Evil Dead (hilarious gory show, but you should watch the 3 films first…. probably…. if you like… humor and blood? YOU WATCHED HANNIBAL RIGHT? it’s scary tho, don’t watch at night. OR DO, IDK). The Crown was also very entertaining, it’s with Matt Smith & he’s adorbs in it idk. Life on Mars was such a good british show, by the way!!!!! PLEASE WATCH THE UK VERSION. The Newsroom is finished but it’s the smartest american show I’ve watched in a while and I still love it. Galavant is also a parks & rec/b99 type of show, very short episodes and abso-fucking-lutely hilarious from A to Z. Very recommend for a chill time!

Have funs! <3

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FAVOURITE SCENT: home? idk if that makes sense xD
FAVOURITE BOOK: The Westing Game
FAVOURITE ANIMAL: either dogs or panthers
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AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: anywhere between 3 and 8
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hakuryuu ren for the character thing

sexual orientation headcanon: gayyyyyyyy

gender headcanon: transgender (ftm)

mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon: ahhh idk. prob PTSD like Judar. idk what else.

3 random headcanons: -prob has a garden which he likes taking care of. helps him calm down & stop thinking for a while. 

-used to bind in a harmful way till Judar found out and gave him hell for it I saw fanart like this once and I love it


✘ Black Sails « Game of Thrones Houses »
                                     Max ✘ House Targaryen

❝ The frightened child who sheltered in my manse died on the Dothraki Sea, and was reborn in blood and fire. This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.  ❞

I know that she spent her childhood in exile, impoverished, living on dreams and schemes, running from one city to the next, always fearful, never safe, friendless but for a brother who was by all accounts half-mad…a brother who sold her maidenhood to the Dothraki for the promise of an army. I know that somewhere upon the grass, her dragons hatched, and so did she. I know she is proud. How not? What else was left her but pride? I know she is strong. How not? The Dothraki despise weakness. If she had been weak, she would have perished with him. ❞

❝ [Valar morghulis.] Yes, all men must die. But we are not men. ❞