idk what else to tag it as xd

idk, I can’t really go completely alpha, that skin isn’t really considered “alpha” but everything else is I guess.

I would definitely go alpha hair tho. that’s my one true love tbh. so beautiful omg. And it would look more like ts2 (which is always what I’m trying to go for tbh xD)

Anyway, I was tagged by the wonderful @rosecoffeesims who created their own challenge which I fell in love with! Honestly tho any excuse to dl alpha hair is my fave challenge.

The challenge rules are here. 

and I tagggg,,, my faves @noonicorn (my alpha queen, I need 2 see more if ur gorgeous simmies!), @grassysimmer (u would make the perfect edit 4 this honestly), @plumbobus (I know, it’s honestly an excuse to see ur beautiful Paisley in alpha lol), @sunnyfriendell (ur beautiful sims would look so amazing in alpha honestly), @nadehzdia (I better see a red head, ur red heads sim give me life!), and anyone else who wants 2 do it!

anonymous asked:

Do you ship anyone else in exo besides kd?

I mean.. Nth can EVER compare to what I feel for Kaisoo xD

But.. I shipped Krisoo a lot, back when Krisss (<3) was still in ex-o. 

I always kinda felt guilty for doing that tho since obviously Kaisoo are my No.1.. But the way I shipped Krisoo tho was very different from the way I ship Kaisoo. Krisoo was my alternative universe I guess? Idk if that makes sense xD

(this spam is more for me than anyone else lol)

always laughing at whatever dumb thing he said or did xD

even being supportive of Krisss’ weird obsession with the galaxy xD

being such a freaking cutie jumping on the couch and looking up at the giant ;-;

speaking of giant.. like their size/height difference was ridiculous and so adorable.

soo was so offended, he knew how much bigger kris’ looked at that moment so he barked at him HAHAHA 

krisoo had a thing for each others hands.. 

look how happy soo was with him T____T even playing around.. 

that glance.. 

i’m a sucker for anything domestic.. 

To me Soo was always really cute and happy around Krisss, looking up to him like an older brother of sorts?? Laughing at all his dumb jokes lol 

I’ll always cherish the memories of them :’) they’re my top 2 biases. It’s only natural that I enjoyed them interacting. 

Well since everyone else is jumping on the DS train, I might as well show off my mod…

  • Health 250
  • Hunger 120
  • Sanity 240

Comes with The Crown of Fire

The crown of fire makes Vlad hit harder but also drains his sanity at a higher rate.

  • Gets a bigger sanity boost around catcoons
  • Will glow in the dark unless sanity is below 40%