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Uncovered (I’m No Angel Pt. 15)

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Original Female Character

Words: 2067ish?

Warnings: Smut, Dirty Talk, Slight Angst, IDK what else (Also I may or may not messed up something in Russian but I blame Google Translate)

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Dean woke up the next day a little later than usual and took a look of his surroundings, only to realize he wasn’t in his room.  

What the fuck? He asked himself before turning his head,  seeing Alex beside him, naked and sleeping soundly.  

Events from the night before flooded his head and he smiled, laying back down to study the features on his girlfriend.  

Brown hair splayed across her face, he trailed his gaze down to her button nose and parted, full lips then chuckled at the mark on her neck. One that he clearly made.  

She stirred a bit and the blanket fell passed her belly button and there, Dean could see the scars and tattoos that marked up her fair skin. He took his hand and gently traced along one of her tattoos by her ribcage.  

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im working on a fic [laughs] but im having fun writing it and enjoy a excerpt of it ????

Before anyone else could say anything, he heard the door to Bag End opening. In came Bell, one hand holding a cup of tea and the other securing little Samwise against her hip. Dis stared openly and curiously at the babe while Bell shoved the tea into Bilbo’s hands.

“I’ll hear no complaints from you, Mr. Baggins. Hamfast was a mess! Look at you.” She tutted before gathering Samwise fully in her arms.

The faunt had taken interest in Dis as much as she had with him. He let out a giggle when Dis stepped closer. The noise caught his mother’s attention and she looked at Dis as well.

“Are you a friend of Mr. Baggins’?”

“Of a sort,” she answered, eyes moving in between their faces curiously. “Your pebble is remarkably small.”

“My what?”

Samwise laughed charmingly.

Interlude on Taris

    The third night in the Sinking City, Kinela couldn’t sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw the rakghouls with their pale, clammy skin and needle-like teeth swarming around her. The bites on her arm still tingled from the kolto she’d slathered on earlier, and every time she woke up, she found herself rubbing at the bandage. The doctor had assured her that no infection remained in her system, but that was small comfort after all she’d seen that day.

      It had been surprisingly easy to find the outpost quartermaster and beg a cup of kaff from him, but Kinela soon found out why - it tasted like the scrapings from a bantha’s foot, and had about the same consistency. She grimly took another sip and sat on the duracrete lip outside the open-air barracks, listening to the gentle hum of human activity throughout the camp. Floodlights cut through the dark and the men patrolling the perimeter talked quietly to one another. But beyond the boundaries of the walls, the humid air was thick with the whining of insects and the occasional screech of a hunting nexu. The fetid jungle was very much alive, and Kinela felt like it wanted to swallow her whole.

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‘Hey can you come with me?’ she asked with a flip of her hair and a grin on her lips.
It’s almost as though she knows I can’t resist,
the sparkle of her eyes,
or the dimples on her cheeks, 
or even the cloud of vanilla she leaves behind when she leaves a place;

‘Yeah of course’ I say softly, a blush making its mark on my cheeks.
We walk along the courtyard,
her hands brushed my thighs twice
it feels like my heart has found a home in her hands,
and her hands don’t know they’re carrying something yet,
I don’t know if they ever will;

She talked of the boy she met a few nights before
'He was so cute I hope I see him again soon, he’s been texting me all day’ she sighs with a smile,
She’s probably been dreaming about him all day the same way I’ve been dreaming about her,
and there’s no doubt in my mind he did the same today;

'He’ll ask you out soon for sure, he can’t resist you. No one really can’ I tell her as I watch her smile before dropping my gaze to the ground,
Am I even allowed to look at her like that?
but my eyes always find a way to her smile and that stupid dimple on her right cheek that I’ve fallen in love with,
I can’t help it,
she’s so nice to look at;

'Yeah you think so?’ she asks with a soft smile and hopeful eyes
I nod and let my gaze drop to the ground again,
She’s already made me fall for her
he would fall even quicker for sure,
he has a chance;

'Thanks, I love you’
Not the way I do, I think to myself,
but I can’t stop myself when I say;

'I love you too’
because I really do.

—  M.A.P // Prompt: she tastes like birthday cake and story time and fall but to her I taste of nothing at all

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Name: Jenn

Nicknames: Jenn
Star Sign: Virgo 

Gender: grl

Height: 4'11"

Favorite Colors: mauve

Time Right Now: 2:14 am

Average Hours of Sleep: Idk??? Like 5-12 no two nights are the same 

Last Thing I Googled: Transport proteins
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: usually just one but 2 rn it’s cold!

Favorite Fictional Characters: Charlie kelly and Frank Reynolds? I can’t think of anyone else
. idk anything right now
Favorite Books: House of Leaves
Favorite Bands: Circle survival

Dream Job: astronomer working for NASA

What I Am Wearing Right Now: big sweatshirt leggings and warm sox

When Did You Create Your Blog: holy fck like.. 6 years ago I wanna say? 
Current Amount of Followers: idk like 10 active ones

What Do You Mainly Post About: dogs and jokes and things that make me smile

Your Blog Hit Its Peak: is this an attack
Who Made You Join Tumblr: nobody made me get out of here with that but my friend showed me forever ago 

Do you get asks daily: ass? ya I get ass daily… My own 

Why did you choose your url: I’ve had a lot of urls but I wanted a good circa survive related one so this is the best I could get without adding numbers or hyphens

 I’m too tired to know who to tag tbh but @837420 @91956566ilovemymom @drunkdad


fanart of my friend Katarina’s character from her puppet film! I hope it’s okay that I’m posting this… considering that I don’t even really know anything about the film yet?? but this character is cool and i’m sure the film is gonna be rad as heck too. mmm i was gonna post some Adalsysla drawings i’ve been working on for your birthday but then I saw this character on instagram and wanted to draw her too. will try to post the Adalsysla sketches next week!

Meanwhile anyone else visiting this blog can check out Katarina’s art blog and awesome webcomic!

Idea for a third Avatar series (and then-some) :

It’s been years have passed since Avatar Korra finished out her long life. Technology has since advanced, making the wonders of Republic City look like child’s play. Bustling metropolises with electricity running through their veins conquer most of the nations. However, bending is far from obsolete.

Subways, trailing through miles upon miles underneath cities like Ba Sing Se require metalbenders, strong enough to keep the trains moving yet gentle enough not to bend the tracks. Waterbenders with a niche for bloodbending are put to work in hospitals, where they use what was once a power of grisly folklore to save lives. Firebenders work in industry, working alongside Earthbenders to create high rise buildings, welded through literal man-power. The Airbenders, as expected, are limited to a short family tree. Those without bending, in higher numbers as the years have gone by, work in most fields, albeit in less grandiose positions. 

The new avatar cannot bend. Their parents, an Earthbender and a Waterbender, have tried everything they could. Special programs, training schools, even hand guide to late starters, but nothing has worked. They gave up after thirteen years of trying, both giving up on trying to teach the child to bend, and the child themself. The avatar knows this well enough. And so they stop caring. Their parents grow agitated as they begin to slip in school (”You need to work even harder than everyone else”,etc), and the avatar only becomes more and more distant. The parents talk, and with a sigh, the father proposes an idea. Perhaps the kid could spend a summer on Kyoshi, working at their grandparent’s farm.

So the avatar is then sent to Kyoshi. Despite the sprawling urban scene across the rest of the world, this small Earthbending village is in the middle of nowhere, seemingly untouched by anything since the days of Avatar Aang. They are… less than thrilled to be here. They remain holed away and grumbling for the first day.

These grandparents will have none of that. The teen is put to work the next day. There’s almost a tranquility in this quiet and old town, but there’s little solace after hours of exhausting work, bringing about fatigue and calluses.

They play this game for a week. But one day, when the grandparents are busy, they decide to roam. The town is frankly too small to do anything, and the avatar is mostly left lurking in the shadows, hoping not to be spotted. After all, word spreads quickly around here. But something catches their eye, and they feel drawn to it. A giant wooden effigy stands up tall. The figure is the patron of the village, as well as it’s namesake: Kyoshi. For some inexplicable reason, the avatar feels something inside that they can’t quite describe. They return home.

The grandparents are not so pleased. As tensions rise, a shouting match ensues outside. As the avatar gives a stomp of annoyance with gritted teeth, the earth beneath their feet shifts, raising a piece of group upward, maybe an inch or so. But it’s enough. Everyone immediately goes silent, staring in awe at the dirt. They can bend, they can bend.

A letter is almost immediately sent out, and the avatar is rewarded: with more farming work. They don’t mind as much, because now for the first time in their life, they feel like something. Their power slowly creeps into their day: the earth seems to shutter a bit too much when they idly shake their leg, each step feels deeper somehow. After a week, they can finish their new chores in under an hour.

Life is now simple. That is, until they decide to go for a walk one day. Strolling along the coast, they hear a scream coming from the water. Recklessly, they dive in. But as they reach the drowning citizen, a girl around their age, it dawns on them that they can’t really swim all that well. Despite their best efforts pulling the girl back to shore, they begin to sink. But something happens, as their head finally makes it under water: they can breath. Their muscles tense with a newfound strength that flows through their body, as a bubble encapsulates them both. Working through the awe of the matter, they go back to shore.

No one can bend more than one element, no one since… the Avatar.


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1. if you could meet any person in the world right now, who would it be? (only ONE person) hmm… probably @gallelyphen

2. what is your favourite type of ice cream?

aaaaaa idk just not chocolate or anything TOO rich

3. describe your best friend.

she’s a super cute cutie and I love her very much. she’s my favourite person <3 @sugamama-koushi

4. if you could do anything you wanted for one day and you wouldn’t get in trouble, what would you do?

kill my mom’s bf and idk what else lmao

5. what do you want to be written on your tombstone?

“goodbye fucker”

6. fave planet?

Uranus <3 or pluto

I don’t really want to tag anyone or make questions, sorry! ;-;

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7.10 is the only episode of the 7th season that I've watched. Could you fill in a few gaps for me? Why are people shipping Bonnie and Damon?? Isn't Damon still waiting for Elena?I saw a clip of Damon writing a letter letting go of Elena. Does this mean he is no longer hoping to reunite with her? I'm so confused, and sad for him. Maybe if they let him be happy for more than 5 seconds at a time, he wouldn't be so angry. Maybe if they stopped giving and taking away, he would find it easier to care.

i will give it a shot. people ship bonnie and damon because ian and kat have ~crazy~ chemistry. really, their scenes have been the only saving grace for these past 2 seasons, and i abhor damon.

damon is still on the elena train, yes. i think that letter was a ‘i have to be strong and not sit around drinking and whining over you 24/7′ kind of letter. he’s still just as obsessed with her, don’t worry about that.

maybe if damon wasn’t a terrible excuse for a human being, he could be happy. instead, he has to settle for stealing other people’s happiness away and making them miserable in an effort to make his own misery less obvious. i honestly don’t care how sad or angry damon is, because it will never be enough to make up for all the shit he’s done that he is clearly not even sorry about in the least. stefan has had just as much if not more taken away from him, often by damon, and he still finds it pretty damn easy to care about others and not be a crappy person, so damon really has no excuse.

I used to draw nothing but dogs and now I’m an anime fuck but hey, blast from the past it’s an edited design of one of my very first fursonas! too bad you don’t get to see the ridiculous hairstyle she used to have
I’ll pry be editing her design more so she looks more like a wolf b/c THAT IS WHAT SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE

if you tag as #kin please leave the species name with it so I know you aren’t stealing my characters identity! please don’t tag as #me

I was tagged by @shywaters (I LOVE U AND UR BLOG SO MUCH SAJDLJADS)

1. who was the last person you texted? A: MY WAIFU @internetcandy other than her I don’t really text anybody else :P

2. what was the first fandom you joined on tumblr? A: Ummm. IDK I THINK I WAS MULTIFANDOM TRASH????

3. describe your dream vacation. A: Hmmm… I think I would enjoy a sunny place with a good view, nice food, and friends/family to enjoy it with. 

4. what’s your favourite book? A: THAT’S REALLY HARD. Nowadays I mostly read fanfiction because the books I find never interest me ://// If you can feel free to recommend books to me because all the ones I find are shitty xD

5. three words that describe your mood right now: A: Stressed….

6. favourite movie genre? A: THIS IS HARD FASLSKDAJALSJ. Anything but horror really >.<

7. where are you from? A: California.

8. if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? A: I couldn’t survive that. Don’t even make me think about it.

9. day or night? A: Day. I don’t like the sun but just seeing the bright sky makes me feel better for some reason…

10. is there one show that you wish would never end? if so what? A: Does anime count? If so, probably Gintama. 

11. black or white? A: That’s hard.. Probably black though…

12. What are you looking forward to in February? A: February break <3 I want to be free from school!

13. Your tv boyfriend and/or girlfriend? A: I’m sorry I can’t ship myself with anything… Ever. I always ship them with someone else XD

14.Do you prefer classic or modern literature? A: Modern…. Though I do think class literature stories are very well thought out.

15. Your spirit animal? A: I don’t think I have one… :’( 

16. What historical figures would you invite to a dinner? A: Marie Antoinette. I would tell her all about her number one fan, Celestia Ludenberg. 

17. What do you consider the most beautiful language? A: Every language is beautiful in their own way :)

18. What is your element (wind/fire/water…)? A; Probably Water… Or earth…

19.Do you believe in aliens? A: YES. I wish to meet them and live in their planet instead of Earth. 

20.What is the last thing you bought online? A: Clothes. HAHAHHA *cries cuz im boring*

21.Do you have weird habits? A: Idk why but I like to rub my ring finger against my thumb in my left hand. I know. Weird. But deal with it.

22.What was your last dream? A: I don’t really know… I usually have dreamless sleeps, and I appreciate that.

I tag: @internetcandy, @xyumebito, @meep-wants-komahina, @amara-chan, @allhailthesupernaturalbooty (SORRY I KEEP TAGGING U GUYS I JUST REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOGS AFDJKLFLJAGAKJ)

so ya i was tagged by @buffalo-bilbo & here is some kool!! XD stuff about me 

Name: Rachel

Nickname: Jay-Z, The Pigeon Inside, idk what else???

Starsign: Taurus 

Gender: cis girl, she/her pronouns :))

Height: 5′

Sexual orientation: Sexually Confused Kool Pigeon Hoodlum (basically I’m just always confused??   H E L P   M E )

Fave Colour:

Time Right Now: 21:42 (and i still haven’t done homework lmao)

Current location: Glasgow, Scotland

Average hours of sleep: like 3 if im lucky

Last thing I googled: “gunplay urban dictionary definition” (blame ao3)

Number of blankets I sleep with:
0-2 depending on the weather

Fave fictional Characters: every fictional depiction of Taehyung ever, Paul from Laughter in the Dark (PROTECT HIM), ????

Fave bands/artists: Bangtan (obvs), SHINee (obvs), Bigbang, Verbal Jint (he’s my favourite human on the earth and I love him more than I love myself), Fun., Marina and the Diamonds, Christina Perry, David Bowie (may he rest in in peace in the gayest part of heaven), Zico, IU, idk ?????

Dream Job:
Writing I guessss. Like I want to teach english abroad and stuff but ultimately I’ll be happy as long as I’m writing.

Random Fact: I went to Rome last year and it was great and I got profiled in Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana and Sephora and then I sat on the Spanish Steps and played sudoku while my friends flirted and now they’re technically married (except not really??) and @peposhi had a nip slip in front of our teacher and shit I walked up all 500 steps of St Peters Basilica and down again son, and also I am the Kink Queen™

Do you have any other blogs?: I have a kpop/aesthetic blog (@chimgii) and a blog dedicated to kpop nip-slips.

When did your blog reach its peak?: bruh my blog is shit af it still hasn’t fucking reached it’s peak (but definitely it’s gotten hella better since I became kpop trash)

What made you decide to get Tumblr?: @eukary0ta

Do you get asks on a daily basis?: No but like if u want ask me things I crave attention and reassurance

Why did you choose your url?: Because I saw a photo of bacon on my dash and I was like “love bacon” and yea. Like a month after or whatever the “I’m always a slut for _____.” meme went around and I was like “lmao yea i’m always a slut for bacon.” 


I tag @teaandtoothless, @peposhi (trash bag), @kaibngtn, @space-cadet-ncc1701, @taroutarou & @actuallyaddycarver and also eilidh if i ever actually find out her url ???