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hamilton ( cut songs/workshop versions ) sentence starters !!

the reality is not a pretty picture.
tell him to stay home!
you have invented a new kind of stupid.
i begged you to take a break, you refused to.
you’re the only enemy you ever seem to lose to!
i look at you and think ‘god what have we done with our lives, and what did it get us?’
i’m not here for you.
 i will choose her happiness over mine every time. 
she died. she’s gone. ❞
 she changed my life. she made my life worthwhile. 
 sometimes it seems that’s all we do. 
 you and i will build a strong foundation. 
 you’ll blow us all away, someday. 
 just apologize, we have worthier pursuits! 
that’s when i realized this was not a game. 
 i want the world to know what i intended to do. 
 he must have been so scared. 
 i never had his instinct for self preservation. 
 it’s not in his political interest to kill me. 
 god, i can’t wait to see her again. 
 bitch, please! you wouldn’t know what i’m doing! 
 the line’s behind me, i crossed it again. 
 you fat mother f– ! 
 we in the shit now, somebody’s gotta shovel it. 
 if you knock me down i get the fuck back up again. 
 you swing at my family, you better not miss. you better have another punch to throw. 
 you could let it go. 
 people will always be critical. 
 let other people be cynical. 
 you’re smiling because you know i’m right. 
 you didn’t kill him, did you? 
 were you here this whole time? 
 you don’t have to bring a gun to a knife fight. 
 you know you really ought to listen to your wife, right? 
i hope you’re happy. 
 you could have given me a word of warning. 
 shhh. haven’t you talked enough? 
 i need you by my side. 
 i have a plan, but it’s risky. 
 but i couldn’t turn my back on a nation in need. 
 teach them how to say goodbye. 
the enemies i’ve made won’t have anything on me now. 

[ i’ve thought about this matter before,
but it hit me again so why not talk about it while it’s still fresh in my memory.

so basically, they have confirmed that shinjiro dresses the way he does because he cannot regulate his body temperature as a side effect from the suppressants. in a way, as silly as it sounds, he now works somewhat like a reptile. he has to dress up super warm in order to keep up the 36-37 C (97-100 F) temperature that a human body normally utilizes. reptiles do the same, they literally lie in the desert sun to warm up their bodies, then go to a slightly colder place to cool down. or if you own one you have to have a terrarium that’s warm enough for them. if exposed to cold temperatures for too long, they get hypothermia and die. that’s the gist of it. 

so it would be essentially the same for shinjiro, no? like, the whole body temp problem is tragic in itself and troublesome but the fact that getting exposed to coldness for too long could actually kill the guy??? i mean, anyone would die from that eventually but for him it is so much easier and much less extreme coldness required. and i thought he couldn’t get more tragic.

i actually think it’s more than likely not possible that he is 100% unable to in any way regulate his body temperature. perhaps insufficiently, yes. i mean, obviously. but if he was absolutely unable to do so i don’t think he’d survive. 36-37 C is a hell of a warm temperature to keep up at all times. he spends most of his time outdoors. there’s just no way a coat and a beanie with some layers of clothes can cut it. still, the fact that being exposed to cold is actually super Dangerous to shinjiro just breaks my heart like. there is so much going on already. when you just mention that he’s “unable to regulate his body temperature” it doesn’t sound super severe but when you think about it more and how it’s absolutely necessary for him to dress like that… that’s just bad. and sad. and terrible ]

She’s a cool enough cat if you get to know her.

Here’s a short haired version since I usually like to keep the hair length the same, but I think the ponytail version has a bit more of a sleazy feel to it, which is good 8)