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A very spooky scene from SF2 that I love fffff

First time drawing Evil Spirit. He creppy af. When I was a kid this scene freaked me out (but in a good way). XD

I just… would love to try drawing more scenes and places from this game. There’s just so much tho and I’m not very good with backgrounds and coloring but I’ve gotta practice ffff

Fun Facts about Time Lords and Ladies for People Who RP/Write Fanfic About Them

AKA: There’s more biologically interesting stuff than just two hearts and the ability to regenerate [all facts taken from here]

  • Gallifreyans don’t sleep as much as humans do- they really only need an hour.
  • If one is severely injured, they’ll go into a sort of healing coma and appear to be dead with a temperature that could reach below freezing point. Their hearts beats would only be around 10bpm.
  • Their normal body temperature is also significantly lower than humans at only 60°F or 16°C.
  • Any mental manipulation powers (hypnosis, mind reading, ect) requires physical contact, though with some difficulty they can also communicate telepathically over a greater distance.
  • Gallifreyan blood has special platelets that allow for better recovery from an injury that doesn’t require regeneration.
  • In addition to being able to survive with just one heart, Time Lords can also gain conscious control over the beating of their hearts allowing them fake death by stopping them if they so wished.
  • They don’t have lungs.
  • No, seriously they’ve got a system of pulmonary tubes instead which means they float in water like a freaking boat.
  • But they do have 26 ribs (probably- some bits of canon say 24).
  • There’s also a respiratory bypass systems which means they can survive being choked/ poison gas/drowning/ect.
  • Sadly helium gas doesn’t make their voices squeaky.
  • Some sources say that Gallifreyans are born/loomed with only one heart in their first body and get their second only after regeneration. Those born naturally before the Pythia’s curse thing had two right from the start, though (this is a whole ‘nother bit of canon that I still have to fully understand myself).
  • They have two livers, too.
  • Ok this next bit is one of my favorites pay attention:
  • Time Lords and Ladies can get drunk/are susceptible to the effects of alcohol.
  • However, they can easily shrug the effects off because of their metabolism.
  • BUT
  • Don’t give them anesthetic though if they might die because that could make them not regenerate and that wouldn’t be good. Plus it doesn’t really work that well. 
  • But the antidote is chocolate so.
  • Also they don’t need to brush their teeth really since tooth decay isn’t a thing that happens for them.
Actual College AU’s

These are all inspired from things I’ve either experienced or witnessed during my first two years at college.

  • We’re in the same class and our professor always writes insanely hard tests. I don’t care how hot you are, the only textbook in the library is mine!
  • I got my days mixed up and went to class an hour early. Then, I accidentally walked in on your class and interrupted your super important presentation. I’m incredibly sorry and tried to apologize after your class let out.
  • My drunk friend pounded on your door, screaming for his roommates to let him in thinking it was his room. I was the one dragging him back and–oh god, he just puked on your shoes! I’m so sorry!
  • My friends and I decided to go climbing the trees around campus. At night. They thought I left early, but I got stuck and please, please help… you’re the first person I’ve seen in hours and I really hate heights now.
  • What the fuck are you doing in my seat? It’s three weeks into class, I know you know that’s my seat, you sat behind me– oh shit, you’re hot.
  • You borrowed my favorite pen last class and never gave it back. I want my damn pen back, you bastard.
  • We randomly got paired up for beer pong at a party and holy shit, we’re amazing. Beer pong partners for life?
  • What the hell are you cooking– it’s 3 in the morning and people down the hall are gagging from the smell of chili peppers and death. Go to Taco Bell like a normal person!
  • I went out for a walk and saw you kicking a bike angrily. Someone locked their chain around your bike? Uh, this is kinda random, but I have a hacksaw in my room. If you’d like to borrow it, feel free.
  • We’re both on the same sports team and I’m the only one qualified as an EMT. Look, I’m sorry, but you’ve definitely got a concussion! If you’d stop trying to make a break for the field, I’d stop sitting on you. In the mean time, put this ice pack on your head.
  • Thank you, random person from the lounge above us! I totally forgot that the crit range is 16-20, not 18. You just saved us from a TPK. Hey, do you wanna join our campaign, we literally just started.
  • I’m trying to study for my first big exam and you’re that asshole in the lounge with the guitar. If you play wonder wall one more time, I’m going to break your guitar over your head, you douchey hipster.
  • I’m a barista at the campus coffee shop and you’re sitting in front of the fire extinguisher. Can you toss it to me? The coffee machine’s on fire again. Nah, don’t worry, this happens a lot.
  • I was leading a tour of campus for prospective students and you hit me with your goddamn longboard. I swear to god, if i didn’t have to be polite, I’d fucking beat you into the pavement, but hang on… you’re actually really sorry about it. Why do you have Hello Kitty bandaids in your backpack..?
  • We’ve never met before but we share a mutual friend who wanted to go see a musical. The musical was shit, but we all went on a late night adventure and wow, you’re actually really cool to talk to. Holy shit, it’s 6 am.
  • My friends and I are pulling an all-nighter in the library and we just stocked up on snacks. You’re at the study table next to us and look super dead and stressed– do you want my extra Red Bull?
  • You’re some kind of super genius, we get it. Now quit flying your goddamn drone around campus or I’ll knock it out of the sky with my frisbee.
  • We’re on the same intramural sports team and our team is literally the worst– you and I are carrying the team and we bitch about it after games.
  • My audition for the top wind ensemble is tomorrow and I don’t care if I have to strangle you with your own bow, I /need/ this practice room.
  • Of all the things you decided to steal from the dining hall, why a pineapple?
  • I’m on the girls water polo team and so are you… even though you’re obviously a dude. How is this a thing? Oh yeah, Title IX.
  • I’m babysitting my friend at a party and you’re one of the frat guys hosting it. For some reason, when you get drunk you start quoting Beowulf and old black and white films. It’s actually kind of adorable, even if you are a total dude-bro.
  • My friend took me to a house party and now everyone’s drunk as fuck. I wanted to use the bathroom, but I walked in on you stealing all of their toilet paper. What the hell?
  • We’re both super drunk and stumbling back to our dorms from a party–AND HOLY SHIT THATS A COP JUST ACT NATURAL. FUCKING SHIT HUGGING A SIGN POST ISN’T NATURAL.
  • It’s Halloween and we’re both chilling on the quad, checking out girls. Damn, that’s a very creative slutty ninja.
  • I got out of my night lab class and I just saw you chasing after a stray cat, screaming “KITTY.” Okay then…