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Head Start

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Prompt: Hi,may I get a oneshot where you’ve been on your own for years &one day you run (quite literally)into some men.They take you with them& you end up meeting Negan whom is their leader. Idk what else to put,but I’d like to see what would happen:)thankyu – Via @lust-for-pan

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,717
Warnings: Curses
Category: Angst


You were walking down a long road in the heat of summer. You felt sweat dampen the simple, grey, tank top you were wearing. Thirst tickled at your throat and each time you swallowed it was like sandpaper rubbing together.

The grass on either side of the, burning hot, tarmac was a dead yellow and if you were to walk on it the grass would crumble underfoot. The trees mirrored the same dead colour as the grass as they towered far above you, there was no movement from them as there was no breeze whispering through their leaves.

You saw one of the dead, cut up in two by a tire, as it crawled toward you. Its skin was peeling off as it inched nearer to you. Its skin was an angry red and you were sure that if you touched its frontal lobe it would burn from all the hours left in the heat. You moved past it.

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Can I just say before anyone else gets pissy about what Seb said about Steve and Bucky: 

When he said it was “generalizing” I think the point he was trying to make was that people can see they love each other and put it down to being romantic love, when other kinds of love exist. Which is true. So can we just stop the next wave of “Sebastian Stan is problematic for making an innocent comment” before it even begins.