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I can't believe keith is so emo he writes emo notes to his missing bf and puts them on his wall so he can look at them and feel more emo!!!

the end phrase of both notes are DEFINITELY repeated. 

like…. okay. maybe the animators just copy and pasted the text twice onto multiple notes but ….. there are things that have been torn off that wall too. and there are things that just kind of make me think it isn’t and keith has written this out multiple times. it’s just really interesting tbh….. 

also a few things worth consideration to build on this whole discussion and it’s all to do with the speech inflection + phrasing of words: 

  • “where -…were you”. the inflection there is so damn significant you can hear his voice cracks it’s like the words are pouring out and he has to stop himself like if you listen a few times you can hear he kind of stops it’s v short and quick like after saying “where” then there’s a slight pause and he continues. paired with his troubled expression it really does highlight something vulnerable in his face here.
  • “i was kinda… lost, and found myself drawn out to this place” 

well that’s a pretty deep frown. nOW THIS IS SOMETHING I REALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT THOUGH. bc keith does hesitate for a slight second and it’s really damn significant when he does this with his speech even if it’s slight bc keith is so direct and pretty imperative when he speaks like sometimes he even chops out words from sentences to keep momentum and get to the point faster, and he doesn’t often falter (im not talking about the stuttering he does sometimes which is often paired with lying or averting the truth - that’s a different Zone of his speech). 

i mean times where he hesitates in a context that is painted quite emotional and keith is the focus of the scene for the audience. there are a few key times this has happened and it’s like !!!!!! WOAH!!!! bc it says so much and this is more of Mini Version of these which is really exciting to me bc keith breaking his usual speech patterns and deviating even for a second says a lot imo. also we should take into account what his expression looked like before he started talking about Himself and his personal situation following the loss of shiro: 

once he mentions garrison: 

you can see a few things happening most notably his eyebrows creasing, and eyes no longer look up but casting down. you can’t really see it with the shots but if you play the frames back his head does actually tilt down too. 

easiest to kind of see here. he goes from looking up to looking down both with his head and eyes. 

also look at that collar jfc keith ily 

  • “then you showed up” 

there’s a bit of a pause here where they look at each other and silence falls. shiro breaks eye contact very deliberately with keith whilst keith keeps his eyes fixed on shiro: 

idk about anyone else here but to me at least it looks like shiro is considering for a second the impact of his absence on keith. like the way his eyes shift and his expression changes it looks like he’s piecing something together himself here. 

then shiro kind of flounders, turning to the others to introduce himself if you hear how he’s speaking he doesn’t actually sound that confident until the end of his sentence “i should-… thank you all” . 

he also mirrors exactly what keith does with “where-..were you” / which is slowing down and pausing at the start of the sentence before putting it back together. so it’s plausible to suggest that what he’s seen here/ what he’s thinking about has clearly made some sort of impression on him enough to throw him off for a second. 

yes granted we have to take into account everything the day has had in store for him, but it’s the Considering Look + everything about these frames that makes sense for it to be linked to keith’s words. 

so yeah. i think the notes are repeated intentionally and keith wrote it out twice. it’s clear that whilst he really endured and kept going, whilst he did some incredible work out in the desert and tried to realign his focus and channel his chaotic energy and direction into something (this is something i really wanna meta on hardcore hhHHHh) he was obviously shaken and affected deeply by the loss of shiro from his life. 

basically we see a pattern here for these scenes and a few more at the start of S1E1, and that’s the fact that every time the conversation turns to shiro’s return keith’s voice changes and his expression softens you can hear it. you can see it. all im saying is that it shows sincere open emotions and care. 

I know it’s unbearable
the affliction, the anguish
it lacerates your heart
leaves your knuckles bloody
your knees throbbing and aching from begging
put your fists down wounded warrior
calm your staggering breaths
uncross your fingers
lay down next to me
the world is cruel and the pain is searing
bring all your struggles and strife
place them on the nightstand
dry your tears
give me all your fears
I’ll lock them in a cage
interlace our fingers
interlock our legs
you can breathe here
there’s no need to fight
my brave soldier
you are safe
you are home
—  safe haven // lc

Sad boy doodles. Also watch out here come my feels:

It’s gotten to a point where I can’t even remember what I liked about IZ in the first place, just that I’m supposed to like it because it’s important to me.

I’m legit so numb to this series now and it’s frustrating me like hell. I tried putting it down, I tried picking it back up. Idk. Maybe I’m just not 13 anymore and I’ve grown into someone else. Maybe that’s good, maybe not.

All I know is I want to keep loving this string bean like I used to, but it’s hard after 10 years of dedicating my drawing hand to him.

Head Start

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Prompt: Hi,may I get a oneshot where you’ve been on your own for years &one day you run (quite literally)into some men.They take you with them& you end up meeting Negan whom is their leader. Idk what else to put,but I’d like to see what would happen:)thankyu – Via @lust-for-pan

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,717
Warnings: Curses
Category: Angst


You were walking down a long road in the heat of summer. You felt sweat dampen the simple, grey, tank top you were wearing. Thirst tickled at your throat and each time you swallowed it was like sandpaper rubbing together.

The grass on either side of the, burning hot, tarmac was a dead yellow and if you were to walk on it the grass would crumble underfoot. The trees mirrored the same dead colour as the grass as they towered far above you, there was no movement from them as there was no breeze whispering through their leaves.

You saw one of the dead, cut up in two by a tire, as it crawled toward you. Its skin was peeling off as it inched nearer to you. Its skin was an angry red and you were sure that if you touched its frontal lobe it would burn from all the hours left in the heat. You moved past it.

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first: officially done with dexrarepair week prompts!

Thanks to everyone who prompted me! Y’know, I really like doing drabbles after I get done with a long fic. It feels like I’m doing cool downs/warm ups before the next fic. My KPBB fic will be out before you know it! And then I have to work on my BB and my Heartbreakfest fics. As well as a swawesome project I have going on with @omgpieplease (be on the look out for my KPBB fic, it has a lot of hints in it). 

In other news: I’m kinda horrible with fufilling stuff from my last milestone prompts? But! I should have them done by next week (if you haven’t seen yours  yet, I’m sorry, you have not been forgotten!) 

I wanted to do something for 750 followers…but I’m up to 860 now (so let’s call it 850). And I’d love to do some more playlists for peeps tbh. So send me a ship, characters, a mood, a genre (any combination of these things tbh)

I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. So hopefully, I can make something for everyone.  

here’s what I have rn on my fandom spotify (mostly playlists for my fics). Prompts will be open for the next week or so! Feel free to send as many or as little as you like! (just know I’m slow as shit but will get to them all eventually)

All right, there is one thing that I don’t like about the “Spideypool fandom” … I mean… I don’t give a sh%t what you guys ship, but it is bothersome to have certain couples that “come with the spideypool package” in every frigging fanfic… I mean… you and I obviously don’t share the same couples and that’s awesome!! But come on!!!… it’s just that I don’t go to the spideypool tag to read about… idk, stony for example I do it to read about Wade and Pete! So… would it be so difficult for you to write about them and not put Stony in every story?? or at least, write the proper tags for it? so me and everybody else (who is not into that ship) can avoid those fanfics? 

Once again, I’m not here trying to start a war or anything…. it’s cool that you like what you like and it’s cool that I don’t like the same things, I just want to find some wade/pete fic  that does not shove other couples down my throat…    

Can I just say before anyone else gets pissy about what Seb said about Steve and Bucky: 

When he said it was “generalizing” I think the point he was trying to make was that people can see they love each other and put it down to being romantic love, when other kinds of love exist. Which is true. So can we just stop the next wave of “Sebastian Stan is problematic for making an innocent comment” before it even begins.

or uh. seven hundred thirty one.

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