idk what else to do

hey, so long story short: my personal life is shitty as fuck right now, and i honestly haven’t been this low since december. with that being said, i’m going to take the weekend and this last week of march to…mull things over, i guess. there’s a lot going on, and i haven’t had enough time to process it all fully, let alone figure out how to ‘ fix ‘ things.

i know that i’ve had my bouts of lows in the past and that those have usually resulted in me becoming grossly inactive and coming back…but also not really at the same time…but i feel as though this time will be different. i really like it here, and i really like you guys, so i will come back, and i’ll make a genuine effort to make my returned presence here as constant as possible like i ( kinda ) have been these past few weeks…

…for now, however, i’m signing off. i’ll be on snapchat ( frickthepopo ) and discord ( Memecita#9085 ) if you wish to keep in touch, so hmu there. i’m so, so, so sorry that this is happening, but i’ll try to bounce back as soon as possible. thank you so much for understanding nonetheless, and i’ll catch y’all whenever. please take care of yourselves.♥

a series of unfortunate emojis

bad beginning 🔥🎭👩🏻‍⚖️🍝👰🏽

reptile room 🐍🔪🦎👨🏽‍🔬🐢

wide window 🥒🌬⛈🌊🛥

miserable mill 🖇🌲👩🏼‍⚕️🌀👠

austere academy 🦀👟🎻🍌📏

ersatz elevator 🍸🔝🛍🕳👁‍🗨

vile village 👁👫⛲️💎📰

hostile hospital 🎈🏩👨🏾‍⚕️🙂🗄

carnivorous carnival 🎪🌽🦁🎢🔮

slippery slope ❄️⛺️🏔📁🚭🦅

grim grotto 🍄❔🥘⚓️🐙🎂

penultimate peril 🔜🏨🤰🏼🕶🐸

the end 🆘🏝🐚🍏🦐📚

I often see people trying to be allies to natives, but still pushing or supporting the idea that the only thing we have to care about is the environment. this is a harmful narrative that communicates two things:
1) that colonialism and our oppression is ancient history
2) that native lives are less important than native land

if you want to be an ally to native people, stop perpetrating the same colonial bullshit we’ve been trying to destroy for ages. yeah, our land is important, but you know what? so are we! remember it.

Ok but Harry’s pink Converse were a mess. He wore them so much they could basically be thrown out now. And we have zero pictures of him wearing them outside of the shoot despite the fact that it looks like he wore them for 3 solid years.

  • Hunk: Hey, Keith, do you have any hobbies?
  • Keith: Swimming..
  • Hunk: Really? That's cool. I never expected you to-
  • Keith: In a pool of self hatred and regret.

i think the reason that troye sivan being fancast as simon bothers me is because troye is so small??? and i picture simon as being BIG man like he’s a pretty intimidating dude! i saw fanart a while back that i r e a l l y need to find again because now i can’t picture simon any other way! and it makes sense that he looks so strange being all skin and bones if he’s got a large frame like??? simon snow is a big guy!