idk what else to do

Anyone else stimulate themselves by DESTROYING THINGS??
Like I am a chronic fiddler and I end up like pulling bristles out of a brush, prying open biro pens till They’re a pile of shattered plastic and dig at eyeshadow palettes, the list goes on and on. I’ve always done it and idk why. Its very messy.
What else can I do with my fingers without making a mess/destroying stuff??

idk what else to do to this doodle so enjoy my Gendrya babies having fallen asleep in their parent’s featherbed at Storm’s End after reading about The Dance of Dragons. i named them Arlen, Avry, Avonly. im cry look at them in their yelling silk pyjamas all deep in the featherbed. im such fucking trash. bye. @house-arya  sob w me pls. also feel free to get rid of this craptastic desciption if its not aesthetic which its not lmao