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If Hinami actually loves Kaneki in romantic way, it means that she doesn't love Ayato in that way. Ok so what 'bout Ayato? Do you think he does? Tbh, I always knew and felt that she didn't see him as more than a good friend but I have really doubts on Ayato, lol (Besides I'm not saying that she loves him for real, personally I think she just "thinks" that she loves him)

idk even at this point 

okay like i think he does have feelings for her but he’s not dumb so he probably realises the position he’s in right now… 

Why I think T!ffany isn't a good rolemodel

Okay. We all know that $NSD is Korea’s national girl group and with that their name that literally means Girl$’ Generat!on implies that they are somewhat expected to show an ideal for the girls of the generation today. Because of 9/30 I think that they shouldn’t be looked up but I can’t generalize them all since I do not have enough receipts to do that and there are a few members that still can redeem themselves. There’s only two that I can actually say that shouldn’t be role models but I do not yet have enough evidence for the other so let’s start with this one first.

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ho, ho, holy shit! That’s all i can p much say bc, i can’t believe i’ve been on this site long enough to go through so many fandoms and get to know so many great ppl on this site. I complain a lot about this site, but overall i do love so many mutuals, and ppl i follow in general, and you’re all great to see on my dash. So, more than anything just a huge shout out to ya’ll for even sticking w/ me?? ¯\_ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _/¯

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