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missing you - tom holland imagine #4

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about : Tom is away at SDCC while promoting Spider-Man Homecoming. Things start to go downhill as a Facetime call ensues and jealousy arises. 

Warnings : a teeny bit sad. drunk tom!


The ID caller showed up on your phone and you grinned, flopping down onto the bed as you answered the call. Tom’s smiling face filled your screen and you giggled, greeting him with a simple ‘hello Thomas’.

“Y/N! It’s crazy here!” Tom shouted, “I’ve never seen anything like this before! There were thousands of people on the panel it was insane!”

“Are you having fun?” You asked, a small yet tired simper reaches your lips.

“Loads! Everyone’s amazing! Laura is here, Jacob is here, Tony is here, oh and Zendaya is here too!” He continued to ramble on about how everyone had secretly arrived to the convention but your heart sank at her name.

Tom was an extremely sweet person, and he was definitely good-looking. Your biggest fear from letting him leave to Atlanta was him finding someone new. What if he found someone else prettier, smarter and better than you? Maybe he was already tired of you.

And it didn’t help that Zendaya was a part of your worry. She was the kind of girl you’d always want to be. She was gorgeous and successful, not to mention extremely talented. You let your insecurity get the best of you sometimes and you would always feel a bit glum whenever you saw them together. However, Tom wasn’t aware that you felt that way.

“Isn’t Zendaya pretty?” you piped up randomly, playing with the hem of your sweatpants.

“Yes, she is. Why?” Tom sounded confused. He looked at something behind the camera and he laughed, slapping his chest.

“Oh, that’s amazing, Z,” he chuckled before looking back at you on the phone, “sorry babe, were you saying something?”

You were about to say something before he interrupted you, laughing again and talking to someone you could only assume was Zendaya. You could hear her laughter too and you flinched, feeling annoyed. Anger and jealousy was already bubbling inside of you. Rolling your eyes, you scoffed at how he was so oblivious to you on the phone as he dropped his phone to his side so all you could see was his pants.

This was the first time in days he had facetimed you, and you felt so put off by how he wasn’t even paying attention to you.

Pissed off, you pressed the end call button hardly, ending the facetime. You put your phone beside you and picked up your laptop, trying to calm yourself down.

It seemed like the world wanted to rub everything in your face when you clicked on a random song on your spotify. Everything I’m Not by The Veronicas came on and you gasped, throwing up your arms in anger.

“Oh, come on!” You yelled at no one in particular.

The song blasted on your speakers and you sighed, letting it play.

Your phone beeped once.



Tom’s face popped up on the screen, indicating a call coming in from him.

You ignored it, letting the ringtone play amongst the loud tunes of The Veronicas.

It stopped for a few seconds before ringing again. This time you decided to decline the call.

A text came in. You peeked.

Tom x : babe, what’s up? u  just hung up?

10. 50 pm

Tom x : y/n? Im gonna call u again.

10. 52 pm

Tom x : why did u decline the call?

10. 58 pm

Tom x : did i do something wrong?

11. 05 pm

You snorted, picking up your phone and typing a quick reply.

Me : idk ask zendaya lmao

Me : im gonna sleep. Have fun at comic con.

Just as you were about to put away your phone, it vibrated.

Tom x : I think I know what’s going on. Are you jealous of Z?

11.08 pm

Tom x : I hope you know I love you, and that I will never eye another girl that’s not you. I understand how you feel, I get sad whenever I think of all the other boys that are with you everyday. So i dont blame you. But you can trust me love. I promise.

11.09 pm

Tom x : z and i are just friends, nothing more babe. Im way too in love with you. Also im sorry if ive been distant. I miss you so much and i havent been able to really talk to you. Ive been very busy with work and everything else i just idk i feel really guilty now.

11.11 pm


Tom x : call me back when u wanna talk. Im sorry, i love you. Xx

11.13 pm

You sighed, giving in. You could tell he was feeling really crappy about it as you watched a livestream of the convention. Marvel was holding a livestream for the interviews and you saw Tom pop up in the screen when you opened the website.

His eyes were downcast even though he had a small smile on his face. Tom was less energetic and gave the interviewer half-assed answers. He kept crossing and uncrossing his arms and he fidgeted a lot on his feet.

His iPhone was gripped tightly in his hand, and every few seconds he went to check it.

Probably for my reply, you thought.

When the interviewer ended, you saw him walk away from the camera. The interviewer was about to interview Lupita Nyong’o next when another text from Tom came in.

Tom x : love i really am sorry. maybe u went to sleep already. Im sorry. I love you. Goodnight. Xx

11.25 pm

“Meh screw it,” you mumbled, pressing the call icon on his contact name.

He picked it up immediately after the third ring.

“Hello?” he said quickly.

“It’s okay,” you sighed, slumping on the bed, “sorry, I just got jealous. I shouldn’t have hung up on you like that.

“It’s just..I miss you so much Tom. And we haven’t facetimed in so long and.. I don’t know I was pretty pissed off by how you weren’t paying attention to me.”

“I know, I know,” you could hear his guilt from across the line, “I’m really sorry. There’s just been a lot going on right now.”

You sighed, “okay, now go and have fun. We can talk more later. I’m not mad at you anymore so don’t worry.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive, I’ll be fine,” You lied through your teeth, even mustering a fake smile.

Tom hummed, before speaking again, “I’ll call you when you wake up. I love you so much, Y/N. Goodnight, love.”

“Goodnight,” you mumbled back as you hit the ‘end call’.

Grabbing a pillow from the top of the bed, you clutched it tightly into your chest as sobs began to rack through your body. The tears didn’t stop flowing, even after half an hour.

You’d think he would notice that you really weren’t okay.

You missed him so much.

And it already felt like, to you, he was slowly drifting away.


The next morning was horrendous. You woke up to the feel of your soggy pillow and puffy eyes. Rubbing your face, you snuggled further into your duvet.

There was no way you were going out today. Your heart felt the heaviest it had felt in a long time and nothing seemed to motivate you to get out of bed.

You missed him too much.

Making calls to everyone, you apologised for not feeling well and rescheduled everything.

Nothing mattered more than the ache in your heart. If your mind wasn’t in the game, there would be no point in getting into the game in the first place.

You decided to check your notifications and was surprised by the amount of texts Tom had sent in.

Tom x : Good morning, babe. I hope you slept well. I’m out here in San Diego, in some bar. Missing you. 💛

7.30 am

Tom x : I hope you’re not angry anymore. It’s been bothering me the whole day. I’m still sorry.

7.45 am

Tom x : baEb i lpve you si much…….im sorry yoi think i luv zebdaya….i dont… i love you im sorry

8.30 am

Tom x : jacOb says in Drunk! Haha@ he keeps tellinf me that i should go homE

8.35 am

Tom x : i sAid wherE? LonDon? He saiD no You IdioT the Hotel

8.36 am

Tom x : i saiD it aInt HoME UNLESS y/n is wit me

8.38 am

Tom x : jeusu chrisy i lovw you

9.00 am


9.28 am


9.35 am

You stared at the screen, taking it all in.

Tom got drunk last night.

Yet, all his words seemed so sincere. Just before you could exit the chat, a new message came in.

Instead, this was from Harrison.

Haz O : hey y/n, i think you probably read the drunk texts tom has been sending. just want to tell you. tom has been drinking a lot for the past 2 hours. he’s upset, y/n. after he puked on the sidewalk, he cried. he cried about how much he missed you and how he didn’t deserve you. that you lie when you say you’re okay. he said that it would be easier if you both broke up. you could find someone better. so, stop being mad at tom. there’s nothing going on between z and tom. If they did, i would’ve told you. he’s feeling so guilty for no reason.

You felt hot tears gathering at the side of your eyes. He was beating himself up because of your jealousy. Guilt took over you as you fumbled to type out a quick reply. A plan was already forming in your head and although it involved a lot of money, you knew it would help in fixing this problem.

It was probably too reckless and spontaneous, but you had enough of missing Tom and clearly, Tom was sick of missing you too.

You : I’m getting on the next flight to San Diego. Take care of Tom for me. x

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Person a tripping in the street and person b whomst is a stranger to them catches them and accidentally dips them ( like the dance thing u know)

Justin Oluransi likes to walk, and being in this city so far has been nothing but walking.

Walking from the subway to the hotel to the pharmacy back to the hotel, then to the hospital in the morning for his interview and from there to the deli for an early lunch then back to the hotel and then just - out to explore midtown.

New York City is all. walking. all. the. time. And it’s beautiful clear weather on a breezy spring midmorning.

He loves it.

It’s like a dance, weaving between the many pedestrians, pausing for cars in the street but not waiting for the signal to turn green, picking up the pace to get away from the creepy dude following too closely, and then slowing down to enjoy the atmosphere - suddenly halting to catch his breath when he turns a corner and sees the Empire State Building.

What a sight, what a rush, what a thrill! The only thing missing would be a -


A man bumps into him from behind so hard he’s twisted around and Justin’s glad he’s got quick reflexes because otherwise the man would have hit the concrete with the back of his head.

Instead, Justin has an arm under his shoulders and the other hand gripping the man’s waist tight to keep him cradled against his chest.

Wide green eyes stare up at him, and for a moment Justin can’t think. Those eyes are mesmerizing - they’re beautiful, soft, sweet. Justin’s lost in them.

It takes a moment for him to register that the other man’s hands are both gripping his arm tight, fingers digging into the light fabric of his favorite salmon hoodie, and he realizes he should help the man back to his feet.

“Sorry,” Justin says, pulling him into an upright position and letting his hands linger on the other man’s biceps for a moment to make sure he can support his own weight just fine.

“Chyeah, no, please, I’m sorry, I just, uh -” The other man is fumbling for words, running his hands over himself and then reaching up to right the cap on his head. “My legs don’t always send letters of intent to my brain, so sometimes my body wants to keep a pace and my legs just like - bolt for no apparent reason and I tumble over myself like a newborn fawn and it’s not - uh..”

He finally looks up and meets Justin’s gaze and for a moment Justin thinks he might lose himself in those beautiful eyes again, but the other man seems to suddenly regain control of himself upon catching sight of him. He straightens and stands taller, pulling at the hem of his t-shirt and licking his lips.

Justin does,, not follow the movement. Nope.

The other man clears his throat. “That wasn’t very chill of me.”

Justin laughs and the other man smiles softly in response.

“That’s ok,” Justin says. And then, because this man is really beautiful and Justin has never passed up an opportunity to flirt with beautiful people, he says “I was just thinking about how walking around here is like dancing, and then you waltzed into my arms for one heck of a grand finale.”

That gets a surprised laugh and a hint of a blush creeping on his cheeks, Justin can tell.

God, this man is beautiful.

“I’m Justin,” he says, extending his hand forward.

“Derek,” the other man - Derek - says.

When their palms meet Justin has to will himself not to stare at the way they fit in each other so well, or how they look clasped like that, or how long Derek’s fingers are.

“So uh,” Derek says, pulling his hand away but letting his fingers trail along Justin’s just slightly. “You pick up dance partners on 6th Av often?”

“Shit, is that the street this is? I thought I was on Broadway?”

He has to look around for a second, because if he got lost he has no idea how he’s gonna get back to the hotel and he cant handle being lost right now.

But Derek’s easy laugh flows over him, as does his gentle touch on his shoulder to draw Justin’s attention back to him.

“Yeah, Broadway’s right here. It just intersects here, see.” He’s pointing out all the street signs around them. “You probably just walked one block this way without realizing.”

“God, I’m such a tourist.”

Derek laughs again, and Justin loves how it sounds. “That’s alright, so’s everyone else.”

“You’re not from here either?”

“Oh no, I was born and raised on the Upper East Side. But everyone’s a tourist in this city bro, even the locals. Tourism is a state of mind.”

Justin lets that hover in the air for a moment. He watches Derek’s face and the way he seems so much more collected now, so much more in control and - chill.

“I’d love to have a five hour conversation with you about that one sentence.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.” Justin revels in the curious look adorning Derek’s face and asks “Where can we get coffee and talk into the sunset?”

Derek smirks and Justin can feel in his bones that he is not going to make the flight home tonight.

But that’s ok, maybe he won’t go home. Maybe he’ll stay in this city, take that position at the hospital, and maybe… maybe he’ll have Derek show him around in the meantime.

people can say whatever they want about larries but in the end of the day it wont change how much they deeply adore louis and harry and you can see it from even the simplest things like the tags they put when they reblog from us and i creep and read them like yeah ive seen some cute ones for louis and harry separately (ive been running this blog for almost 3 years now ive read them all lol) but for some reason reading the tags people post for louis and harry are so damn cute and so so so pure i just i literally want to hug every single one of you lol its always in this like adoring almost motherly tone when i read the tags like very proud like, “yes these two grown men are my babies, they are in love hello yes look at them ima reblog them for you guys can see my beautiful babies” anyways this is really random but idk i was reading some tags and i just i love you guys, im so glad louis and harry have such a amazing, loving, support system nomatter what people may say or think or whatever may be going on around them currently it will never change the fact that you guys love them so damn much and all you want is for them to be happy and feel loved and since you cant tell them you have these blogs, tags, etc. showing everyone else how much you love them and thats beautiful.

siren jimin

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  • time for my son
  • even though halloween has passed
  • we are still doing the halloween series because it’s not even halloween it’s more like monster au which is chill with me man
  • because scooby doo
  • actually tae is based on scooby doo but that’s later
  • anyway
  • jimin is a siren
  • this is gonna be super sad but bare with me for a few moments okay?
  • so back in the day, like a long time ago
  • like the 1600s or whatever yah?
  • jimin was but a young man, a young sailor in fact, who was one of the most well-known sailors across the face of the earth because wherever he went, the people absolutely adored him?
  • like whenever he entered a sea port of a familiar place, people would flood (ahah) the docks to come and see him and they would decorate him with the local flora of their homelands so he always had like a flower crown of some sorts??
  • and he had like the most beautiful goods back home in his little cottage off the beach like seashells and glasses and beads and different types of exotic plants and different types of clothing too
  • all the aunties in his hometown would always tease him like “honey aren’t you going to settle down soon?”
  • and he would always get blushy and shy and hide behind his hands and kinda!! “the ocean is my one true love!”
  • which isn’t a lie
  • like he is never happier than when he is out on the sea
  • but people become jealous of him
  • and why wouldn’t they?
  • he’s handsome
  • he’s intelligent
  • he has the kindest soul and the brightest smile to complement this
  • he is the most famous sailor in the seven seas and has the most riches the world has to offer (even if too many, they aren’t special because it’s not gold and jewels)
  • so one day, jimin is sailing for one of the remote islands when his ship hits a monstrous tempest
  • it rocks the ship and waves crash over the sides of the boat and the ship spins around and around and around like a top
  • everyone is holding on to whatever they can find, trying to stay alive
  • jimin is valiantly trying to steer the ship, doing his best to get the crew out of this nightmare alive
  • a few of the men who are trying to take down the mast get together and pull the ropes so that it swings towards jimin
  • with the skies darker than night itself, and rain blinding him, jimin doesn’t see it coming before it’s too late and he’s whacked in the back of the head, falling unconscious to the deck floor
  • the men run over and grab him. and not thinking twice, they throw him overboard into the raging sea
  • but the ocean loved jimin, you see
  • and the ocean did not want jimin to die
  • but there is not much the ocean could do, save transform jimin into one of its own
  • when jimin wakes up, he finds himself to be lying on a sandy beach
  • he can’t remember what happened
  • he can’t remember what went wrong
  • he pushes himself into a sitting position, but suddenly, it’s as if there’s a ton of bricks on his chest, stealing the air from his lungs and causing him to sputter and choke
  • he does what seems natural in that moment and he throws himself into the salty ocean
  • and that’s when he realizes it
  • his legs have been replaced with a sleek, midnight blue tail, his skin now decorated with scales down near his hips
  • his hair is bright orange, like coral too
  • oh right, he can breathe underwater too
  • at first jimin is like well im a mermaid okay theN
  • and he takes a long time to adjust like he’s always getting lost in the sea and one time he gets tangled in seaweed and a dolphin has to come save him or something i cry and another time he almost gets caught in a net
  • he didn’t have a family back on land so that’s not that big a deal but he misses all the people he befriended on his journeys and wonders if they miss him as much as he misses them
  • he doesn’t realize he’s a siren until a little later though
  • in the beginning he doesn’t like to go anywhere near land, because he’s scared someone will recognize him or they’ll try to catch him or something like he’s a fish?
  • but soon curiosity gets the best of him and there’s a little cove near the shore, down a ways from the local port
  • there’s a few rocks right, and jimin likes to keep his tail fin in the water so he can you know, stay alive (because in this au that’s all it takes to be good to go), but perches the rest of his tiny lil self up on the rock to people watch
  • jimin has the voice of a haunting angel like he sends chills down my spine and it’s the same way in this au
  • like in human form people loved jimin’s voice and would kill to hear it, especially in the rare moments he took the time to sing because he’s a shy lil bun who gets super insecure when singing aloud right?
  • his singing voice is heightened by like twenty million percent now like he has graduated from angel voice to god voice
  • he realizes his power one day when he’s singing to himself and he kinda just gets louder because he thinks he’s alone
  • and this fisherman who jimin thought was like seven million feet away steers his rowboat on over and jimin is facing the other way and playing with some starfish friends so he doesn’t notice the dude until it’s too late
  • he was so hypnotized by jimin’s voice that he kept coming closer and closer and closer and the area where jimin likes to hang is seriously surrounded like absolutely surrounded by works and no boat, however small, would make it through the tight space
  • jimin spins around when he hears a sharp crack and to his horror this kid has completely wrecked his boat on the side of a rock and now seems to be sinking
  • jimin dives in and pulls the kid to shore and shakes him violently and to his absolute horror, the dude starts to float and jimin screams because he’s like oMG HE DIED
  • but the kid laughs “im taehyung, im a ghost right, and i thought i was pretty invincible but wow your voice, ive never heard anything more beautiful in my life!!”
  • and that’s the start of the best friendship in the world i felt like i needed to include this because 95 line bros
  • but yah after that jimin is like that was a close call i gotta be careful,,,
  • alas,,,
  • that isn’t the case
  • he loves singing, as much as he loved sailing back in the day, and jimin doesn’t mean too but his voice lures sailors over wherever they are, and causes half of them to crash if jimin doesn’t stop himself from singing in time
  • he always saves them but god it takes so much energy and people are starting to whisper about a fish boy who needs to be taken care of, so jimin decides it’s time to leave for good
  • he’s scared and lost and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do but guess what everything ends up being okay because guess who’s living near the sea where he ends up
  • oh right that’s you
  • i don’t live near a beach so idk if this even accurate but in barbie movies they always run on the beach with their dogs and shit
  • for the sake of the story that’s what you’re doing when jimin sees you
  • your lil puppy has escaped from you and has decided that they’re gonna race down the sand with a giant stick in their mouth and make you chase them
  • jimin has just settled into the new area and found himself a rock to lounge on
  • and it’s nice because this isn’t a port it’s just a beach and not people visit the beach because it’s a more elderly neighbourbhood in a small town and people are too old and decrepit to walk around the rocks
  • that’s why he has no fear chilling out on his rock and singing to himself and occasionally the seagulls
  • but somebody just has to ruin that
  • that’s somebody is you if you didn’t catch on
  • you’ve finally caught your puppy right and you hold them in your arms and bop their nose like “excuse me i did not give you permission to run away from me you ungrateful brat”
  • but you stop your scolding because something has caught your attention and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world
  • you set your puppy down and without thinking about it much, you wade into the water because that’s where the sound seems to be coming from
  • you’re like waist deep now but that’s okay because you can run home and change soon, this is way more important
  • you’re trying to be quiet as possible but then a gross piece of seaweed rubs against your leg and you shriek and jimin hears this and sees you standing there and he panics
  • you’re screaming, he’s screaming, your dog is rolling around in the sand
  • jimin rushes to dive into the water but you tell him to wait and despite what he knows is best for his safety he doesn’t leave his rock and instead waits for you to say something else
  • “you have a nice voice!!” you call out to him and you feel so stupid that your face ends up going bright red
  • and jimin gets all cute and blushy and waves shyly “uh thank you!”
  • “are you a mermaid?”
  • “i’m a siren actually…”
  • “oh man holy shit, that’s cool!!”
  • and now he’s really blushing because nobody has ever thought him to be anything positive like they tried to drive him away from the village but you’re like excited to see him??
  • his little heart swells in his chest and he waves you over
  • you’re like wth why not so you go and swim over and prop yourself up on the rock and you fall back off when you see his tail because is the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, like it reflects the sunlight and shimmer and glows and wow you’re amazed
  • jimin panics and pulls you back up onto the rock “please be more careful!”
  • “yOURE SO PRETTY” you blurt out
  • and jimin is so red and he just stares at you with wide eyes and his lips part slowly and he just kinda smiles softly “you think so?”
  • “um yes can i like… can i see your scales!”
  • and he nods and you like low key pet his scales right and he starts to giggle hysterically because it tickles so much and his laugh is the most pure sound you’ve ever heard in your life and wow are you falling for a siren that’s uncomfortable
  • you visit jimin every morning after that
  • like it’s not even low key you purposefully go out of your way to go and find him and you two will sit up on his rock as long as time permits and he’ll show you all the different types of sea stars and he can point out different types of kelp and he’ll talk to the waves for you and it’s super cute??
  • he likes to bask in the sun like literally bask and during those times he’ll rest his head in your lap and ask you to play with his hair and during these moments he’ll tell you about his life before he became a siren and he’ll tell you about all the places he’s explored and talk about all the wonderful people he’s met
  • and one day he kinda glances up at you “but you’re my favorite by far”
  • and believe it or not you fall hard for jimin
  • and you’re super butt hurt because you can’t even like !! do anything because he can’t leave the water for more than a few minutes without like nearly dying?
  • but god you want nothing more than to snuggle with him in bed and watch some quality movies like scooby doo and the ghoul school
  • and like walk down the streets hand in hand and dress him in cute scarves and sweaters but nooo
  • you’re gonna somehow get it to work though
  • you’re determined as hell though
  • one night you stay up all night deciding how to save jimin right
  • and you go down to find him at your rock but he’s not there
  • your breath hitches in your throat because maybe he went underwater for a moment but as time goes on you realize you’ve been standing around for half an hour now and he’s nowhere in sight
  • you start to pace in the sand and you’re running your hands through your hair and you’re going to cal beach security or something if that even exists in the old people neighborhood
  • he wouldn’t leave you would he?
  • would he actually get up and just leave?!
  • you start to tear up and you grab a handful of sand and throw it into the water as if that would do something for your cause
  • and you wade out to your rock and you stand up on top of it and stare down into the water, somehow thinking that if you stare hard enough that jimin will magically appear
  • but some old grump has been watching the beach activity from his window and you’re screaming and shrieking has annoyed the heck out of him so he opens his window and sticks his head out and hardcore cusses you out and you get so surprised that you lose your balance and completely fall into the water
  • and you’re so stunned that you kinda forget how to react aka swim and you feel yourself sinking but you can’t remember how to swim you’re so shocked and scared that your senses shut off
  • and you’re sinking and sinking and sinking
  • but suddenly a pair of arms wrap around you
  • surprise it’s jimin!
  • he presses his lips to yours and breathes air back into your lungs
  • and then hoists you back up to above the surface
  • you’re sputtering and he’s panicking but you’re fine, you weren’t under there too long
  • but you kinda!! “jimin what the hell i thought you got kidnapped or something!!”
  • and he’s also like !! “what the hell, i thought you were going to drown!!”
  • you both end up laughing a bit because what’s the irony huh
  • is that the right word
  • “i was looking for something for you!” he explains after a bit, a sheepish pink color on his face
  • he he holds open his palm and it’s a beautiful pink pearl and he just starts rambling about how some of the fish told him it was at the bottom of the bay and he wanted to get it for you !!
  • and you’re all emotional and you hug him and take the pearl and you’re just so !! because he would do something like that for you??
  • but then you think about what you’re gonna do and you’re kinda like “look i brought a kiddy pool and i wanna drag you back to my house bcuz i want you to live in my bathtub until we figure something out!”
  • and he goes super red at this and his eyes get all wide and he just stares at you
  • before kissing you for real
  • and guess what!
  • you guys do get things figured out
  • because our lovely witch seokjin comes to the rescue
  • you’re talking to your pal yoongi about this situation because you know his lil secret mm hmm and he’s like um i have a witch friend who would be able to help go hit him up?
  • and so you see seokjin and he gives you a potion
  • you bring it to jimin who’s waiting on the rock for you as usual
  • and before he drinks it you’re like !! only if you want to!!
  • and he says something super cheesy like “well of course i wanna spend the rest of my life with you” with like seventy five winks following after
  • and so you hand him the potion and he drinks it
  • you hold your breath as a bright light envelops him
  • he can feel his entire body morphing and it’s exciting but also terrifying because what if something goes wrong?
  • when the light disappears, jimin is standing there, with legs and everything, a pair of neon green swim trunks on
  • his hair is still bright orange and upon closer examination, he has scales on his hips still, but they’re not very noticeable unless you’re looking
  • he runs over you to you but he’s not used to legs and he trips and falls and you start to cackle
  • then of course run over and help him up and hug him super tight and then he kisses your face all over
  • okay
  • it takes a while to adjust though
  • like he always chills in your bathtub and pretends the bubble bath is sea foam
  • refuses to eat any sort of seafood and claims he can hear their dying words if you do
  • sings at all hours of the day and you usually have people staring at the two of you when you’re out and about because his voice is still so powerful
  • but it’s super cute and you guys are grossly in love the end

jockginny  asked:

heyy this is a message asking for book recs. we have very similar book fandoms as in ive read and loved everything in your bio except the secret history (which idk at all). like im leaving soon for a two weeks beach vacation and ill have lots and lot of time to read and i have no idea where to begin and what books to bring with me tbh? so im asking if you have any good ideas for me. thanks so much xx series or not tbh im down.

Oh man I LOVE to rec I hope you haven’t already gone a-travelin’

SO okay tsh isn’t for everyone I accept and acknowledge that but I mean pretentious and dramatic murder aesthetic @ college is a romp

I feel like I’ve read most of the books that cycle here in the broad “book fandom” on, but on the off chance that you haven’t read some, I’ll lay down some favourites:

I’ll Give You the Sun (Jandy Nelson) – a bittersweet little character piece about twins who love very hard and imagine very beautiful things and don’t quite know what to keep in their heads and what to let out. Lots of lush art and teeth-chatteringly good metaphors like your whole body shakes 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Benjamin Alire Sáenz) – charming first person thought dump inside a sweetly introspective boy that goes at his own feelings with his fists before a boy who hates shoes but loves almost everything else & a couple of sets of parents teach him how to reach through them like water

Darker Shades of Magic Series (V.E.Schwab) – this NIFTY fantasy series centred on this guy Kell, who walks between a handful of versions of London with magic and specialness written all over him (and trouble brewing as trouble is want to do) I haven’t finished it yet but it’s SO cool so far

Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda (Becky Albertalli) – just the loveliest coming of age story for a rainy day, lots of characters that you sort of begrudgingly love despite their faults, like they all feel like a sloppy lil family. A boy falls in love with a boy, basically, but there’s blackmail and a show that must go on etc etc

Six of Crows (Leigh Bardugo) – isn’t actually in my bio for some fuckin reason but I’ve described it in depth 100 times!!! If you haven’t read it for some GODFORSAKEN reason, I talk about it right here

Vicious (V.E.Schwab) – a sharp twist to the hero/villain narrative! Picture a friends to enemies fic trope….. it’s like that. They’re obsessed with each other, and superpowers = has science gone too far, and the side characters are to die for

The Diviners (Libba Bray) – is very cool 20s mystery and myriad phenomenal characters but I have yet to finish it so approach blind if you want !

I read the first two books of the Half Bad (Sally Green) trilogy and loved them but apparently the third one was the biggest disappointment of all time so look into that if you’ve never felt fear

I read More Happy Than Not (Adam Silvera) which is compelling as hell and bummed me out for a week after I read it – if you’re into twists and repression and futuristic technology that doesn’t really look futuristic unless you squint, that’s a good read

Also, just based on word of mouth, some of the books in my to read list are:

We Are the Ants (Shaun David Hutchinson)

Goldfinch (Donna Tartt)

In the Company of Shadows (Santino Hassell and Ais)

The Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

etc etc etc

This is all I can think of off the top of my head I hope I helped literally at all and I hope you have the best trip, reading and beaches sounds IDEAL I’m living vicariously through you tbh

anonymous asked:

Hmmm.. what do you think about the monoma x shinsou ship??

It’s… possibly a good ship? I guess? I’ve seen it around a bit, but ngl I don’t really understand it haha

Anon said:  when’s your birthday?

November 13th! It’s still pretty far~

Anon said: you say you like seeing the bakusquad taking care of babies hmmm? draw them maybe? OuO

I did haha

Anon said: Because of your art (you made me fall in love with Bakugou and Kirishima and Kaminari) I started BNHA and got my best friend into it. Now I can’t stop writing them and my friend and I have several AUs already.

This is the best kind of ask omfg !!!!! Glad I could get you into my disaster trio!!! …but also are you maybe gonna share like I’m starved for bakushimanari content a n o n

Anon said: Aw man i was gonna recomend that fic by newamsterdam to you. Like i finished reading it and thought you could like it since you like that other kuroo x teru fic (thanks to you and the anon for that btw) and it seemed your style? Im kinda sad i missed the chance (ok i know this whole ask sounds stupid)

Awwww don’t be sad anon, reccing me bakushima stuff is seriously hard because I might or might not go daily in the ao3 tag to read anything complete that’s been updated and I might or might not be following all fics regularly updating unless they have a character death/angst with no happy ending warning oops - thank you for thinking about me tho!!! That made me happy haha

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Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 5 (ok whats happening ive gotten so far)

a/n: HIIIII *nervously sweats and smiles* i cant believe im writing another part with 600 followers, this is insane! i love you all so much. so this part is like… idk they talk and such. i just got this idea. btw, it’s immediately after the last part, immediately, okay? and oh, the joker has two bathrooms - one with a bath and the other has been mentioned before. oh the picture isnt mine - its not the best joker edit cause he has eyebrows here and his eyes arent dark but i will forgive the person :D

characters: why do i bother but JOKER and READER

warnings: nudity, smut once in a while, bathing together (idk is that a warning? :D)

J stood up from the bed, looking at me. The emotions in his eyes were changing. It looked like he was trying to resist something. With a growl, he placed his hands on my sides and lifted me off the bed, placing me on my feet. He reached out his hand and I looked at it. I was still a bit afraid of him, he could kill me too. Any moment. J then took my hand in his, not caring about the way I looked at it. He never took my hand, either home or in public, and it felt weird, different. He dragged me to the door of his bigger bathroom and faced me.

“Stay here.” J said, pointing his finger at me. I nodded. He opened the door and went into the room. I sighed. Couldn’t I just go to sleep? I was so tired… How wasn’t he? All day out, business, sex, and he could still ran around the world. How is that possible? 

What was he doing in the bathroom? He never did anything by himself except killing people. 

J returned shortly after I started wondering about his actions and he pulled me into the room, closing the door after. He had turned on the lights, and I heard the water running in the bath. There were towels on the floor next to it. He had prepared a bath for me? For us?

I looked at him, he seemed calm. He walked me to the bath - it was in the size to fit four people next to each other on the small side, but ten people next to each other on the longer side. He again placed his hands on my sides and placed me into the bath full of warm water. 

J got in himself and laid down, so only his shoulders and head were out of the water. His hand stretched out for me and I hesitantly gave him my hand. J pulled me down, so I was laying on him and moved us up in a sitting position. I was sitting between his legs, mine around his waist, my back against the side of the bath. We were in such position that there was no way he didn’t like to show that he was in charge. Joker turned off the water and turned back around to me. His one hand on my cheek, and the other one on the back of my thigh, J looked me deep in the eyes.

“I feel like…” he looked up, in thought, then looked back at me. “There is something bothering you, angel.” He stated. “You haven’t spoken much, you act a little different. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

I took in a deep breath and exhaled, looking down, avoiding his gaze. I have to tell him, even if he’ll think I’m vulnerable and weak. If he wants to know, he will.

“I-I’m afraid..” I finally said.

“Afraid?” His non-existent eyebrows furrowed above his eyes and he lifts my chin up to him. “Of what?”

“I-I, it’s-”

“Is it my men? I can-”

“No, it’s not them.”

“Who is it then? Have you got somebody outside our home you’re afraid of? Your family? Friends?”

“No, J, it’s….” I sighed out a shaky breath. 

“Go on, tell me what you’re afraid of.”

“I’m.. afraid of you.” I said, looking him in the eyes.

“Me?” His face was a mix of several emotions. He drew back just a little bit. “Why? Did I…” his face hit the sight of realisation, “Oh..” J was looking down while a few tears escaped my eyes. “Why does me killing a man scare you?”

“Why? Why? Maybe because that’s never happened to me.” I gained courage, I spoke, looking him in the eyes. “I have never seen you or anybody else kill someone. You were nice-ish to him and then you just shot him! Makes me think that you could kill me any moment.”

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it long ago and you know that, doll.” His face was close to mine again, his hands on both sides of my neck on the bath’s edge. “But.. since you’re loyal and I enjoy your company, I’m not going to kill you. I like you too much to kill you.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that I’m scared of you! You terrified me tonight. You shot a man in the head and didn’t change a shade. How can a person do that?…”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, sweets, but… I’m not a regular person. Am I even a person? Who knows?” J chuckled. “But you don’t have to be afraid of me. Or anything else. I will protect you at all costs, my dear angel.” His hand stroked my cheek, placing his thumb in between my lips. “Does that ease your mind at any way?” He asked and I nodded. 

J moved his lips down to mine and kissed them roughly as his hand slid down my body and stopped at my heat, placing his hand over it. I inhaled a sharp breath and kissed him back, reaching my arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into me. As his tongue entered my mouth, his fingers teased my entrance, making me whimper into his mouth. J pulled back suddenly.

“Do you want to touch me, baby doll?”

“What?” His words took me by surprise. 

“I said, do you want to touch me?” He repeated. “Can you touch me, doll? You’ve never touched me.” He spoke in my ear, stopping the actions of his fingers.

“Well, I-I..” I stuttered. “I don’t have much experience.” I admitted.

“Oh, I can teach you, baby.” He smirked. “Do you want me to?”

“Y-yes,” I replied, “If you do.”

“I very much do.” He said, laughing quietly. “Give me your hand.” J said, reaching out his other hand for mine. I put my hand in his and he guided it down between us(a/n: jesus h christ i swear to you i havE NEVER WRITTEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE SO IF ITS HORRIBLE IM SORRY IM JUST NOT A FAN OF …. DOING THIS TO A MAN). My breaths were shaky, I had never touched a male in that way before, I was nervous. He placed my hand on his member and started slowly moving it up and down. “Slowly, slowly…” he said and then let go of my hand, leaving it there. I looked at him. “Go on.” J urged and I nodded. Wrapping my fingers around, my hand slowly, gently moved up and down his length. J closed his eyes at the feeling and his hand worked on my intimate area, fingers pressing down, drawing circles. I moaned, my hand wrapping around his cock (a/n: god i hate this word) tighter and J groaned out.

“Oh, J…” I moaned out in a high-pitched voice when he entered me with his fingers. I started moving my hand faster up and down at the pleasure J was giving me.

“Yes, baby girl, just like that…” He sighed into my ear, curling his fingers and I was a moaning mess before him. Our actions continued for a while until we were both moaning and groaning each other’s names, close to our peak. I moved my hand up one last time before I felt him cum in my hand (a/n: ok so maybe this is against some erotic physics bc i’ve heard that a male can only cum once, while women can cum multiple times in a row but you know what? this is an imagine, this is not supposed to be reality so idgaf :)))) ). J’s fingers continued to work on me, he pressed his thumb on my clit and I moaned loudly.

“Cum, baby, come for me..” him whispering into my ear was what it took for me to reach my orgasm. Moans and J’s name left my mouth multiple times and I finally came over my high. I sighed, J taking his fingers out and chuckling. I was so tired, I could fall asleep at any moment. 

“That was wonderful, baby,” Joker spoke, smiling. “You did great.” He complimented, making me smile tiredly at him. He leaned down to my level - at the lack of energy I had, I was leaned back into the bath - and kissed my lips with a growl. 

“That was your first time touching a man, wasn’t it?” He asked and I nodded for a reply. “Your hands seemed so innocent…. As you do. No matter how many times I’ve fucked you and done other dirty things to you, you always look innocent and pure.” J spoke, making me laugh a little. J smiled at me laughing, it was a genuine smile. “Tell me… when I fucked you for the first time, was it… your first time?”

“Well…” I trailed off, sitting up straight so I was in his level, “my first time was with an asshole boyfriend from high school, but he never went all the way in… let’s just say, he didn’t reach my virginity wall so I don’t think it counted. God, that guy was a jerk…”

“Was he really? You know I could-”

“J, it’s alright, he wasn’t abusive or anything, don’t worry.” I stopped him. “He was just really annoying.”

“Well, then…. Do you regret having me take your first time?”

“No, I don’t.” I almost whispered, shaking my head with a smile.

“Flattering.” Joker purrs in my ear, his hands on my sides.

“J, I want to ask you something.”

“Anything, my doll.” He said, placing a kiss on my cheekbone. 

“Who’s Harley? The man mentioned her.”

“And why would anything he said be true? He didn’t do his part of the deal, so why should you take what he said to your head?”

“I saw the way your face changed when he mentioned her name. Tell me about her, I want to know.” I said.

“I’ll tell you, fine. Harley was a… beloved toy of mine for some time. Unfortunately for her, she left me a while ago. Even though she’s strong and knew how to fight, she couldn’t resist me after all. So I just… got rid of her one day.”

“Oh…” I replied. “Do you miss her?”

“No, I don’t. Never did.”

“Did you love her?”

“I don’t like that word, baby doll, never use it again in that context.” He growled. “But I didn’t. I told her I did, but I just used her for business.” As he spoke, i furrowed my brows, listening. “She was strong, naive and in love. Annoying, also. She realised it only after a long time and left.” He finished and there was silence for a while.

“You would… never do that to me, right, J?” I asked, my arms around my legs, knees resting against my bare chest. 

“Of course, not, doll.” J answered, resting his chin on one of my knees. “You’re different than her, better than her. More beautiful, smarter.”

“And how do I know you’re not lying to me now like you lied to Harley?”

“I told you that I would never treat you like her.” He sternly spoke. “But I also know that you’re smarter than her, you know when people are lying and when they’re telling the truth. So,” he traced his finger up my leg, “can you tell if I’m lying when I tell you that I will take care of you, keep you safe, never treat you like Harley… That you’re better, different, beautiful, smarter, attracting… Am I lying to you?” 

I decided to change things up a bit and smirked. I put my hands flat up against his chest and pushed him to the other side of the bath. Closer to the large window, where the moonlight was shining down. J was sat up against the bath’s side and I put my legs around his waist once again, my hand on his cheek.

“You’re not lying to me, I can see that.” I replied. “But have you ever lied to me?”

“I don’t think so, my dear angel.” He said, and rose up a little bit so he was even slightly above me. He hated to be the little one. “Have you ever lied to me?”

“No, J, I haven’t. And I promise I never will.” I said and kissed him on the lips. He felt different now. It felt like he was… in my power. What? Did I really have the Joker… weak? For me… 

He kissed back, trying to regain his power, but I wouldn’t let him. I wanted to take the chance of controlling him. I pushed him down and kissed him again, harder, my hand latching into his hair. I gripped his glowing green hair, tugging tightly on the roots and J let out a groan of pleasure, I think.

“Do you like that now?” I whispered with a smirk. J must’ve caught up with what I was trying to do and pushed me away slightly. He laughed and sat up, taking my wrists in his hands. 

“Nobody can be above me. Nobody can out-power me.” He snarled. “Now, you better apologise to Daddy before he changes his mind about being in a good mood.” He warned. Well, I have learned my lesson to never try that again.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I will never do that again.” I spoke in a more innocent tone that I wanted to. 

“Good.” He said. “Never try it again or Daddy will be very, very angry.” He warned and I nodded. “What do you want to do now, angel face?” His mood immediately changed. “Do you want to continue bathing or do you want to play a little…?” Joker smirked. Was he so turned on all the time? Always in the mood…

“I don’t know..” I trailed off. “What do you want to do?”

“I think Daddy wants to play some more. Would my doll mind?”

“I think your doll would very much enjoy that.” I smiled at him. 

“Why don’t you turn Daddy on a bit more? Could you do that, baby?”

“I could.” I smirked and moved a bit lower on him, right above his member. I moved around it, grinding down on J with my eyes closed. I got myself turned on, moving around his cock to get him hard. My mouth hang open as moans left my mouth, my breasts lowering onto J’s neck every time I went down.

“Alright, doll, that’s enough.” J spoke, holding my hips down to stop my movements. He was looking right into my eyes when he lowered me onto his length, making me moan out. J actually loved it when I was on top of him, he never told me, but he didn’t need to - I could see it, feel it even. He was always watching me intently from below, getting turned on more and more by the sight before him.

By my hips, he guided me up and then down again. He was going painfully slow, but he liked to tease me. I moaned out, eyes closing at the wonderful feeling and mouth agape caused by the moans. 

“P-please go faster, Daddy…” I begged and he moaned out himself. As asked, he picked up his pace to a deviously fast one, pounding in and out of me like there was no tomorrow. I was screaming, moaning, yelping, making very sound possible come out of my mouth. 

J placed one hand on my back and lowered my body down on his, kissing between my breasts. It drove me completely mad. I brought my nails down his chest to get relief somehow, scratching the pale white skin. There would be marks. His grip on my hips tightened so much it was painful, he was controlling my body in every way.

“O-oh, my God…” I moaned out. J whispered encouragements into my ear and I came for the third time tonight, along with him (a/n: damn joker trash back at it again with breaking the erotic physics rules). I fell on top of him once he had pulled out of me and breathed loudly, heavily. 

“Are you tired, baby girl?” J asked. I nodded, unable to speak. “I’ve tired you out, my doll. Rest now, I’ll take care of you.” He said and I rested my head against his chest. I traced over his many tattoos and got an idea.

“Daddy?” I asked with my last energy.


“Can I get a tattoo?”

“Of course, sweets.” I heard him say right before I drifted off into sleep.


anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the latest chapter? With the Tou//Ken marriage, Tsuki//yama's reaction, a possible death flag raised for Tou//ka, and plenty of other things? I've really tried to be hopeful about everything that has been going on in the recent chapters. I've really tried to be hopeful and tell myself that Ishi//da is going to work everything out and that something WILL go down... Because it IS a tragedy manga, after all... Right? Regardless, everything is going completely downhill.

i feel you anon,, i want to be hopeful and believe that this is just the calm before a massive storm but i honestly dont want to delude myself only to end up disappointed, so i’ll just keep reading and hope we can go back to our regular dose of suffering (remember when we were so caught up in tragedy that nobody had the energy for ship wars? i miss that)

now onto the wedding; well it was obviously rushed (they talked properly for the first time like ~10 chapters ago, had sex about 5 chapters ago, and suddenly theyre getting married) like ive seen MANY rushed relationships in animanga but tou//ken takes the cake honestly. it makes me wonder if ishida died and was replaced or some shit because this is definitely not the tokyo ghoul i know (like even the poor attempts at foreshadowing… ishida was better than that???). ngl i thought their outfits looked kinda cool but like, not really suitable for a wedding?? ghouls arent some tribe that has never been in contact w/ humanity after all, and tsukiyama of all ppl (who was responsible for wedding shit, sigh) would know what a proper wedding dress looks like. or maybe he didnt want to see kaneki and touka in those and went for bdsm costumes instead lmao

as for tsukiyamas reaction,, like honestly, i didnt expect him to be super angry or cry on the spot or whatever, knowing him he would smile through it all but i didnt want him to be the wedding planner, although it doesnt seem TOO out of place. tsukiyama changed tremendously and started valuing other people over himself to the point where he would give up certain things for them (perhaps to make up for his selfishness before) and like. its good and all but GOD I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM…. i want him to be a lil more selfish!! like son please think of your own wellbeing more,,,, its difficult to tell what hes thinking too bc throughout the manga we’ve always gotten tsukiyamas thoughts along with his actions, but recently we don’t know what he’s thinking so i guess that also contributes to him seeming kind of ooc… like for all we know he could be BOILING inside and playing it off yknow. i dont wanna be hopeful and say ishida is preparing us for a plot twist involving him but idk… it’d be nice to have him be relevant again

and about other things happening.. some plot points do interest me (the dragon thing which seems like a Shirazu Comeback™) but some are like. so random? for example that underground city with the one-eyed ghoul like where tf did that come from? and why was that plot suddenly pushed aside like everything else for some tou////ken shit? i feel like ishida could use the space he wasted on toeken interactions to shed light on more important matters, like perhaps have kaneki fucking TALK to all the other characters he has unresolved business with instead of dedicating an entire chapter to bad sex (god im still salty about that). that reminds me!!!!

i really hate what ishidas doing with kanekis characterization where he tosses literally everyone he ever cared about aside (didnt even bother talking to mutsuki when he showed up at :re like biiiih yall spent the last 3 years together have some common decency, or where he called toeka his best friend, like whats with hide????? i dont even like hide that much but ishida doin him dirty) to highlight tou///kas presence in his life? and you just KNOW that this’ll obviously end in her or the baby’s death. its tragic how ppl are so ready to see their fave be reduced to a petty love interest for breeding a baby and later on dying for his Man Pain™ just cause their ship became canon,,, makes me think that they dont care abt tou/ka as a character but only as an accessory to kaneki lmao..

im sorry this got a lil long but i hope i could explain myself well OTL




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Gosh, your Hanzo headcanons hurt my heart, but feel very real. Your Hanzo in general is so much more human and fleshed out than a lot of fandom makes him. If you feel like it, could you tell us if/how others help him?

godddd iv been sittin on this ask forever sorry i just,, rly needed to organise my thoughts abt this in my head!! ok keep in mind that this is not anyone’s canon or written in stone it’s just,, how i see him ok… ok also .. readmore because i accidentally wrote like one and a half a4 about this see this is why no one likes me. 

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Please, please, please~ a compilation of jealous jongin or sad jongin because someone is touching my man or territorial jongin bc have to protect what's mine. Or anything that ticks jongin off because no other man shall have kyungsoo's attention but him. i love you. omg thank you

i love u too anon! and ur welcum heheh, anyway, lets get started (since prob this shit is gonna be long im gonna put this keep reading option from now on bc some ppl have complained lol sorry about that)

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