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stiles stilinski imagine // idk what the title should be so here you go

Summary: (Y/N) is new at BHHS. Her first lesson chemistry & her teacher was Mr. Harris. She hadn’t expected anything else but it hurt her a little when she realized that she was sitting alone. Only until a boy came late for class and realizing that only one seat was still available.

Characters: (Y/N) x reader , Stiles Stilinski,

Word Count: idk


‘There it is.’, you thought. You stand in front of the BHHS, not knowing what is going to happen throughout the years, not knowing where your first class is, not knowing anyone nor anything.

“Your locker is that one and your fist class is in this classroom.” The lady said as she circled some numbers out.
‘Thank you.’, you said politely even though you knew she wouldn’t care if you even said nothing.


You had trouble finding your first class but eventually you were sitting in the right one.
At one table in the third row. Alone.
You didn’t expect anything else because still, no one knew you but it was a little heartbreaking ‘cause none of your classmates found the interest in talking to you.

You lost your train of thoughts when the teacher yelled: “Stilinski! 5 minutes late!”
“Sorry!”, the apparent 'Stilinski’ mumbled while he almost fell in front of everyone.
“Wow” slipped out of your mouth while the pen you were holding glided out of your hand, falling at the ground causing him to look at you. You gazed at him; Into his gold/brown eyes that shimmered beautifully in the light, his messy brown hair & his scattered freckles around his face that were more than just cute. He was beautiful.
“Take a seat”.
Those words made you loose your train of thoughts again. You looked around, realizing that the only available seat in that room was next to you.
The beautiful boy took the seat.
“Huh? Oh, yea- umm… (Y/N).” You smiled a little, still embarrassed of your reaction of when you saw him.
“Cute name.” he smiled at you.
You blushed, causing him to laugh a little.
“Thanks.” You gazed at him again.
“So what is it about that look you gave me already 2 times in 5 minutes?” He smirked.
“uh- well.. i-i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
He started laughing a little. “It’s ok you don’t have to answer.” He put his hand on your thigh to calm you down because you were obviously a little nervous, but before you could react he threw his hands in the air and said “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that. That was stupid of me. I am stupi-”
“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it.” You grinned at him.
“I’m a jerk, I’m sorry. Are you new?”
“Yes. Yes I am new and I have no idea where my next classes are”
“Well, Miss 'I don’t know where my classes are’ would you give me the honor to take you to your next classes?”
You laughed “You’re weird, but I really like you”


The bell rang.
Stiles started packing his stuff into his backpack. You did the same.
“You have your next class with me on 2nd floor” Stiles said while he was leaning against the table in front of you & looking at your schedule.
“Oh, ok great.” You stood in front of him, looking at his beautiful eyes which were still looking at
your schedule.
He looked up.
You watched each other until he leaned in.
You did so too.
You felt his nose on yours until Mr. Harris interrupted. “Out of my class. Immediately.”
You two both said “Ok.” And ran off.
There was an awkward silence between you two as you were walking down the hallway.
“Hey Stiles!” you turned around to see who it was. A  boy with an uneven jawline.
“Hey man. What’s up?”
“Oh God I’m an idiot. (Y/N), Scott. Scott, (Y/N).”
You giggled.
“Nice to meet you” Scott said. “Hey I talked to Lydia and she finally wants to hang out with you!”
That sentence hit me ,so I started walking off.  
Wow. It’s my first day at this new school. Everything is going well, I start liking a boy who actually tried to kiss me and know I find out that he likes another girl?
“(Y/N), wait!” He started running towards me but I hadn’t stopped walking. Stiles had faced me. “Who is Lydia?” I sounded like a jealous girlfriend.
He was silent for a moment. “A girl I had been in love with since 3rd grade.”
“Well congratulations, now you have a date with her.” I stormed off.
Why am I like this?
I don’t even know him.
Why do I sound like a jealous girlfriend?
I asked myself all these questions but unfortunately, I had no answers for them.


Stiles POV

“Thanks, you just ruined everything.”
“Sorry man I-”
I ran off, not caring what my best friend had to say. There was something about her that I couldn’t explain.
I think I was falling for her. I knew that I had only known her for a couple of hours but that didn’t matter. “I have to find her.” I said to myself.
So I looked everywhere. At the lacrosse field, the girls dressing room, the girls toilets, the hallways & even our classroom. And now, I walked towards my car like I always do when I am frustrated or pissed.


I found myself laying on top of a Jeep Roscoe.
I heard footsteps coming closer so I got up to see who it was. Stiles.
I ran up to him and hugged him tightly.
“I am sorry I shouldn’t have reacted that way I mean I don’t even know you but still-” I talked so fast the whole time, “I like you so darn much I don’t even know how I can possibly like someone as much as I like you in only one day and-”
the next second I felt his lips on mine. My hands on his neck and my cheeks cupped in his hands.
We put our forehead at each other’s as we pulled apart.
“Did you know that that is my jeep?” He pointed at the blue vehicle I was lying on a moment ago.
I giggled.
“Not until now.”

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