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Milkshakes and Date Talk (H.G)

| Based on the request: can you do a Hayes imagine where your friends with nash and Hayes has a crush on you but you’re a little older than him?

|Just over 1k words, this is shite lol but WOOOOOOO 2 IMAGINES WITHIN AN HOUR WOOOOOOO YAY FOR ME WOOOOOOOOOOOO, this is so bad and so short I’m so sorry. I’m gunna go play Sims 4 now byeeee|



Nash pulls my phone away from my face and stands in front of me. “I have to go to the store for my mom before she gets back and then pick Taylor up, can you stay here and watch Sky for me?”

“Yeah, sure, but why can’t Hayes watch her?” He’s 15, he’s old enough and capable enough of looking after his younger sister for a few minutes.

“He can, but he’s too engrossed in this video game he got the other day so he can’t keep an eye on her.” That doesn’t particularly sound like something Hayes would do, but everybody’s different and everybody picks up different habits.  

“Oh, alright then, it’s not like I’m gunna leave anyway.”

“You pretty much live here, of course you’re not gunna leave. Do you want anything from the store?”

“Um, just get me a snack or something.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a bit.” He grabs his car keys from his desk and starts his walk out to the car. “Please don’t break anything like you did last time.”

“Pftttt, I would never!”

“Yeah, okay.” He scoffs and stands in the doorway. “And remember, if Hayes hits on you again, just slap him straight round the face.”

I shake my head at him. “I’m not gunna hit him!” I think it’s real cute how Hayes flirts with me, he’s got some good lines, that’s for sure.

“Well, if you’re not gunna smack him, go out with him.”

“Nash, be real.”

“What! You think the gremlin’s cute, you might as well just try it out.” He grins. God, I just want to slap that shit-eating grin right off of his face. “Be a cougar.”

“You know what? Maybe I will!”

“I’ll believe when I see it.”

And he’s gone. Peace at last.

I go back to playing the game on my phone but just a minute later, my phone is getting pulled away from me once again, by a grinning Skylynn and a smug-looking Hayes. I raised my eyebrows in question.

Okay, no more peace.

“Can you make us milkshakes, please?” Sky asks sweetly, locking her fingers behind her back and swaying from side to side with a cheeky smile. “I was gunna ask Hayes but then I remembered the last milkshake he made me tasted disgusted.”

“You mean, disgusting, Sky.” Hayes corrects her.

She looks up at him with a grimance on her face. “Yeah, but I was disgusted when I drank it.”

“That was good.” I smile and stand up from the comfortable beanbag I was sitting on. She’s got a lot of sass for a 5 year old. “What do you want in them?” I follow the two siblings down the stairs and into their kitchen. Low and behold, all of the ingredients that I’ll need to make a milkshake are sitting out on the kitchen counters with the blender plugged in and waiting for use.

“I want strawberry, banana, chocolate syrup, grapefruit, apple, strawberry syrup, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, chocolate milk and blueberries!” Well, that’s a lovely combination, Skylynn, I’m sure you won’t puke after that.

“Are you sure?” I ask her before I cut up any fruits. She nods her head and takes a seat around the island counter. “You’re definitely going to drink that?”

“Oh, she will. She drank one of Will’s homemade protein drinks the other day, you know the ones he makes using eggs, kale, powder and that stuff? Yeah, she liked it. He didn’t. She’s going to like this milkshake too.”

“Alrighty then…” I quickly get on with cutting up bits of fruit for their milkshakes – which’ll probably turn out more like smoothies, but they asked for it, I’m just making it.

I hear Skylynn’s hushed giggles and Hayes shushing her to be quiet, so I look up to see what they’re doing. Hayes’ face has turned bright red and Skylynn looks like she can’t keep her mouth shut, which obviously, she can’t. “Hey, Y/N? You know that Hayes has a crush on you right?”

“I think everyone knows, Sky.” I laugh, adding to Hayes’ embarrassment. It’s true, he told Nash last summer and Nash being Nash had to go and tell everyone to embarrass his brother. He apologised for it after, though. “But what are you saying?”

“He wants to ask you on a date.” She giggles uncontrollably, emitting a few snorts into her contagious laughter.

“Oooh, exciting.” I widen my eyes and smile at the younger boy. His eyes are trained on the countertop. Bless him, he’s so embarrassed by his sister it’s adorable. “So, where are we going on this date, Hayes?”

Sky gasps and smacks his arm, “I told you she would say yes!” Her giggling gets even louder and more uncontrollable, so she covers her mouth with both of her hands – not that it’s actually reducing the volume or the frequency, but she’s trying.

“Are you saying that out of pity, because Nash told you to or are you actually saying it?”

Well, he didn’t tell me to do it out of force. He just suggested it. It’s ultimately my decision. And my decision is to say yes to Hayes. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? A couple of bitchy people saying shit? Yeah, like that’s going to stop me.

“I’m actually saying it.” I nod and smile at the blushing boy. “I’ll go on a date with you.”

His face burns a deep red and his voice stutters every few words. “Wow, okay, um, I don’t know, I didn’t plan this far ahead because I never thought I’d get a yes.”

“Well, if you can come up with a good idea and pull off a really good date, maybe there’ll be a second.”

And with that, I helped build up a 15 year olds confidence and carried on making their milkshake-smoothies.