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Conversation between me and my mom on MLK Day

Mom: How is my sweet potato?I miss your face!

Me: ibccsfjbdyhbiusubfs….uuughhhh i miss ur face too

just ya know i support black slavery by going to school but if a drop out i will live in poverty …its a bad place to be

went on a mlk march then film and discussion today

Mom: you what with the what with slavery?

Me: i support slavery i fund slavery

Mom: how does you being uneducated help slavery?

Me: because i fund my college that funds prisons*sigh*

Mom: oh ok yes it is but you know asking your collage to divest from prisons is a good thing just like collages were made to divest from South Africa in the 80’s

Me: i tried that they said “ummm we won’t admit to that” idk what we can do as student what i can do and i really don’t want to be kick out of college

Mom: I am positive there is a way to address this from a students point. If you remain unweildingly polite and persistent you can work wonders

For instance there has to be some watch dog agency who has done the research to find out if GVSU is invested in prisons

then armed with that knowledge you just keep asking them to divest and they can not kick you out for that

though it may make it tough to to get an on campus job to be honest

Me: ya cuz no one was ever kicked out unlawfully before :P

yes i know*sigh*white previlage sucks

Mom: Columbia University was the first college to divest in 2015and many have followed because of student pressure

i know like can’t someone WITHOUT cfs (Chronic Fatigue syndrome) head this up but no, no one else will do it it seems i just discovered there’s a students against rasism club i think i should join maybe they can help? i can’t do this by myself

I agree this is not a thing to do alone

but I have to say babe you need to set priorities I know it is hard just know you have your whole life ahead to fix the whole world

but I have to say this one divesting from prisions would be a doable one not like curing cancer or ending poverty

Me: right?

we shall see what I can do

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me


Pairing: Guzma/Reader
Plot: After interfering in official Team Skull business one too many times, the grunts take you back to their boss to see what he wants to do with you. He quickly figures it out, and sends the grunts on their way.
Warnings: Smut, rough sex, possible dubcon
Notes: More smut since ya’ll are so thirsty for this man lmao. Also Idk if it’s related or not but after I posted my first smut fic with Guzma I saw a ton of others posted on AO3 so God bless ya’ll, keep the porn coming

“Let go of me!” You snarl at the men holding your arms, trying to keep you from thrashing. A pink haired women in front of you only laughs, holding up your bag like a prize. “Whatever, bitch! You keep fuckin’ with us, now we gonna fuck with you,” she says, laughing and turning to walk down the dirt path, the two blue haired men dragging you after her.

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texts from last night: seventeen
  • s.coups: im gonna fight the coyote
  • jeonghan: idk if i deserve a medal or a one way ticket to hell
  • joshua: the 666th photo in my phone is of him and if that’s not a sign that he’s secretly the antichrist, idk what is.
  • jun: i know you like got hit by a car but do you want to come to my birthday pardi
  • hoshi: don’t put me in that position. i am not qualified to be the responsible adult here.
  • wonwoo: i could tell my life story through kermit memes
  • woozi: also i feel like death. but like. in a good way
  • dk: please come to class. i miss you and i have a horse mask
  • mingyu: you gotta do what you gotta do. like how i gotta drive in the rain to go get chicken nuggets. i just gotta.
  • the8: i just had a 10 minute staring contest with my dog. can you come over?
  • vernon: i have 35 pounds of pennies. need any?
  • seungkwan: i just loudly threatened to kill a self checkout machine
  • dino: went to open youtube this morning, and the last search was “ten hours of whale sounds”

anonymous asked:

MC+V and kids?? I feel like V would make a good dad

  • V is The Dad™
  • Like, he’s still the same V in a lot of ways, but he’s become way more at peace with everything and he’s taken on The Dad™ role. It surprises everyone when he starts being a stereotypical dad because that just seemed so unlike him.
  • The guy smokes a pipe,,,, Idk what more of a dad thing he can possibly do.
  • He actually picked up on some dad jokes and he liked the disapproval he got from the kids + MC, so he ended up doing it all the time.
    • “Dad, I’m so hungry.”
      “Hi, So Hungry! I’m Dad!”
      “Dad no seriously can you make me a sandwich?”
      “Poof, you’re a sandwich.”
      “Nononono, I was just joking. Do you want it on toast?”
    • “I’ll be back.”
      “I’ll be Beethoven.”
    • He almost always laughs at his own jokes, especially when nobody else does.
  • You thought he was bad before…. He’s literally ALWAYS taking photos.
  • L o v e s taking photos of the kids.
  • He starts scrapbooking?????
  • When the kids are babies, he’s always willing to take some pressure off of MC and let her rest.
  • Emotionally supportive dad is best dad.
  • He’s hella into Christmas with the kids.
    • If MC is a different religion, he celebrates that with them too, but he just reeeaaaaaally wants to celebrate Christmas with them no matter what.
  • He loves to spoil his kids with love, to the point where they avoid him because they don’t want to talk about their day and how they’re feeling for hours on end.
  • One of the stereotypical dad things he can’t do: BBQ
  • This guy is king of the kitchen, but god help him if he ever tries to get near a grill.
    • “I don’t know how to turn it on…”
    • “I smell gas but I don’t see fire.”
    • “I hope this doesn’t kill me.”
  •  The first day MC caught him looking at a Bermuda shirt, she nearly screamed.
  • He really likes making food for both the kids and MC. He feels like it brings him closer to his family and he puts a lot of love into everything he makes for them.
  • When he gets sick or can’t cook, MC and the kids cook for him because it’s a sign of love and everyone just wants him to feel better.
  • His fave birthday gift he’s ever gotten is an apron with everyone’s handprints + names on it.
  • If we’re going the “Blind V never got surgery” route:
    • “Daddy, stop being blind.”
      “It’s bad for your eyes.”
  • V reads to the kids every night.
  • The day after one of the kids had a bad day at school, he sticks a little heart sticker on their shirt so they’ll have a little reminder that he loves them.
  • Notes in their lunch boxes~
  • “Welcome to Cooking Times with Dad, and today I’ll be teaching you how to make PB&J!”
  • When the kids ask what he’s reading, he’ll read the book to them until they leave. He may or may not have read half Moby Dick out loud at one point or another.
  • MC and V both encourage them to get involved in school. Sports, drama, academics, whatever, as long as they’re having fun.

Lauren Zuke left the Crewniverse pretty much.

First off, before I make this rant against the fandom, I just want you all to know that this has nothing to due with bashing of anybody or there respective ship. We’ve all made our poor choices in life and we need to learn from them. Also, expect a lot of the info to be said in the video, as it was one of the two sources I found that informed me of her very likely and almost certain decision.

So basically, from the details gathered by recent people, it appears that Lauren Zuke, one of the 8-ish storyboard artists of Steven Universe has left the crewniverse due to some ‘drama’ regarding how she could create the stories to fit how she wanted them to do. For those who don’t know (as explained in the video) a storyboard artist can deliberately change and create any emotions or actions the characters can do as long as it sticks to how the plot is made using what the writers of the show have written down. Such gifted abilities also pertain to some very easy ways of creativity.

Lauren Zuke loved the concept of simply wanting a villain and a rival to make up and possibly form a relationship, which led to the support of Lapidot. This can be shown on how many people simply complained on the simple fact that she made Peridot and Lapis look “Out of Character.” This caused a lot of people in rival SU fandom ships pertaining Peridot such as Amedot (Note: This is not ship hate, the two are just well known to be rivals) to be disappointed and somewhat disgusted.

And then there are these sick fucks that think they can go around and think they own the place by shoving hate down the creators of the show straight in the throat! I’m not giving a flying fuck about this bullshit, as these are the same people that forced Zamii to attempt suicide, threatening people in other fandoms, and harassing people over a damn tweet that almost sank another ship. When I say this statement here, I mean it. It’s honestly like spitting in the face of god and telling him “I want you to go to hell”. Like seriously, those people are sick and honestly deserve to be shitted on.

Get this though. After she deleted her twitter from fucking ratings and shit on “how bad the episode Beta was”, they still shit on her. Why? The simple fact that they bashed her over Lapidot, a Steven Universe relationship. They then proceed to send death threats, forcing her to quit twitter permanently after she came back for only 2 days, and then moving on to tumblr, where she stayed in exile to prevent another breakout. After supposedly leaving the crewniverse, she gave up the Peridot Official Twitter account. She then hasn’t spoken sense as people went to check if she is alright, and it seems she gave up the internet all together temporarily.

Jesus Fucking Christ…

Originally posted by nosleeptbh

Now, back to the sad news…

So if you haven’t already, watch the full video to understand. As for the questions that you might ask, here they are.

-Did that just happen, or am I dreaming?

Yes this just happened, and it depends on you all to fix this.

-Is Lapidot Dead? 0-0

No. It’s not dead, yet it sure did begin to sink a little. You Lapidot Shippers are all still safe. You just lost the sole supporter from the Crewniverse though. (Other than Rebecca Sugar, who ships absolutely anything SU related as it’s her creation, which is kinda messed up but come on. She made the show xD) .

And finally and most importantly

-Should we learn anything from this?

Yes! Abso-fucking-lutely!

The Steven Universe fandom has had enough of a bad rep to try and fix itself, but for people forcing a creator of the show to leave over the dumb reason that “You are not putting the right couple together”.

At this point, I think we should just let Peridot be single for all I care (by canon, not fanon). A relationship is fine, yet shipping can seriously be a pain in the neck. If there is one thing we have learned today, it’s not to harass people over what to ship, not to bully people for an opinion, and of course….

Do not make a member of the Crewniverse leave over death threats, single handed actions, and all out bullshit. I thought the shipping wars were over, and every single ship is canon. (Hell, even Lion x Pumpkin Dog as weird and controversial it can be.) Don’t you all remember the “Marry Each-other?”

Originally posted by torracat

Overall, in conclusion, just stop with the shipping wars. It’s breaking peoples hearts, and I’m pretty sure Lauren Zuke is broken. She never deserved any of this, as she worked countless hours of her day to produce a show you all love. In the end, my word won’t make everything happen. It’s all of us together, right?

Stay Strong. ~ Daniel

Video is by The Roundtable.

Idk if I even qualify as sugar anymore. I market myself as sugar, but I also use phrases like “market myself” so I’m not really sure.

I’ll break it down for y'all & you tell me what you think.

I “specialize” in businessmen from out of town. They’re here for a day or three. They tell me what they want to do, how much they want to spend. I ask for 25% more than what they offer plus expenses (travel, buying new bathing suits, whatever I can make up that sounds relevant) and they give it to me. I’m all theirs for a day or three. Then they leave and I don’t hear from them again until the next time they’re in town.

I’ve had a couple of these guys give their friends my number. So sometimes I’ll get a call or a text from a guy who’s in town for a day or three. Those are my favorite because I can always upsell them. Men are always in competition with other men, even if they don’t know it lol. “Oh, Sven gave you my number? Well Sven and I had tons of fun and he gave me $$$.” I never lie about the number. But if this is a coworker/colleague? He’ll generally offer more than the first guy, just so he can feel like he’s got the bigger dick the next time they’re in a room together.

And I still ask for 25% more lol. Plus expenses.

I still go on POT dates looking for the perfect sugar, but I meet up w guys from out of town two or three times a month and it keeps the bills paid.

It doesn’t feel like sugar, but it doesn’t quite feel like escorting cause I don’t really have rates. Lol wtf am I doing you guys?

a description of a few letsplayers: by urs truly
  • markiplier: yells??? a lot??? is probably a small dog because he's so cute but i dont know idk you didn't hear that from me. also is blue. very blue. many much blues.
  • jacksepticeye: probably bleeds green??? i mean idk he's irish. he looks like he gives rly gud hugs and thats all that matters?????? i mean hugs are great who doesn't like hugs
  • pewdiepie: has an obsession with ducks?? maybe thats his final form. or his fursona. has a fist dildo??? what the fuck has he been doing with it?? do i want to know?? probably not
  • cinnamontoastken: he's literally??? a giant cuddle bear?? i can't handle this he is way too cute and has hella tattoos and a sick as frick beard
  • cryoatic: literally has an eargasm-worthy voice, he's got such a cute giggle too man i trust cryoatic with my life idk bout u
  • cr1tikal: liTERALLY WHAT THE FUCK HIS EYEBROWS ARE NATURAL AND THEY ARE MORE ON FLEEK THAN MY ENTIRE LIFE WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. also his face?? does not match his voice what the hell
  • captainsparklez: he's actually a valuable shitpost i cannot believe it, he's so cute and the way his cheeks turn pink when he giggles is when i slowly die from cute
  • syndicate: turnt. as. hell. he's such a party animal and i love him bc he looks like he gives such good hugs and probably cries when there are baby puppies in the same room as him i cry
birthday page!

okay so it’s nearly 2017 (thank god) and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but what better time to start than the start of a new year?

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anonymous asked:

So I have this friend and they seem to be like hiding their period from me (I'm a guy) and like its not that big of a deal but I feel awkward saying "You dont need to hide your period from me" idk is that what I should do? We're p good friends I just feel kinda weird because I dont want to make her uncomfortable. I know this is dumb I am just very awkward. Any advice? Should I just say something?

you can say something if you want! girls are kind of trained that their periods are something to hide and that it’s generally seen as gross and definitely un-ladylike to discuss in front of men. my dad still gets grossed out. shit even my own best friend. lol doesn’t necessarily stop me, but just to put into perspective as to why she’s probably not telling you. last thing you want to hear while your organs are ripping apart inside you is “ew gross” or some other BS vagina owners get thrown at them.

so i’d maybe be like “man idk how you guys do it. periods look like they suck. props to you” or something to that effect to let her know hey, you’re cool with the topic without outright telling her how she should behave, you know?

kudos to being cool, bro! need more dudes like you!

Tell me your fandom origin story

Idk why, but lately I’ve been wondering a lot about how people get into fandom. I’d love to hear from anyone about how you got into it and your experiences within fandom. How did you find fandom? How old were you? What fandom drew you in? What fandoms have you been in? How do you participate (reading, writing, drawing, other)? What sites do you use/have used in the past? Literally just tell me anything you want about fandom.
Reply, reblog with response, send asks, deliver your story on a tiny rolled up scroll tied to the leg of a fox if that’s how you like to communicate. I just really would like to know.

“We can’t choose who we love, Cal. And I loved who I thought he was. I’m trying to forget, I really am. But trying to forget someone you loved is like trying to remember someone you’ve never met. I want-”

“What? What do you want that doesn’t only benefit you?”

“Are you proud, Cal? Of how well you take care of me, of how you steer me in the right direction, of how you keep me from breaking? You shouldn’t be. Because no matter how many times you think you’re the one who pulled me back from a cliff, you’re one of the people pushing me over. So to answer your question, I want to be okay.”


“And before you say anything, no I am not okay. I want to be able to sleep at night without waking up from a nightmare. I want to be able to make a mistake without being reminded how horrible of a person I am. I want to be able to try to forget about Maven without you holding it against me that I loved him. I want to be able to love without getting anyone hurt. But I guess that’s too much to wish for since my mistakes get people killed, and they’re all invalid anyways since they’d only benefit me. Look, I know I’m selfish. I hate that part of myself. Matter of fact, I hate all of myself.  I keep trying to wash that away but it just won’t leave and I’m sorry, but I’m dying inside. My entire sense of being is getting wiped away, and if I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I’ll be a living corpse. But then I’ll stop complaining. I’ll just pay attention to everyone else’s problems instead of my own, and isn’t that what you want?”

“No, Mare, that’s not what I want.”

“Then what do you want, Cal? Think about it and get back to me.”

“Mare, wait-”

“Don’t touch me, don’t follow me. I want some time to get my head straight before I worry about us.”

- Thing I wrote at two in the morning that will probably never get put into a fic because I wouldn’t know where to start with this.

You can hit me, but you can’t kiss me...

Originally posted by chrisofevans

Pairings: Steve x Reader (Featuring Bucky and Sam)

Prompt: 4. You can hit me, but you can’t kiss me (from this list)

Warnings: Fluff, playful angst/violence? None really

Word Count: 708

Author’s Note: I’m starting a new drabble series/genre/thing? Who knows, but I’m gonna be writing drabbles from various prompt lists. YAY! P.S. Flashbacks are in italics, and (Y/N) is a medical professional (Nurse, doctor, idk whatever you want).

***Gifs are not mine***


“Steve, do you remember what I said last time?”

“Nope,” he said taking another step toward you, his eyes twinkling with mischief…

~One Week Earlier~

You were watching The Office, trying to relax after a rather stressful day at work, when all of the sudden… THUMP.

“What the hell?!” you shouted, the shock of the pillow coming into contact with the back of your head automatically pissing you off.

Turning around, you were met with the image of Steve, Sam, and Bucky dying with laughter. Steve was holding a pillow in one hand, Bucky had his hand raised to high five Steve, and Sam had finished filming the entire thing for Snapchat.

Once Steve had finally gotten over this ~hilarious~ incident, he made his way to the front of the couch. “I’m sorry babe it was just a j-” he chuckled, extending his arms to hug you, but you just pushed him away. You heard an “oooooooh Steve’s in trouuuubleeeee” from behind you and you stood to face him. By now his face had fallen, and he could tell by the way your eyes were pointed and your arms were crossed that you had not found the prank nearly as funny as they had.

“Do you know what I had to go through today?” you asked, looking up at Steve whose face fell, clearly not expecting that to be your next move.

“Uh… no?”

“Well, one of my older patients fell, nearly breaking her hip. One of my interns didn’t even show because they have the flu, but forgot to mention it, causing me to scramble to find a replacement at 5:30 in the morning. I had to skip lunch because my boss dropped off some unexpected paperwork because one of my patients was being released early and needed the forms by the end of the day. And to top it all off, I came home to relax and watch a show so that I could be off my feet for ONCE all day, only to be greeted by my boyfriend hitting me with a pillow in an effort to amuse tweedle dee and tweedle dum over here,” you ended, jabbing your thumb in the direction of Sam and Bucky. They weren’t laughing now.

“Oh gosh, look I’m sorry babe,” pulling you into a hug. Steve placed his thumb and pointer finger under your chin, just about to pull you into a kiss when you turned away. “Darling?”

“Oh no, Steve, don’t ~darling~ me. You’re not gonna get me to instantly forgive you for ruining a rather hilarious episode for me. For the rest of the day, you can hit me, but you can’t kiss me. Take those words into careful consideration as you proceed with your day.”

As you turned to walk to your room, you were suddenly reminded of the two co conspirators who had been as silent as the dead over the past few minutes. Pausing, you glanced to Sam and Bucky. “Gentlemen,” you began, false politeness coating your words, “if I check my phone later, and find out that a certain prank video has been anywhere, you will be dead to me for the foreseeable future.” With that, you carried on walking to your room to finish your show.

~Current Day~

“Nope,” he said taking another step toward you, his eyes twinkling with mischief…

He pulled his arms back, ready to strike. Just as the pillow was about to hit you, you grabbed it and held it behind your back.

“Listen here Steven Grant Rogers, either you can hit me, but you can’t kiss me, or you can kiss me, and not hit me. Personally, I only see one obvious choice, but you make your decision.”

“There’s nothing to decide when we’re talking about someone as adorable as you,” he said sweetly, snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you toward him.

You were just about to get on your tiptoes to seal the deal when you felt the pillow get wrenched out of your hands. Before you could even yell “STEVE!”, you had been both hit and kissed, and Steve was now running down the hall in full on escape mode yelling “I found a loophole!” grinning widely as he did.

Miss Shimada and Dr. Zielger

So the theme is role swap and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but this idea kind of came out of nowhere and I went with it??? I don’t even know if it works with the theme but, here it is anyways. 

I give you Genderbent Genji and Mercy. I kept Genji’s name the same as it seems to be a unisex name and Angela changed to Anders. Brief appearance/mentions of other characters. 

Gency Week Day 5 — Role Swap

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I think every time a politician has to answer questions from the press, they should send reporters who are personally affected by the issue at hand to ask the questions. So instead of answering questions like

“Why are you against gay marriage?”

“What is your stance on having this and this financial support cut?”

“Why are you voting against changing the gender reassignment law?”

they’d have to look these people, these people in the eyes when they ask

“Why am I not allowed to marry the love of my life?”

“Why do you want to stop me from being able to buy my children food?”

“Why do you think I deserve to be chemically castrated against my will?”

So maybe, maybe it might occur to them they’re not just toying around with statistics and numbers, but actually making decisions that affect the real lives that real people are actually living right in front of them.