idk what do people tag these kind of posts

Me: We should be nice to people with OCs
Peeps: Yeah, that sounds good

Me: Even when their OCs are flawless women

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so Im a really young kiddo (14) and I wanna start an art blog and I was wondering if you could give me some tips/pointers?? I just think it would be kinda fun but idk what to actually do, and if It's even a good idea. I don't have a tablet or anything and I'm a bit self conscious but I think it could be fun, so thanks for the help when/if you see this :)

-make a cool url B) (that actually doesn’t matter but i dont have any ideas so :’))

-if you don’t have a tablet, maybe try traditional art?  and just post pictures of it :O

-remember that first 5 tags under the drawing are the most important

-be kind to your followers! remember they are people behind the screen!

-if anyone points out a mistake in your art, apologize and fix that mistake and try not to do it again (to avoid tumblr discourse and such)

-have fun and remember that having an art blog is a great way of saving your art for the future, that you can look back on!

-do it for yourself

-if you really want to capture attention, focus on fandom stuff for now, and then move onto original characters and such, people are usually more drawn into fandoms so ya

-crop your drawings!! 

-reblog those drawing request memes, with emojis or color palletes!

-be patient, tbh this is mostly abt luck, my art was overlooked most of my life until i started making animatics so idk, it might take a while before your art gets noticed

-if you’re insecure abt your art (like me) shitpost with your art and some fandom characters! it usually gets notes!! ppl love a good chuckle @ a meme

-try new ideas! practice a lot so you can improve and follow a lot of artists, including the smaller ones! seeing other people’s artystyles can really influence you!

-have fun! and remember it’s not a race

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will there eventually be stickers of heather bc if so 👀👀👀👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼💵💵💵💵 this is me sliding you my money

One day… but I might sell prints of her soon…

Hello! I’ve been a fan of yours for a bit now and I really love your art and CTC and I’m super duper impressed about your age and your artstyle and story writing capabilities! I think you’re a huge inspiration! And idk if you’ve gotten this kind of question before, but I’ve been wondering what kind of comments might upset you??? Like, do you have things that people post or tag you in or tweet at you that you don’t necessarily like or dislike a lot?

Thanks!! I’d like to think there’s not a lot of comments that piss me off so much as the intention behind it ^^ I am against pretty much anything intentionally and overtly hateful tho

can lillium teach me how to do my eyebrows like damn son


so um.. i hit 1k a few days ago is this even real?!?! & I’m still processing that one thousand of you actually follow me??
Thank you all so so much! You make my day by sending me cute messages & those tags underneath posts when you reblog something 😭💖

To all my mutuals, just thank you for always being there for me. Your thoughts & kindness is just so invigorating & amazing. idk wHAT I can do to thank y'all 💘

Every single one of you here are such amazing people & I hope that you all achieve everything you want in life.
Thanks for being such an amazing & helpful community <3

i thought it would be a fun idea to do some blogrates wow how original nidhi lols to celebrate this moment? ✨

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I 100% understand why trans people/genderqueer people wouldn't be comfortable dating cis people, but I guess that makes me feel really bad? I can't really explain it, but it's probably bc I just don't really like being disliked or hated or anything, and idk. this isn't a guilt trip (if anything I feel second-hand guilt because most cis people can be terrible, I'm sorry you guys have to put up with that crap) but I just kinda feel bad? Is that like unfair to you guys or transphobic in anyway? :(

Okay, I’m going to try and be not-too-harsh in my response to this, but I can’t make any guarantees. I got like four hours of sleep so I’m not great at tone. 

Anyways, to be honest, this ask does in fact make me (personally) vaguely uncomfortable. I’m going to try to break it down line by line.

“I 100% understand why trans people/genderqueer people wouldn’t be comfortable dating cis people”

The first thing is vaguely nitpicky but like, it’s vaguely uncomfortable and feels performative for you as a cis person to claim that you 100% understand why trans/genderqueer people might not be comfortable dating cis people, especially when the rest of this ask has been steeped in cis guilt. 

“but I guess that makes me feel really bad? I can’t really explain it, but it’s probably bc I just don’t really like being disliked or hated or anything, and idk. this isn’t a guilt trip (if anything I feel second-hand guilt because most cis people can be terrible, I”m sorry you guys have to put up with that crap) but I just feel kinda bad?”

Okay, now while I, a borderline individual, can understand where you’re coming from in not wanting to be disliked or hated, this is cis guilt, plain and simple, that comes from a place of cisgender privilege. Trans/genderqueer/nonbinary people should not have to do emotional labor to reassure you that you’re One Of The Good OnesTM and that you’re Not Like Those Other Cis PeopleTM because you feel bad for being cis. 

At the end of the day, being a cisgender person, you still have cis privilege.

Instead of feeling guilt and feeling sorry for us and feeling bad for yourself and drawing the focus of this conversation to yourself, do something. Learn to push past it or work around it and take action instead. Because, quite frankly, your guilt does absolutely nothing to actually help trans/genderqueer/nonbinary people and is rather performative. 

Take action and use your cis privilege to help trans/genderqueer/nonbinary people in whatever ways you can (being disabled, I emphasize doing what you can).

Listen to us and our experiences.

Don’t center yourself or your feelings in these kinds of discussions.

Be aware that you have cisgender privilege, don’t consider yourself One Of The Good OnesTM and Not Like Those Other Cis PeopleTM. 

Allyship is not a badge you can slap on to make yourself feel like a good person; allyship is a continuous process of unlearning your biases and supporting marginalized groups you are not a part of in their struggle without making it about yourself. 

That got kind of rambly and ranty, oops. But yeah, tl;dr: you’re not a bad person for having guilty feelings, but this whole thing very much comes from a place of cis privilege and is vaguely uncomfortable and please learn to deal with your Performative Privileged GuiltTM in a more productive way. Idk. Hope that helps !!

(If any other trans/genderqueer/nonbinary people would like to add your thoughts, please feel free to do so !!)

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How did you start off your blog? I'm trying to do one of my own but idk how to start

Well, first I set up my tag system, made a nice theme, found an icon I could work with, and followed some blogs and tags that posted BSD.

Then, I started producing content, which is probably the best way to get people to notice you, if that’s what you’re interested in. I wrote, I made shitposts, edits, blah blah blah. My first popular post was a “guide to bsd” and it made no sense.  Then I wrote a fic, and it kind of exploded…

But besides content making, (cause not everyone can make content, and that’s totally okay!) just make sure to interact to get your blog known. People, especially in the BSD fandom, tend to be super friendly and willing to talk. Add stuff onto posts, send in asks, just interact. That not only makes you feel more comfortable and immersed in the fandom, but it will help people begin to notice you.

Most of all, remember this blog is for you. Make the content you want. Don’t listen to others who try to dissuade you. Just let yourself enjoy the fandom <3

RULES: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. Please repost, DO NOT reblog !

TAGGED BY: nobody, i just wanted to do the thing

TAGGING: @momwheeler @kingstevex @petitefighter @dartmouthed @byersxbrother @burncut  @ofblackburns  @numbcrcd @batspiked  and idk anyone else i guess i don’t know a lot of people



HEIGHT: 5′5″

CURRENT TIME: 11:20 am

FAVE MUSIC ARTIST: oh idk beyonce?

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: lol who has time for that

LAST SHOW WATCHED: buzzfeed unsolved


WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: steve harrington related things, threads, ooc things about me (like this n stuff)

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: at the time there were no other steve harrington rp blogs but there just happened to be one inactive blog that had the url idiotsteve and so i had to settle for idiotstcve.

HOGWARTS HOUSE: hufflepuff. fite meh

POKEMON TEAM: lol nerd

FAVORITE COLOR: blue?  pink?

AVG HOURS SLEEP: like 5 :^/ i’m so consistently tired it might as well be a personality trait


HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH?: i lost count, my bed is a nest of fluffy blakets….. I️ went back and counted and it’s 8. 8 blankets.

FOLLOWING: like 90 people, it’s not a lot of blogs

FOLLOWERS:  120ish

guess who needs more people to follow

that would be me.

so if you post any of the following, like this post and i’ll check it out i guess. because i’m too lazy to look through the actual tags.

  • punk rock / punk pop bands
  • how to train your dragon (and more specifically, hiccstrid)
  • really any kind of disney/pixar/dreamworks animated film i’m cool with those
  • like rise of the guardians or like aladdin
  • are there aladdin blogs? 
  • maybe i’ll find out
  • teen wolf
  • sherlock
  • merlin
  • cats
  • harry potter
  • lord of the rings
  • dear jesus what else do i do with my time. literally nothing wow.
  • idk really anything i don’t really care i just wanna follow more people and have more of a diversity on my dashboard.

I’ve seen a couple people that want to discuss beanstalk/league and legends but since there isn’t a great tumblr tag, I thought that we could make some sort of designated tag/network/chat group etc, since this is such a small fandom.  If you would be interested, please like this post or make suggestions about the format, means of communication etc in a reply or reblog.

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Why does it matter who deletes your captions? It isn't against the rules to do so. Some captions are really annoying and not necessary for a graphic or gif set. Some of the captions stretch out my layout because of the way my tables are coded. If a caption is that important, include it in the graphic.

well because it can add to the graphic and also because when you delete a graphic 1. it’s basically disrespecting a graphic maker because most of us don’t want it deleted and when people do that it’s kinda rude that you’re just ignoring us 2. captions serve as a link back to the person who made it and honestly if you’ve ever posted an edit on this website you know that people like to repost/post unsourced things etc. and most of the time reposters have a really shitty caption or no caption at all so when graphic makers use captions it’s kind of a way to indicate that it’s not a repost

and you’re probably thinking uh well why don’t people just use the source and well all i got to say is that people don’t really pay attention to the source and especially for art that’s posted on here using a caption and linking it back to the source is a lot better.

another reason is that when graphic makers are inspired, want to link a video (for example if they gif a preview of an anime they link it back to that video so people can watch it) or maybe a song or something idk. and what if we want to link it back to our graphic tags (for example if the edit is part of an editing meme) or if its a request from a person?

if your theme isn’t working with the captions, then don’t reblog it or find a new theme lmao there’s plenty of themes that function with captions

and finally, it’s our edit so we can do what we want, i know it sounds kind of rude but i just want to be blunt, if people spend the time on it then they can post it how they want.


please ignore my messy hair, but I was tagged but igot-scenarios for the 20 beautiful people tag and by fruitsgorl for the stop drop selfie tag (ok so I know it wasn’t really a stop drop… but I thought combining both into one post would be easier ahhhh) so HERE I AM :^) 

SO I GUESS you can consider this as the 20 beautiful people / stop drop selfie tag, haha! I’ll be tagging some really cool people if they want to do it: 

marktuan taesthetic umma-jr adoringjinyoung officialparkjinyoung deja-roo woncoups j1nwoo yesung blondetuan jwxngs jackseonwang