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so um.. i hit 1k a few days ago is this even real?!?! & I’m still processing that one thousand of you actually follow me??
Thank you all so so much! You make my day by sending me cute messages & those tags underneath posts when you reblog something 😭💖

To all my mutuals, just thank you for always being there for me. Your thoughts & kindness is just so invigorating & amazing. idk wHAT I can do to thank y'all 💘

Every single one of you here are such amazing people & I hope that you all achieve everything you want in life.
Thanks for being such an amazing & helpful community <3

i thought it would be a fun idea to do some blogrates wow how original nidhi lols to celebrate this moment? ✨


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Disclaimer: this is just my opinion & i don’t mean to offend anyone by it :)
I’ll be following anyone if i like their aesthetic!

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heavy on her heart.

I’ve never really posted any kind of writing before, let alone something for a fandom, but this little snippet has been in my phone notes for ages and I’d like to share it! 

I hope you enjoy. :)

People often say when you repeat a word enough, it loses its value. In many cases, the word doesn’t feel real anymore; just another slew of nonsense akin to a child’s babbling. To test this theory, Emma laid awake in her bed, whispering to herself over and over again. 

Regina. Regina. Regina. Regina. Regina. 

Every letter is carefully enunciated, every breath is softer than the next; every thought is another image of her smile until Emma eventually succumbs to sleep.

When she awakens the next morning - and every possible thought of that smile has appeared and faded from her mind’s eye - Emma wills herself to try once more, with high hopes that the name had finally lost all meaning to her.

“Regina,” she sighs to the empty room, suddenly experiencing a different feeling growing inside of her. Did such a ridiculous concept manage to hold truth?

The answer is no, because what people often say can happen never seems to apply to Emma, and by the end of the last syllable, she knew she did not find a way to rid herself of the weight Regina’s name laid so heavily on her heart.

Instead, every other word had suddenly lost all meaning to her, because out of all of the words she had ever learned, this one had a smile behind it worth remembering.

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do you mind tagging positive hypersexuality posts? it might help for people to be able to read down that tag and see how many other people having good hypersexuality feelings.

i would love to! that’s kind of vague tho so idk exactly WHAT to put under there so ideas on that would be great, but yeah, ‘#positive feels’ will be a thing from now on!

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what kinda stuff can we tag you in!

gore, possums, pugs, puppy stuff, stim stuff, (ill most likely reblog cute/stim stuff to my sideblog tho) anything to do with like being nonbinary/autistic or having bpd/depression, angel/ghost/godkin stuff, bugs like flies and cicadas and stuff, myspace graphics, idk!!! the only things i dislike when it comes to tagging me in things are rlly long posts w unnecessary commentary, allies/supporters speaking about identity/mental illnesses instead of actual people with said identities/mental illnesses (like .. dont), annnnnd thh i kind of dislike follow forevers idk they make me a lil uneasy bc everyones blog is different and it makes me a lil uncomfortable when ppl add me to a random list of ppl they like more than other ppl lol. BUT i dont mind when ppl tag me in blog reccommendations bc its sweet and i feel flattered and i usually follow said ppl! 

srry thats like so long akjhbjshdv i am stressed and talking abt my likes and dislikes is rlly good right now bc i can put my anxious energy somewhere yay

I was tagged by @blanquis2003 Thanks, I actually did this a couple days ago but then it didn’t post! Rules are to answer these questions and then tag 20 people.

1. How tall are you? 

Probably around 5′2

2. What color and style is your hair?

black, mid length

3. What color are your eyes?


4. Do you wear glasses?


5. Do you have braces?


6. What’s your fashion sense?

Idk what this means but tbh I really like female hipster/tumblr fashion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I could never pull it off in reality I just wear band shirts and shorts…
7. Do you have siblings?

Thank god no

8. What kind of student are you?

bad one that doesn’t “participate” enough and procrastinates like hell

9. What are your favorite subjects? 

hmmm art and sometimes english, humanities and science

10. What are your favorite TV shows?

I have so many: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Brooklyn 9-9, Stranger Things, Riverdale that’s all i can think of right now
11. Favorite books? 

Not sure but my fav series used to be Mara Dyer Trilogy but haven’t had much time to read so idk anymore

12. Favorite pastimes?

listening to music, drawing, browsing the interwebs

13. Any regrets?

so many

14. What is your dream job?

Not sure maybe a famous author or singer in a famous band (not gonna happen but like gotta dream big) and really I’m not into the idea of being famous but these are hard jobs to be successful in and you kind of have to be famous to be successful in them i think

15. Do you wanna get married?

well if i find the right person, but like is there such a thing as the right person? There’s 7 billion people and there could be many people that are the right person or none of them…I could have an hour long discussion about this. But I’m not really sure I’m too shy to even ask someone out so I would not go as far as to getting married 
16. Do you want kids? If so how many?

hell no

17. How many countries have you visited?

I’m very fortunate in saying that I have been to quiet a bit of countries for how young I am so thanks to my parents. I’ve been to: USA, Canada, Mexico, Norway, China, Japan, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia as far as i can think of.

I don’t feel like tagging ppl so whoever see’s this do it if ya want ;)


People were posting Sims photos yesterday before my power went out (I think?? Or was it the night before?) and anyway it made me miss the Sims so I made these guys but then I had to remake Dylan and Norman because I had to make them teens for Norma to be their mom and it was this whole big ordeal.  I didn’t bother tinkering with their physical looks again after they aged up so Dylan looks slightly off from what he’s supposed to look like but I think Norman turned out pretty much the same, idk. 

I’ve been working on their house on and off for a long while now (including a good chunk of today) but it’s confusing because the Sims is very difficult in regards to foundations/basements/stairs and also roofs. ._.  So I stuck them in a temporary home instead after I made them.

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NICKNAMES: bai, bay, bells
TIME RN: 7am 
LAST THING I GOOGLED: lake conjola
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST(S): its always changing idk
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: gonna be ok – the band perry
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: cos he like…throws boomerangs
HOGWARTS HOUSE: gryffindor
POKEMON TEAM: lol fucked if I know. I know nothing about pokemon
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: um 8 maybe, if I don’t nap…which I usually do
LUCKY NUMBERS: don’t have any lol
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: um mary marvel, max lord, rip hunter, digger + heaps more

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Rules: 1) Always repost the rules. 2) Answer the 11 questions posted for you. 3) Create 11 new ones. 4) Tag 11 people

1. Do you make fanworks of any kind? If so what fandom do you most enjoy making them for?
I’ve do art sometimes, I like doing art for in the heights :)

2. how many cups of coffee have you had today?

3. are you bilingual?
No but that’s would be cool 

4. what’s the weirdest or most complex dream you’ve ever had?
??? Idk???

5. what’s one thing you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?
Graduate high school?? I don’t know, the bar is pretty low tbh

6. what’s you’re favorite album?
I know it’s old but I really like save rock and roll by fall out boy

7. do you have a pet? if you do PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!
I have a cat and a dog I don’t have any good pictures on my phone but my cat is a huge orange Maine coon and my dog is a blonde chihuahua/ jack Russell mix

8. do you have a sibling? on a scale of one to ten, rate how annoying they are.
I have an older sister and I mean she’s a solid 4.5 @fangirlbc

9. what’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep?
Over summer I went 2 days with out sleep and I regret everything about those 2 days

10. what’s your worst/the subject you hate the most in school?
I’m in French 1 and dude I’m / r e a l l y/ terrible at it, the only reason I’m passing is because I do all the homework, in hopes that I’ll get better at it

11. what time is it right now?
9:51 p.m.

My 11 questions:
1. Favorite color and why?
2. Favorite subject in school?
3. Converse or vans?
4. Do you like pineapple on pizza?
5. Favorite aesthetic? (Space, plants,etc)
6. Favorite TV show?
7. What’s your favorite genre of music?
8. Who’s your favorite superhero?
9. Do you like to read?
10. How many languages can you say “hello” in? What are they?
11. How much sleep do you get on an average night?

I tag:

I’ve seen a couple people that want to discuss beanstalk/league and legends but since there isn’t a great tumblr tag, I thought that we could make some sort of designated tag/network/chat group etc, since this is such a small fandom.  If you would be interested, please like this post or make suggestions about the format, means of communication etc in a reply or reblog.