idk what date this is from oops

i was tagged by @super–usami !! im not on my laptop so i cant do the bold lettering oops

what was your…
1) last drink: water
2)last phone call: idk i always text & never call
3)last text message: to this group chat w/ my homies
4) last song you listened to: the “candy store” song from heathers
5) last time you cried: a few weeks ago bcuz anxiety haha

have you ever…
1)dated someone twice: ive never even dated >.<
2) been cheated on: no
3) kissed someone and regretted it: no
4) lost someone special: various times
5) been depressed: this year ive got into a kinda bad state but shoosh
6) been drunk and thrown up: im a minor lmao

in the past year have you…
1) made a new friend: yes !!! lotsa new frends u.u !!
2) fallen out of love: yes thank god
3) laughed until you cried: so my friend kembry says the stupidest things sometimes
4) met someone who changed you: im not sure;;
5) found out who your true friends are: i think so ?)
6) kissed anyone of your followers/following: @freak-infamous has kissed my cheek various times but thats platonic and normal

1) how many people on tumblr do you know irl: 1 !!
2) do you want to change your name: no o.o
3) what time did you wake up today: 2:00 am then 5:00 am cuz i fell back asleep
4) what were you doing at midnight last night: reading a romcom manga called horimiya !!
5) name something you cant wait for: my birthday!!! or going into school next year in february (my school is a feb-nov type)
6) name something you wish you could change about your life: umm
7) whats getting on your nerves rn: eXAMS AUGH

about me…
1)nicknames: teedee, maye, danish (pronounces dah-neesh)
2)relationship: in love with 2d boys *smooches fuyuhiko*
3)zodiac sign: sagitarrius im equius uwu
4)pronouns: she/her
5)favorite tv shows: su, stvoe, um do animes count? bcuz then mirai nikki, danganronpa, yumiero patissiere, ohshc
6)school: um id rather keep that private
7)hair color: like blondish brownish
8)long hair or short hair: short !! its super short
9)do i have a crush on someone: 2d guys *looks at fuyuhiko and also gundham*
10)what do i like about myself: my kindness and creativity, and im a funny person
11) tattoos: pain freaks me out nononono

1) first surgery ever: no
2) first piercing: when i was 6, then my holes closed and i opened them again at 8
3)first sport you joined: HA
4)first vacation: probs going to san diego beach idk man my memory sucks
5)first pair of sneakers: how,,,am i supposed to,,,,remember that

right now…
1) eating: no :0
2)drinking: no:0
3)listening to: no:0
4)waiting for: nothing in particular *_*
5)wanting kids: i hate talking about my future that freaks me out ugh
6) career: rn im a student
7) romantic stuff: single pringle !! the only romance i see is in mangas i read

1)lips or eyes: both!!
2)hugs or kisses: hug me im cold *smooches you when you didnt expect it*
3)shorter or taller: taller i guess,
4)older or younger: around my age porfavor y gracias
5)romantic or spontaneous: both yess
6)sensitive or loud: idc :0!
7) hookup or relationship: relationship!!
8) troublemaker or hesitant: idk & idc

have you ever…
1) kissed a stranger: ew
2)drank hard liquor: im a minor
3) lost glasses or contacts: i wear both & ive lost then tons of times hehe +_+
4) broke someones heart: im a cutie on the outside but a heartbreaker on the inside, darling
5)been arrested: no
6) turned someone down: various times
7) cried when somebody died: yes im a crybaby
8) fallen for a friend: i dont think so!!

do you believe…
1)in yourself: kinda
2)miracles: yes !!!!
3)love at first sight: sincerley no
4)santa claus: im a mature young lady of course not !
5)kiss on the first date: idk im not good w/ romance !!!

i tag @cake-mouth , @yeshival , @palidonewithyou , @yuukeiiquartet , @shyshibe & anyone who wants to do this !!! rn im tired and these were the first that came to mind haha