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TW Episode 1.10 “This Date Became Really Creepy Fast”

Melissa suddenly buying a clue that perhaps she should have gotten to know who the man was before getting into a car with him.

Peter upped the creepy factor here. Even I stared, “Peter, No baby. Who taught you how to flirt with women?”

Cannot do this without showing Peter’s crazy Alpha Face.

Stiles, I’m going to crash your car so you don’t make out with anyone else and have werewolf babies, Stilinski.

Nice One.

Scott finally impresses Peter, but it doesn’t end up in Scott’s favor and he has to go rescue Jackson. Still don’t understand why Derek was okay with killing Jackson but idk. That whole scene confused me and that’s another story. 

Poor Melissa doesn’t get her date.

I  love how Stiles flails in this scene trying to get Melissa away from Peter. But then, he can’t help but stare.

Melissa: Damnit. He was cute too. A little creepy, but cute.  (Wait until Season Six)

Stiles: Yes he is.

Melissa: What? 

Stiles: Did I say that Out Loud?  Oops.

Peter: I heard you Stiles, but we’ll discuss that later.  I have things to do and  people to kill. Hold that thought.

Stiles: “…”

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For the 101 prompts can I ask for OiSuga 47 and 48 sfw plz I'm in rarepair hell and idk what to do

((Okay I never imagined I would ship these guys but I think I may slowly be falling in to this hell with you.

~Admin Abel))

o47: “My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them.”

048: “We accidentally got married in Vegas oops.”


Well. This is unexpected.” Tooru hummed, hands propped on his hips as he looked over at the gathered guests, their lips parted, surprised, as the bride ran down the aisle and away from her groom. “Though I can’t say I’m all that upset. Serves that asshole right for breaking up with me.”

“You could have done much better than him anyways.” Koushi smiled, setting a hand on his shoulder. “There are people in the world that are much more…for you.” There was a low hint in his tone, something that Tooru, perceptive as he was, picked up on quite easily. 

He returned his gesture with a coy smile, slowly reaching for the setters hand. “I know exactly what you mean.” They left the reception, ignoring the others running after the bride and begging for her to come back, the grooms friends merely standing at his side and telling him he was better off. “Thank you for coming with me, by the way. I didn’t want to show up here alone. He’d never let me hear the end of it.”

“I don’t mind. I had a lot of fun.” Koushi glanced at him from the corner of his eye, an amused smile taking over his lips. “You know….we are in Vegas, and we have a hotel room for the night. Instead of wasting it at this wedding, why don’t we go have some fun?”

“Mr. Goody Goody is actually suggesting something risky?”

“You’re a corrupting influence.” 

Tooru leaned down, smirking as his breath washing over Koushi’s mouth, the slightly shorter male visibly shuddering. “I’m quite glad~”

The night flew by in a blur of lights, drinks, and laughter. Tooru was positive there was a kiss in there somewhere, the memory of pushing Koushi against a wall and claiming his lips seemed to linger at the forefront of his mind. 

He groaned, rolling over and bumping in to a warm chest. Eyelids fluttered, revealing warm, mocha brown eyes, and ever so slowly, a coy smirk curled across his lips. “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” He cooed, running a single digit teasingly across the porcelain skin of Koushi’s chest. “Did you happen to fall in bed with me?” 

Koushi had woken up as soon as Tooru touched his chest, blinking blearily. Though when he realized that he and the pretty setter were rather nude, he found he was wide awake. “W-What happened?” 

“I think it’s quite obvious what happened, don’t you?” Tooru laughed, reaching out to twirly a curly lock of sand coloured hair about his long finger. 

“Wait…is that…?” Koushi reached out, before groaning when he grabbed Tooru’s hand. “A ring. You have a ring on your finger.”

“So do you. Did you just notice those now?” 

“Did we-”

“I’m assuming yes.” Tooru sat up, the bed sheets pooling about his hips. Sitting on the floor was a manila folder - a few pictures peeking out the corners. Humming, he picked it up, before a boisterous laugh spilled from his lips at the contents. “Judging by these pictures of us saying our ‘I do’s ‘, I’m going to assume an absolute yes.”

“Oh my god.” Koushi fell back in the bed. “What are we gonna do?”

“Well, Mr. Oikawa~ I think we should consummate this marriage, don’t you?”

“I think we did that last night, Mr. Sugawara.”



“Oikawa sounds prettier. We are not taking your last name.”

Koushi frowned. However, Tooru grabbed the pillow, quick to smack him lightly in the face with it. “I’m sure we can have a battle for it~”

For a moment, the newly married Koushi gaped at him, before a chuckle fell from his lips and he grabbed his own pillow, as well. “Deal.”