idk what am i doing dont hate pls


I remember this one post that @kitmast made that cami holds betty up XD and i drew this shit.

Honestly idk what I’m doing. It’s 12 am & my brain is sleepy & won’t let me see straight. And @camilaart here is having a problem & I want to help her but here I am! Shitposting. Like I do everytime my “retarded” (pfft) brain does :“D

But seriously tho, Cami doesn’t deserve hate just bc she said the "R-word”. Just pls. Grow up people. Cami’s native isn’t English & i dont know what the fuck does slur means & tf is SJW, WJS. Nsndnvmsk WORDS.

:“D again sorry for this shitpost, Cami (if you see this)



hey guys so i hit 2k not too long ago and literally i can't wrap my head around the fact
that people actually like me and my blog enough to follow and talk to me it's crazy!!
i've been making tons of friends and meeting bunches of new people and ahhh just to
thank you i've decided to do a blog of the month aYE <3 (idk what im doing tbh this is
my first one soRRY)
IMPORTANT NOTE: I am going to be completely fair, but if any of my friends
happen to get in the semi finals, i will make sure to choose an even amount of
"non" friends and possibly have two winners so it's fair pls dont hate me
  • please be following me! (ill check!)
  • reblog this post before Saturday, March 22, 2014!
  • this post needs some notes for it to actually happen?
What ill be looking for:
  • Youtube/Phan/Multifandom blogs
  • Nice theme
  • Nice/Sweet blogger <3
  • Nice URLs catch my attention but u don’t need one to win!
What the winner(s) get(s):
  • Spot(s) on my blog for the month of APRIL
  • They can ask for promos for the entire month!
  • A follow from me, if not already, and from my other blog!
  • Youtube gif sets and url graphics can be requested by the winning blog for the entire month!
  • If wanted I can write them a phanfic/imagine; whatever pleases them!
What the Runner Ups will get:
  • A follow from me AND/OR my other blog (depending im so sorrY ily all)
  • 2 promos each!
  • ONE Youtube gif set OR URL graphic!
I will be choosing about 5-10 blogs and those blogs are AUTOMATICALLY all runner ups until one wins of course! 
It's so you didn't make it to the final round for nothing! It is undetermined if I will be using a poll for fairness
reasons, but if you make it as a runner up I'll let you know!! Good luck everyone and ily all so much!!