idk what 2 do with this

grantaire vs combeferre though is hilarious

  • books!! they have their stacks next to each other
  • one is clean and pristine with all the spines uncracked and it is #aesthetic 
  • the other is a m e s s
  • dog-eared pages, cracked spines, splattered paint, doodles, pages full of sarcastic commentary and insightful comments on post-it notes
  • they both claim to hate each other for it
  • (“Take your vile disrespect of books away from me, R!” “Really? You call actually actively thinking about the content of the book vile? You’re cleaner than Enjolras’ sex life!”) 
  • but they secretly envy each other
  • r envies combeferres’ ability to retain his thoughts without writing them down because COMBEFERRE ACTUALLY HAS SUPERPOWERS YALL
  • but ferre envies r’s liberty to express his thoughts
  • ferre prefers written text tbh and grantaire likes Art
  • b e d s tho
  • ferre has clean, white covers for his bed + neat fairylights
  • grantaire
  • o boy
  • List of Things Found On Grantaire’s Bed (written by Joly and Bossuet)
    • a 3 month old open packet of crisps
    • cookie crumbs
    • ink stains
    • a? noodle? 
    • 2 (two) brushes. just. there.
    • a cat once. he doesnt own a cat.
  • so basically
  • tag yourself im the noodle

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Team Tony or Team MM? Lmao!

Oh goodness…lol…neither…

1. MM is MM… sure I don’t know her but I’m not impressed by her character at all and I think that’s a fair assessment to make from things she willingly shows us. I pretty much agree with what many here have already said.

2. Tony…well, we know nothing about him. I laugh when I hear people say he’s nice, mature, whatever….it’s like, how can you tell?

What does he do for a living? Maybe he runs a bar, although he’s not listed anywhere as actually running it. Does he support any charities? Idk. Does he support women’s rights? Idk. What is his view of the world? Idk. Does he have a sense of humor? Idk. Does he like art? Idk.

If Tony is Cait’s bf, my impression of him is that he hides behind his “gf’s” skirts and lets Sam do all the hard work of supporting Cait in all her endeavors while he just shows up to the party…

Am I being judgmental? Absolutely!!

But whether you like it or not, that’s life and we make judgements about people on first impression and from their social media all the time. Just think of a simple job interview, someone is making a call on you not only from your qualifications but also from first impressions, which is why you go to the job interview dressed appropriately and behave politely and cordially.

I don’t dig for info, I don’t invade anyone’s privacy, this is what Sam, Cait, MM and Tony have shown us and how I perceived it.


Those freckles may b fake, but the hoes are reel

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Hey, I have been talking to this guy for 8/9 months. He always so private so we don't talk just flirt I suppose... I found out he has a girlfriend and I've been talking to him still. I also have been going with him and we get high and end up making out and other things. Not sex. I ended up catching feels... I feel like he doesn't feel the same and is just using me. What should I do with these emotions, do I confront or will he just laugh at me? Idk what to do. He is 2 years older than me..

Confront him and ask him what’s going on & tbh if his doing that stuff with you when he has a girl friend his only gonna do the same to you if you was with him… xxx

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That's cool. I used to like Rose in the beginning, but as time dragged on into the second season, I just got tired of her. Something about her character seemed TOO perfect. Idk -- that's just what I got from her.

Man, I liked her even better in season 2. Because by that point, she had already traveled with the Doctor for so long that she really came into her own and didn’t necessarily rely on the Doctor so much and would kinda go off and do her own thing a lot.

one of the habits ive finally begun to break w sym (and this is something i still see a lot of syms do) is not staying w your teleporter until you know its safe to leave it. idk abt u guys but i dont like leaving my tele for a few reasons:

1) if it gets destroyed early it loses value and i need to waste time building ult charge again. and if we’re not having it for a push what is the point lmao.

2) if im protecting it + my turrets whoever wants to get it *has* to get through me first. tracer? dead. genji? 76? dead. sombra? :’( dead. dva? usually dead. the only thing i cant rly deal w in my kill room is a winston… so even tho my team is playing 5v6 it becomes a 5v5 bc the enemy team has to send someone in after the tele… this also means they might lose a core dps player during the team fight so my team has an advantage.

3) my teleporter is my child and when it gets blown up i cry many tears.

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ok so get this. today I tripped after school and got rly muddy oh well my pants will get washed eventually but it kinda?? upsets me that I tripped right outside my school around at least 100 kids about and. nobody did anything?? like ok it was embarrassing and I was ok and i would feel ok for nobody to do anything if nobody noticed but idk I just feel Really Bad bc I know people saw me since I was only in the mud to avoid running into people + holy shit I Yelled on my way down (':

I’m sorry for the vent thing but heck this is Canada?? and being ignored abt something where I could’ve been injured is a Very New Experience that Immm not rly fond of. like yes pls @ the world don’t give me a lot of attention but at the same time what 2 heck straight up ignoring me just sorta hhhh why me. anyways good vibes @ everyone


what to heck!!!!! what to hey!!!!!! not cool! :^(

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i really hope you and charlie get to meet and be together irl one day! idk if you've thought about it but like what would you do?

1) I’d hug her until she goes unconscious from lack of oxygen and then use my Lifeguarding skills to resuscitate her. Repeat and rinse.

2) If she came to Vancouver, I’d definitely bring her to those hipster cafes and bakeries in Gastown. I’d take her hiking as well because we’ve got amazing trails and beautiful views. 

3) I would also take her to Richmond and get the best Dim Sum around. 

4) Drag her to Granville Island to get our names carved on rocks/rice, feed obese pigeons, and buy her a lifetime supply of maple butter.

5) Introduce her to my doggo. 

Ok but for real this isn’t totally impossible since I am considering going to law school in the states and there are really good law schools in Cali. Also if my university has transfer programs…you never know!

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Deadpool if ur still alive and Bonnie is being nice and letting u answer her ask box I've got a question: 1.) why are you so... sexual all the time like I'm an innocent bunny (wait bad analogy) and even I'm disgusted and idk what half it means lol 2.) if you're invincible does that mean you can only die of old age or sickness? Or can you not get sick? 3.) idk I'm not creative with questions lol

Hello, lovely innocent bunny.  I am most certainly still alive and B isn’t nice, I’ve just taken over whether she likes it or not.

1. Those who can, do, they say.  Those who can’t…well, we make crude jokes to hide the pain of our own ineptitude in the sack.

2. Well, I kicked cancer’s fanny (see, I didn’t use “ass” because you’re innocent), so sickness likely won’t take me down, and I refuse to grow up, so screw getting old.

3. Remember who you’re talking to, bunny.  Creativity isn’t high on my list of requirements to interact, so please, lower those standards just a smidge so that I can keep up.

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I feel like I'm drowning. I get around 2 hrs of sleep on average lately because I am so slow at doing my work and I have so much of it. I can't sleep if I don't feel like I've done enough work I freak out too much. I know this is unhealthy but idk what to do

Babe remember to breathe. I know it’s hard for you to take a break when you have so much to do, but you need to think of your health first! Your body comes before school work. I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way but please remember to be kind to yourself- taking a break from your work does not make you a bad student. You’re trying your best and I promise that’s enough 🌸

  • (Warning - rant)
  • Why are my parents "rules" so stupid - my mum thinks I have tonsillitis/glandular fever and is booking me a doctors appointment tomorrow.
  • YET because I'm on my phone I'm well enough to go into school?!? Even though I can barely stomach anything but water right now. But apparently if I don't actually throw up or have a temperature over 38.2 degrees C I have to go into school?!?
  • I feel shit to the point where I can't eat and feel like I'm going to throw up/faint and all they can say to me is "make sure you do some work" ?!?

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ship meme // forever accepting.


who is more likely to hurt the other?
    nooj. he already has, but i think he’ll do his best to never do so again.
who is emotionally stronger?
    her. after everything, her resilience really does show.
who is physically stronger?
    her. perhaps in his better days, nooj could have beat her. not so much now, i think.
who is more likely to break a bone?
    him. i see him having a habit of being reckless.
who knows best what to say to upset the other?
   him. he can be absolutely ruthless, though those moments are few and far between.
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?
   him. likewise, i think the guilt will suffocate him if he can’t set things right, somehow.
who treats who’s wounds more often?
   her. i think he needs her help sometimes more than he’d care to admit.
who is in constant need of comfort?
   him. and they both know it and they’re both just fine that way.
who gets more jealous?
   her. i don’t think it shows well in front of others, but she does watch him.
who’s most likely to walk out on the other?
   him. i don’t think she’d let him, though. not anymore.
who will propose?
   him. in his own, awkward sort of way…
who has the most difficult parents?
    him. though we’ll never know for certain, i suppose.
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?
   neither. they’re not showy in public.
who hogs the blankets?
   neither. i think they got in a good rhythm with one another fairly quickly.
who gets more sad?
. like his comrades, letting go can be… difficult. at least, she gets it.
who is better at cheering the other up?
   her. she’s not only a recorder literally. she’s kept track of much. she knows what to do.
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
   her. though i don’t see this being a common occurrence, it’s sweet when it happens.
who is more streetwise?
. she’s certainly more versed in the ways of the common folk these days.
who is more wise?
   him. at least in a more leadership sense. their knowledge compliments each other.
who’s the shyest?
   him. i think she might find it amusing at times, seeing him out of his leadership role.
who boasts about the other more?
   him. i like to think he has little negative to say about her. ever.
who sits on who’s lap?
    neither. i can see them being close when they’re alone. they like their space, though.

as someone who has attempted to perfect tongue-in-cheek cringe writing over the years, i can assure you the new bill nye show is some top level cringe. like the topics and stuff are whatever, but the production level and music and fake laughter and god. it’s rly bad. who is even the target audience?

but that’s what i was doing instead of attempt to write more poems for my new livepost book thing and i got kind of burned on the topic of “love poems” anyway so idk if i’ll finish it.

and i still need to finish PaperMetalsPlasticsStones

i got a lot of things 2 do dang.

ok i was tagged by @weekndz like. a while back to say 10 random facts about myself and then tag 10 followers and i’m kinda doing this now so

1. i’m currently obsessed with high dive by amitw

2. i really love airplanes and airports and idk aviation and space shuttles and traveling ahhhh??

3. speaking of space shuttles,, space is great

4. april is my new favorite month and hey look what month it is rn!!

5. i’ve never seen high school musical and for some reason that’s a Big Deal??? idk

6. artificial flavors are so good?? like jolly ranchers and airheads and stuff??? A+

7. i crave affection

8. i’m doing this instead of studying for apush please help me i’m gonna fail the ap exam

9. i suck at making decisions i’m literally the most indecisive person ever

10. i love dallon weekes but y’all probably already know that

hi i tag @blueneighborhoods @theamazingpedro @astonishowell @speak-fronch @jeonjkooks @mothmanpatrick @glitterbf @westsanvers @madasrabbits @soulpunkz 

Get to know me

I was tagged by @changgudforyou

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Nickname: Yuki, Snowflake, Marshmallow, Poptart, Mallow, Yume
Gender: Female
Star sign: Aries
Height: 162 cm
Time right now: 21:28
Last thing I googled: how to pass time on a plane
Favourite bands: EXO, ASTRO.
Favourite solo artists: Uhhh…. Yiruma?
Song stuck in your head: “Should’ve held on (Again)” by ASTRO
Last movie I watched: Kung Fu Panda 3
Last TV show I watched: I don’t even know when I watched TV for the last time.
When did you create your blog: idk somewhere about 2 years ago but I think it’s been almost a year since I’ve actually been using it.
What kind of stuff do you post: exo, sometimes astro although I made a side blog for that, my writings, other people’s writings, sometimes some personal stuff and on very rare occasions anime
Did your blog reach its peak: I hope not. 70-something followers shouldn’t be it’s peak
Do you have any other blogs: yeah. eunsanjin. It’s an ASTRO blog.
Do you get asks regularly: I only get asks when miracles happen
Why did you choose your url: Kaori means scent in Japanese and my real name means “nice scent” used to describe perfume in Arabic. Yuki because I absolutely love snow and snowflakes and Chan because I love Chanyeol with everything I have.
Following: I have no idea. It should be between 500 and 1500
Posts: last time I checked it was close to 1,5K I think
Hogwarts house: Ravenckaw
Favourite colours: ice blue and pastel pink
Favourite characters: Jem Carstairs, Will Herondale.
What are you wearing right now: pjs
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1
Dream job: uh… idk as long as it makes me happy I guess it’s good
Dream trip : Japan, South Korea, Malaysia… I guess that’s it

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Well,i saw you play League, and i wanted to ask you who do you main? ;3

hiya!!!! i saw u also asked what server and im na west!! and i don’t rly main a specific champ but i do main support (don’t judge me i think it’s fun ok) and i play a lot of bard, lulu, thresh, leona, nami etc!!! i also like adc 2!! tho my all time fav champ 2 play is fizz!!!!! he’s so fun!! but yea i used 2 keep up w/ the meta a lot but lately i haven’t kept up so idk who’s good!!! ok sry for the long answer ily bye

  1. wake up earlier and watch the sunrise
  2. pet more dogs
  3. write more in my journal
  4. smile more (at strangers and friends)
  5. read more books
  6. replace “i’m sorry” with “thank you” when possible
  7. give more compliments
  8. travel !
  9. let go of past mistakes
  10. kiss someone
  11. go to a concert
  12. visit museums and art galleries
  13. spend less time on social media 
  14. stop worrying about numbers (grades, followers, etc)
  15. drink more water
  16. be softer and more full of love

they need help (i need sleep)