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18 Million Subscribers!!!

That’s insane. The channel is growing so big so fast. I can’t believe how far it’s come. 

Huge congrats to Mark. He’s worked so hard over the years. Both him and the team deserve it for all the amazing things they’ve done so far. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store. 

And remember…

we’re only 2 million away from tasteful nudes.

Rant #26372

Is it just me that thinks it’s highkey annoying when people find out their idols are enlisting, they’re like “why do they have to do this” “it’s not fair” “don’t make them enlist” blah blah bleh

1. Try understanding and educating yourself about Korea and their politics, and why they have the mandatory enlistment policies in the first place

2. Military service is a sign of honor in Korea. And idk about you, but honor is very very VERY serious and is not taken lightly specially in Asia

3. Just because they are celebrities and they’re your faves does not mean they should be exempt from service. You know what happens when celebrities get special privileges regarding military service? They get major disrespect from the people.

4. Currently, with the whole military policies changing and stuff, I see so many people complaining and saying it’s unfair, and a lot of them are from international fans. I’m an international fan, and who are we to judge and say whether it’s fair or unfair? We don’t live in Korea. We aren’t Korean. So just shh.

I see so many petitions and complaints and shit and I’m like:

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honestly being a lesbian is still so new to me like I still have sudden moments of realization where im like wow im really a big ole butch lesbian im doing this like im genuinely still getting used 2 it even tho I realized I was one last year snsnsn idk what’s the point of this post but i cant wait to actually start being myself irl with other people and an actual community and I hope I’ll get that one day

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But why are they promoting S2 with an old triangle Betty/Archie/Veronica promo pic with them all lovey dovey at him? Seems a weird choice. Just pick any pic with the core four. Because now you have Bxrchie fans posting and thinking it's a sign...It's just annoying. I wish they would stop "trying" to promote a non existent triangle...even with old photos for S2....

idk, i don’t think it’s a big deal. i’d be more worried if the official riverdale twitter account posted it. archie comics has nothing to do with riverdale. i mean, they support it, but the people running the account likely don’t know anything more than you and i do about what’s coming up in season 2 

the b*rchie stans happy is never something i want, but they’re only setting themselves up for disappointment. comic con made it pretty clear that it’s bughead and varchie

that said, comments should definitely be left to remind people that the BAV love triangle is an outdated, overplayed monstrosity that nobody outside of the b*rchie shippers want, and that betty and archie getting together would destroy betty’s character development and ruin the friendship between two women that love each other (x

So I was tagged by @verobrunhi to answer 11 questions and make 11 of my own to tag others to answer. Sorry these are so short but THANKS for tagging me

1. Any little quirks of yours?
I like to keep my nails longish so I can clack my nails on hard surfaces like a Disney villain does that count?

2. What type of scenery appeals to you the most?
Something soothing like a beach.

3. We all have them. Any cringey things you did as a tween?
What cringey things haven’t I done lol but I used to cuss every other word to be “”“”“”“”“cool”“”“”“”“” I also tried to talk like aph italy but no.

4. Would you consider yourself philosophical?

Yes actually. I don’t do it as much now but a few months (or a year idk I have no concept of time) I’d sit for hours contemplating my existence. I came up with a few “"theories”“ that are actually really stupid but I like them. For example, I thought “What if I’m actually an old lady simply retelling my life story to people.” Sometimes I get random pains and since THAT needed and answer I’d think “I’m feeling the pain of my past reincarnations.” When they got really painful or stayed for too long I’d think “Maybe this is me dying in another life.” (Keep in mind i didn’t and still don’t know how I feel and think about reincarnation so idk where that came from) This is also where I started disbelieving a lot of religious teachings but ho boy am i not getting into that

5. I had to bring it up. Pineapple on pizza Y/N?
Big yes. I love it.

6. If you had to move to another country, which one?
Canada probs

7. What is your favorite name?
Anything that works well in English and Spanish is good for me but I am partial to Ivan and Alessandra

8. When was the last time you cried or got choked up for positive reasons?
When Tariq and Laila got married in A Thousand Splendid Suns. As for anything pertaining to me a few days ago I got a few messages from dif people telling me I was nice and my poor heart just about died

9. Are there any bugs you think are actually kind of cute?
Ladybugs. Dragonflies. Basically anything that isn’t out to murder me.*glares at wasps and mosquitoes*

10. What is your dream job?
Optimistically? Some position at the UN. Realistically? Something tech related (looking at you Google. I want in)

11. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?
As an inexperienced youth I have no training in rescuing so no

As for my questions:
1. What are your thoughts on avocadoes?
2. What motivates you?
3. If money and language barriers were not a thing wher would you go?
4. What brought you to Tumblr?
5. What are your favorite animals?
6. What’s your favorite book? Care to comment?
7. Favorite quote(s)?
8. Most liked weather?
9. Are there any things that make your city/town quirky? (haunted houses, weird rest stops nearby, etc)
10. What cartoons shaped your childhood?
11. Free space. What you thinking about?

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Why was Matthew mentioning that people were going to be mad at him and if they are then to contact him. It sounded like he knows he said something strange in an interview and is expecting backlash. At first I thought he was talking about 2x17 but I think it could be that Afterbuzz show since he should be on it talking about 2×17 soon. He says this towards the end of his livestream. What do you think?

I think he was talking about the AfterBuzz too. He knows what happened when Dom was there and said some unfortunate stuff, so he’s probably a bit scared to have said something wrong too, especially with this whole Malec fight, that is a very complex topic and maybe he’s afraid that fans won’t understand/get offended by his position (assuming he talked about it). Anyways, we’ll have to wait and see how that interview went. 

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Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years. We weren't together for a week and he slept with another girl. I was texting guys too. I found out myself and now we haven't been together for 2 months. I call it cheating but we weren't together. Now I miss him and want him back even after all that. I know I look stupid but honestly idk what to do.

that’s not cheating though, if you weren’t together he can fuck who he wants, it might seem like he moved on quick but people have different ways of dealing with things he probably hadn’t moved on from you at all. Not saying you should get back together with him, but you can’t hold that against him either especially since you were talking to guys too. Maybe just talk to him about it and then see how you feel about getting back with him then

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so i think my ex crush have crush o me.. i met her on twitter and recently she wrote about how she crushes on that girl and that's was exactly our situation when i confessed to her. and she said that she want to confess to her and i'll meet her in 2 weeks for the first time irl. idk now what to do if she'll seriously confess because just recently i got over her:(

I don’t know either ): I’m sorry


Omg we’re face timing with Zac’s donor-sisters in an hour and ok so nervous!!

We are “connected” via social media with 2 other families who used the same donor. The other 2 families happen to be living/vacationing within 5 minutes walking each other! Oh the other side of the country.

So they’re meeting up and have graciously offered to FaceTime with Zac!

I’ve only ever Facebook messaged one of the mamas in the other 2 families.

Idk what to do or say?! I’ve never FaceTimed 3 babies?! With a baby?!


@seamlesslines tagged me to do this, dziękuje bardzo!!

Rules: go to the largest playlist you have, put on shuffle and answer the questions with songs you get.

1. This song describes your personality:
echo & the bunnymen - do it clean (okay i guess??)

2. This song describes what you want/wish from your life:
the smiths - i want the one i can’t have (://////////)

3. This song describes how other people perceive you:
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi’s Dead (i’m that goth??)

4. This song describes the love of your life:
kate bush - hammer horror (idk what that means but i love that string section so okay)

5. This song describes your life at this moment:
the dead weather - will there be enough water? (aye my life is a sad delta blues song)

6. The song to make love to:
depeche mode - dangerous (INTO THIS)

7. The song to dance your heart out:
the soft boys - old pervert (i mean, you could try)

8. The song that will make you cry:
bauhaus - all we ever wanted was everything (been there)

9. The song about your future:
R.E.M. - star me kitten (??)

10. The last song you will ever hear in your life

david bowie - god knows i’m good

11. This song describes who you will be in your next life:
the smashing pumpkins - cupid de locke (aww)

12. The song that makes you feel better:
depeche mode - policy of truth (yesssss)

13. You end up listening to just one song for the rest of your life, and this is it:
morrissey - little man, what now? (the drums would make me crazy)

as always everyone is welcome to do this and tag it for me to see!

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for the top 5 thing you'd change in something - percy jackson (and HoO, naturally) idk if you've done it already

oh man! hmMMm I’m pretty happy with PJ so I’ll do HOO

1) Leo used to be my absolute favorite. I… loathe him now. so if we could NOT do that, maybe??? NO CALYPSO ROMANCE JFC

2) nico’s BOO storyline was… not great. this line STILL sticks out of me for being terrible: “to his surprise, his thoughts didn’t leap to percy. his primary concern was for hazel" OFC HE CARED ABOUT HAZEL MORE LIKE,,, what the FUCK,,,, I like will, but he kinda felt shoehorned in and when there was gonna be 8000 books idk why that romance had to be pushed so hard

3) ok I’m not gonna lie to you I actually…. really like Jason/nico lmao. I’m ok with it not being a thing (and like piper just fine) but… Hmm

4) hazel is a fascinating tragedy of a character with AMAZING powers and backstory. she is simplified to the boys who like her and being “old fashioned”. why :(

5) I hated how EVERYONE had a love interest who’s life they focused around, and he took reyna being single into that being her horrible sad fate like it was the worst thing to be??? RICK…. THE OLDEST CHARACTER IS 17. WHY ARE THEY ALL ALREAY MARRIED 4 LIFE. EuuuuGGhHh

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LLG is being too diplomatic, PRish regarding Q and PQ. I do feel she genuinely likes RF and Q, but what viewers expect is for her to acknowledge the lack of direction in S6 especially with CQ. Maybe that's one of the reasons for Aimee's probable unhappiness . Idk. I guess LLG is simply trying to please the Emmy voters now!

Anonymous #2: I heard AFG’s podcast. Mostly about his journey as a writer, didn’t get any specific hints/pointers there. LLG’s interview really reads all the same, yes change in few words here and there. I guess she is going to do more of these since she has been nominated for the awful finale 6.12. And RE what she says it could be toasting for end of season, end of character, end of the actor etc etc … who knows? Ashley does this change anything on the Quinnspiracy road?

It’s really not Lesli’s job to explain the poor writing and narrative direction of Carrie and Quinn. Truly. I think she’s probably done the best with what she’s gotten (she seems like a “lemonade out of lemons” type of woman, which I admire) but it’s not enough. 

She’s put her foot in her mouth trying to explain this mess. At least she seemed to acknowledge that, and to acknowledge the fan reaction, although it still rings hollow. At this point I don’t want to hear from her. I want to hear from Gansa. 

I honestly feel bad for her because she’s been made the public face of this and gotten ridiculed as a result. She’s like the Sean Spicer of Homeland. 

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publically. Then send this to ten of your favourite followers 💕

  1. My desire to get everything done, no matter how long it takes me (although I still try to not take 19 years to finish a piece for someone)
  2. That I’m very passionate (but pretty kinda quiet unless I Art It) about the things that I’m passionate about??? Idk lmfao after the last one I received, I’m running out of things ;__;
  3. That I can come up with a bunch of silly OCs???
  4. i can stick at least 7 pens in my hair? and probably more if it was longer (recent haircut has deprived the ability to lose more art utensils in my hair) idk
  5. i can draw elves okay? i mean, to my Own Style And View, but I can draw elves at least?
  1. wake up earlier and watch the sunrise
  2. pet more dogs
  3. write more in my journal
  4. smile more (at strangers and friends)
  5. read more books
  6. replace “i’m sorry” with “thank you” when possible
  7. give more compliments
  8. travel !
  9. let go of past mistakes
  10. kiss someone
  11. go to a concert
  12. visit museums and art galleries
  13. spend less time on social media 
  14. stop worrying about numbers (grades, followers, etc)
  15. drink more water
  16. be softer and more full of love

they need help (i need sleep)