idk what 'im doing tbh

on one hand, i spent too much time doing this. on the other hand, if i didnt have to rest for a flight out of the country tomorrow, i wouldn’ve spent a lot MORE.

a fun let’s play. rip joof.

[video from here] [song from here lol]

Eren: You know what, I’m done with your shit.



Eren: I just want to know

Eren: how the fuck you got outside the wall on that day

Two Moons (pt.2)

Word Count: 1150

Genre: Fluff/Angst (?)

Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader/Sehun ft. EXO

Summary: Chanyeol remembers the past, and wonders how it all happened.

Chapters: (Part I)

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It’s possible that we die here without being rescued. However, I’ll do everything to survive. I won’t give up in despair or run away because of fear. I’ll survive. I’ll try everything to survive. If I can’t, then I’ll die. But let’s not give up and try to survive until then.