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Instead of the 4 current Netflix Marvel shows (5 soon), they should just have 1 very long show in which Claire Temple is asked to explain something along the lines of “how the hell did you end up at this point” and she replies “Well, it started when I pulled this guy out of the dumpster-”

And she and the other person (I’m starting to think a reporter, or maybe an old friend) start off talking during early morning, in a cafe or something, and as time goes on they move around the city - through parks, down streets, shops, a restaurant, a few tourist-y sightseeing places, so on and so forth, until they end up talking over drinks in a near-empty bar (or maybe Claire’s apartment, idk) in the wee hours of the morning.

And every location could contain a seasons worth of information basically? Like, their coffee’s gone cold, the brownies don’t even have crumbs left, the employees are starting to give them dirty looks, Claire is wrapping up the first season of Daredevil, and the other person’s like “Okay, but that still doesn’t explain why you’re-” and Claire goes “Yeah, I’m leading up to that, how about we move on with our little tour of the city though?” And they walk to the park and sit on one of the benches and that starts Season Two: Claire Temple and the Next Dumbass Superhero I Pulled From the (now metaphorical) Dumpster.

Or the locations could be more suited to whatever show the season’s talking about, but I’m too tired to think about that now. Basically, we get more of Claire’s thoughts and background story, and get a much clearer idea of how she developed over the course of the shows, and just generally more Claire, which is always a good thing.

This is great. I’m tired enough to think this makes sense.

Sweet Blood

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You rested your head on the window and looked out as the trees flew past your window. The greenery was so thick and tall, unlike the plants back at the place you used to call home. You were used to loud streets, bright lights and the obnoxious drunkards that walked under your window almost every night.

This place is so pretty,” your sister Bennie said. “The air is so fresh.” You rolled your eyes. Your lungs were perfectly fine with the polluted air they had inhaled their entire life.

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wolfstar dimension travel au // hold me close and hold me fast

They have to hide their “condition”. They have no control over Jumping. They believe they are alone in this. One day, they Jump into the same dimension and cross paths. 

Desperate, messy, yearning, scared, and questions, questions, questions. 

Hello welcome to my headcanon for every TV show. Everyone is aromatic and asexual unless they explicitly state otherwise.

coco (ohc) appreciation post

ok but i feel like we need to appreciate coco (koko???? cocoa??? idk) a wee bit more because:

  • he listened to julian’s stories
  • he seemed genuinely interested in julian’s stories 
  • he seemed to genuinely care for julian, considering what little we heard
  • he gave the boy attention, and honestly that boy really needs it 

like the poor man probably was so bored half the time and here comes this raggedy lil janitor all mistakes and tousled hair but he tells good stories and makes things so much more interesting. coco probably loves julian very, very much

god bless him 

*coughs* I made a bendy-

so like
does anyone else like mess purely just for the humiliation aspect of it?
like I hate mess in general but something about talking to your fav or someone and they’re interrupted by a sneeze and catch it in their hand, but they don’t say “excuse me” and continue talking, they look at you with widened eyes that say “I think I may have just snotted all over my hand.”
and it’s even better if it’s in a public place where there’s no bathroom or somewhere they can clean up in peace, so they’re left humiliated, with no idea what to do now