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hi- what is your opinion on GMOs? i have friends in bioengineering who seem to pretty much agree on the consensus that they are all around better than non-GMO strains, except maybe when it comes to soy. basically what I'm wondering is are GMOs: - healthier? - better for the environment? - more agriculturally efficient? sorry this question is so long, thanks a million for answering it! (if you do)

from a scientific aspect: 

the facts are, GMOs are the future and the key to increasing crop production for our increasing population if your goal is to keep up food production for more people. remember, the goal right now in agriculture- the key goal that we’re throwing everything into because big yikes fam- is to produce more food off less. so like, vertical farming? good, saves space. smaller plants with bigger yield? great, saves space, can plant more and get more food. plants that are resistant to drought? to high temps? to low fertilizer? amazing, it means you have hardier plants that you can put in places that regular plants wouldn’t be able to stand.

so are they agriculturally efficient? hell yeah, because remember, it takes about 10 years for a crop in testing- GMO or not- to reach a point in development where it can be submitted for approval by the USDA for the market (something I’ve learned in my current job). imagine doing all breeding without GMOs. you would literally be able to do one cross a year, maybe two if you’re in a warmer area (this is why a lot of soybean breeding has been moved to South America, where they can do twice as much breeding). with GMOs, you can develop and test stuff faster, so by a monetary standpoint it’s awesome. 

lets not forget that GMO crops can withstand more because of the pure amount of precision put into them. like, lets say your corn breaks a lot. you can spend 3-4 years meticulously cross breeding your developing strain with a break-resistant variety to get that trait in, or you can just cut and paste in the gene. and get this: it doesn’t even have to be from the break resistant variety. you can pull it from another plant that might be better at not breaking, and get an even better resulting variety. 

another thing that we can’t forget about is that new GMO tech helps us keep up with pests and diseases. at work, i’ve seen experiments involving root pests; plants infected had root systems destroyed down to a single tap root. imagine that happening to a farmer’s field. like, all of it. that’s the kind of thing we’re up against here; to stop infestations and to solve new challenges quickly by developing technology quickly, while still improving the plant to commercial level. 

when talking to the breeders at work, they told me that the industry as a whole recently upped its goal from creating a crop that would give each farmer a 200 bushel harvest (200 bushels has been the goal for the past 30 years; they’ve recently reached it and exceeded it) to 300 bushels per harvest. they have to do this just by modifying the plants. they have no control over how much the farmer plants and/or how many fields they have.

to give some perspective here, one bushel is 60 pounds of grain. they’re aiming to have each farmer that buys their products be able to reliably harvest and sell 18,000 pounds of grain per year

the moral of the story is that the breeding and agri industries are under a lot of pressure here, and they have to work fast, because the population is rising. 

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dwindling nitrogen supplies in farmland and unsustainable farming practices but im gonna save that for another time

are they healthier? it depends on what you believe. like, what we’ve found so far is that GMOs don’t hurt you. some of them have added vitamins that can help you (lets not forget the famous GMO golden rice, which uses a daffodil gene coupled with a soil bacterium gene to make a rice variety produce a huuuuuge amount of vitamin A. this has been so effective in solving vitamin deficiencies and health problems in 3rd world countries since it was introduced in 2005 that its won awards and been used as a universal case study for the whole “GMO plants” thing) but most are just like. idk. kind of there? they help the health of the plant and help the farmer bring in income, so???? idk???

are they better for the environment? i have no idea. i suppose indirectly, because like. if you have a heartier plant you have to clear less land for agriculture?? (can anyone weigh in here?). But if these got out into the wild, the effects could be DEVASTATING, which is why the USDA and related government organizations (depending on where you live) make it so you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what you’re putting out into production won’t be crazy damaging if it magically gets out somehow.

ethically: i have no idea man. like im still super split on it. my scientist self says “you can literally buy everything to do it and modify plants to produce heat right in your own home right now” but then im like……………..idk man we just dont know. i dont want to hurt my plant friends. if this hurts our plant friends. idk


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Hey!! Do you know of any wolfstar fics w/ heavy drug use/drug or alcohol addiction? Loved Ghost Notes!!

Hi there, thanks for the ask, and for your kind words about my fic! <3

So the thing is, I am picky about my substance abuse fics, in that either they are angsty as hell, or the recovery has to be believable and real. For my fluff lovers out there, please tread lightly with the warnings on each fic! I’m also focusing on substance abuse, not just casual usage. I hope you enjoy some of these!

Sad Angsty Ending Full Of Pain

Beautiful Scars on Critical Veins by @chrlieweasly has Sirius on the run post-Azkaban peeking in on what Remus has been up to, and surprise, it’s soul crushing pain, lmao.

You and Me and the Bottle Make Three by hell0lust has the pups coping badly and accepting the bad coping because canon is sad and we can’t have nice things.

Everything Comes with a Price by Scilera is a post-veil fic where hahahahaha just call a coroner already, bc I am done.

Don’t Send The Searchlights by @paperclipbitch is a muggle AU where James and Lily are still dead and everything else is still sad as all hell.

Things Are Terrible, But Maybe There’s Hope?

Understanding by SubtextEquals has Sirius coping poorly post-Azkaban, though there is the possibility of a better future (if you ignore canon, whoops)

you’re still the best, more or less, i guess by buckyy is a muggle AU with alcoholic Sirius and standing-his-ground Remus.

Memories made of Memories by WolfDogStar has Sirius spiraling post-Azkaban, causing Remus to take him on a road trip for some clarity.

Ghost Notes by this loser (as mentioned above, tysm!) is an AU where Remus didn’t go to Hogwarts. Sirius’ attempts to help him with his addiction problems don’t go as planned.

Actual Hope and Happiness, Woohoo!

Grapefruit Moon by @pommedeplume is a sweet and funny muggle AU with Remus accommodating a recovering Sirius that’s so skillfully subtle, you might miss it. If you read anything on this list, be sure to top it off with this warm and fluffy fic. “Getting your ass kicked by your crush was a terrible way to end your night, even by Remus’s standards.” 

Make-believe - Tommy

prompt: “Just pretend to be my date.” with tommy

The teapot whined as you pulled it from the hob, catching it just as it had begun to boil, and moving it from the heat - Tommy didn’t like his tea scolding. Hot but drinkable, that was the way. You filled the two cups you’d laid out, your finest china (admittedly it wasn’t all that fine), before carrying them to your small table. ‘Here,’ you said as you set them down. ‘Are you hungry?’

Tommy shook his head and pulled his tea closer, the movement scrunching the cotton tablecloth under his saucer. ‘I’m alright, thank-you.’

You nodded and took the seat opposite. The china warmed your palms as you cupped it, eyes on Tommy. He was so relaxed, so at home, that if you didn’t live here yourself you’d have assumed he did. 

‘You’ve done the place up nice,’ he commented, taking in your modest decor. He hadn’t seen it since you’d first bought it and he and the rest of the lads had helped you move in. A lot had changed since then. Your home decorating skills had certainly improved.

‘I did what I could.’ You smiled. It was subtle, but personalised, and it welcomed you home after a hard day. That was all it needed to be, welcoming. Somehow Tommy had the same feeling. ‘So,’ you purred, ‘what brings you to the area?’

‘I can’t stop by to see you, just because?’ His lips pulled into a sly smile. He already knew the answer; Thomas Shelby always had an agenda. 

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anyways reminder that sam has never talked about tyrell’s love being unrequited. that doesn’t mean it wont be, but he’s never talked about it like that. he’s only ever talked about them by emphasising the Mutual Deep Connection and bond they have with each other . and that makes me 👀👀👀🤔🤔🤔🤔🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈❓❓❓

If Skam US doesn’t have:
  • Jonas’s eyebrows
  • Mahdi’s love for waffles
  • Isak’s grumpy faces when Even’s not around
  • Even’s denim jackets
  • Sana’s wide variety of lipsticks
  • Magnus’ reactions when he sees Even
  • Even’s brow-raising
  • Yousef’s smile
  • Mutta’s beautiful soul
  • Eva aka the goddess 
  • Vilde’s smile when she puts her tongue between her tooth how cute is that
  • Girl Chris in general
  • Chris and her ice cream spoon game
  • Jonas’ anti-capitalism speech
  • Isak “i can look like a baby one minute and like a young adult the next minute” 
  • Sana’s “is your nose bigger than your dick?”
  • Eskild the guru advising dad
  • Linn’s “what is happening” facial expressions
  • The ballooon squad in general
  • Magnus’ “that’s smart Isak….wow…wow”
  • Even’s “take desperate to a new level”
  • Even’s desperate level aka the iconic paper dispenser scene where everything started
  • Isak and Sana as the biology > flower > best buddies
  • Noora and Vilde’s tortilla moments
  • Noora and Eva’s love story speaking Spanish
  • Isak “i’m not gay…maybe i’m a little gay”
  • mannen i mitt livet scene + 5 fine frøkner 
  • the exact same o helga natt scene
  • the minutt for minutt scene 
  • yousef giving sana a flower
  • yousef looking at sana in that deeply in love way

(more to be added)


morning light

this one’s a super belated birthday st for @deamus, ilu ella a bit more than my grammar would suggest lmao ♡. yes, a muggle thlaise au because when am i not predictable and cliché. 

  • Blaise Zabini is over drunk one night stands.
  • He is. He has a fucking bet with Pansy Parkinson and his coffee machine is at stake.
  • And yet the light shining through the crack of the curtains is from a horrendously and completely wrong direction
  • And the obnoxious heaviness in his head is a blaring mockery that he’s just lost.
  • Well. Maybe. Had Pansy seen him leave the bar? He can’t recall even leaving the bar, if he’s being truthful.
  • (How much did he even have to drink? All he can remember is the smoothness of pale collarbones under the club lights and the press of warm hips and a gasping need for more.) 
  • A cough. And a “Morning”.
  • And there it is. 
  • The realisation that there are much worse things than losing a bet to Pansy. 
  • And those things most predominantly (overwhelmingly so) involve Theodore Silas Nott leaning against the doorway, an oversized sweater slumping off his shoulders in a way that highlighted his collarbones all too clearly (fuck they were those collarbones), his hands wrapped round a mug (if it was coffee, there was absolutely no justice in this world) and his glasses were ever so slightly askew on his ski slope nose.
  • Could humans short circuit? 
  • For Theodore’s slight sideways smile was too close to all those times back in Sixth Form when Theodore would snort or roll his eyes and Blaise would be left floundering.
  • Because his default when he was losing or unsure was to flirt shamelessly (it’s called smooth talking, Pansy shut up), to quirk his eyebrow, leave people flustered, off guard, their reasoning forgotten. 
  • He had never been able to do that with Theodore. The risk that it would end up as actual flirting and that Theodore wouldheaven forbid, realise, had been too horrifying.
  • And here he was, breath dry and gross, head pounding like some stupid sadistic anthem and fuck, he was naked in Theodore’s bed and he couldn’t even remember the details beyond his hazy memories of dancing.
  • “Where are my clothes?” God dammit, he was all croaky, that wasn’t attractive, was it too late to run? Were you allowed to postpone on the morning after? 
  • “In the wash. Your clothes stunk of vodka. And don’t worry, you won’t lose your coffee machine so quit staring at my mug like it betrayed you.” 
  • His coffee machine? Why did Theodore Nott know about his coffee machine? What else had he told him? 
  • Theodore laughed at the confusion on his face. All dimples and warm eyes. The sound seemed to burn a trail in Blaise’s stomach and he knew he was screwed. Just as he had been 5 years ago, in Room L, trying to focus on the presentation but only really watching the curve of Theodore’s lips round his words.
  • How predictable. And how inconvenient. His head hurt more than ever.
  • “You said and I quote - my coffee machine is safe because I’m going to take you on a date before we fuck.” 
  • Another smirk, so very Theodore, all natural poise and snark - but instead of those sharp protective edges he’d exuded back at school, there was a quiet, simmering confidence now. Blaise was most definitely screwed.
  • “Breakfast is in the kitchen. That can be our first date.” 

“fine, parker.” rolling his eyes with faux defeat, hunter turned his back to her. “but i hope you know that gives me permission to laugh at you when you fall and bust your ass.”

“whatever, hunter,” he heard her laugh, her skates rolling across the wood away from him. “remember that when you’re eating my dust.”  

he started skating to the other end of the rink when THUD! he heard the familiar sound of body hitting wood and chuckled, wheeling back around. “see? i told you. you fell and busted your ass before you even had a chance to…”

his voice trailed off when he saw her sprawled out on the wood, unmoving. “…parker?”

rushing over to her, hunter knelt by her side, keeping his wheeled feet as steady as possible. he tenderly lifted her body, and gaped at the blood dripping from her face. “fuck!”

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does anyone else feel that both of the lis games ignite such different feelings when playing them that it’s hard to accept that they’re both from the same franchise????

Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) Music Video

Okay, so I just watched the music video for and I just really wanna talk about it, but like I don’t want to spoil anything so go watch it here first if you haven’t already.

(Also tagging a few people at the end that I think might be interested in this, I hope y’all don’t mind, and you totally don’t have to read all of this if you don’t want to.)

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Random thought but if I find out BamBam has a roommate who isn’t Yugyeom I will fly my ass all the way to Korea and I’m gonna start swinging fam.


Just some messy sketches about what sort of things I’d like to see in B3rd. Mostly shenanigans. Might elaborate on em later. Along with a list of things I’d like to see in the third game