idk was just watching mean girls

Headcanons for Percy’s favorite Disney movie are based on the assumption that he Loves the ocean. Cool, fine. But then why would his favorite movie be The Little Mermaid? A movie about a girl who doesn’t like being in the water, who dreams of getting away from her family and home and being independent, and in the end chooses to leave the ocean permanently, to the point she even isolates her daughter from part of her identity? Doesn’t really make sense.

And Finding Nemo? As a kid that can actually talk to sea creatures, I think it’d be hard for him to watch because it’d be so inaccurate and he’d just end up annoyed, especially when specific sea creatures are portrayed as mean. Idk, I can almost see an argument for this but I just don’t think it fits as well as others.

But Moana? It’s about a girl who loves her island and her home. She loves her people. But yet? The sea calls to her. She connects to it. Even with all the love she has for her island, she feels the tug of the sea. She always finds herself back at the water’s edge. And I just think Percy would relate to that. To her love for her family and the ocean.

if someone says bless you during the ACT because someone sneezed are they supposed to get in trouble?? like if your watch or phone accidentally goes off you get disqualified but what about those kids who won’t stop saying bless you to every single sneeze

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how are 5sos homophobic/sexist/racist? I've never really heard anyone mention them being problematic so I'm just wondering

yeah i totally get it i used to be literally obsessed with them

okay so first of they mock the mexican culture sososososo much like i remember one of their keeks if you look way back its them in london (i think) and theyre walking down the street and calum is pretending to have a mexican accent and he goes “i just crossed the border” and they laugh like its the funniest thing ever

also this keek: is so gross like watch and you can see how fucking racist they are

and you probably heard since your a fan and all but they had a “mexican themed” cd signing and if that doesnt sound racist as fuck than idk what to tell you 

and also luke using the n word and thinking it was “appropriate”

and a lot of 5sos’ lyrics are sexist as FUCK like especially heartbreak girl and out of my limit, like just cause your a girls friend doesnt mean she owes and ANYTHING. and in out of my limit they suggest that a girl is a “prize” and thats just so fucked up. Also michael made a rape joke during one of his live streams. 

also here michael AGAIN jokes about rape that calum is gonna “rape him”

and calum jokes that “ashton is gonna be a sex slave” in this video

and these tweets from michael which i dont really need to explain..

also they’ve used numerous homophobic slurs and remarks like…

and theres probably soo many more examples if i look hard enough 

watching skyeward in the framework is just….the most frustrating thing because WE COULD HAVE HAD THIS we could have had this in real life if the writers weren’t so hellbent on fucking up grant ward’s character six ways to sunday

the way he hovered over her shoulder! the way she told him to stop mouth breathing on her! the way she grabbed him and then kissed him on the cheek as a cover to slip him that paper! the way she sacrificed herself so he could get the intel to simmons! the way he said he’d die for her!! 

this is the ship that i wanted and yeah, i guess it’s better late than never that we are getting it now even if it’s all fake, but it also feels like an epically cruel level of trolling from the writers, like, we could’ve made him this interesting from season 1 but we chose not to because we thought it would be a better story if he were a nazi and then an alien husk and then dead! but hey, look at what could have been, isn’t that fun? 

and maybe i’m missing something major but what the fuck was fitz’s biggest regret that he ended up madame hydra’s fuckboy and became a sociopath? how did that happen? how does not being with simmons erase all the good that was in him? it’s such a cheap trope that i hate, that a man is only good because a woman made him that way, that he becomes a monster wehen he loses the love of his life. no, leo fitz has always been good because that’s who he is - he didn’t need jemma for that. they made each other better by bringing out the best in what was already in the other. 

and maybe i’m still missing something major but may NOT killing a little girl leads to may becoming a stone cold nazi?? may showing humanity leads to may not having any humanity?? may not killing the girl and therefore NOT following orders leads to may blindly following any and all orders? what am i missing?? how does that logically make sense?? 

just fucking throw me in the framework so i can see what my life would’ve been like if i’d never watched this show. it’s not like i hate it, i mean, imma still watch it….it’s just so….frustrating sometimes because i think it could be so much better than it is! the female characters are fucking AMAZING and the action sequences are really really well done but man idk maybe i don’t pay close enough attention but sometimes it just does NOT make sense and i will be forever salty over its treatment of grant ward not because he was a hero but because he had so much potential to be a full on villain or an anti-hero or to have a redemption arc and they squandered all of that

but uh great work with framework phil he’s adorable can we keep him please

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They are using the fact that ksoo watched the ha_ndmaiden as a proof that he is very str8! That it's a hot movie every dude in Kor watched to jrk off ?! I haven't watched it myself so i can't tell but wtf!

Please make sure you’re over a certain age if you want to watch this movie. It’s not just bcoz of the erotic scenes but there were torturing and some graphic disturbing scenes as well. Or watch at your own risk.

The movie was inspired by the novel, Fingersmith. I never read that novel so I’m not sure how similar the movie is with the novel.

The plot was so-so (imo). But the characterizations were disturbingly amazing. Even the architecture, clothes and set-up were beautiful. Jjs said ks likes noir films, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually enjoyed the movie. There was a twist in the movie which I didn’t see it coming. The erotic part of the movie was moaning (does that even count?), boobies and the handmaiden reading the erotic novels for the perverted men. Oh, perhaps the girls getting it on? Their boobies are very healthy btw.

Imo, this movie isn’t just a ‘movie guy can jrk off’ to. It showed how women were used for men’s sexual pleasures (if guy jerk of to this idk what to say), no tragic ending for the same-sex couple and how money could drive ppl to do the unspeakable.

Ks is an actor himself and this movie was nominated and won a lot of awards. It is a movie worth more than a jerk off material for an actor. I think if he wants to jerk off, he could just drop by the porn sites. I mean, idk bout watching girls making out would make ks straight so… what should I watch to make myself a lesbian hmmmm. Lmao.

Take care, anon~

Jaehyun - ideal type

literally 5 people requested for this lmaooo. But I’m not surprised bc jaehyun is actually perfection. Anyways lol here ya go..


- ok likes to smile a lotttt 

- filial girl 

- but likes sports too (i.e. volleyball, basketball, etc) 

- loves reading, I just feel like jaehyun rly likes reading idk, but if he does, he’d like if y'all would read together and shtuff 

- confident 

- but humble 

- I mean like ur gonna have to ask him out first let’s be real lmao 

- likes to sing: duets get ready for some duETS IF U DATING HIM 

- is up to anything like just sitting at home watching netflix or exploring 

 - competitive af 

- I mean come on, when y'all r playing board games 99.9% chance you’ll complain that he moved too far 

- loves the beachhhh 

- supportive 

 - and kind, like not self-centered 

 - good sense of humor 


- this is rly hard ummm 

- let’s see 

- eye smile 

- different variety of clothing 

- glasses: cuz y'all read lol - 

dimples, I mean dimple couple that’d be the cutest thing ever 

- anything honestly 

- I feel like jaehyun cares more abt personality 

 - but lemme just say, don’t change who u r to fit someone’s ideal type :) 

 note: this is 100% coming from my imagination and based on the info that I know abt jaehyun

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So did either of you acknowledge that you gave her another origami flower? I'm dying at all this cuteness

fkadlfjad;lfkj ok here’s the rest of the story

so. i left the thing on her laptop and then i ran away went to eat lunch, so i didn’t get a chance to stick around and see how she reacted when she first saw it. but then later on my supervisor stopped me and was like “wow i saw the thing!!!” bc apparently flower girl was showing the thing to other people and telling them i made it for her (even though i didn’t like… leave a note or talk to her or anything, she knew)

and then she finished for the day and was doing some grocery shopping before she went home. i was bagging at the time so i was like “oh i hope she comes through my line this is good i can smile at her but i don’t really have to make a lot of conversation bc she’ll probably be talking to the cashier mostly,” but guess what!!!! as fate would have it, right before she was about to check out it was getting kind of busy so i was told to go open another register, and just as i was getting set up she was literally right in front of my aisle with her basket and was like heeeeyyy!!!

so obvs she came through my line, and immediately she was so excited about the thing i made her and she was talking about how my sup wanted one but then “i told her she’d have to advocate for herself & ask you to make her her own because i’m sure as hell not giving up mine!!” (i KNOW!!!!) and she actually had it in her hand and was taking it home with her. and then we just talked about food and stuff (lmao i work in a grocery store, all we ever talk about is food) and anyways i was Normal and not awkward and we smiled at each other a lot and there was a lot of eye contact and it was nice.

and i think—i THINK—she knows that i like her, like she MUST right??? i am the least subtle person when it comes to gay thirst, it’s a problem. i mean i guess all of this could sort of be construed as platonic… just like… a gal… making paper roses for a pal…… but idk there was a lot of eye contact going on as i was checking her out (heh) & i’m really maybe trying to Go For It (in like… an 8th grade flirting kind of way). plus my instagram is literally just portraits of fictional lesbians & i have rainbows coming out of my ass so she must at least know that i’m gay.

i mean the straight people i work with literally see the rainbow sticker on my water bottle and the rainbow pins on my backpack and my converses w the rainbow soles and still have NO CLUE and don’t realize i’m not straight (???? how???? i guess it just never occurs to them because?? heteronormativity??? they’re literally like “omg your shoes are cute i want to get a pair” and every time i want to be like nnNNO. these are not!! for!! you!!!). but anyways flower girl is def not straight and she also has rainbows coming out of her ass so i’m sure if i clocked her she must have clocked me right???

oh OH also back to storytime. my friend told me that apparently as i was going out to get carts (this was right after i came back from lunch so she already had the flower i made her but we hadn’t acknowledged it yet) flower girl looked up from her work (she’s very focused when she works it’s cute) and turned her head to watch me walk out the door so………… idk what that means. i mean i’m literally always watching her walk away, apparently it’s getting really obvious and people make fun of me for it all the time. but yeah she watched me walk away. SO. there’s that.

anyways we’re both working again tomorrow, she’s opening and i’m not scheduled until 11 but i think i might come in a few hours earlier and just set up shop with my laptop and try to make some progress on some artwork or something. i mean i definitely have to come in earlier anyways bc i still can’t drive myself and 11am is an inconvenient time for other people who don’t work random hours. but i might come in extra early like at 8 or something so i can just… sit at a table facing the flower booth and pretend to Do Stuff but actually just watch her work for 3 hours lmao i’m a MESS

idk it bothers me when people are like “shadowhunters is so shit I’m not watching it for malec now” jsut. Yikes idk it rubs me the wrong way I think it feels fetish-y to me but also. Consider the poc representation? The hard work that goes into it? And you’re just gonna shit on that? by all means support shows that have good representation especially if you see yourself in them, but if you’re a straight girl only watching it for that it just starts feeling a bit off. Especially those who like the books and refuse to talk critically about how some situations were poorly handled, because then it feels like you just want to see the malec content no matter how well it’s done in which case once again it feels like you don’t care about representation and it is just fetishisation

Main Reason I'm Team Sucy

Hi it’s me. I love Sucy x Akko.

So the main reason is episode eight (if that’s the wrong number I mean the one where Akko goes into Sucy’s mind and they just yah you know??). Because that whole episode just gave us so much potential. which was sadly never followed up on but like if diakko ain’t canon idk what is

Anyway we’re here to talk about my otp not Diakko. Basically we’ll start at the cinema. You know when Akko goes to the cinema with the other Sucys and they’re playing back memories?? Yeah so we see Sucy playing tricks on Akko and in general, it’s kinda funny.

Akko is at first a little miffed but starts to laugh. Note how most of these memories include Akko.

Then we get to the big part. Akko’s confused and asks one of the Sucys what’s going on. And that Sucy acts happy and is like “Oh it’s always playing, I love it” ( or close enough to). So basically, the memory of Sucy meeting Akko is always playing. She just keep remembering it.

And can we appreciate how the style of the tv thing changes to be so much nicer, obviously how Sucy sees it. And all these parts of Sucy just sit watching it play and they all love it. You know what I’m getting at?? I mean like, this is the girl that tried to sacrifice them to get a chicken feather. If this ain’t something idk what is

And then we get to the kiss part. (can we appreciate that Sucy was in room 666 tho? I mean I haven’t seen much on that and it’s honestly the best ).

So the kiss. I mean like I understand Akko was under pressure but even she could have though to idk maybe pour the potions in Sucy’s mouth?? Because that’s the logical thing?? But no. She was like no I’m gonna kiss her. Which take anyway you want but yeah. You see.

Also, the dragon creature. It actually stopped and started like fangirling because Akko was going to kiss Sucy. Hahaha so funny, it’s us fans idk. But really if you look into it, I do think it implies Sukko.

Because no one can deny that that dragon wanted Akko to kiss Sucy. And this dragon is made up of parts of Sucy . So basically it’s parts of Sucy wanting Akko to kiss her.

Also (here comes the sadder part), this creature was made out of the Sucys that were going to be killed. Sucy was killing these parts of her off to survive but Akko saved them.

So basically this was Sucy killing off the parts of herself that want her to kiss Akko, to survive. And that just gives me feels.

Also the kind!Sucy was a part of this. Sucy was killing off the part of her that was kind. Why? She’s not a horrible person, she really cared about Akko and Lotte. So why?

Because this part of her, the nice part, was getting feelings for Akko. And she was getting rid of it.

The court scene shows that it wasn’t even up for debate. Kind!Sucy must die because Sucy needs to survive. Funny? Was it really? Or did it have a deeper meaning? Hmm….. (also Akko being protective over the kind side of Sucy, just fuck me up down and sideways)

Also I like to think these feelings remained because we never saw if the dragon died. Or what happened to those parts of Sucy. So for all we know they survived and so did these feelings.

Well that was my thoughts ^-^ Team Sucy ftw

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Girl!! So just now while I was watching Monsta X's V live, Wonho (I think) was talking and one of the members started singing in the background, "I'm in love with the..." 🍫 Idk who said it, but now I'm too excited for their tour in the US 😆

Do theses boys even know what that song REALLY means? xD

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Hi, I've been following your blog for a while cause I was feeling confused about my sexuality, you see i life in a place where homosexuals are still stigmatized as sinners cause is a very religious environment so I've always grow up with the mentality that liking your same gender is wrong but lately I've been feeling things for girls and I try watching lesbian porn and it turned me on more than boy-girl porn so idk if this is just some fase or it actually means I'm bisexual. Thanks!

I’m really sorry that LGBTQIAP+ people are so stigmatized where you are! Know that being who you are and loving who you love is not a sin. Love and intimacy are both beautiful, good things! I can’t label your orientation for you, but I can give you some pointers. If you are attracted to two or more genders, you can identify as bisexual, even if you don’t feel the same degree or type of attraction to all genders, even if your orientation is fluid and changes over time. I also don’t think orientation is ever “just” a phase. Some people do have fluid orientations that shift and change over time, but that doesn’t make it anything lesser. Some people might change labels, but that doesn’t mean that their experiences or understanding of their orientation in the past are something to be minimized. So, you don’t have to worry about the fact that this feels new or that you’re just exploring it now. You can identify however you want, and if that changes later, that’s okay!

CL with her Bigbang oppars

CL & Daesung were friends who don’t usually hang out but when they see each other, there’s no awkwardness at all and still feels comfortable with each other. Both has an energy needed by their groups and the people around them. Bringing positive vibes on their surroundings. Seeing them laughing and exchanging eye-smiles on each other might probably one of the most precious thing Earth has offered.

CL & Top’s friendship were same as Daesung who can’t we usually see together but once they do, charisma and force would be the understatement of the year. A collab between them will be the end of me. I acutally ship them more than sunsky tbh. lol CL looks like she has a little crush on him (but well.. who doesn’t!).

CL & Seungri.. should i still have to explain it? As we all know they have this Cat & Dog relationship. There’s no time they wouldn’t fight or tease each other whenever they see each other but they’re good friends as well. Watching old videos of them, i feel like Seungri has a little crush on her because you know most of the time when a guy usually teases a girl, it means he just wants all of her attention, idk that’s only what I think. He hates her for not calling him an oppa (even he’s only 2 months older than her) and she just finds him ridiculous. You know what’s good about this kind of friendship? Even though you were always fighting and teasing each other like cat and dog, once the other went missing or just not around, that’s when you realize how you miss him the most.

CL & Taeyang’s friendship for me was the best example of a Brother-Sister relationship. Purely Best of friends. No malice. They were too comfortable on each other and as we all know BOTH of them loves having skinships not just with each other but also on their other close friends whether it is a guy or girl and especially on their members. As i see them, i could see the loyalty and trust given on both parties. They may not be always together but they could still rely on each other with no doubts.

CL & GD’s friendship is the most complicated one. You can’t categorize them on the ‘siblings relationship’ same as Taeyang and not also with the 'couple’ zone since no one knows what’s going on but really, action speaks louder than words. The way they look and touch each other conveys more than what we could actually see and based on it, if you put them on the 'family/siblings relationship’ thing then I must say they would probably be incest. On the other hand, they share pretty much the same values and interests and their friendship was adored by mostly everyone so yeah. They look perfect together, couple or just friends.

(Pics not mine! Ctto)

just some cute au things about the girls

  • inej works at the coffee shop
  • nina works at sephora or something
  • they meet up to have lunch at the food court during their breaks and talk like they haven’t seen each other in years, although they do this everyday
  • nina especially just talks, talks, talks because she misses inej whenever she’s not near and she feels like so much happens since the last time they saw each other
    • not much does but shh
  • they don’t go to the same colleges so this keeps the material alive. nina goes to some cosmetology school or something idk bear with me
    • they gossip so hard. not in a mean way, they don’t make fun of people, they just animatedly discuss them behind their backs…
  • i mean inej hears everything she’s not exactly meant to because no one can hear her coming when she’s walking passed the stock room at work or down hallways at school and such
  • “i’m pretty sure erin and x broke up again” inej announces when nina is mid sentence about the reality show she watched last night
  • she gasps, “no!”
  • (they don’t even know who this x person is)
  • inej works with a girl named erin and she argues on the phone to someone between breaks, screaming out we’re done! every couple weeks but she never says a name so it drives inej and nina crazy
  • “but x was doing such a better job this time around. i mean, like, it’s been three whole weeks. i’m sensing a bit of development.”
  • “what if we’ve gotten it all wrong? what if they aren’t the problem, what if it’s just erin”
  • “plot twist”
  • “and yesterday julian totally got busted. apparently his mom thought he was living on campus all of this time, when really he has an apartment with his boyfriends”
  • nina chokes, “plural?”
  • “yup.”
  • “damn, get it, julian.”
  • and i feel like when they hang out with each other after work, nina brings inej makeup she probably wasn’t allowed to take out of the store
  • “this one is called black like my soul.” nina giggles, tossing the eye shadow at inej as soon as she stepped foot into nina’s apartment
  • “is this for me or kaz?“ 
  • “kaz in eye shadow. ha! that’s something i want to see”
  • inej laughs and shakes a bag at nina, “i came with gifts, too”
  • inej always brings nina little cakes from the coffeshop she works at. nina considers kissing her for it
  • they both relax on nina’s couch, one on either end, facing each other, legs tangled up. nina keeps dropping crumbs everywhere, but she doesn’t care
  • nina and matthias totally have a dog, conveniently named wolf, and he circles at the foot of the sofa hoping for cake, too
  • “sorry, wolf, pretty sure nina’s cleavage is catching it all”
  • nina likes to do inej’s hair and makeup because inej doesn’t particularly care about either of those things and nina could use some practice
  • but inej draws the line at colorful shades of lipstick
  • “dude, vibrant purple, are you kidding me? that’s not coming anywhere near my face”
  • “inej, don’t be difficult! you have such great lips and you’re wasting them on nude colors”
  • “i don’t even think that color would go with my skin tone”
  • “trust me, everything goes with your skin tone”
  • “nina…no.”
  • “nina…yes.” nina pouts until she can convince inej 
    • and damn nina for being right. inej looks in the mirror and realizes the color does look good on her
  • they take so many selfies. i feel like nina would be a selfie queen
  • and inej likes to take candid pictures of nina because she’s still beautiful even when she’s not prepared. inej posts these on instagram with deep captions and poems
  • they both love this. inej’s followers love this. everyone loves this.
  • one time they were making cakes together and had a flour fight
  • inej got so many shots of nina laughing, red dress covered in flour. even flour on her eyelashes. these photos went up with quotes reminding people to enjoy the little things and how important friendship was
  • nina calls her the night the photos went up. she’s in tears, “they’re just so freaking cute. i don’t know how you do it. i wish i could see me like you see me. i feel like the world is so much more meaningful in your eyes.” she sobs
  • then nina hiccups and inej catches on. she doesn’t know how she didn’t hear the thudding bass in the background before
  • then matthias’ voice fills the phone, “why are you in the bathroom? are you crying?”
  • nina slurs “i’m talking to my secret lover! go away, you - you…”
    • apparently she can’t think of an insult. she gives up and says to inej, “where was i? oh yeah, i love you. you’re the best. you know, if i could give you a strip of the moon, i would.”
  • matthias clears his throat, but then he realizes, “it’s inej, isn’t it?”
  • of course it is, matthias
  • inej just laughs. “hey, i love you, too, okay? have fun at the party. and drink lots of water!”
  • nina mumbles something inej can’t understand. inej makes her put matthias on the phone and reminds him to remind nina to drink water


  • somehow inej convinces kaz to wear the eyeshadow
  • he agrees only if she makes it go around his whole eye so he looks scary. i’m talking up to his eyebrows and then underneath his lower lashline. he thinks he’s channeling demon looks
  • he doesn’t look scary at all
  • but inej takes photos and sends them to nina who replies with the skull emoji because she has officially died of laughter
    • nina will never let kaz live this down

this is so lowkey gay and completely self indulgent. and it’s probably a mess but i wanted to post it. how did i even format this?? anyway, it was in my drafts. i wrote it at 4am lmao


- Bobby x reader

- Angst (ish) + happy ending.

- Your friendship with Bobby got too complicated for comfort. You decided to end thing because you can’t handle the stress and confusion any longer.


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- “I’ll see you in a bit. I just got out of practice, gonna head home and shower first. Unless you prefer my au naturale scent.”

- “Gross, can you please shower… I shared a tent with you at camp. I wanted to die.”

Being Bobby’s best friend pretty much mean your apartment is his. Whether it be getting away from the boys, wanting to sleep alone, quiet space for working, or just chilling. Having him over so often wasn’t anything strange anymore. After more than once finding him sitting outside your doors waiting for you to get home from work, you just gave him a key.

- “If you fucking bring girls here, i will end you. Just remember, I know all your dirty secrets.”

- “You act like i’m a diary or something. Do I look like that kind of person to you? smh…”

- “Hey i see you be flirting with girls. desperate time calls for desperate measure. Hanbin would probably kill you if you bang some random girl in your dorm.”

- “Yes, mom. I won’t bring girls over.”

You didn’t start out having a crush on him, not even remote interest. However, as he spend more and more time with you, something changed. His action slowly becoming more sweet and meaningful. Whether it’s just him reminding you to eat, or giving you his jacket during cold days. Slowly his care tug at your heartstring and crushing turn into love. You’ve managed to hidden it well thus far. The frustrating part is you don’t even know if you’re special or this is how he’s usually is with girls. Other than the boys, he never brings you around any of his other friends. He does talks about girls but you never had the pleasure of meeting any of them. There were times where he brought you to parties but he stay by your side the whole time. Being possessive or protective is just something in his nature. He doesn’t let you out of his sight for one second, no guys can come within arm length of you. At this point however, you’d rather not risk a great friendship. Usually you’d come home and find him already lounging around your house. Today was one of those rare day you’re actually home before he comes over. You had some time to spare so you cooked up a meal knowing he’d be starving after practice.

- “Honey, I’m homeeee!!!”

- “STFU will you. How many time did i tell you to stop calling me honey.” you call out from the bedroom.

- “Fine! Did you cook babe? it smells so good.” he walks in the bedroom and jump on your bed.

- “Bobbyyyy NO. stop giving me pet names. if you want your dinner to be safe, stop this instance.”

He has a really bad habit of calling you names that make you dream he was serious about you. He chases you into the kitchen to try and save his meal. You just laugh and follow the crazy boy. After eating pretty much 85% of all the food and chatting your ears off, he slumps onto the couch to watch TV. He insisted on helping you clean up but seeing how tired he was, you shooed him off. 

- “I have that new movie  you wanted to watch. Are you planning on staying over?”

- “OMG YESH. You’re the best. If you don’t mind, can I? I just spent 18 hours with Hanbin. constant yelling for 18 hours. 18!!! if i see him for another minute i’ll have nightmare.”

- “Haha, you know he means well. Couch or bed?”

Of course he’d choose the bed. He’s a little too comfortable in your home that it seems like it’s really his apartment and you’re the guest. At first he’d offer to sleep on the couch or the floor. Following one particularly hard day at practice, he hurt his back and was dying in pain. You felt so bad and told him to come sleep on the bed. He refused at first but eventually gave in. Ever since then, he doesn’t even ask to share the bed anymore. Even with the close proximity, nothing ever happen except for innocent sleep. There was an actual barrier make out of pillows and blanket between the  two of you, always. After putting in the movie, he situates himself flat on his belly, head sideway facing toward the TV.

- “Massage pleaseeeee.” he whines loudly.

- “Are you serious? you take over my apartment, then i have to cook for you, and then clean up. Now you want massage. WTF?”

- “Pretty please, my whole back ache. I told you, i’ve been practicing for like 3 days straight. Please.”

- “Ugh, fine”

Hopping onto his back, legs straddling his sides, you begin to work your magic on him. His broad shoulders relax as his whole body melts onto the bed. Hands running over his smooth skin, fingers grace over the dimples on his shoulders’ muscles, a bit of sadness comes over you. You realize some day this would end time come when either one of you get a love interest. It’s all fun and game to you two but outsider might not fondly share the same view. This day might actually come sooner than you’d wanted. You had decided to give up on loving Bobby.

- “Omg, you should do this professionally. You’re so good babe.”

- “What did i tell you about calling me that?” 

You dig your elbow onto his back causing him to yelp out a loud apology.

- “Jeez, you’re so mean. I’m just playing.”

He lays back down and resumes his focus on the movie. You hesitantly speak up.

- “Can I tell you something?”

- “Uhmm.”

- “I actually agree to go grab a drink with Jason tonight…”

Still focusing on the movie, it almost feels like he’s ignoring. All of the sudden, he pushes your legs and gesture for you to get off. Thinking he’s mad, you scoot away to give him some room. Before you got too far away though, his arm wraps around your waist and pull you to lay down with him. Relaxing yourself into being his little spoon, you shed a tear knowing this feeling will cease to exist soon. Just like that most of the movie passed with him holding you tight. When there was 30 minutes left to the movie and the clock ticks 9:30, you whisper to him.

- “Hey, I have to get ready to go meet Jason…” you words cut off by a loud sigh.

- “Do you have to leave so soon?” His arms still tight around you.

- “What’s wrong? you’re never this clingy. Did something happen between you and the boys? or at home? Is your family okay?”

- “It’s nothing… i don’t know.”

You get a bad vibe from his behaviors and keep pressing for answer. Could he have heard a gossip about your potential new boyfriend? You did meet the guy through him.

- “No, Jason is a good guy. He’s actually would be a good fit for you…There’s nothing wrong with him.”

- “Then how come i’m getting the feeling that you don’t want me to go. If you don’t want me to go, i won’t go. It’s just a date, i’m not marrying the guy.”

- “Go, have fun on your date. I’ll probably head back to the dorm later…”

You’re now super uneasy at his words and action. He’s telling you to leave but his body is telling you to stay. You pull out of his arm and sit up to look at him.

- “Jiwon… you know i can tell if you’re lying right? what’s wrong?”

- “Nothing… just go”

Did you hear it wrong? Was the TV too loud? His words sounded like they were resisting on coming out of his throat as he chokes them up.

- “Jiwon… come on. Tell me.” You try your best to meet his gaze but he just shift it else where. “Fine, if you won’t say it to my face then just whisper it in my ear.”

You get back into being his tiny spoon and force him to wrap his arms around you once more. 

- “I… I just really don’t want you to go…” 

- “Why?”

- “I can’t do this… uh, shit… I, never mind.”

- “You know what? I can’t do this either… I’m leaving. Stay or go, whatever is fine with me.”

You were wiggling out of his hold when he grabs onto you super tight. One arm wraps around your chest, hand holding your shoulder. The other one snakes around your stomach. He presses his body as close to you as humanly possible and snuggle his face into your hair. 

- “I don’t want this to end, us to end.”

- “And what is this exactly? What is ‘us’?”

He practically struck you in the gut by saying that. For months now, for you it wasn’t as simple as best friends hanging out. You guys were practically in a relationship with none of the romance or obligation. You had a crush on Bobby, sure but it wasn’t anything serious. Lately, it’s getting harder for you to differentiate love from friendship.

- “…” Silence fell out of his mouth.

- “You don’t even know what this is, do you?” You were gradually getting frustrated. “Sometimes I wonder why you spend so much time here. You’re not a lonely guy. There’re tons of girls, and guys, that would kill to spend time with you but here you are. Day in, day out, wasting your time in this small average apartment with a completely average girl.”

- “IDK, you’re my best friend outside of the industry. I just want to spend time with you…What’s wrong with that? And you’re not average, stop thinking about yourself like that. Even if you were, what’s wrong with being average. I like you the way you are.”

- “Yes, i know we’re close but you literally spend all your free time here. Your phone blows up every time I see you. Sometimes I just sit and watch you make up bullshit excuses not to hang out with your other friends. I mean you literally was just sitting on my couch, not doing shit. So i really don’t know what this ‘us’ is that you’re referring to. What am I to you? a sister? substitute mom? shelter? What, Bobby.”

- “I.. I don’t know…” he stammers.

That only increases your frustration. All this confusion has to stop. When you’re with him, he has never made a move. The moment you want to see someone else he throws you in for a loop and got jealous? This is too much for your heart to handle so you decided to take your chance. What’s the worse that can happen? If things go south, at least you’ll have peace and can finally move on.

“To me, you’re the greatest person in this world. I had a strings of bad relationships, both romantic and platonic. I was betrayed, cheated on, stabbed in the back. For the longest i thought i was treated badly because i deserve it or that was the best i was gonna get. But you, you changed everything. You showed me how a proper relationship should be and made me better. You’re literally the ultimate best friend.  You showed me kindness. You picked me up when i was left wounded by my ex.You showed me a way out. That’s why I will walk through hell for you if you need me to. That’s why i’m your best friend. But fuck, lately it’s been so compilcated. You’re TOO kind to me that it make me soo confuse. You’d draw me into this whirlwind fantasy of thinking i might have a chance with you. You don’t even know how many time I got soo close to confessing to you but then… Then just when I was about to, you gushed hours on end about some girl that wouldn’t give you the time of day, WHILE laying in bed with me. I know these sleepover are purely because you need time away from your hectic life… But shit, it’s so vexing because right after you say craps like “don’t ever date or get marry because i need you”, you go and say friendzone shit to me. I can’t get mad Bobby… I can’t even get jealous when girls that are 10x prettier and more successful than me flirt with you. What right do i have to do that? I’m nothing when it comes to Bobby’s realm of love. That’s why i have to do this, i have to go on this date. I have to end this crazy confusing relationship of ‘us’… whatever ‘us’ is. I can’t keep getting string along like some doll. I don’t want to feel like some left over when you finally move on. I know it’s not your fault, it’s mine for falling for you. But i have to make things clear once and for all. Either you hold up your end of the friendzone bargain or just don’t see me anymore. At the end of the day, I’m nothing more than a comfort net for you and it breaks my heart. So, for the sake of my sanity and my heart… From this day on, i will stop loving you, Kim Jiwon.”

After a few minutes of quietness, you were sure it was done between you and him. His hold still tight, you couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable but there was no way of getting out. Just then, he starts to speak.

- “Please don’t do that… I don’t want you to see him or anyone else. I want you to myself, no other guys in this world can have you. You’re mine and i want to have the right to be selfish when it come to you. You’re wrong. You’re my everything and i prayed so hard that you’d look at me the same way. I can’t stand when you hang out with other guys, guys that would do anything to have you.Guys that can spend everyday with you instead of once in awhile because of some crazy schedule. I can’t help it but stand on the sideline and watch because you seemed so happy. I know I can’t give you all my time so I’d have to let someone else do that. I can’t even tell you how much i love you because i’m scare of losing you altogether. These past couple of months, i’ve been so happy that even the boys noticed. They kept asking me if i have a girlfriend and i love that you’re my secret. I wasn’t trying to string you along, i’m so sorry it came off that way. I was scare if you reject me, i’ll never be able to be in your life like this anymore. You always chase my loneliness away with your laughter and your warmth. One smile and i lose all my strength. I spent nights just watching you sleep, wishing you’d turn around and crawl into my arms. Now and then, I let my heart pretends like you’re my girlfriend… it hurt because you’re mine, but you’re not exclusively mine. I fear the day when you meet someone else and i’d have to let you go. Whenever I’m going to you and someone ask, I want so bad to tell them i’m going home to my girl. I wish i have the courage to tell you that sooner but it’s all too late now… You’re my perfect girl and i lost you because i waited too long.”

At his sweet, shy words, you roll back to face him. He has a painful expression on his face with a few tears stuck in his long eyelashes. Wiping the tears off him, you smile satisfyingly. 

- “I won’t go if you tell me not to… I only want to date so I can forget about you. I’ve been hiding my feeling for so long that I thought the only way to escape them was to let you go. I guess we both just fear rejection.” 

- “I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay home with me. If only I was more of a man and just come out with my feeling. I guess i’m not that good at hiding it… I’m really sorry for hurting you. It’s just you didn’t even show the slightest sign that you see me as more so I was scared” Hand move to stroke your cheeks softly.

- “It’s okay. You’re my man. Everything is just the way it should now… I love you, baby.” you reluctantly whisper, shy still from his confession.

- “I love you more.” he moves closer and places a kiss on your forehead, hands cupping your face.  “As your boyfriend, i forbid you to go on this nonsensical date. You are to stay home and let me hug you. Also, i thought you were allergic to pet name. what happened? ”

You laugh at his sudden boyfriend mode. You always knew he has a cute side but he rarely shows it. All this is so refreshing. 

- “You’re an idiot. I didn’t say i don’t like it, I just wanted you to stop calling me by those names. When you call me those things i wish i was more and it hurt that i couldn’t be. So i just yell at you when you do”

- “You are more, sooo much more. Well you’re gonna have to let me call you by whatever name I want now. Although, I think I like being call ‘baby’ more than ‘idiot’.”

- “Baby” you coo at him, cutting off his laugh.

- “hmm?”

- “I want to kiss you.”

He flashes the biggest smile you’ve ever seen before pulling your chin up and let his lips meet yours. You pull away and smile back at him. His long index reaches over and brushes a few hair strand away from your face.

- “What do you say you call Jason to cancel and we go out to celebrate?”

- “Can we just stay in? I don’t wanna leave your arm.” you whine and he place a haste kiss on your nose.

- “Okay. We’ll stay in for as long as you want if you promise to get rid of the sleep barrier. i don’t need to be cock block from my own girlfriend by a bunch of pillows. I mean, seriously. I couldn’t even “accidentally” cuddle you. I’d know, i tried, it doesn’t work. I hate those pillows so much. You always hug them too, i don’t like that either.”

- “Yes and yes. You’re so cute. I promise i will hug you more than the pillow.”

You giggle at his silliness before digging your face into his chest and letting yourself fall into his scent. He closes his eyes and let the feeling of you against him sinks in. Maybe it isn’t so bad to face your fear once in awhile.

nightmaretheif  asked:

Im just woundering as been following the game and such.... isnt it actually an offemce in japan to not use honorifics unless stated that its okay?? Or was the program i watching lieing to me i wounder... that and this game is just proving to be more and more.....unrealistic in a sence. Custom wise and such... i mean yay or a yandere game but i mean at least give the damn girl and 'senpai' something akin to a perosnality... like damn... why all these girls like a boy with 0 perosnality :/

its considered very impolite or offensive to some people to not use honorifics, yea, but i imagine if youre childhood friends with someone you’d have permission to. idk i think it would show just how close they are because from the cut scenes alone they seem like complete strangers



for those of you who have asked about how me and the boy have met, here ya go. i normally wouldn’t go into such detail about my love life on here lol, but it’s quite the story and i’m to happy about it to not share hehe😌

so, starting at the beginning of this semester i was running on the trails by my school and i ran past this guy who was really cute and his friend and he gave me a high five! of course, this is just a kinda cool runner thing and i didn’t think much of it besides that he was cute hehe. later on the same run, i was coming back and i see him again and this time he’s with my schools cross country team(he was on the team) and they were being nice and kinda cheerin’ me on and he went to give me another high five and tripped and fell in front of me😂😂anyways, that made him even more memorable and i just thought he was a major babe. of course though, i didn’t think much of the situation because it was just someone i had seen on the trail(who happened to be very very cute hehe)

fast forward to a couple months later, i’m running on the trail again and i see the men’s team up ahead(i got a little nervous inside bc i remembered he cutie lol). next thing i know, as they’re running toward me he starts like jumping up and down and getting super excited to see me and is like “it’s you! it’s you!” and i was super smiley and surprised and nervous and i just smiled and waved back hehe. HE WAS SO CUTE. i wanted to find out who he was lol.

so, i decided to do a little instagram searchin’.(him being on the team made it easy) and so i followed a couple people from the team. i didn’t expect much out of this, other than just to follow him hehe. later that day, i come back from showering and i see that i have an instragram message and it’s from him!! he said something along the lines of “hey are you the girl from the trail?” and of course, i said yes and we stared chatting hehe. we were basically just talking about running and he mentioned how i should join the team and stuff. the conversation basically kind of faded after we discussed running and all that jazz.

later on, i’m at my friends house and i cant get him out of my head lol and i keep telling her how i think he’s soooo cute. my friend was encouraging me to ask him out on a date or to hangout, but of course i was frightened by that idea and kept saying no lol. i had never done anything like that before. but then i started thinking and i was like you know what, what do i have to lose?! and i talked myself into being brave lol. i messaged him again and in a somewhat sly way said “hey would you want to maybe grab a cup of coffee so we can talk about the team?”(i only through in the team part to make it less obvious lol) he said yes and i was so excited and we picked a day to meet up and ah i was so pumped! then a few minutes later, he messages me and says “also, sorry to be presumptuous, but i feel like i should mention that i’m currently seeing someone right now. i know your intentions probably aren’t there and are just about the team, but i thought i should mention that.” i was so embarrassed lol. i played it off by saying somethin like “yeah, yeah i just wanted to talk about the team no worries!” lol lol. i was mortified lol. i was like this would happen to me, the ONE time i try and be brave and put myself out there haha!

so then a few days later we go to meet up for coffee and i reaaally didn’t want to go lol. i was so incredibly embarrassed and i almost backed out lol. but i went anyways, and i felt awkward the whole time because of my embarrassment lol. it went well and we just talked about the team and very slightly went off subject and then it was over. the whole time though i was like “oh my god he’s so cute this sucks lol” so then, that’s it and we didn’t talk after that. he actually asked for my number, but said it was to give to the girls team lol.

then, flash forward a little bit and he adds me on snapchat and i’m sitting in my 8am 3 hour lecture bored as heck and i see a snapchat from him. i was so so so caught off guard, but also quite happy about this lol. he had snapchatted me coffee(lol) and though it was super random, i thought ya know what why not reply! so then we started going back and forth all day talking and i asked if there were any good coffee shops in sac he knows of and he mentioned this one that he had never tried, but heard it was good. and then he said “we should try it together sometime” and of course i was down, because coffee+cute guy…yessss. he picked me up the next day and we spent 4 hours freezing our butts asses off sitting outside sippin on coffee and just talking all night! it was so cool. we just had a ton to talk about and had so many stories and things in common and i felt like i could listen to him forever.

so then, from there we continued to hang out and go on dates and drink coffee and…kiss hehe and talk and have so much fun and just ahhh.

then, the cross country coach invited me out to the distance teams time trial so i could watch and meet some of the team(keep in mind he was on the team, not anymore. long story, but his best friends are all from the team). so, i go to the meet and the guys team keeps coming up to me and each one of them is like “are you trail girl?” “you’re the girl from the trail?” “oh my god you’re trail girl!” and i’m just like “uhh,😂yes i guess lol!” i was like i mean they’ve all seen me on the trail so i guess that’s like a nickname idk lol?

anyways, the next time me and him are hanging out, i mention how i went to the time trial and i was like you know it’s funny all the guys kept coming up to me and calling me “trail girl”. and he got this cute little smirk on his face and started laughing and was like “umm that’s kind of from me heheh” and i was like whaaat explain! explain! and so he told me that the first time he saw me on the trail(when he gave me a high five) he was with his best friend and he was like “oh my god , dude. she is so pretty.” and was just like kinda in shock. so then, when he saw me later on my run, he was with the team and he was bragging and was like “guys, i just found like my dream girl on the trail AND i high fived her” so then, i come runnin back and he sees me again and he’s like “guys guys there she is WATCH i’m gonna do it again”…that’s when he tripped and ate crap in front of me lol lol. he said he was so bummed because he thought there was no way he could find me again and he was so mesmerized(lol). he actually showed me an old tweet from that day and it said “just found the girl of my dreams on the trail today. retweet to help me find her! #findtrailgirl” hahahahahaha. so, that’s why he got so excited months later when he saw me again and was like “it’s you!!” he said he actually through like a minor tempor tantrum in the locker room after that run because literally the day before he had started “seeing” that girl and was like “what the heck dude i thought i’d never see trail girl again and just when i start seeing someone else there she is!!!!”(btw he saw the girl for like a week and a half and said it was awkward and he wasn’t into her and nothin even happened. but he’s a respectable dude and of course did the right thing by telling me he was seeing someone..i give him maximum kudos)

he said, he got so excited when i messaged him, he was in dennys with the team and flipped out and was like “NO WAY NO WAY!! trail girl found me!!! omg trail girl followed me” and all the guys were like “YEAAAAAH!!!!” and he was blown away when i asked him to coffee and wanted to go so bad and not just talk about running(but he did the nice thing by being respectful and not just ditchin the girl hehe). so yeah then, when things ended with the girl he was like this is a sign to talk to trail girl!

…and yeah. so then we went on many dates and everything felt(feels) so great and we get along so well. we have such similar humor, we have so much to talk about, we just feel really connected(which is so cheesy, but true)

right before i left for home, we spent the whole day hangin out and it was so fun and we were talking and he was like “sooo, what do you want us to be? hehe” and we talked about how we feel so frickin compatible with one another and just how amazing everything feels and how like it’s almost fate that everything happened the way it did and we made it official hehe.

…soooo, that’s the story hehe. met on the trail, never thought we’d see eachother again and here we are. i’m his trail girl and girlfriend hehe and it’s really really cool. i’m such a cheeseball of a person and our little story just makes so much sense. everyone i told, including my family said it’s such a mel’s story and is literally such a cute story(which we both totally agree with hehe) anyways, i’m just so happy and this is so crazy and amazing and i feel great and over the moon. can’t wait to be back.

thanks to all of you who read through this mass of a story lol i give you mad props😌

Will and Riley

Ok so I just saw the Sense8 Christmas special and I have to say JESUS CHRIST IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!! Like wow the birthday scene, the orgy scene, the christmas scene… Art. Just art. But there’s something I’d like to highlight: Will and Riley’s relationship. I know that right now you might think that ok, they are cute, but they are just a straight/white/cis couple, but to me, they are much more than that. I mean, did you see how freaking vulnerable Will was during THE WHOLE chapter??? It was Riley the one who is protecting him, taking care of him, like, the girl being actually the “”””strong part”””” (idk how to explain it) of the relationship. I mean, in almost every tv show, film we watch, book we read… the boy is always the one who protects and takes care of the “vulnerable and weak” girl. Well, Sense8 ENDED that stereotype. They showed the boy being actually the one that needed protection, someone to be there for him, the boy being the little spoon. And I think that’s very important. Male characters are often represented as the ones that never feel sadness, pain… or even joy, the ones that always repress their feelings. Sense8 is not like that. Sense8 showed a strong boy af (because we all know that damn, Will is such a strong character, he has showed that many other times) feeling so fucking scared, terrified, feeling vulnerable and needing protection. And the girl, who usually is the little spoon, being the big spoon, showing the boy that is ok to feel that way, that she’s there for him, and I just think that’s freaking beautiful.

anonymous asked:

Gusto ko lng magtanong. Is it decent for a girl na papasukin yung lalaki sa kwarto niya? But no malicious intent? I mean just cuddle, watch movies and sleep lng.

my hippie self says it’s fine (she’s decent) as long as you’re both single or you two are in a relationship with each other (which is a much better option) and like what you’ve said, “no malicious intent” so yeah haha but you know what, i think she likes/loves you. we don’t let random people enter our personal space - unless you’re special haha just saying. but idk, ask her for assurance. maybe she’s just a cuddle person. or not.