idk was just watching mean girls

Headcanons for Percy’s favorite Disney movie are based on the assumption that he Loves the ocean. Cool, fine. But then why would his favorite movie be The Little Mermaid? A movie about a girl who doesn’t like being in the water, who dreams of getting away from her family and home and being independent, and in the end chooses to leave the ocean permanently, to the point she even isolates her daughter from part of her identity? Doesn’t really make sense.

And Finding Nemo? As a kid that can actually talk to sea creatures, I think it’d be hard for him to watch because it’d be so inaccurate and he’d just end up annoyed, especially when specific sea creatures are portrayed as mean. Idk, I can almost see an argument for this but I just don’t think it fits as well as others.

But Moana? It’s about a girl who loves her island and her home. She loves her people. But yet? The sea calls to her. She connects to it. Even with all the love she has for her island, she feels the tug of the sea. She always finds herself back at the water’s edge. And I just think Percy would relate to that. To her love for her family and the ocean.

Payback (M)

Jimin x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, light choking, daddy kink, kinda public??, idk man it’s just filth

Word Count: 3,125

Summary:  Park fucking Jimin was sin incarnate, and he knew it too. You have had it with his extra ass on stage, he was always taking some article of clothing off and you were at your wits end. This means war.

A/N: This is my fic, I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Your jaw was on the floor after watching BTS’ new comeback stage. As if the low cut shirts, lip bites, sexual lyrics, and all around rudeness wasn’t enough, Jimin decided he needed to up the ante and undress on stage looking like sin itself. Fucker. He knew exactly what he was doing, and you decided he needed to be punished.

Dressing in all his favourites; your shorts, oversized sweater and thigh high socks that always got to him, you headed to the boys’ dorm for a movie night after making sure your coat covered everything. You arrived at the dorm quicker than anticipated, and after being let in by Hoseok and attacked by the boys with hugs, you learned that Jimin was still in the shower. Settling down on the couch you took your jacket off and got comfortable with a bowl of popcorn when you felt several pairs of eyes on you. Looking up, you saw the boys eying your outfit and you smiled to yourself, your plan already working. Jimin walked out of the shower with his hair still damp, wearing sweats and a loose t shirt. He looked around the room and noticed that all eyes were on you, a smile spreading on his face as he met your eyes, then he saw why they were staring and his face hardened.

Strike one.

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Ignore everything you’re doing and go watch 3% on netflix. It’s a brazilian production so it does mean that they speak portuguese but you can either watch it with subtitles or dubbed (idk about dubbed).

Do you want POCs in your cast? You betcha

Do you want disabled people to make your cast truly diverse? Sure

Also, look at this girl! Look at her! You can’t resist her. You gotta watch it to know why is she so fantastic.

As you can see I ran out of arguments after marathoning this series the whole day today and having my brain turning into something like jelly so just, anyway, take a quick look, will ya?

Will and Riley

Ok so I just saw the Sense8 Christmas special and I have to say JESUS CHRIST IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!! Like wow the birthday scene, the orgy scene, the christmas scene… Art. Just art. But there’s something I’d like to highlight: Will and Riley’s relationship. I know that right now you might think that ok, they are cute, but they are just a straight/white/cis couple, but to me, they are much more than that. I mean, did you see how freaking vulnerable Will was during THE WHOLE chapter??? It was Riley the one who is protecting him, taking care of him, like, the girl being actually the “”””strong part”””” (idk how to explain it) of the relationship. I mean, in almost every tv show, film we watch, book we read… the boy is always the one who protects and takes care of the “vulnerable and weak” girl. Well, Sense8 ENDED that stereotype. They showed the boy being actually the one that needed protection, someone to be there for him, the boy being the little spoon. And I think that’s very important. Male characters are often represented as the ones that never feel sadness, pain… or even joy, the ones that always repress their feelings. Sense8 is not like that. Sense8 showed a strong boy af (because we all know that damn, Will is such a strong character, he has showed that many other times) feeling so fucking scared, terrified, feeling vulnerable and needing protection. And the girl, who usually is the little spoon, being the big spoon, showing the boy that is ok to feel that way, that she’s there for him, and I just think that’s freaking beautiful.

Jaehyun - ideal type

literally 5 people requested for this lmaooo. But I’m not surprised bc jaehyun is actually perfection. Anyways lol here ya go..


- ok likes to smile a lotttt 

- filial girl 

- but likes sports too (i.e. volleyball, basketball, etc) 

- loves reading, I just feel like jaehyun rly likes reading idk, but if he does, he’d like if y'all would read together and shtuff 

- confident 

- but humble 

- I mean like ur gonna have to ask him out first let’s be real lmao 

- likes to sing: duets get ready for some duETS IF U DATING HIM 

- is up to anything like just sitting at home watching netflix or exploring 

 - competitive af 

- I mean come on, when y'all r playing board games 99.9% chance you’ll complain that he moved too far 

- loves the beachhhh 

- supportive 

 - and kind, like not self-centered 

 - good sense of humor 


- this is rly hard ummm 

- let’s see 

- eye smile 

- different variety of clothing 

- glasses: cuz y'all read lol - 

dimples, I mean dimple couple that’d be the cutest thing ever 

- anything honestly 

- I feel like jaehyun cares more abt personality 

 - but lemme just say, don’t change who u r to fit someone’s ideal type :) 

 note: this is 100% coming from my imagination and based on the info that I know abt jaehyun

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Ok so shadowhunters has its issues (I'm still fuming about the not exactly consensual cut off malec scene) BUT ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS JUST CAME OUT AS ACE!!!!! I'm not ace (idk if I'm somewhere on the spectrum, still figuring that out) but when I was younger I wasn't interested in sex or anything physical which was extra stressful on top of the "...I like girls?" stuff so it makes me so happy to think of other younger people in a situation like that seeing him be so chill and honest about it

Hey, that’s awesome! I’ve been meaning to watch that show because it looked pretty and possibly a bit trashy, but in a way I enjoy.

Hurrah for canon rep!

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omg could you give more of those summaries?

uhm yeah

  • Jane the Virgin: This girl wanted to be a virgin for ever but now she has 9 months to think of another plan (Like??? That’s not the story of JTV xd)
  • New Girl: Best way to get over a break up? Move in with three single guys so you get back your confidence in men! 
  • Teen Wolf: Hairgrowth? Possible, Very good at lacrosse? Nice! But those bruised classmates, that’s a problem
  • Gossip Girl: Girls can be so mean, especially if they’re rich spoiled brats at a private school in New York. 

Idk who writes these but they either need to translate from IMDB or just… watch all the shows… Or get fired and hire me (all these are tranlated from Dutch btw, and in Dutch it sounds even more cheesy)

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Tagged by @suspiciousobserver  Well, this is random lol

Nickname: Ana/Cloudy/Anette

Sign: Aries

Height:  5'4

Last Thing You Googled: “Paint tool sai”

Favorite music artist: Do I have one? IDK, I have many

Song stuck in my head: Pocahontas: Just around the river bend

Last movie you watched: Tangled with a friend

What are you wearing right now: um, a turquoise pajama with clouds and stars

What do you post: My art, people’s art, and shitposts

Why did you choose your URL: Well, it was mostly because like I love my name; “Anette” which means graceful woman and “loli” for the anime girls…. CRAP, OK, I WAS A WEEB BEFORE!! WHEN I WAS WAY YOUNGER!!

Do you have any other blogs: I do it’s @askkeithandlance  a collab blog with my friend @klanceforthesoul

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: Well, I’ve learned a lot from my past two relationships. In my first one, I learned that if you don’t actually feel something for the person don’t hook up with them. Since I was very, very shaken you could say, I didn't know what to do so I accepted a relationship where since the beginning it wouldn’t work and the girl was a fake bitch. In my second one, I learned that I need to have a strong connection with the partner and me searching for her all the time wouldn’t work at all. So in short if the relationship is a 50/50, then we’ll be okay. But in the first one, it was a 0/50 and the second one was a 30/10 if you get my point.

Favorite Color: Red and Blue (making purple)

Average Hours Of Sleep: I usually sleep from 9 pm to like 8 am or 9 am

Lucky Number: *Lenny face*  69 

Favorite characters: Lance, Keith, Allura, Pidge, and Shiro…. I’m not in other fandoms lol

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: Eh, One blanket lol

Dream Job: A game designer or a photographer, either is fine

Um, I would tag even if I don’t want to but,


songs for dara
kiss - dara; tell me one more time - jinusean feat. dara; clap your hands - 2ne1; hello - g-dragon feat. dara; i need a girl - taeyang; i love you - 2ne1; love love love - epik high feat. dara; 0+1 - kang seungyoon; today - dara; springirls - sunwoo jung-a; good to you - 2ne1; the two of us - dara feat. kang seungyoon; ugly - 2ne1; epilogue - dara x kang seungyoon

gosh like i havent watched mlp in a very long time but i was scrolling through some blogs tonight and just like…. when i was younger and discovering and accepting myself, especially with gender and sexuality and mental illness, like that show helped me so so much and even though its not like how it used to be in all ways it still means a lot to me and i still love those horses

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23, 26, 32, 62, and 82? ;) ❤︎

x) thanks Bry ♡

23. Describe your dream date:
mmm i don't really have a dream date, but something like an escape room, or a fair date? idk, tbh we could be sitting on a fkn cardboard box and if the person is interesting and I’m having fun I wouldn’t care haha.

26. How many pillows do you sleep with?
2 sometimes 3, i need something to hug hehe

32. 3 favorite girl names:

  1. Mia - in spanish it means “mine” and i just love it! its so cute tfjnrj
  2. Gabriela 
  3. Sophie or Sophia

62. Do you still watch cartoons?
Not as often as i used to, but i dead ass just sit down and marathon spongebob once in a while. I love spongebob

82. Favorite ice cream flavor? 
Strawberry, pralines and creme and pistachio - specifically haagen dazs :D

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just wanted to say...your fancasts are soo good holy shit. Also i totally started watching snatch cause of you lol (its pretty good so far! But could definately do with more woc!!) Also shout out to luke pasaqualino (??? idk how to spell his name) for being gorgeous and a perfect kaz lmaooo

omg i’m so happy you did (and you like it!!) you’re absolutely right tho, i was thinking about this earlier today :/ and just more girl power in general bc i feel like it’s way too focused on albert’s family drama (i mean i don’t mind it and it ties in with the plot so it’s not like it’s annoying or anything but still)?? let’s hope it gets a second season and they do smth about that (also maybe some lgbt rep?? i know the show isn’t focused on romance but they could just… exist you know) AND IKRRR he’s the perfect kaz for me :’)

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ok listen im watching supergirl and idk i havent seen lena or monel yet so idk rlly abt them i mean i might be a little sexist bc my gay ass wants to see more girls and wlw representation but what makes you ship karamel?? what do you find so appealing abt monel?? as someone who is probably going to ship supercorp i just want to understand your side of it

I also want to see more representation, I’m all for it honestly, I have nothing against Supercorp, I really don’t know how to answer your question. I know everyone is calling his mistakes out and they have every right to it but I like how she doesn’t have to hold back, how she can be herself around him, I like that he makes her laugh which was something uncommon btw. I like that he makes her happy. I know a lot of people don’t see that way, but that’s my point of view.
I know he has a long way to go, I do, but he has comed a long way. That’s my opinion, I understand you don’t agree and I appreciate that you were respectful. And in addition to it, she feels less alone around him, because both of them lived similar situations and problems, and both are very alike. And because Kara isn’t stuck. As much as you don’t like Mon-El you would have to acknowledge that Kara has her fair share of mistakes to own up as well. He makes her see that, so she can evolve. Thank you again for being respectful (: I miss people like you in this fandom
Thank you

I know we’ve heard about buff “manly” men gushing over olicity but can we shed some light on the amount of little boys and girls who love olicity. It’s just so pure (although idk why little kids are watching Arrow it’s not a particularly kid-friendly show).

I mean seeing little six year old boys and girls in their Green Arrow and Felicity Smoak cosplay, holding hands and seeing little boys ask about the future of olicity and little girls in their Felicity tech gear posing with Stephen is as pure as pure can get.

I know the teen/adult fans of olicity/Arrow get plenty of attention but what really stands out the most is that these are 6,8,10 year old little boys AND girls who love olicity and wanna know the future of their relationship and giving Stephen advice on olicity, it’s just so precious and shows the effect the ship has on the audience too. Even little kids can recognize true love.


So I JUST found out about this, but WJSN has been getting a lot of mean, misogynistic comments on their video and other social media. Let’s support their debut as much as we can by watching their MV (Mo Mo Mo and Catch Me [when it’s relased])and leaving positive comments as well as buying/streaming their mini album Would You Like!

Luke would probably be the kind of idiot boyfriend to get turned on while watching you eat ice cream tbh. You’d both be sitting on your couch, watching a movie (most likely mean girls for the 32768 time) and you’d have your ice cream while Luke was just casually sitting on the other end of the couch, his feet up on the small coffee table. While you’d be licking your ice cream, sucking on it softly every so often, you’d notice Luke stealing short glances at you but whenever you’d turn your head to look at him he’s quickly advert his eyes back to the tv. When you then put your ice cream into your mouth and slowly took it out again you’d hear a quiet whimper coming from the lanky boy next to you, his cheeks turning pink, his body shifting around uncomfortably, his skinny jeans looking awfully tight where his legs met beneath his hips. A small giggle would escape your mouth as you checked out the flustered 18-year old. You’d teasingly lick and then bite your bottom lip, finishing your ice cream and then crawling over to him, taking a seat on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck and playing with the baby hairs there. “You alright there, Lukey? Need some help?” You mumbled, a small smirk forming on your lips as Luke squeezed his eyes shut, his nose automatically doing that adorable crinkle-thing. “Please” He whispered almost desperately. With that being said your smirk turning into a smile as you began grinding your hips onto his, determined to relieve the poor boys’ stress.

I love seeing these new shows on transgender kids but i hate how they say that they are ‘allowing them to be a girl or boy’ or ‘becoming a girl or boy’. Idk if its just me but i find those things to be very invalidating. Now i just want a show about a transgender teen that never had a clue until they found out the meaning of trans. That would be something i could relate more to. But ill watch the other shows until then.

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NAME: arielle


WHERE I’M FROM: tex-ass

FAV ANIME: idk, i only really watch sailor moon tbh. but i love it, so.

FAV SHOW: i don’t even think i have a favorite show? i kind of just watch a lot of bad shit on netflix. i really like 90s sitcoms though.

ZODIAC: virgo ♍️🌺

FAV DRINK: lemonade, red wine, and monster bc i’m fedorable

FAV QUOTE: oh man, idk. the first thing that came to mind is “just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character” from pulp fiction, which i realize is really lame.

FAV BAND: modest mouse

FAV SEASON: autumn

MOVIES I’M WAITING FOR: insidious 3 (i’m trash), the gallows, fantastic 4, carol, me and earl and the dying girl, dope… that’s all I can think of rn


i’m tagging: sinnermoon, vital-beach, giant-swan, stan-brakhage, kingkruelle, manshuns, sailorcrescentmoon, fart-simpsons, velvetsidewalk, chapterdoof

OKAY so has anyone else felt like Farkle hasn’t really been there very much the past few episodes? Like I know it’s mainly focused around Riley, Maya, and Lucas but I mean Farkle has known the girls pretty much as long as the girls have known each other, you’d think he’d have at least some significance, other than just sitting in his seat in class for entire scenes amd watching it all happen… idk I just wanna see more of the smol sunshine tbh