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countries and chairs 

my friend shared a post about chairs on facebook and i had no choice but to edit it

we spent a few hours hiding away from a few responsibilities and friends in a stark room with great acoustics. we sang and danced and just let loose. she said she’s never laughed so hard, so much, so genuinely. she said i never fail to make her day a little brighter. she said she feels, something, but she can’t dare to say it because she already promised those words to someone else. and had i known what i know now, i wouldn’t have promised my words to her.

Today was bittersweet.

I made this drawing for one of the few irl friends of mine that love Fire Emblem! He requested Severa so I tried to invent a modern version of her~

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and it’s possible that Yuri is also a big fan of Viktor.

I mean, this is his face when he fantasizes about Viktor choreographing his program.

Yes, his motives could be simply to choose the best skater to choreograph his program to make sure that he wins. But that means he appreciates Viktor’s skills. He thinks of Viktor as the best choreographer and best skater out there, over actual coaches and choreographers with many more years of experience.

And there is also this:

We’ve already talked about the possibility of Yuri wanting Viktor to choreograph his program just from a business point of view (Yuri needs the prize money from winning the GPF because that is his only source of income). But I think he also deeply admires Viktor. He doesn’t see Viktor as just another skater, or a business opportunity. He truly appreciates Viktor as a sort of idol, even if he doesn’t idolize him in the same way as Yuuri Katsuki does (maybe because Yuri has always been around Viktor and knows the real Viktor).

If Yuri is Viktor’s fan, it will be really interesting to see how he transforms to fit Agape. In the same way that Viktor will probably play an important role in Yuuri’s discovery of his own eros, he will also be important for Yuri to understand the concept of agape. Maybe that’s what Yuri needs: to learn about innocent love though his relationship with Viktor.

In any case, I see Yuri Plisetsky as a very complex character, with a personality full of twists. He’s a teen, and he’s changing and learning constantly as his emotions clash, and he’s forced to face not only economic issues but also emotional ones.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she thinks: how can people still think tsukiyama only wanted to eat kaneki when we have actual proof that he's starved himself almost to death. Tsukiyama ran directly towards haise and didn't wanted to eat him but asked to SPEND TIME together again. He felt loved and accepted in that group they had and he wants hinami back and he even misses Banjou. This is actually so worrying because in his life he must have felt really unaccepted to get attached so deeply to kaneki and the rest, also it makes me wonder if he actively tried to break out of his family by not wanting to support their incestuous tradition. But his first reaction to sasaki was crying and then trying to meet him as fast as possible and actually dragging his starved body forward. i hope he will be okay soon...

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I have long-ish blonde hair that i dye violet every summer, really short, I live in high waisted skinny jeans and hoodies/tees.I like books and stars and apple tea and pretty notebooks and music that makes you feel stuff. Also staying up way too late, idk nights make you feel enchanting. mom friend, an extroverted introvert *usually super alone,never goes out, but when i am with people i'm really loud and sociable*also a ravenclaw,i love learning random stuff that I will probably never use irl

you literally sound like a soft modern summer nymph and i am aBSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY IN LOVE!!!

don’t wake up

After three years of being with Luke, nothing was the same. He was someone you wanted when you were 16, and now you’re at the edge of your teenage years and you need something else.

It’s silent as the two of you are sitting in the dark at 2 AM at the edge of his bed. You’re both staring out blankly, knowing something is about to happen. This relationship has become you two waiting from something to happen.

This was not the love you had when you first started out. You fight more than you kiss. You don’t make the effort you used to. When it all boils down, you’re just unhappy. So when you sit with to tell him, he is not surprised.

“It’s not the same,” you say.

“I know,” he responds defeatedly. 

“You can feel it, can’t you?” you ask, almost pleading him to see the disparity you can feel. You reach down and grip his hand tight. “When I hold your hand?” Your gaze shifts from your intertwined fingers to his shadowed eyes. “When I kiss you?” You hear his sniffles, but can’t see his tears. Thank god the night was kind enough to hide his sadness from you. There is no response. “You can feel that it’s not the same?”

You feels the dips in the mattress when he shifts, but other than the rustle of the sheets, he remains silent. Your eyes have adjusted enough to the dark to see the outline of his head falling slightly. How sad it was that you could recognize his melancholy just by the simple movement of a shadow.

The next thing he says is, “Will you do me a favor?”

Your heart stops at the turn of the question, only afraid that his favor is for you to change your mind. But there’s no going back from here. You tense up, unsure of how to move your body now. He waits for you to respond, but you don’t so he continues on.

“Will you spend one more night with me?” As if your limbs detach from your body, you feel your soul come undone at the cracks in his voice. Like a death row inmate asking for his last meal, he whimpers, “Please?”

You cannot say no. The flood gates in your eyes open, tears rolling down your face uncontrollably. You cannot bear to speak, knowing if you do, you will take back everything you just said and stay with him forever. But you cannot bring yourself to say no. So you just nod. “Yes,” you manage to get out. But it’s a broken ‘yes.’

The room is dark but you can see the streams on his face glistening in whatever light it caught. “I love you,” he whimpers softly, trying to conceal the break of his voice.

“I know.” You drag your hands under your eyes. “I love you too.”

You both don’t say anything else. He moves into his usual position on the left side of the bed and you crawl over to take your place on the right. You rest your head on his chest and place you hand lightly on the middle of his bare torso. He drapes his arm around you.

This was not an unfamiliar position. This is how you both slept last week, six months ago, two years ago. But just for tonight, you were pressed up against each other just a little bit closer. His arms held you a tiny bit tighter. He was breathing just a tad deeper. And you could hear the slow pace of his heartbeat echoing throughout his hollow body. You close your eyes tight, knowing that this would be the last time he held you. The last taste your fingertips would get. The last time your breath would meet his skin.

It takes a while for you to fall asleep, but eventually you do. The next time you open your eyes, the sun is seeping into the room. You’re in the exact position you fell asleep in, Luke’s grip still firm around you. And you hear him whispering, “Please don’t wake up yet, don’t wake up.”

You quiver at his words. The moment you opened your eyes, you were broken up. One last time, he muttered loud enough for you to hear, as if he was asking you, “No, don’t wake up yet.” Water falls from your eyes and onto his bare chest. He knows you’re awake and he knows this is over. 

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the thrilling yet tragic end to the saga