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Come Wayward Souls (Cover)
Come Wayward Souls (Cover)

A cover of “Come Wayward Souls,” specifically evoking the image of a bad-end/lantern-bearer Wirt wandering the woods alone in winter.

This was sort of an impulse thing I recorded?? Also, that’s my voice but not exactly my voice, it’s pitched down slightly to sound masculine (and also a little older than in canon) for the sake of fitting the vibe I was going for.

Sometimes I just get this urge to hug the literal ball of sunshine that is Hinata Shouyou super tight and pat his fluffy hair and tell him he can fly as high as he wants and be the best ace ever and he deserves the world bc he’s the most precious, purest boy ever and I just, I just love him so much okay I’m

Monsta X if they were in a Horror Movie


  • Naturally calm and collected, he isn’t easily frightened
  • In fact, the only time he’d truly be scared is if he feels like the lives of his friends and the lives of any other innocent person are at stake
  • Even so, he makes a good leader because he can still think and act rationally even during the worst situations
  • During events like a chase, he’d definitely stay around the end of the group so he could try and fight off whatever was chasing them
  • He’d also be the one who’d make “nice saves”, knocking things over to block the pursuer’s way, shutting the door behind them at just the right time, barricading that door soon afterwards
  • Very aware of his surroundings, so he actually wouldn’t be easy to surprise or jump-attack
  • Not particularly comforting with words, but his presence tends to be reassuring to others
  • Would fight off any attacker no matter how dangerous they were or how un-armed Shownu would be
  • Even if they were attacking someone else, ESPECIALLY if they were attacking someone else


  • Selfless, but to a fault. His selflessness may potentially lead to his downfall
  • He’d be a considerate and noble leader if needed, but he’d just care so much about his group he’d forget to take care of himself
  • He’ll put on a tough exterior and remain serious for the most part, but if threatened or scared he’d be extremely nervous
  • Even to the point of tears
  • If someone were to go missing or  if they were to die, he would definitely cry
  • Probably wouldn’t even need a weapon, his strength would serve him well
  • Might be a little squeamish (not as much as Minhyuk or Jooheon), but his scream would be pretty high pitched
  • Willingly volunteer to be a lookout in case their group would need to take a detour, rest etc.
  • Proceeds with caution for the most part but will react extremely quickly if provoked
  • Would sacrifice himself or take any brutal attack no matter how fatal as long as it would keep another person safe
  • The type of person who’d call/text his mother “goodbye mom, I love you”


  • He’d be the type of character to walk into places without much caution and say “Hello?” if he sensed something
  • Would also turn around at the worse times
  • Has the loudest reactions, even if the movie’s antagonist wasn’t there he’d scream so badly it would be enough to lead them to him
  • Automatically assume he and the group were dealing with a supernatural, paranormal force (even if it isn’t)
  • Extremely vunerable if he was alone or in a small group, but he’d be able to survive well in large numbers
  • Would try and incorporate video game knowledge into any situation
  • “I played a bunch of those horror RPG simulators, I’m preeeeetty sure we shouldn’t do that. But there’s this thing I did when I played Left 4 Dead and…”
  • Comes extremely close to dying at least 7 times in the entire movie
  • Would use a flashlight basically all the time but flash it around so obnoxiously
  • Tries to lighten the mood especially if someone gets scared, he’ll try extra hard to comfort them too
  • If he would die, his death would most likely be the most graphic, prolonged, and ultimately heart wrenching for both the viewers and the characters in the movie itself


  • No absense of his motherly nature, he’d make sure to keep track of everyone
  • Keeps track of everything that happens, makes little mental notes to himself if he notices anything
  • Would probably piece together things he’s noticed to figure out some sort of vital plot point or some sort of knowledge key to their survival
  • Might be the character who’d die before he could tell them though
  • He’s actually really handy and makes use of literally everything
  • Anything is a weapon to him. He could grab the nearest object and it would be like a death sentence to whoever he was going to fight with
  • Would totally yell and threaten the movie’s antagonist
  • Makes sure everyone’s in good shape, will tend to anyones wounds if they’re injured
  • Scavenge for food and supplies wherever he can
  • Takes a long time for him to trust others, but the doubt may actually come in handy (that stranger that tagged along with their group for a “better chance of survival”? turns out they were in kahoots with the murderer and kihyun knew well enough not to trust him)


  • Insists that getting rest is vital to his survival
  • Yes, he’d take naps at any given opportunity
  • But it doesn’t mean he’s unaware of his surroundings and what occurs in them
  • He’s very swift and witty, even if he may seem to have a sluggish and lazy nature
  • A follower who doesn’t contribute too much, because people usually don’t take him seriously
  • But if he made a suggestion or figured out something that turned out to be useful or correct, the group wouldn’t hear the end of it
  • Gets exhausted pretty easily (if they were being chased Shownu would probably take his spot in the back of the group, and he’d constantly have to push Hyungwon forward to help him out)
  • Would probably make jokes about how he’d let himself get killed so he could have an eternal sleep
  • Probably makes jokes in general, about how they should “vote on who gets sacrificed”, “who goes to check first”
  • Has delayed reactions and might not even react much at things that would be “jumpscares”, but he’d bolt outta there real quick
  • Typically in doubt for the vast majority of the movie, even if he doesn’t admit it. He probably won’t think there would be any grave consequences, certainly no death, until it actually happens


  • The most cautious and jittery person in the group
  • He’s easily caught off guard regardless
  • Will scream even at the slightest touches
  • Suggest to call the police at any given opportunity
  • Would probably be the one calling for help regardless, whether the plea is directed towards authorities, other characters, or really anyone who could hear him
  • Gets really emotional and will probably be that type of person who will confess literally all his wrongdoings, “Listen Kihyun, I’m the one who trashed your apron. Hyungwon, I was the one who ate the take-out food you saved in the fridge. PLEASE PLEASE DON’T KILL ME I’M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME”
  • The first to crack under pressure, but his hasty reactions/actions might just save a life
  • Either never wants to leave the setting (eg. if the movie took place in a house), or he’d want to get out of there immediately but definitely doesn’t want to be left alone
  • Raps when he’s scared, even if it’s super quiet he’ll probably be muttering a verse or two under his breath


  • Will either be the person to think “there’s obviously a logical, scientific explanation to everything!” or “we’re dealing with the paranormal here, and frankly I think we’re just about fucked”. There’s no in-between
  • Would totally try and record videos on his phone thinking it would make good Youtube content (if they survived lol)
  • Slightly outcasted, might be the “loner” who doesn’t fit in at first yet the others would still care for him lots
  • Would probably survive, potentially be the last survivor
  • His quick thinking would probably save them most of the time
  • Pieces together what they need to know, like how to defeat the antagonist
  • Tries to be sneaky but will probably fail
  • Like, he’ll try a sneak attack on the movie antagonist in the dark but he’ll walk into something or stub his toe and blow his cover because he’ll yell “Ah, fuck!”
  • Or he’d be trying to escape really really quietly, but he steps on a creaky floorboard and it’s game over
  • If the movie was something paranormal or so, like perhaps Ouija board related, he was probably the one who suggested playing it in the first place

shes done, Veronica out. time to pretend she never murdered anybody and watch a movie with Martha. then move on and work on stealing everyone’s girl. bye.

Damsel | Jack Avery

Requested? Yes! @books-youtube-internet-obsessed I hope you like it! 

Warnings? Stalker? Maybe a swear word? Idk I haven’t checked 

Summary: One night you stay too late at the coffee shop and have to walk home alone. Thankfully you meet your knight in shining armor that will keep you safe. 

Word Count: 1,348 

You step into the warm coffee shop and a smile creeps up onto your face. The smell of coffee fills your nose and relaxes you instantly. You head towards the back of the shop and find a small booth.

You place your book bag on the seat next to you and pull your legs into a criss cross fashion. You take your laptop out of your bag and set it in front of you. You spread your notes out all around you and start on your homework.

People come and go but you’re stuck in the little world. Your headphones plugged in and you were in cramming mode. You’re suddenly snapped out of your own little world when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You pull your headphones out and turn to see the old woman who was working the cash register standing next to you.

“Love, it’s closing time.” She says smiling down at you.

You look up at the sweet old woman who had been working at the small coffee shop the entire time you were there. You smile up at the woman and shut your laptop.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how late it’s gotten.” You slip your laptop in your book bag and start to gather your notes. Once everything is in your bag you stand up and walk out.

You head out of the small shop and look around at the darkness. Suddenly you become very aware of what time it is and a slight nervousness takes over you. Why didn’t you drive to the coffee shop today? Why did you have to walk?

You spend almost everyday at the small coffee shop near your apartment. It was quiet and comforting, which helped you focus when you had to study. However you never stayed until closing before but today you were caught up in studying for a midterm for tomorrow and lost track of time.

As you start to walk away you realize how quiet it is causing your paranoia to spike. You keep your head on a swivel and feel your breath catch in your throat when you see a figure standing in the corner of an alley way.

You picked up your pace a slight bit and quickly turned your head to see the figure had emerged from the alley way. They were probably 30 feet away from you but had started to walk in your direction.

You pick up your pace once again and try to walk as fast as your feet could carry you. You tried to believe that the person was just walking the same way as you but when you took a weird route to get to your apartment you found that wasn’t the case.

The person continued to get closer and closer and by this point you were almost sprinting. Suddenly you spot five boys who seemed around your age and approached them.

“Hi I know this is super weird but I think that guy back there is following me and I was wondering if you guys could act like my friends really quickly so I don’t get murdered.” You speak quickly and the boys all had concerned looks on their faces.

The boy with extremely curly hair walks over to you and slips his hand into yours just as the stranger rounds the corner. He spots you and stops in his tracks when he sees you with the other boys. The curly haired boy sees him and pulls you closer, while kissing the side of your head.

“What took you so long babe?” He asks loud enough for the stranger to here.

“Sorry I got caught up in studying.” You explain, going along with the conversation.

The rest of the boys make a slight barricade around you and continued their conversation. Out of the corner of your eye you see the man pass by and the curly haired boy slips his hand from your hand to your waist.

The stranger stops not too far away from you and the group of boys and listens to your conversations for a bit. You could feel the curly haired boy staring the man down. Eventually he leaves and you let out the breathe you were holding.

“You’re trembling.” The boy with curly hair points out before you could speak. You lift your right hand and hold it out to see you’re shaking badly.

“Yeah I’m sorry I just have really bad anxiety and I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys I’m sorry.” You speak quickly once again but a boy with bright blue eyes stops you.

“Hey it’s okay. Nothing’s gonna happen to you if we’re around.” He says and smiles reassuringly at you.

“Thank you so much. I didn’t know what I was gonna do if I didn’t find you guys.”

“Just call us your knights in shining armor.” The boy with blonde hair says standing up straighter and saluting you causing you to laugh.

“I’m (Y/N) by the way.” You say finally remembering to introduce yourself.

The boys introduce themselves as Jonah who was the tallest, Zach who was the youngest, Corbyn who was the blonde, Daniel who had the bright blue eyes, and Jack who had the curly hair.

Jack had definitely intrigued you. He was the most protective of you in the group and refused to leave your side even though you were now safe.  

“Thank you so much.” You say once again. You check the time and realize it’s nearing three o’clock. “Shit, I have to go.” You say while starting to walk away.

“Wait!” You hear Jack’s voice causing you to stop in your tracks. “You can’t walk home alone. What if he comes back?”

Before you can argue against Jack or any of the other boys they’ve decided that they’ll walk you home. Jonah and Zach walk ahead of you and Jack, and Daniel and Corbyn follow behind.

“What were you doing out so late?” Jack asks.

“I was at this coffee shop not far from here and I didn’t realize how late it was when I left.” You answer sheepishly.

Jack nods his head understandingly and you two continue to talk the whole way home. You talk about where you go to school and how long you’ve lived in LA and Jack tells you about the boys and his band.

You even listen to a bit of their music on the way home and find it’s really good. When you finally get to your apartment the boys walk you to your door.

“Thank you guys again. You really are my knights in shining armor.” You say smiling at the boys.

“Anything for a pretty girl like you.” Jack says causing you to blush.

“Well-“ you start but you’re interrupted by your roommate.

“(Y/N)? It’s three in the morning keep it down.” She snaps before closing the door and most likely heading back to bed.

You erupt into laughter and your face somehow turns even more red. When you all quiet down you apologize on behalf of your roommate but the boys assure you that it’s okay.

“Thank you again.” You say before turning away to walk into your apartment.

You hear the boys moving around behind you and speak in hushed whispers. Just as you open your door Jack calls out to you for the second time that night.

“Wait!” He says and you turn around. “Can I get your phone number?” He asks nervously. “In case you need someone to walk you home again.”

You take his phone and quickly type in your number. When you hand it back he looks down and smiles at your contact name. Damsel in distress.

You bid one last goodbye before entering your apartment and shutting the door behind you. You hear the boys congratulate Jack on getting your number causing you to giggle quietly.

As you’re heading to bed you hear your phone ring and pull it out of your back pocket to see who texted you.

Sleep tight my princess. -Jack


do you ever think stiles just lays in his bed in the middle of the night because he can’t sleep without malia? what about malia? do you think he just thinks about how badly he screwed up? how he pushed her away when in reality she was just being his girlfriend, the person who knows him the best, and just trying to help him cope with something that has been bothering him? and do you think that he just one night came to the realization that she said it didn’t matter to her not because she thought murder was okay but because she loved him no matter what? and what about when he comes to the realization that because he was so quick to judge and he misinterpreted, do you think he realized that malia could’ve helped him overcome donovan like she had helped him overcome the nogitsune? you think malia feels uncomfortable sleeping in her room, reminded that she used to share it with her sister? that this house was occupied by a family she misses? do you think she ever gets upset about that? do you think she ever starts to feel unwanted remembering her birth mom literally has tried to kill her multiple times or that her birth dad is Satan in a v-neck and couldn’t care less about her? but she can’t do anything about it because she doesn’t have anyone to turn to about that? or doesn’t have stiles, someone who needed her? do you think she ever feels like it’s her fault that they broke up, but has to live with that? or what about if stiles randomly gets a nightmare about the nogitsune or donovan but doesn’t have malia to comfort him or cuddle the nightmares away? or what about when he dreams about malia again, waking up to find that she’s not there? do you think he realized then how much he screwed up? do you think they ever get to thinking that even after everything, they kind of need each other because in a way, they’re the only ones that really understand each other? and are the only ones with the ability to make each other feel better? and do they lay awake all night thinking about how the last time they actually smiled just because of each other was at senior scribe night? and how neither of them smiled like that just because and not because someone almost died or they almost died and they’re happy that they didn’t? do they miss the happiness they brought each other? do they remember how even after like half a year, they haven’t been able to move on? and how they have to see each other bc of the pack but just have to satisfy the need of having each other by stealing glances and small exchanges? and how each glance transmits all the feels and they have to remember that they could’ve had it all and could have been the cutest senior couple [:“’(] and when it’s late at night and your mind takes over, around the last episode when things have settled down, do they think about how they needed each other, not only for themselves but to help one another? do they remember how he helped her adjust to human life, make her feel comfortable as a human, feel wanted in the human world, help her overcome the guilt of killing her family? and do they think about how she helped him overcome the nogitsune, helped him overcome the guilt he probably carried of being responsible for taking his best friend’s first live away, for hurting so many people, and move on from the trauma it left him? how they pulled each other out of such a dark time in their life? and how at the end of the day, both of them really need each other but neither of them make a move to do anything about it.


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Request: Hogwarts au with Calum (also apparently @0kbutmichaelclifford did a hogwarts!5sos night so idk if it’s too late but here’s my thing)

You sigh as you hand in your potion to Slughorn, painfully aware that it isn’t the clear cerulean it’s supposed to be, but rather a murky blue. It doesn’t make it better that he’s the Head of your House, either. Maybe not the right class to be failing.

You hurry out of the class to the Great Hall, where Ashton and Luke await. The two Gryffindors are your best friends, and if that isn’t proof that the Second Wizarding War has changed things, then you don’t know what is. Because yes, there’s still some high-end disgusting Slytherin families who talk of the purity of blood and whatnot, but they’ve been keeping it on the downlow.

For the most part, Slytherins are no longer seen as criminals, which you are a living, breathing proof of. Your Hufflepuff parents didn’t blink an eye when you were sorted into the house of snakes, and Ashton and Luke took a liking to you the second you started arguing about Quidditch with them in third year, completely disregarding the old feud between the two houses.

Now you’re in the beginning of December of your seventh year at Hogwarts, and you really don’t know what you would become with the two blondes. Speaking of which, they wave at you frantically from their spot at the Gryffindor table and you smile in apology to your housemates before heading in that direction.

“Sup losers?“

“Luke’s failing Charms,” Ashton informs you, making Luke huff.

“Whatever. Who needs Charms when you’ve got charm?”

This sends Ashton and you both into a full minute of silence, which you end up breaking with a horrified:

“I don’t think we can be friends anymore.”

“Right,” Luke scoffs. “As if you could possibly survive without my late-night cuddles.”

“Oh, you mean when you smother me in my sleep because you’re sexually deprived?”

“Who says I’m sexually deprived?” Luke asks in an indignant tone, making Ashton snicker.

“No-one needs to say it, between all the jerking off and all the creepy staring at Michael Clifford, you’re pretty obvious.”

“I don’t stare at him.”

“Oh yes, you do,” Ashton and you say in total sync, which causes you to gasp in delight and high-five, while Luke narrows his eyes at you.

“Well, you’re one to talk, Y/N, with your complete heart-eyes for Calum Hood. Maybe there’s a reason you dont push me away when I cuddle you, huh?”

“Shut up,” you say, suddenly feeling your cheeks warm.

You can’t help but send a look to the Ravenclaw table, and there he is in all his glory: Calum Hood, the beautiful caramel-skinned, dark-haired, tattooed Quidditch commentator who has everyone at school wrapped around his finger with his easy grin and devil-may-care attitude. He also happens to be best friends with Michael Clifford, the bad boy of the school and captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team on whom Luke is crushing so badly.

But, as the blonde said, you have nothing to say on the matter, because you’ve had a huge thing for Calum for years. Of course everyone has had, at some point of their life, a crush on Calum. It’s just a thing that happens, between how adorable and confident and talented he is at pretty much everything he does, it’s really hard not to fall for him for at least two weeks of your life.

Sadly, you fell in this shithole of feelings for the brunette exactly three years ago and haven’t managed to dig yourself out of it yet. It all started at the Christmas Ball (which had become a regular event) in third year, when he whisked out his muggle guitar and serenaded his date in front of everyone. Now the thing itself was a dare from Michael, as he felt obliged to say repeatedly afterwards. But point is, despite how cheesy it was, you were absolutely awed by his deep, slightly raspy voice, by the way his fingers gently picked at the chords and how his hair curled around his head like a dark halo.

It’s not like you’ve been creeping on him from a distance and have never talked to him. You’re on the Slytherin Quidditch team, so not only have you interacted with Michael a lot (to Luke’s greatest displeasure, even though most of the interaction consisted of playful glares and debates about who was gonna win the Cup), but you’ve also spoken to Calum some, as he comments on every match.

He’s really good at it as well, for someone who isn’t on the team. Apparently he used to play a lot as a kid, but he isn’t competitive enough to actually be part of any team, instead blessing everyone with his mix of technical comments, ridiculous jokes and overall puppy-like excitement.

Yes, okay, you’re pretty gone for him. And it’s awkward. And painful. But hey, at least he doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore and you don’t have to be witness of more heartbreaking pda.

“Y/N? Helloo…”

Luke’s voice cuts through your thoughts and you look up in confusion.


“Have you though about who you’re going to the Yule ball with yet?”

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9-10/? throwback gifs of yoongi in ahl

What Dating Namjoon Would Include

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Author’s Note: Soooo guys I’ll be starting this dating series for all the members. Know that I almost died writing this because you don’t know how bad I want all of this to happen. Please don’t judge me :) Its also a little something away from all the angsty stuff I’ve been writing. I mean like what happened to all the fluff I used to have inside? Anyways there is still fluff inside me so I hope you guys enjoy this. Oh did I mention there are some Rated 18 stuff so read to your pleasure ;)

Oh another thought, what if Namjoon was secretly submissive but we all think he is DomJoon. But idk I have all these dominant vibes from him too.

- Late night/ Early morning cuddles because he’ll be up practicing or writing songs.

- He’ll probably be buying you gifts when he is overseas because he’ll be guilty leaving you behind.

- Late night pillow talks with him discussing about the meaning of life or how the universe was formed.

- You waking up in the middle of the night to see him working on lyrics because he suddenly had inspiration.

- Him purposely placing things really high so you can’t reach it. 

- The cocky grin on his face when you ask him for help to get the mug on the top cupboard.

- Lotsa backhugs while you’re cooking to make him feel useful in the kitchen
we all know he can’t cook 

- Dates together at the park for a picnic or just grabbing some coffee to get away from hustle and bustle of life.

- Wearing his shirts that drape over you like a dress.

- Accepting his unique fashion sense.

- Him buying you lotsa Converse Highs.

- “Where did all my shoes go?”
  “I don’t know but what I do know is that these Converse would look amazing on you” he said while flashing you a wink.

- Taking his Kim Daily photos in odd angles to make him look good not that he isn’t already

- Teasing him for anything that spoils in your house.

- “Did you do something to my tv?’
  “You’re the only one sitting here all day so it must be you.”

- You apologizing afterwards because you know he is not always the God of Destruction.

- You secretly thinking he is cute for being clumsy with things.

- You thinking out loud that it is not cool that he broke your favorite vase.

- Forcing him out of the confines of the studio because he has been overworking himself.

- Just spending time in the same room but each doing your stuff. Him composing/writing songs while you do your work.

- Literally treating him as your personal dictionary and encyclopedia.

- “Hey babe what does circumlocution mean?”
  “…. Ermm.. I don’t know.”

- Poking his dimples whenever you have the chance to.

- Buying matching Ryan bear pajamas with him.

- Loving the side to him when he forgets that no one is watching or judging him.

- Comforting him whenever he gets hate by fans/ k-netizens.

- Encouraging him to sing more because you love his voice brace yourself for vocal monster

- He’ll definitely write songs about you. Either to tell you how amazing you are or how sorry he is for not being able to be there all the time or maybe about your amazing sex life

- Squeezing your butt whenever you walk in front of him handsy Namjoon

- Him cracking jokes that has a sexual meaning to it also.

- You acting like you’re disgusted but secretly loving this side to him because you actually get his sexual jokes.

- Being open to try kinks with him pretty sure he has some

- “Daddy” or at least him being the dominant one. 

- Him leaving hickeys all over you as a reminder of the amazing night before.

- Him not being shy at all when going lingerie shopping with you.
“You should try this one y/n.”
“You can see my boobs through it.”
“Precisely.” he grins suggestively at you.

- “What if your parents don’t like me? What if they-”
  You shutting him up by kissing him and then assuring him that he’s overthinking about things. 

- Probably not being able to keep your hands off him.

- HOT STEAMY MAKE OUT SESSIONS that usually leads to more after.

- Helping him take care of his stuff down there because boi he has a high sex drive.

- You knowing that behind his image on stage lies a 22 year old man who has his own fears and uncertainty. 

- Despite all his flaws, you love him unconditionally because he is perfect with all his imperfections in your eyes. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she thinks: how can people still think tsukiyama only wanted to eat kaneki when we have actual proof that he's starved himself almost to death. Tsukiyama ran directly towards haise and didn't wanted to eat him but asked to SPEND TIME together again. He felt loved and accepted in that group they had and he wants hinami back and he even misses Banjou. This is actually so worrying because in his life he must have felt really unaccepted to get attached so deeply to kaneki and the rest, also it makes me wonder if he actively tried to break out of his family by not wanting to support their incestuous tradition. But his first reaction to sasaki was crying and then trying to meet him as fast as possible and actually dragging his starved body forward. i hope he will be okay soon...

I made this drawing for one of the few irl friends of mine that love Fire Emblem! He requested Severa so I tried to invent a modern version of her~

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and it’s possible that Yuri is also a big fan of Viktor.

I mean, this is his face when he fantasizes about Viktor choreographing his program.

Yes, his motives could be simply to choose the best skater to choreograph his program to make sure that he wins. But that means he appreciates Viktor’s skills. He thinks of Viktor as the best choreographer and best skater out there, over actual coaches and choreographers with many more years of experience.

And there is also this:

We’ve already talked about the possibility of Yuri wanting Viktor to choreograph his program just from a business point of view (Yuri needs the prize money from winning the GPF because that is his only source of income). But I think he also deeply admires Viktor. He doesn’t see Viktor as just another skater, or a business opportunity. He truly appreciates Viktor as a sort of idol, even if he doesn’t idolize him in the same way as Yuuri Katsuki does (maybe because Yuri has always been around Viktor and knows the real Viktor).

If Yuri is Viktor’s fan, it will be really interesting to see how he transforms to fit Agape. In the same way that Viktor will probably play an important role in Yuuri’s discovery of his own eros, he will also be important for Yuri to understand the concept of agape. Maybe that’s what Yuri needs: to learn about innocent love though his relationship with Viktor.

In any case, I see Yuri Plisetsky as a very complex character, with a personality full of twists. He’s a teen, and he’s changing and learning constantly as his emotions clash, and he’s forced to face not only economic issues but also emotional ones.

we spent a few hours hiding away from a few responsibilities and friends in a stark room with great acoustics. we sang and danced and just let loose. she said she’s never laughed so hard, so much, so genuinely. she said i never fail to make her day a little brighter. she said she feels, something, but she can’t dare to say it because she already promised those words to someone else. and had i known what i know now, i wouldn’t have promised my words to her.

Today was bittersweet.