idk today was rough


If you ran away, come back home
       Just   come   home


A glow stick has to crack to be able to shine. (Until it cracks a glow stick does not shine.)

Sometimes we can’t recognize our true brilliance until we’ve hit that wall. When we finally come to that place where something doesn’t come easily anymore. When we really get challenged, and almost (or do) give up. Know that it’s in there. Like a glow stick, it’s just waiting to finally be cracked so it can glow. 

I was too thoroughly engrossed in reading last night to actually get any drawing done… so a quick 40 minute sketch before work this morning must suffice. @preytonone got me reading the Captive Prince trilogy so I’m blaming her entirely.

doodled this earlier and i dont think im ever going to even finish it but. i really liked the look of it anyways?? hmmm


sorry for getting personal here, today’s just been a little rough. we adopted this little guy while he was already a senior so we knew our time with him would be short, but he passed today and it’s been really emotional. he was such a character and honestly a bit of an asshole, but he made our lives a wild ride and i’ll miss him so much. thanks for everything you did for us andy dufresne, you little criminal. i’ll love you always 💖

Holding Hands - a Jaehyun Scenario

cough im gonna be doing a lot of jaehyun bc jaehyun is my ultimate bias cough

fluffmas prompt list

Day 3: Christmas Shopping - Winwin

Day 4: Movie Night - Ten

Day 5: Dancing - Ten

Day 6: Decorating the Tree - Taeyong

Day 7: Drinking Hot Cocoa - Mark

Day 8: Ice Skating - Taeil

Day 9: Mistletoe Kisses - Jaehyun

Day 10: Snowball Fight - Doyoung

Day 11: Party/Celebration

Day 12: Wrapping Presents - Mark

Day 13: Wearing Ugly Sweaters - Taeyong

Day 14: Holding Hands

Member: Jaehyun


“I’m not going out there, Jay.” You looked your boyfriend in the eye and crossed your arms over your chest. “It’s too cold.”

“Ah, c'mon! I just want to hang out with you, ______. We can just sit on the porch!” Jaehyun whined, laying his head on your thighs, looking up at you.

“You know how I am this time of year, Jaehyun. I can get sick in the blink of an eye because of the cold!

“Just bundle up. Winter clothing has a purpose, you know.”

“I don’t have gloves or a scarf.”

“I can lend you a scarf, but I only have gloves for me.”

“Then I’m not going out! My hands have to be warm, too!” You pouted.

Jaehyun sat up from his spot on your legs and grabbed your hands. “I’ll just hold your hands the entire time! It’ll keep them warm.”


“Yah, Jae. You’re so corny.” You laughed as you snuggled closer into Jaehyun’s chest as the two of you sat on the bench on the porch, enjoying the quiet. Jaehyun squeezed your hands, making sure they were as warm as possible in the cold, snowy weather.

“Hey, my corny plan is working, though. You haven’t complained once that you’re cold and you haven’t shown any sickness symptoms.” He smiled a large smile, his dimples and nose crinkles showing.

You faked a sneeze. “Jaehyun I’m cold~” You pretended, digging your face in his chest, and he put both of your hands up to his mouth, softly breathing his warm breath to keep them warm. You laughed at how protective your boyfriend was when it came to how cold you were.

“I was just joking, Jay. You’re keeping me warm.”


yo im sorry this one isnt that good ?? idk today was just a rough day for me so im not really feeling it, but i hope tomorrow things will be better and ill work harder on tomorrows scenario !!

i can’t keep doing this,
attaching myself to people who rip themselves away from me;
and take pieces of me with them when they leave.
i become smaller each time, and i’ve lost count of the parts of me i’ve lost.
i tell myself i won’t let it happen again,
but sometimes the emptiness in my chest expands at night and stretches my skin, and sometimes i see someone who i think can fill the empty cracks again.
but when they leave they rip apart my delicate skin and i’m still empty and i’m growing smaller by the minute.
i’m afraid when the right one comes along there might not be anything left for them to love.
—  j.s