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Ground control to Captain Andor, AKA the Rebelcaptain Astronaut AU no one ever asked me to make

The year is 2032. It’s the end of construction to extend the International Space Station with a top-of-the-line rotating habitat, bringing the old station into the new age of space travel. Captain Cassian Andor has been on a solo mission to the ISS to install the Key To Station Operations, an AI more commonly known as K-2SO, whose job it is to manage the newly expanded station, as well as assist the crew when necessary, enabling the entire station to be run by only one crew-member at a time. 

To put the new features to the test, Cassian is to leave the station in the hands of Jyn Erso, a British astronaut send in from the ESA. She arrives two days before Cassian’s planned departure to earth, and the widely different pair take an immediate dislike to each other.

Unfortunately for them both (or perhaps fortunately), due to a critical error in K’s programming, he accidentally ejects Cassian’s return pod five hours too soon. The capsule is sent floating off into space unmanned, and Cassian is stuck on the ISS with Jyn. His only option is to wait out Jyn’s two-month mission and take the planned descend back down with her. Suddenly, they need to somehow find a way to get along for a total of 64 days.

There’s room enough on the station for them to avoid each other most of the time, but for some reason they never do; instead they get in each other’s space, his hand on her elbow when he drifts by her, her eyes always finding his as the first thing when she enters a room. Cassian isn’t sure when the feel of her loose hair tickling his throat as she floats by stopped bothering him. Sometimes he’s not even sure if it ever really bothered him at all. Jyn doesn’t remember when she started thinking of Cassian’s discarded jackets left in her workspace as an annoyance and started seeing them as signs of the kind of life she tried to leave behind on earth, but now longs for.

Without realising it, they’ve both started closely orbiting each other as surely as the station itself is orbiting the earth.

By day 17, they’ve both privately begun to understand that maybe they aren’t as different from the other as they first thought. By day 34 nothing’s been done about it, but even two people as repressed as Jyn and Cassian will have to snap at some point when pushed together in such close quarters…

Trying to clear out any lingering fanart so I have nothing to distract me from Real Work. I realize the counter-intuitive nature of this. SHUSH.

Basic outfit reference for Witch-Queen Merida. Things are subject to change but here’s where we are. I haven’t settled a few things, like the charms weaved into her hair, whether she’s fully shoe’d or partially barefoot, or whether she has any warpaint or not.


*makes second EP lyric video nearly a year after the first one* 
It is for my Percabeth song ‘Into the Darkness’ (beware: House of Hades spoilers!) 

I was extraordinarily lucky to get to commission the amazing @eerna for the absolutely beautiful and feel-inducing art of this video! Please check out the rest of her work if you haven’t because it’s honestly so breathtaking ;-;

I hope you enjoy this if you give it a listen! <3

[video for “Human”]

a thing that occurred to me while jamming to "wait for it" on the way to work this morning

A Game of Thrones “I won’t hurt him… much,” Prince Joffrey told Arya, never taking his eyes off the butcher’s boy.
Arya went for him.

an aggressive yet defensive action: she’s defending mycah

Sansa slid off her mare, but she was too slow. Arya swung with both hands. There was a loud crack as the wood split against the back of the prince’s head, and then everything happened at once before Sansa’s horrified eyes. Joffrey staggered and whirled around, roaring curses. Mycah ran for the trees as fast as his legs would take him. Arya swung at the prince again, but this time Joffrey caught the blow on Lion’s Tooth and sent her broken stick flying from her hands. The back of his head was all bloody and his eyes were on fire. 

joffrey is fighting back because he got hit in the head, but he’s fighting with live steel and arya’s fighting with wood.  

Sansa was shrieking, “No, no, stop it, stop it, both of you, you’re spoiling it,” but no one was listening. Arya scooped up a rock and hurled it at Joffrey’s head. 

still defensive: joffrey’s actively using a sword and she’s got nothing anymore, so she tries to find something to protect herself.

She hit his horse instead, and the blood bay reared and went galloping off after Mycah. “Stop it, don’t, stop it!” Sansa screamed. Joffrey slashed at Arya with his sword, screaming obscenities, terrible words, filthy words. Arya darted back, frightened now, but Joffrey followed, hounding her toward the woods, backing her up against a tree. Sansa didn’t know what to do. She watched helplessly, almost blind from her tears.

he’s slashing at her still, even though she’s weaponless, probably because she kept fighting him.  she’s actively scared now, and backing her up against a tree.

Then a grey blur flashed past her, and suddenly Nymeria was there, leaping, jaws closing around Joffrey’s sword arm. The steel fell from his fingers as the wolf knocked him off his feet, and they rolled in the grass, the wolf snarling and ripping at him, the prince shrieking in pain. “Get it off,” he screamed. “Get it off!”
Arya’s voice cracked like a whip. “Nymeria!”

she calls nymeria off.  it’s still a defensive act: nymeria is defending arya the way arya defended mycah, but arya still doesn’t want joffrey hurt–she wants him stopped.

The direwolf let go of Joffrey and moved to Arya’s side. The prince lay in the grass, whimpering, cradling his mangled arm. His shirt was soaked in blood. Arya said, “She didn’t hurt you … much.” She picked up Lion’s Tooth where it had fallen, and stood over him, holding the sword with both hands.
Joffrey made a scared whimpery sound as he looked up at her. “No,” he said, “don’t hurt me. I’ll tell my mother.”
“You leave him alone!” Sansa screamed at her sister.     
Arya whirled and heaved the sword into the air, putting her whole body into the throw. The blue steel flashed in the sun as the sword spun out over the river. It hit the water and vanished with a splash. Joffrey moaned. Arya ran off to her horse, Nymeria loping at her heels. (Sansa I, AGOT)

this is what i find so fascinating: you have arya who has gained the upper hand, who is terrified, weaponless, in a position of power over joffrey, not unlike the position of power he just had over her (sword, physical strength i’d argue arya gets through nymeria).  but the second that the ground is leveled–nymeria–you have arya continuing to want him to disengage.  she doesn’t want him hurt for all he’s a bully who just threatened her friend and who was literally slashing at him with a sword.  she wants him to stop.  

and ultimately, what does she do with that power?  she stops him.  she throws his sword in the river.  she doesn’t resort to using her power to exert violence or vengeance or whatever you want to call it.  she finds a way to end it bloodlessly but in a way that stops joffrey completely–or so she thinks, anyway. 

and i think the thing i love most about it is this: arya is passing a sentence.  joffrey is guilty of violence and bullying and arya is, both figuratively and literally, swinging the sword (into the water).


Home Economics - S1 - E8

Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television - S6 - E13

papayamoonydraws  asked:

FUCINFFFF IDK if someone shared this already but THE VIDEO TITLES In order from the best of JSE 5: tougher than expected, the end of a legend, endless death, planning the escape, we finally did it, kill jacksepticeye. The only one that doesn't fit in is the secret snake shake, but even then it could be interpreted as anti is "the secret snake" who was there all along. Idk man these titles just messed me up while refreshing jacks videos page.


idk i just really wanted to appreciate wonho
  • has plushies of bunnies hanging off his louis vuitton bag and walked around in eevee slippers x
  • gets sulky when someone (changkyun) tries to crush said plushies on his bag x
  • has unconventional ideas about marriage compared to what you usually hear from idols
  • once said as long as someone can cook ramen well gender doesnt matter to him x
  • exposed mbc on vlive for being shitty to monsta x 
  • deals with inner conflict and still act like everything is okay
  • thankfully isnt afraid to show his sensitivity
  • he likes scented candles and taking baths x
  • has a two tone hair colour thing and still makes it work like damn
  • there’s multiple pictures of him chilling in his mum’s cafe x
  • designed the signboard for said cafe x
  • took a cookie monster toy on a date to said cafe
  • fashion icon and king tbh
  • constantly tries to feed stuffed animals he gets at fansigns
  • has the loudest shriek you will ever hear in your life it’s amazing really
  • works really hard to produce and make music and i’m just hoping for his songs on their next album
  • compliments everyone, like literally everyone
  • pointed at hyungwon’s dick due to frustration at hyungwon not getting what he was describing x
  • king of miming tbh x
  • his smile is for real the most heavenly thing you will ever witness it’s true i say so
INTP–ENFP Seasonal Debate

Both are walking out of class, since it was cancelled due to technical difficulties.

INTP: Wow, I feel like there’s so much time left in today, as opposed to when we usually get out of class. This is exciting, I don’t even know what to do.

ENFP: You can go play in the leaves! That’s what I would be doing, if I didn’t have another class in today.

INTP: I… don’t think that’s something I would want to do.

ENFP: But it’s Falllllll, INTP, it’s the best.

INTP: Why is Fall you’re favourite?

ENFP: You know, it’s not too hot, or too cold, there’s hot chocolate, and campfires, and leaves to play in!

ENFP: What about you, though? Fall isn’t yours?

INTP: No, I actually really like Winter.

ENFP: noooooooo

ENFP: No, because it’s cold and all the leaves are gone.

INTP: Yeah, I know, it’s great. It’s cold, and quiet, and nobody is around, it’s like I’m the last person on Earth, I love it.

ENFP: Noooo, INTP, I don’t like Apocalypse the Season.

INTP: It’s not apocalyptic!

ENFP: It’s totally apocalyptic!

INTP: Just because it’s quiet and it feels like I’m the only one around, does not make Winter apocalyptic.

INTP: The fact that I like to pretend that I’m the sole survivor of some terrible ice age / world-wide tragedy that has left me to wander and struggle against the abandoned Earth in its silent, hostile environment is what makes it apocalyptic.

ENFP: Oh my god.

Jeepers peepers

Icarus breathed in the warm breeze. Below him, neon lights flickered brightly, fighting against the mist that attempted to swallow them, and tinting the sky a purple haze as their light replaced the stars.

It was a nice night for thievery.

Icarus leaped over the roof tops softly, silently, until reaching his destination: a museum, and then he landed in a crouch before the locked and darkened doors. He jimmied the locks, smiling at the cheap security and slipped inside.

The museum was small, unimpressive, with various articles and paper plaques placed over displays cases. He chanced a look into the display case that supposedly contained a baby dragon and wasn’t surprised to find a taxidermy iguana with bat wings sewn onto it.  

The occult. Psssh. 

It was easy to find the paranormal, but the secret was to never go looking for it. Not that it was that impressive anyway and 9 out of 10 people - assuming that many survived- would admit they would have rather never found it to begin with. The reality behind the Occult was much more than half-assed taxidermy and monsters that hid in the dark, and often times it involved more humans than monsters. In fact, humans were the reason the half demon Icarus was here in the first place.

He had been hired to steal something of value in this shabby occult museum, but everything looked so unimpressive he was beginning to think he - or his current boss- had been lied to when he spotted a dolled up display surrounded in red curtains and carpet and lit up on the inside. He sauntered over to the display, keeping low in the shadows and keeping an eye out for security before approaching the display. Whatever was in the display had better have been worth the trip.

Inside the case was a golden , palm sized slab of metal with a dragon circling around the edge to devour an eye at the center. This had to be it. He didn’t know what it was for, why the group who had hired him wanted it, but he was taking it.

Levels of Intensity

AO3 link (x)

A/N: I got this prompt a little while ago and it demanded to be written. Wow it’s been a while since I actually wrote a full length fic, hope y'all like it.

Words: 2,347

Dean squeaked, the unexpected noise escaping his lips as he jumped to the side. He glared at the culprit, a finger, one that had wiggled into the bend of his waist, but when his gaze traveled up to the face of the offender to whom the finger belonged, it became apparent that his glare was no more than a feeble attempt at annoyance, a mask to hide something else.

Cas had spent so much time staring, studying Dean over the years, that he could easily tell this ‘glare’ apart from the real ones. He recognized this particular look. Actually, he’d seen it any time he tried to provoke a smile from Dean similarly to what he’d just done.

“Why do you pretend to be so irritated whenever I tickle you?” Cas asked, head tilted characteristically to the side.

Dean seemed put off by the question. His eyes widened for a second before he schooled his features, “Because- hey, I’m not ‘pretending’. It’s… annoying.” He lied, not even sounding convincing to himself.

“If you were really annoyed, then you would tell me not to do it.” Cas squinted.

“I’m sure I… probably have.” Dean faltered.

“Do you really not want me to?” Cas asked, sincerity obvious in his tone, “I’ll stop, if that’s what you want.”

“I…” Dean paused, letting out a frustrated sigh, “Well…” He started in a much quieter voice.

“Can I ask you something?” Cas questioned.

“Shoot.” Dean replied, hoping for a subject change to save him from the awkwardness that had settled in the room.

“Do you like it?”

Okay, so not what he had been hoping for Cas to ask; Dean’s cheeks lit up with color, “What? No- shut up.” The carpet suddenly seemed to be very interesting as Dean stared down at it. He shuffled his feet.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Dean. It would seem natural to enjoy something that makes you smile, makes you close to people.” Cas explained.

“Never said I liked it.” Dean grumbled.

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