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THEORY TIME 3 (more spoilers)

ok its been about 2 hours and ive been thinking about nothing but gotham. lovely. SO:


-ed knows oswald killed isabella, ed knows oswald loves him. dandy

-ed imagined himself stabbing oswald. also just….. dandy. :)

-ed did not actually stab oswald! its a step in the right direction at least!! (silver lining, people)

-oswald doesnt know ed knows he killed isabella

-ed is now teamed up with babs and tabs and butchie (i need a name for them)

-oswald does not know that ed is teamed up with his enemies. oh goodie.


-is ed actually betraying oswald


-is ed tricking BT&B


-the entire “love is a weakness” spiel might come up again later (in what context idk? 

ed: “love was my weakness and i let myself be betrayed by you because of it.”

ed: “love was your weakness and you let yourself be betrayed by me because of it”

oswald: “love really is my greatest weakness, the only thing it’s brought is pain, im never going to love anyone again and im going to kill everyone forever, bye”

-”i would betray him in a heartbeat” - 2 options here

        1. it comes back in that it really was just a trick, eddie really meant it when         he said this and he would never ever betray oswald

        2. eddie was telling the truth here, he really would betray oswald at his               first chance

-”i would do anything for you oswald” (idk but this seemed PRETTY HEARTFELT to me). but just how far does “anything” really go??

-”good luck” in 3x05 in parallel with “remember that” from this episode. i mentioned this in a different post, but possibly the same kind of warning? a “everything is going to go wrong and itll seem like im betraying you but itll be fine in the end, love u bby, xoxo”

-eddie always has a plan, and he can always read people. babs is very obviously manipulating him; what does he really have to gain from helping them? they wont give him power after oswald is taken care of, and he knows that.

-very specific wording of “i dont want to kill oswald” (also “i want to take away everything he loves” but oswald doesnt love anything. except him. he should know that)

-ed looked super conflicted in that book award scene. after oswald talked to him, he came to some sort of decision. we dont know exactly what that decision was, whether it was to start forgiving oswald or fully commit to hating him forever. (im praying for the former)


-ed is actually just tricking BT&B. the way he acted in the sirens scene was odd to me; he didnt look genuine when he was telling them he wants to help them. plus that smile at the end looked completely faked/manipulative

-ed really does want to see oswald suffer, but he doesnt want him to really get hurt. he honestly cares about oswald (“youre my best friend as well”) but he also cared about isabelle (excuse me, isabellaaaa). he wants revenge and closure

-he’ll use BT&B to get his revenge (enter Elijah) then he’ll go back to oswald (”you needed to feel how i did, you needed to get your heart broken too, yadda yadda yadda, some big speech”)

-ed sees babs as a threat to his own/ozzies power/the general balance that needs to be taken care of ASAP (”what’s your motive”) and wants to do so by acting as a double agent. he can’t tell oswald because “your reactions needed to be genuine” (tbt)


-absurd optimism:

ed really was just playing double agent like in 3x05, he comes back to oswald, they miraculously end up together and smooch and everything is heavenly

-logical pessimism:

ed really does hate oswald, he starts a war and does everything in his power to hurt him, they eventually end up in a neutral antagonism situation where theyll never be friends again but theyre not actively trying to kill each other so hey, thats a plus. ed goes full riddler, oz goes full penguin, they both turn into completely heartless supervillains and never care about anyone else ever again.


ed betrays both oswald and BT&B, takes power for himself. congrats, everyone hates you and you have no friends, good job loser. 

(-other other:

i really wish they would resolve that whole isabella nonsense and actually tell us whether or not she was a plant to cause drama b/w ed and ozzie. otherwise i guess itll just be left forever and she really is just an abnormally normal person. great.)

im tentatively non-pessimistic (bordering on cautiously optimistic). i still expect it to turn out in the worst most painful possible way, but there is a minuscule remote chance that it could end ok, or even almost happily! im going to hang onto this hope so i dont implode over the next 2 months. bye

  • The most common phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"
  • The least carried out phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"

xtreme-icecream  asked:

jgmwb, yoharuby, 2, 3, 20-23,,

fuck the fuck of,

2. Big spoon/little spoon

typically yoshiko/ruby respectively and im sure I have reasonings for this but I just woke up gimme a break

3. Most common argument

rubys too soft to argue with anyone and yoshko only picks arguments with her direct opposites like dia . maybe they’d lowkey “argue” abt whos turn it is to wash the dishes or somethin idk

20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

marus the one who fuckn set them up so she’s peachy. yoshikos mums like Oh Yoshiko It’s So Nice To See You Hanging With Friends, Outside. dia tries to kill yoshiko at least once but she’s too soft also Ruby physically holds her back. that’s ok. the rest of aqours think they’re too cute but a little embarrassingly young and, pure

21. Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

like in general yoshiko is more likely to spontaneously do shit but if it’s anything idol music related u can bet ruby is up on the dance floor w yoshiko v close behind,,

22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

honestly? yoshiko must be sorta used to cooking by herself but if given free rein and ingredients she can and will experiment with flavours beyond rubys perception. ruby does most of the cooking.

23. Who comes up with cheesy pickup lines?

despite yoshiko being Chees and Ham Central, I’d say it’s ruby again. if only for an exchange involving the other members of cyaron and maybe mari, and the “are you an angel?” line. classic.

Wrote some Blackmadhi (/beginnings of, anyway) because I’ve fallen into this ship more than I thought I would and I cannot get up.  Has some implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill.  Deals with some PTSD nightmares on Simon’s part.  Slight spoilers for AA6.  Approx. 2350 words. 

Simon couldn’t help but wonder how exactly he got in this position.

How he was in a hotel room with one Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, who had fallen asleep in the bed next to his own at least two hours ago with absolutely no issues.  The monk’s long hair was splayed across his pillows as gracefully as the man himself slept. It was kind of irritating, Simon couldn’t help but think.  It would have been somewhat nice to see Nahyuta’s sleeping state to be the exact opposite of his conscious persona: perhaps some drooling, hair in knots and tangled everywhere…it would have been excellent material for Simon’s phone. But no, Prosecutor Sahdmadhi was as…ethereal in his sleep as he was at any other time.

And perhaps, most frustrating, was the fact that Nahyuta fell asleep with no problems whatsoever.

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The Malec Network: Team Bane

Challenge two: Malec AU: soulmate au. 

ok but im trash for soulmate aus so here we go 

  • soulmate au with a clock that counts down and magnus in the 1800′s looking at his and having so many hours, so many years, before meeting his soulmate. he lives his life, however, but can’t help but wonder who this stranger who will be right for him in the future will be. 
  • soulmate au + all human au where one stops aging until they meet their soulmate. magnus being kind of chill with being without his soulmate, because hey, he’s young, but after a while it gets hearbreakingly lonely, because everyone around him seem to age, and he is stuck
  • alec turning 18 with magnus and after a year realising that they both have aged. 
  • soulmate au where soulmates have eachother’s names on their bodies. alec waking up with the name magnus bane written on his wrist, and he’s twelve and doesn’t know shit, and he is so scared. alec wearing long sleeved shirts and bracelets and borrowing izzy’s makeup to cover it up. alec, when he learns that his soulmate is not only a man but also the high warlock of fkn broOKLYN, almost breaking down.
  • alec, knowing that his soulmate is on that party, still going in case his siblings and almost friends get in trouble (and we know that they always do, don’t they?) 
  • magnus with a blurry mark, letters that moves, but one night a hundred years before alec is born he sees the name lightwood on his wrist and he swears to god that he will kiss every lightworm to find the right one. (the next morning the letters are blurry again and he doesn’t know if what he saw was right, or nothing but a dream) 
  • and the best soulmate aus……… where those who are meant to be simply cannot have eachother…….. 
  • soulmate au where 
  • au where ppl die at the same day as their soulmate, and magnus doensn’t die. he has no soulmate. and then alec, with his beautiful soulmate comes along, and magnus finally believes that love is more than the soulmate bond. then, well, something happens
  • soulmate au where alec and magnus arent soulmates…… (bc hey, soulmates are more than romantic, the bond can be platonic as well and it is so much more than romance, it is about your existence) and society is created for soulmates.
  • the aging soulmate au where they aren’t soulmates and they live together, young and immortal, for so many years, then alec sees a wrinkle in his skin and is terrified
  • soulmate au where soulmates have to kill each other…….
  • soulmate au where i can make malec really fkn sad and full of heartbreaks bc i love it >:)
Astro’s reaction to you being a decent dancer

A/N~ I altered the idea a bit, I hope that’s ok :)

Masterlist: x


“I’ll be back in like.. 10 minutes. Don’t break anything.” He says before blowing you a kiss across the dance studio. You nod your head and wait till he closes the door to the dance studio, pretending to be preoccupied by your phone. Once he left you, you instantly jumped up and put on his special Jordan’s that were at least five sizes bigger than your actual foot size. You ran over to the stereo in the corner of the room and turned on Jinwoo’s song, Clap Clap. He had showed you the moves to the song earlier as a joke but you actually remembered quite a few steps and were able to recreate it quite well. Towards the end of the song, you heard slow claps from behind you and saw Jinwoo leaning against the wall, side smiling at you and clapping.

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Q&A tag 💫

I was tagged by the lovely @palephantom

Rules: answer the questions & tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better (yeah, 20, that’s not gonna happen bud)

Name: Nokire / Icy
Family name: it is to stay private
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 171 cm (I think it’s 5'7? Idk this system is weird y’all, cm are easier)
Age: 17

Fave Color: Purple / Blue

Time RN: 1:02 pm

Hours of Sleep: I usually try to get at least 4 on school days, but on weekends or holiday I can sleep up to 12h
Lucky Number: 4
Last Thing I Googled: the location of my friend’s town (which I’d rather not post here, for obvious reasons)
Fave Fictional Character: Castiel, Finnick Odair, Claire Temple from the series Luke Cage/Daredevil/Jessica Jones (and a lot others but i’ve forgotten them)
Blankets I Sleep With: Usually only 1 
Favorite Artists: (do you actually want me dead) i’ll take this as painters: Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas
Dream Trip: I honestly can’t choose a single destination, I’d like to go and visit everywhere
Dream Job: I’d really like to be a French teacher in Canada
What You’re Wearing Right Now: Black jeans and a white Ramones’ t-shirt
Follower Count: 157 (who are you)
Posts: 1 745 with this one
What Do You Post About: Dan and Phil mostly, LGBTQ+ related posts, and anything I find important/interesting
Most Active Followers: In the last week it’s been @lemarshall19, @palephantom, @lackofcooperation, @the-amazing-alpaca
When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: uh, I’d say when I revealed I was Icy on @pseudophan‘s blog, but I’ve been getting A Lot of notes on my fic lately
Why Did You Make This Blog: I think I had just started watching dan and phil, and I decided I wanted to do it with other people, and here I am
Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: Nope, but I receive one from time to time and it’s alway lovely Why Did You Choose Your URL: I’m obsessed with stars and space, and I love Dan with all my heart, so that seemed a logic one
Countries You’ve Lived In: France only
Favorite Fandom: Definitely the phandom (the name makes me cringe but whatever), even if it does have its share of useless drama etc I’ve seen way worse and most people are nice and cool
Languages You Speak: French, English, and a bit of Italian and Spanish
Favorite Film: Mr.Nobody, I think? I don’t really have one, though
Last Article You Read
Last Thing You Bought Online: …I think that’s literally some dnp merch
Last Person You Dreamt Of: A friend I was in Italy with, because he had the bed next to mine on the train
A Recurring Dream: I haven’t had one in a long time, but I used to have the same nightmare every night a few years back
Phobias/Fears: I’ve developped a fear of heights lately (whoch is really damn annoying), and I’m terrified of grasshoppers (and insects in general) but other than that I’m genuinely scared of everything because that’s how my brain works lol
How Would Your Friends Describe You: (I asked one of my friend because I have no idea otherwise) so apparently, kind and always trying to help others even when I should be helping myself first, and always panicking for everything 
If You Had $$$ To Spend What Would You Buy First: I need shelves to put my books on so, that’s a priority. Other than that idk, giving me money isn’t a good idea, I never know what to spend it on and I end up buying merch anyway.
Shuffle Your Song Library And List The First Three Songs That Play: I Don’t Care -Fall out boy, Still Breathing -Green Day, I’m Not Scared -Youth in Revolt

I’m tagging @softphil, @phantagram, @opaquehowell, @volcaniclester, @energeticwarrior, @bubblegumdan, but as always, no pressure to do it!

euphoria-in-black-and-purple  asked:

hi !! idk if this is up your aisle but my Peruvian Old Lady cactus has what seems to be spores growing in the soil & any time I water it, the water comes out yellow. idk if it's just time for me to change the soil (I've had her less than a year) or if something is wrong with the cactus itself. I read somewhere that if you take the cactus out and dry the soil that should stop the yellow water, but it didn't really help when I did it.

hey! at this point, i would throw away the soil. it’ll be easier and better for your plant in the long run.

unpot the cactus, inspect the roots, trim away any roots that look squishy or moldy, and let the cactus dry out in indirect light for at LEAST a week.

thoroughly cleanse the plant pot to get rid of any remaining mold and nastiness. wash it with hot water, then soak it in a warm water/bleach solution for about ½ an hour. wash again with hot water and dish soap. rinse and let dry completely.

repot your cactus in a gritty mix of soil and about 50% perlite, pumice, or coarse sand. water only when the soil is totally, completely, utterly dry. prolonged wet soil is what leads to mold, and that mixture is DEADLY for a cactus.

fire-fira  asked:

For the minific ask: Barbara Gordon (as Batgirl or Oracle, take your pick) and U.

((I’ve never actually written for Babs as a main character before and all I know of her is from YJ, BtAS, and whatever I pick up from tumblr and various wikis so hahahahaha yolo))

Barbara is tired and bloody bruised when she gets home after a night of being Batgirl. She had cleaned herself up as well as she could at the Batcave, but what she really needs is a hot shower at home and then at least ten hours of sleep. 

She’s still young and new at this, and she’s kind of unsure, but this is something she does want to do. She’ll figure it out.

When the Team gets back to the Cave, they are all laughing, Barbara included. It was a bit of a disaster but their newest rookie, Blue Beetle, is a real powerhouse in the field, and managed to save their butts.

…She’s just glad that this night, they’ve all made it home alive.


 Barbara has watched Stephanie and then Cass train as Batgirl. It’s something she misses more than she can say.

 (She wonders what would have happened if she had looked before opening the door that night – if she hadn’t opened the door at all.)

 But she’s refused to be left on the sidelines. She was a hero. She is still a hero. (She has always been a hero.)

 She can still hack better than anyone else on the Team or the League, barring maybe Tim – but he’s struck out on his own recently, trying to make a new identity for himself. (He’ll come home eventually. They all always do.)

 Barbara Gordon is no longer Batgirl, but that’s alright. She is the Oracle now, and as she wheels into the Batcave to help coordinate a mission, she thinks, this is home.

Sometimes I like to think about Clark having a long awful day and telling himself it can’t be all bad, because he gets to go home to Bruce at the end of it.  But the day keeps getting longer, what with work and Superman business, so by the time he gets in, Bruce already left for patrol.  So Clark decides to wait up for Bruce, because he really missed him all day, but he was so tired that he just falls right asleep.  And then Bruce gets home hours later and finds him in the bed, looking totally angelic, and just snuggles up to him so they can at least share a couple of hours of sleep.  But Clark wakes up then, sleepily tells Bruce how much he missed him, and Bruce is so swept up in his feelings that they cuddlefuck and fall asleep tangled together.

roseymoseyberry replied to your post “i am like…………………. deliriously tired rn omg[[MOR] i’ve been up and…”

That’s a long, rough day, but at least you’re almost done! I got nothing done writing wise over the weekend since I was visiting my brother, so we’ll have to keep each other on track to catch up

Thank GOD it’s almost done omg…… I survived until 4:00 by playing Overwatch and now I just need to. Wait. for these groceries to get here at some point in the next two hours. And then after I put them away I am D O N E with today. And yes, we absolutely do need to keep each other on track to catch up!! I get home from work at like…. 6:00 PM EST, so maybe we could sprint around 4 PST/7 EST?? Idk what your schedule is like tomorrow but man, I’d love another sprint to try and get back in the game, haha

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Ilu too Jason! <3

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  U can do it!!!                

I DID DO IT………. and I will totally be on tomorrow, I wanna read ur stuff!! (Soy, same to you) <3

Spaghetti, Led Zepplin, and Pie

Request: Could you do a imagine where Sam and Dean are coming back home to the bunker after a hunt an when they walk in they find the reader blasting Led Zepplin and cooking a big homecooked meal for them three.

Warning(s): none

Words: 1238

Note: Omg this is cheesy but I love it.

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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means means: Carl Grimes is so under appreciated and has gone through so much, yet he is barely addressed on the show. And I know that he'll get good screen time in the finale but that doesn't make up to the constant casting aside of a main character. And I understand that he is a minor and cannot work that many hours, so mAYbe instead of leaving him alone for multiple episodes and then putting him in the biggest or second biggest plot lines of an episode, they could put him in a multiple scenes every episode. Then we could see his development and he would get at least adequate screen time.
  • Also hey, when are we gonna address that he was sexually assaulted or that he has to shoot, run, and protect himself differently after being shot? Oh yeah, what about talking about being shot in the face by someone you were friends with? And I know he's getting more like comic Carl (more aggressive , angry and self conscious) and that we will see more of that in the finale, but seeing him acting this way with very little lines can make it either easy to miss or difficult to understand his actions. Poor Carl, poor poor cowboy.

Well..this is the reason I haven’t been posting any Micah Grey art recently. I’ve wanted to do something like this for ages?? Micah’s vision at Twisting the Aces, plus some from the flashback vision things. This took a while.(You can see the non cut up version at society6)

Sizzy and Serendipity

So I cleaned up an old Sizzy one-shot. I kinda just want to get a reaction on my writing. Idk about it. Tell me what you think, please!

Tick, tick, tick. Isabelle glanced at her wristwatch. A quarter past eight. Forty-five minutes late. Forty-five! Isabelle had been sitting at the table alone for almost an hour now, waiting for her date Meliorn. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. The next time she saw him, Meliorn was in for a tongue-lashing.

Repressing a groan, Isabelle looked around the restaurant. The place was fancy to say the least. She could see other customers engaging in quiet conversation, laughing, and eating. Quiet, soft music was drifting through the dining area.  Everyone was dressed impeccably, even the staff. Izzy glanced down at her own dress, wishing she hadn’t spent over five hours on her appearance. A slight cough broke her concentration.

“Miss, are you ready to order?” The same waitress that had asked her the last four times was standing in front of her, again. Her tag said her name was Kate. Isabelle flushed, slightly embarrassed at being caught in this situation. “No, I’m sorry but not yet.” Kate nodded. Quickly walking away, the waitress glanced back towards her once, before scurrying off to the kitchens, or wherever it was that waitresses went to gossip.

This was a bad idea. Isabelle was trying really hard to ignore the sympathetic looks that the other guests were giving her. Ugh, everyone was pitying her! Of all the things… This was ridiculous. She should just leave. The longer she stayed the more embarrassing this situation was becoming.

As much as she hated to admit it, Jace and Alec were right: Meliorn was a shady character. Truth be told, that was part of the reason she had agreed to go out with him. Okay, that’s it. Isabelle was leaving. She’d have to call Clary to pick her up, and of course she’d want to know what happened, but Izzy had to get out of here. Right when she had started to get up from the table, a tall man approached her with a smile.

It was no one she had ever met before, though he did look vaguely familiar. And more than a little cute, in a geeky way. He held pulled out her chair for her, which she had just gotten out of. Who is this guy? Isabelle thought. Definitely not Meliorn. He sat down in the chair opposite, still grinning that disarming smile.

“So sorry I’m late babe. Traffic is crazy right now.” He gestured to a nearby waiter, who had been watching the whole exchange. “Excuse me, could we have a bottle of your best champagne?” The waiter nodded, cheeks red at being caught eavesdropping, and almost jogged to the kitchen. The other patrons were wearing ill-conceived grins when they saw that Isabelle’s “date” had finally shown up, then returned to their own conversations.

The mystery man looked back to Isabelle, who had been doing everything in her power to keep her expression emotionless and discerning, but she knew she had failed. He leaned forward and stuck out his hand. “I’m Simon. Just go with it, okay? Whoever stood you up is an ass.”

Isabelle couldn’t help the smile the danced its way onto her face. She leaned forward and shook his hand. “Isabelle, or Izzy. You’re a lifesaver, I was just on my way out.” Simon grinned at the praise, and dramatically handed her a menu and opened his own. “So, what are you in the mood for? I’m thinking a soup appetizer is the first thing in order.” Izzy laughed, and played along.

Soon the champagne Simon had ordered arrived at the table, and they placed their meal orders. Simon was being so sweet, and he did save her from major public embarrassment. He was a good date. They talked most of the time, though it was mainly Simon who was doing the talking. He was entertaining, kind, and polite. A rare combination in guys these days. Plus, it helped that Simon was the cutest thing she had ever seen. Simon told her some horrible jokes and puns, but he told them with such enthusiasm that she couldn’t help but giggle at them. His fun and carefree attitude was contagious. It was exactly what she needed to destress and have fun.

Without even realizing it, the time had slipped by and it was nearly ten thirty. The sky was dark and all the city lights were bright and flashing. After the meal, which Simon insisted that he pay for (Which seemed completely unfair to Isabelle, seeing as he had been the one to save her. But he insisted with a chuckle, saying it was only right, because he had been “late.”) the pair of them mindlessly walked around the city.

They talked about their lives. As it turned out, Simon had lived here in New York his whole life. He worked in a comic book store a few streets over, and was in a band with some school friends of his. When he mentioned his best friend Isabelle stopped walking, almost scuffing her heels. (But thankfully, her shoes were fine.)

“Clary? You wouldn’t mean Clary Fray, would you?” Simon looked back at her, shocked. “Yeah, how in the world do you know her?” Isabelle tucked a piece of hair around her ear, and looked up at Simon. “We met last year, we go to the same college. The five of us, me, my brothers, my brother’s boyfriend, and her hang out all the time. How did I not know who you were?! She talks about her ‘best friend who’s in a band’ all the time!” Simon’s jaw was dropped open, and he started laughing.

Izzy started laughing too, and soon the both of them were doubled over and laughing their hearts out. Then Izzy tripped over her heels, and started to fall over and fast as lightning, Simon grabbed her arm. Izzy regained her footing and looked up. Simon’s frame seemed impossibly tall in the flashing city lights. Her hair, which had come undone, blew around her face, and Simon’s dark eyes flashed with light from passing cars. Her lips were suddenly dry.

Simon cleared his throat to quickly let her go, looking anywhere except her eyes. Right. They had only met a few hours ago, but even still… They started walking side by side, and Simon broke the silence. “So I hope I was an okay replacement date.” Isabelle smirked and walked a little closer to him, brushing her hips against his. “Oh, I don’t know. I’ve had worse.” Simon blushed, and coughed. God, he was adorable. “I’m kidding Simon.” Isabelle deadpanned. In a much lighter tone, she continued. “That was by far the best date I’ve ever been on. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much. Thank you.”

Simon’s grin returned and sheepishly replied, “No problem. It was the best unplanned date I’ve ever had as well.” Izzy’s feet stopped walking, and she saw that they were right outside her apartment. “Well, this is my stop.” Simon glanced at the building and then back at Isabelle. “So, I was wondering. If maybe we could try this whole ‘date’ thing again. Except it’d planned this time.” Izzy smiled, “I’d like that. I’d really like that.” Of course, she couldn’t say she was surprised at his asking. If Simon hadn’t asked, she could’ve asked him herself. Meliorn was good as gone, so that wasn’t an issue.

Checking her watch again, Izzy gasped. “I didn’t realize how late it was! I’m so sorry to ruin the moment, but I have a thing tomorrow and I-” And then Simon’s lips were on hers. She was so surprised, she didn’t even pull away. It was a chaste, simple kiss. And right when Simon started to pull away, Isabelle deepened it. Their lips fit each other perfectly. Constantly moving, they moved together. Izzy’s tongue flicked against Simon’s teeth. She wrapped her hands around Simon’s neck, and played with the ends of his hair. Their noses bumped against each other. Their bodies moved in sync, two dancers in a waltz.

When the need for air became too great, they broke apart. Breathing heavily, they both blushed. “I’ll call you tomorrow?” Simon asked hesitantly. Izzy walked opened the building door, and leaned against it. Izzy winked, “Count on it.”

So yeah. Um, @yinfenatic you said you wanted to be tagged if I posted an old TMI fic. What can I say? I’m always a slut for Sizzy. :)

How dare you?!

James Potter was used to seeing fans in public. Really, he loved it. He always stopped to have conversations, take pictures, and sign countless copies of his best selling book. As much as Sirius teased him for being “an attention whore”, he loved each and every one of his devoted readers, and often was hours late whenever he went anywhere because he stopped to chat.

Which is why he cheerfully responded to the pretty red head who stopped him in the street one night.

“Excuse me, are you James Potter? The one who wrote the Child Wizard series?” she asked rather breathlessly, her green eyes lit up with excitement.

James, who was now rather keen on impressing this attractive woman, replied in (what he hoped was) a suave voice “That would be me. I take it you’re a fan?”

The girl didn’t respond. Well, at least not verbally. She slapped him right across the face. 

James could not recall having been slapped so hard or so effectively in his entire life. He was thrown back by the sheer force of this girl’s fury. He didn’t just see stars, he saw constellations, for Christ’s sake. 

“Bloody hell, woman, what have I done?!” he gasped. The girl advanced towards him, and he cringed away.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! HOW DARE YOU!” she yelled. The streets were fairly empty this late at night, but a man walking his dog across the street was watching with his mouth slightly ajar.

“How dare I what?!” James demanded.

“You KILLED them! You fucking MURDERED my BABIES!” she exclaimed. “Dead! All dead! And that’s how you ended the book! All of my favorites! SIX FEET UNDER, YOU MOLDY BRAN MUFFIN!”

“I had to! It didn’t make sense for everyone to live!” James tried desperately to defend himself. “I didn’t like killing them either!”

“THEN WHY DID YOU?!” she wailed, hysterical. 

On one hand, James understood. His last book had ended with the deaths of several favorite characters. The fandom had gone into unilateral mourning. But he was an author, and he had to write a book that made sense as a narrative, as much as he wanted to keep the fans happy. He had a story to tell!

“It was the only way that my story woked!”

“What, do you need to tear out the hearts of thousands in order to write?” the girl growled. James was frankly terrified at this point, so he did the one thing that he’d sworn never to do.

He gave out a spoiler.

“They’re not dead woman! They’re coming back in the next book!”

The look of pure and unadulterated joy that appeared on the girl’s face was only comparable to a small child who had been given free reign in the world’s biggest toy store.

“Really?” she squeaked. James nodded weakly.

“Well, in that case, I’m sorry for attacking you,” she said, looking the slightest bit awkward. “Die hard fan,” she added.

“I could tell,” he chuckled, rubbing his cheek.

“My name is Lily, by the way.”

“I’m James. But you knew that,” he replied. 

“Well, it was a pleasure meeting you!” Lily grinned. “And I won’t reveal your secret, I swear.”

James mumbled something about appreciating it. But as Lily turned to walk away, he felt a pang. Like he didn’t want the wild girl who had attacked him to slip back into obscurity. Even when her eyes were tiny slits of rage, they were a remarkably vibrant shade of green.

“Hey Lily!” he called, before he could lose his nerve.

She turned around and raised an eyebrow.

“Since I am resurrecting some dear friends of yours…”


“Would you mind letting me take you out to coffee? As an apology for killing them in the first place?”

James couldn’t keep the stupidly wide grin off his face as he walked home with Lily’s number clutched tight in his hand. He was exuberantly happy, even if he had to restructure his whole plot outline to bring several people back from the dead. 

I wrote another thing. What is editing? I sat down to do homework but this happened instead. Anyway, I hope you liked it! I don’t know how I feel about it, but I liked the idea in my head. I hope it’s not cringe worthy when it’s actually written out. I just love these two idiots. 

The signs going out to eat

Aries: orders the “if you can eat 80 of our chicken wings in an hour, then the meal is free!” special without thinking. you can do it… well, at least that’s what you tell urself

Taurus: immediately locates their favorite dish that they’ve consistently ordered each time eating here. orders 12 of them.

Gemini: has already taken and posted 30 instagrams of everyone’s dish. Is currently writing up a review for their food blog and figuring out the ingredients for their DIY cooking pinterest post

Cancer: worriedly asking everyone else at the table for suggestions of what to order, god forbid they end up trying something weird they don’t like

Leo: orders the most expensive, fancy dish without hesitation. good luck with the check.

Virgo: being anal and asking the waiter for detailed descriptions of each item on the menu. is it gluten free? Lactose intolerant? why did you even ask, u dont have any allergies.

Libra: the charming waiter, warmly trying to meet the needs of everyone at the table. hey, why is that scorpio giving u the bitch face?

Scorpio: quietly glaring at the waiter–Why the fck did they write “call me ;)” and their cellphone number on your check???

Sagittarius: enthusiastically drenching all available food with hotsauce, trying to see how much they can handle. they totally won’t regret this. nope. 

Capricorn: taking notes on the prices everyone’s dish. would it be the most beneficial to split the check or go dutch? you just have to wait for cancer and virgo to finally place their orders so you can preemptively calculate a sufficient tip. relax.

Aquarius: making sculptures out of their mashed potatoes

Pisces: speaks so softly that they have to repeat their order 5 times before the waiter can write it down

Our Not So Separate Affairs

Word Count: 2.3k 

Genre: idk what you would call this. Au? Idk but there is a bit of angst but not really?? 

Warnings: none really (just talk about sex) 

Summary: Dan and Phil go out to a club one night and end up having sex with someone. The next day they wake up and Dan finds a number written across his arm and no memory of who he slept with. Phil, who also has no idea how he got home or who he slept with, suggests that Dan call the number and find out what exactly happened the previous night. 

Ao3 link: (x)

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a pint of ice cream

ship: ten/rose
length: 2.5k~
Hi guys!! It has been forever since I’ve written, so please go easy on me! I really hope you enjoy this though :D I got the prompt idea from this list

Dried tears on her cheeks, tissues scattered across the floor, and puffy red eyes.

Rose Tyler was in absolutely no state to answer the knocking at her door.

Whoever they were, they’d knocked once, twice, three times now. She finally picked herself up off the couch and dragged herself to the door, brushing her hand through her hair to make herself look somewhat more presentable.

She thought it could be a neighbor complaining about the noise (she’d been sobbing for hours, but she’d kept it pretty quiet, at least) or maybe Mickey or her mum checking on her (she honestly would prefer the first over the latter).

But when she finally looked through the peephole, it was not at all what she’d expected.

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