idk this was for a 1x1 tbh

tbh i kind of want a plot based around two celebs whose characters are a ship in the show they’re on and the’ve always been really close friends, always goofing off behind the scenes and having a grand old time, and are crazy comfortable aroud each other but then the time comes where they have to do a sex scene and it’s like a revelation of “wow they’re really good looking… their hands feel so nice on my skin like this…their lips are so warm and soft… they’re good at kissing….i wonder what this would be like if it were real” and it gets really awkward/cute and they always get flustered around each other because they can’t stop thinking about it and PLEASE

watching this is us and i need this plot now

muse a fell in love with muse b at first sight. we’re talking when they were in primary school for god’s sake. they were in love from the get go, and always chasing muse b. muse b on the other hand, always shrugged it off or barely paid attention to it. slowly the pair started to grow from puppies chasing each other, to smol grown high schoolers and teenagers who were still very attached at the hip, best friends, and oh yeah muse a was definitely still in love and chasing muse b.

it took muse b a while to realise that they were falling in love with muse a right back. after all these years, all the chasing and pining, and pulling on proverbial pigtails.. muse b realised they loved muse a right back, and always had. and finally, the pair began to date. they were THE it couple. the sweethearts. the everything, and after high school they got married, and everything was perfect.

soon after & muse b finds muse a in bed with someone else. all the trust, love and yearning.. all the time spent… gone down the drain.

– fast forward and muse a and muse b haven’t spoken in years, until they bump into each other (or muse a goes searching). muse a is adamant on getting things back to how they were. to how in love they were. muse b doesn’t believe they can trust again, especially with how heartbroken they were. but muse a makes a promise to wait everyday at their high school diner. slowly… muse b begins to show up. suddenly, it’s like they’re kids all over again. deja vu at the max. muse a is in love with muse b. but muse b still needs some time and convincing.

I shouldn’t do this because I’m terrible at all forms of roleplaying and as a rule I tend to only want to do ships that I’ve written out like this in actual groups, but…………….here’s a list of m/f ships I’ve been working on for a while that I rly wanna do and if u wanna do one (or more) with me please please please im me, I will be absolutely ecstatic~~~~~


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