idk this was a related video on the other one

@ the people adding fake captions on dnp's videos

fuck off.

i try not to get too real on here because serious conversation isn’t my forte, but i’m a bit pissed so bear with me.

if you don’t know, some people have been adding fake captions on phil is not on fire 8 (and possibly other videos idk), saying shit like ‘how gay are you right now’ and other phan related stuff. now, the fact that it’s phan isn’t even the problem, i’m sure dan and phil can take a joke.

however imagine being one of the people who genuinely need these captions to understand the content of the video. there are plenty of deaf and HoH people watching youtube videos - not to mention people who aren’t that fluent in english and find it easier to read than hear - and for them these captions are genuinely helpful! so when you add in stuff they haven’t actually said because it’s “funny”, all you’re achieving is keeping these people from understanding what’s going on. congrats, you’re a shitty person.

~ ok i’m done thank u for ur time ~

Pokemon ships as K-Pop Songs

I was bored. This is what I do. Watch kpop lyric videos and make them relate to my ships, it’s a little sad.


Gfriend // Rough: I chose this because it’s about two people who are like parallel lines, they’re near each other but they never meet. It’s about wanting to meet again after they’ve grown up and telling them how they felt. It reminds me of Misty and how she never was able to tell Ash how she felt but idk, look at it for yourself :)


SHINee // View: I don’t know this one is just so… Ash and Gary. It just screams new and exciting feelings, first experiences and I think it fits them pretty well.


Twice // TT: This song sort of encompasses Serena’s intense crush and Ash’s genuine obliviousness. Full of frustration and pining. Plus it’s a cute song just like Serena.


Red Velvet // Russian Roulette: This song talks about a boy who acts confident but is actually nervous around a girl, if that isn’t May and Drew I don’t know what is.


Black Pink // Stay: Being anxious about the state of your relationship. Filled with awkward silences and not understanding why you need the person. Dawn and Paul in a nutshell. I really love this song :)

That’s all I have for now. There are more but I’d be here all day.


i’ve been working on this mikayuu PV for a month and i hope you enjoy it!

(tho im not sure many of you guys will like the video;;)

its about mika who kept sending love letters since the day they got separate (sadly not getting any replies from yuu idk its kinda related to both song and ons’ original story IM NOT GOOD AT MAKING STORIES OKAY) but in the end they met each other and boom. happy ending(?)

Yesterday I was at the cigar bar I like to hang out at on Tuesdays and my dad’s gf was playing a digital trivia game with the other patrons next to me

Suddenly she asks “hey Kaitlyn do you know this one”

She shows me the screen and the question is, I shit you not, “this video game series features a group of characters called “Vault Hunters” on a hostile planet”


Hey everyone! 😊

I’m finished with school for the summer after this week and wanted to switch things up on my blog. What do you all want to see? 

I was thinking of making more videos both related and unrelated to languages or maybe doing like an advice column/series, get to know the blogger stuff idk. It’d be cool to receive challenges too so I can really push myself and stay motivated this summer.

I’m about to hit 2k and I really want to get more involved with my followers on a more personal level. What do you think? Maybe I could do like an interview series where I interview one or two followers a week and we can all get to know each other better. 

Reply, reblog, or send me a message letting me know what you’d like to see!! Fun, silly, or serious I don’t care :)