idk this took me like two weeks to make

BTS: How they react when they find another member helping their girlfriend put on a tight dress

Lol this request!! I’m guessing this means like they’re helping her zip it up. That’s what I’m going with so XD

Rap Monster: 

Namjoon would be salty. When he saw Hoseok struggling to zip up your dress he’d just *gif*. “Huh. If you would have asked me to zip it up first then you wouldn’t be having this problem. I really shouldn’t even help but…*effortlessly zips up dress*”


Hoseok would probably scream when he walked in the room to see Seokjin behind you, trying to zip up your dress. He’d hip bump Jin out of the way and zip up your dress with just as much struggle. When he finally got it up he’d be so proud of himself. Would feel betrayed that you didn’t ask him first.


Jin would probably be mad, at both you and Yoongi, who was attempting to zip your dress up. Not because he thought there was anything going on between you two but because he was jealous that you didn’t just ask him to do it. When he realized you just asked him because it was convenient he would feel much better. 


When Yoongi walked into the room to find Namjoon behind you, zipping your dress up, he would probably immediately become protective of you. Would give poor Namjoon the glare of death and then zip it up himself, not saying a word and just pouting. Would pout for quite a while afterwards too lol


When Jimin saw Taehyung trying to help you get into a tight dress, he would probably just help. Wouldn’t be too upset since he trusted you and knew Taehyung wouldn’t try anything anyway. He’d be a little protective, and would tell you to either wear dresses that are easy to get into or ask him for help from then on.


Taehyung would be so awkward in this situation. When he saw Hobi helping you into your dress he would be a mixture of shy and angry. Shy towards you and angry towards J-hope. When he saw that your back was a little exposed, would shoo Hobi away and shyly zip it himself. “Don’t let other guys so close to you from now on, okay?” 


Jungkook would find the situation to be the funniest, I think. When he walked into to see Seokjin, pink faced and grunting, struggling to help you get your tight dress on, would probably just burst into laughter. Would try to help you himself but would fail, which would make him laugh even harder. “Omo…you should buy a bigger size next time…*dies*”

I hope you like it lol! This took me so long to write, idk why. I’ve legit been working on this off and on for like two weeks XD 

who’s excited for splat2 tomorrow?? im looking forward to seeing these two!!

(also i might make these as keychains one day, would anyone be interested?)

His True Intentions

Ok so you need to listen to this while reading it, maybe it fits in, maybe it doesn’t. But I think it’s a cool song. PS If any of you make Teen Wolf music videos, you should totes make one with this song, I have yet to see one with this song and it would make me very happy.

Plus I’m a little nervous about this because at points, the characters may seem out of character and idk I’m super nervous because this took me a long time to do (maybe two weeks tops) and id be really sad if you guys didn’t like it (I’d bury myself in a hole and gently pass away lol jk). This was an idea that has been in my head a little over three months now and I’m glad I finally put it into a story so it could stop bothering me lol

Summary: New guy, Theo Raeken, shows up to Beacon Hills and takes an interest in (Y/N) (Y/L/N), which the pack is not fond of. Against their wishes, (Y/N) brushes them off and returns the interest. When she learns of his true intentions, she wants nothing more to do with him… That is until Theo kidnaps Lydia, forcing (Y/N) to deal with him face to face.

Warnings: Idk, death? Some cuss words, possible out of characterness?

Word count: 9,072 (19 pages, guys!)

                “I’m okay.” Allison choked out, blood splattering around her lips. She obviously was not okay and you knew it. It happened in slow motion, while fighting; an oni had run a sword through Allison. You had caught her before she fell to the ground.

                “No, no you’re not.” You cried, pressing your hand down harder on her open wound, but the blood kept coming out. “Allison, please! I’ll get you help, just hold on.” You pleaded, but she shook her head no.

                You shook your head, tears falling down your cheeks. You looked to Scott who was sitting on the opposite side of Allison, “Help her, please!”

                “(Y/N), you know I can’t, I tried…” He said, voice raspy with emotion, hands bloody from his attempt to heal her.

                “Well try harder!” You yelled, in hysterics now. You began sobbing when Allison weakly reached her hand up and put it on your forearm, trying to comfort you. She pulled your hands off her wound, knowing that her time was up.

                “It’ll be okay, (Y/N).” She quietly said, her breathing becoming short. “It’s okay.” She grabbed Scott’s hand and said, “I’m by my first love and my cousin, it’s okay.” She smiled weakly and said before she took her last breath, “It’s okay…”

                Her body lay there while you cried over it, Scott moving to the other side, bringing you into an embrace while tears fell down his cheeks. The pack around you had tears coming down from their eyes, in loss of their friend and pack mate.

                Somewhere in a dark corridor, you heard Lydia scream Allison’s name while you cried for her.

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YouTuber: Lim Changkyun
Username: I.M WHAT I.M
Subsrciber count: 5,001,431
Most watched video: I.M WHAT I.M - PPAP
Fanbase: I.MEME
About: Lim Changkyun is a quite fresh top YouTuber of the industry. He had his major breakthrough with an on going trend - PPAP - which he recreated flawlessy and it went viral. He started the series of “Guides by a man” which is a mix of being savage with his friends, a parody and a piece of life from your favourite boy, Changkyun. He uploads monthly, keeping his fanbase waiting for too long for quality content videos. He is the meme/crack king of YouTube. His fanbase mostly consist of males but he has plenty of female subscirbers as well. He posts a lot on Twitter but hardly ever replies to his mentions, keeping the fans confused when he tweets things like: “New video coming soon” which will be released in like three weeks or two days later. The world might never know.

Monsta X as YouTubers series: Shin Hoseok, Yoo Kihyun, Lim Changkyun, Lee Minhyuk, Chae Hyungwon, Son Hyunwoo, Lee Jooheon

it like…. actually offends me that some people just don’t have to have jobs and just get unlimited money from their parents…. like that’s wild. i’ve been working since like one week after i turned 16?? not supporting myself at 16, my parents took care of me, but like earning my own money if i wanted to DO anything. idk, it especially blows me away when it’s summer and people who don’t work all school year STILL don’t work! like i didn’t have a car my freshman year of college so i didn’t have a job, but y'all KNOW the minute it was summer i got two jobs and worked 60 hour weeks all summer to make up for it. what kind of alternate reality are people experiencing when they never have to work to get money. what kind of strange world view must they have….

some team voltron memes i would like to submit for approval:

-*points at something that is not an alien* is that an alien
-*something mildly inconvenient happens* we didn’t save the Galaxy for this
-*points at any animal* that’s a weird lion
-*gestures at alien language* hey (anyone but the person who could translate it) can you translate that
-*slight disagreement* that’s it, voltron is cancelled
-pidge: *hacker voice* i’m in
-she says exactly that
-”asterisk hacker voice asterisk i’m in”
-pidge answering with increasingly implausible answers when someone asks how long she’s been awake such as:
-(starting off) “idk like 20 hours or so”
-”i took a nap two days ago”
-”i haven’t seen my bed in three weeks”
-”i had to hack the coffee maker because it refused to make me more coffee”
-”i’ve been awake for 38758 years. also my bed is in space”
-*forms voltron* parkour
-”wait, i think my lion’s trying to tell me something!”
-”it says you’re all idiots”
-pretending pidge is invisible (”has anyone seen pidge?” “guys i’m right here” “nope she must have turned on her cloaking” “MY SUIT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THAT TECH YET” “huh. oh well.”
-*while practicing in their lions* shiro: *hovers above someone* remember who you are


I feel physically sick and exhausted

haven’t slept properly in two days

my period is late by a week - but the cramps and nausea is there (already took a pregnancy test it was negative, i hope that’s fucking true)

money is fucking me up this month, like ALL the possible costs are flying in from all directions

I have to get my thesis project together in 3 months

I broke up with my bf 2 months ago

this sucks ass idk how to make myself feel better