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how does this work
  • Me: *posts some quality content and true facts that took me an hour to write*
  • Post: *gets 5 notes*
  • Me: *posts a shitpost about ships that took me 2 seconds*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Okay, tumblr.

One of the pieces of memorabilia in my collection is a lego Millennium Falcon that I put together in 2010. They’re selling for about $5 thousand now, and it took about 60 man hours to create and I display it with pride, but it would really mean the world to me if Harrison could sign it. X

Case Closed

CS AU Week #5: role reversal - a sheriff killlian au!


ps I’m not sure how good this is but this week has really encouraged me to start writing again so I’m going to keep at it.  hope you like!

Eighteen hours and twenty minutes.

That was the amount of time since Kathryn Nolan’s car had been discovered just on the edge of the borders of Storybrooke, the front seat door hanging open and the driver absent.

It took six of those hours for someone to notice that she wasn’t at home, and one more to discover the abandoned vehicle.  

Another hour after that before someone thought to call the sheriff.

Killian Jones was used to tough cases.  As the sheriff of Storybrooke, he’d tackled everything from robberies at Granny’s (the grilled cheeses were to die for) to missing dwarves (whose idea was it to put Sleepy on watch duty?).  This case hardly seemed any different.

Fortunately, he knew exactly what to do.  After combing the car from front to back, he’d found Kathryn’s acceptance letter into law school, a suitcase filled with clothes, and her phone, slightly cracked from the crash but with information still retrievable.  He’d gone with the phone, and the first thing he’d discovered was her last call - made to one Emma Swan.

This was what worried Killian the most.

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I blame hobaglavellan, beginnerfanartist, and thetaiwanesedartjob for this. With all their Solas smut. I figured I’d contribute something. So Here’s my Solas [Or in this case Fen’Heral] Smut.

Done in Krita with my drawing Tablet. Took about 7 hours, 5 of which went just towards the hands and arms.. LOOK HANDS! YOU WON’T SEE THEM OFTEN!!!

Today I dropped everything to do this. I can’t explain why, but it took me… 5 hours. It’s not even colored ! Should I color it ?

So, um, this is… I just wanted to draw something that could, maybe, idk, by any chance, peut-être, s'il tombe dessus, make Ian smile. Haha, okay, I’m a weirdo. Anyway, I’m too shy to show him :U 
But yeah, I enjoyed drawing this ! I always like when he shares pictures of Daisy. 

I think I should point out that despite having countless dogs in my house, I can’t draw a good looking dog XD

(I suck at drawing animals in general, why can’t people have Pokemon instead ?)


my personal top 10 pictures of niall :) tagged by the lovely jamesniall. this took me like 5 hours and a lot of reminiscing and after much internal debate i have determined that these 10 niall photos bring me the most joy. 

idk who’s done it already but i tag fragmentedsummer, theluckynine, arie-172 and niallthoran (and everyone else because the more niall photo celebration the better)

alright kiddies gather round it’s time for a story

once upon a time about 5 months ago, i was watching my daily dose of amazingphil and danisnotonfire. it was their gaming channel spooky week, and the the first game they played was five nights at freddy’s.

now i had never been one for horror games, but this one caught my interest. after finishing their video, i watched countless other let’s plays of it– or at least, i watched the first video of the let’s plays, but i wasn’t interested in a single one of those gamers and i got bored watching the videos. but i still wanted to know about the game.

finally, when typing ‘five nights at freddy’s’ into the youtube search bar for the dozenth time, a little name popped up. one, in my four+ years on youtube, i had never seen before.


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Life Is Strange Theory For Episode 5

So, I came up with this after crying and staring at a wall for a few hours because of episode 4

But then it came to me

Mr. Jefferson constantly compliments Max’s photography skills, right? But then, when he took advantage of Kate with the pictures, in class, he almost seemed to ignore her existence.

So my theory is that Mr. Jefferson wanted Max to enter a photo so badly in the contest so he could choose her to win, so they could spend “alone” time together and he could teach her his photography methods (shudder)

It just doesn’t make sense why he would ALWAYS be singling her out (ESPECIALLY for her photography skills) if he wanted to photograph her in a vulnerable state, because then he’d have singled Kate out as well.

“And Max, has a gift.”
“I’d never let one of (something something I’m remembering by memory don’t hate me) ’s future stars avoid handing in her entry!”
“I really wish you’d have entered in the Every Day Heroes contest.” (or something like that)

And then, also, why would he simply kill Chloe instead of both of them? Why would he bother to drug Max instead of killing her for discovering his secret, like he did Chloe?

He wants Max to work WITH him, not be another one of his playthings.