idk this team that well

Team Valor: 

* Uses their strength to protect younger Pokemon trainers from bullies 

* Gets really excited about Pokemon battles

* Tries to better themselves and learn from their mistakes so they can get stronger 

* Acts like they don’t like Team Mystic but secretly admires their knowledge about Pokemon 

* Friendly rivals between Team Mystic 

* Good friends with Team Instinct

Team Mystic: 

* Acts cold but is actually nice

* Gets excited to share their knowledge about Pokemon/ Is a cute nerd 

* Gives advice to new players

* Thinks Team Valor can get a bit obnoxious at times but admires their fighting spirit

* Friendly rivals with Team Valor 

* Is on good terms with Team Instinct and sometimes helps them out with evolving Pokemon. 

Team Instinct: 

* The mom/dad friend of all the teams

Tends to take care of Team Valor when they get into trouble

* Is always there when friends are in need

* Admires Team Mystic for their knowledge on Pokemon evolving and frequently asks them questions

* Gets excited when their Pokemon egg hatches and shows Team Mystic

* Is good friends with both Team Valor and Team Mystic 

Rakuzan going to Akashi's place for the first time [headcanons]

- Hayama and Nebuya are amazed how big the house is
- Hayama is extremely impressed with the big beautiful house and the maids and chef and gardner etc
- Mibuchi tries to shut Hayama up and is extremely worried about their image in front of Akashi’s dad
- Mibuchi is scared of Nebuya burping or farting when Akashi’s dad is there
- Mayuzumi is so done with their shit
- Mayuzumi thinks this big fancy house is perfect for relaxing and reading some linovels
- specially the backyard
- Hayama wonders if there was a pool and suggests having a party there later
- Akashi tries to make his team impress his dad
- Nebuya shows off his muscles to the maids and gets scolded by Mibuchi
- Mayuzumi gets along well with Akashi’s dad.
- the team sees a picture of Akashi’s mom and are suddnly calm
- Mibuchi tells Akashi how pretty she is
- Hayama is amazed how much Akashi looks like his mom
- Akashi is very happy to have them over and he wishes his mom was there so he could introduce them to her

im making pasta for dinner who wants a bowl nya!

The crew of the Rocinante, featuring such colorful characters as

  • exhausted puppy man
  • I earned two Ph.D.s for this?
  • wait I thought I was an engineer
  • space cowboy

yo if anyone wants to make rwby chars for a team with me hit me up in a message or and ask (im not on any other social media so you might not be able to reach me anywhere else u know me) ((except g hangouts or email but who tf uses those nowadays lmfao)) i’m also gonna make one more rwby char so if multiple peeps want to make we can either have one team or two separate teams \ 0 /

  also mutuals only big sorry if you don’t know me and wanted to make some chars w/ me!! im not in that socializing mood sorry sorry

“ V “

Demiromantic | Female | 17 | ENFP

Main Color - Gray Olive

Semblance - Flexibility (both situational and physical)

Occupation - Student (Beacon)

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I think one of Runaways’ strengths was that it wasn’t a book about Teen Superheroes.

Don’t get me wrong, I Love comics about teen heroes. Ms. Marvel and Young Avengers are both explicitly Teen Superhero comics, and that really works for them.

But Runaways was different in that it wasn’t just Teen Superheroes, it was teens living in a world of superheroes and supervillains. Normal teens. They all sort of stumbled into this world when they discovered their parents were supervillains, but they never became a solid part of the world like the Avengers or something. They weren’t the “next generation of heroes”, they were people living on this confusing borderline of civilian and hero. And they didn’t really go on missions or stuff, just solved problems when they came across them.

In the marvel universe, superheroism has become a really political thing, and I think Runaways was really good for marvel’s worldbuilding in a way because it faded the line between Regular People and Heroes in a way a lot of comics haven’t. Because if you have powers, or you have strong connections to the world of heroes and villains, there’s no way you can just live a normal life. So I feel like the Runaways were in a way just normal people living abnormal lives because of their circumstances, and idk, it just worked really well.

BIBLIOCLUBCHALLENGE:  a song/lyric that you can relate to an otp or friendship

But he’s so beautiful, he’s such a beautiful disaster.

Fallin’ // Cary Brothers | Ease // Troye Sivan | I Walk the Line // Halsey | Sedated // Hozier | Skulls // Bastille | What Kind of Man // Florence + the Machine | Chasing Cars // Sleeping at Last | Beautiful Disaster // Kelly Clarkson | Medicine // Daughter | Hiding // Florence + the Machine | Lovin’ On You // Cary Brothers

listen to the full playlist here 

(graphic credit)

Does anyone else love when suddenly a picture is posted of random youtubers together that you’re just not used to seeing together and it just reminds you that #TeamInternet is actually like a legitimate community?

OK SO. I met the lovely aristocraticbunnies​ a second time and she’s like this amazing and talented person LIKE HOLY DAMN. I love her work so much and I just sorta threw money her way COUSE I JUST HAD TO COMISSION HER LIKE LOOK AT THAT, HOLY DAMN. PLEASE GO COMISSION HER TOO SHE’S SO GOOD. My scanner ruined it a bit but irl this and the rest of her drawings look so damn good like she’s an art godess. 

Please also go follow her and her amazing comic right here it’s super cool cause the story runs on people’s suggestions and just the characters are so lovely LIKE PLEASE SEE HER STUFF.

As for me I’m planning to lineart and colour this. And as for the original drawing I am so gonna frame it and hang it somewhere. That mini Natsu doodle at the corner? Still worth a million bucks. ThANK YOU SO MUCH, LOVE YOU.

It’s been really lovely meeting you again, aristocraticbunnies! I’ve had a blast talking to you, you’re a really interesting person and I hope you get accepted to that animation school you wanna join! ;V; I wish you best of luck!