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A thing that I like to imagine is Neil and Andrew moving into an apartment on the fifth floor or something (it’s good for cardio, andrew) (shut the fuck up, neil), and they only have one other neighbor on their floor and its a smol 80 year old woman 

- and Andrew and Neil keep to themselves because they’re both anti-human humans (same, bros, so much same)  
- And on their first night there’s a knock on the door, and Andrew and Neil look at each other and are really suspicious because they purposefully didn’t tell any of the foxes that they were moving in together?? because they didn’t want to deal with the looks back and forth and the giggles and the satisfied sighs and the general giddiness of the team
- Andrew doesn’t move so Neil sighs and goes to the door, opens it already braced for confetti to get thrown into his face or for a unified and undoubtedly startling shout of jubilation from the crew
- and he’s v confused when, neck already craned upwards expecting his very tall friends, he has to look down to see his visitor
- It’s a very very old, Andrew-sized woman, with crinkly warm eyes and a face made of 98% wrinkle
- And she’s wearing a yellow cardigan and smiling encouragingly, holding a pan covered in aluminum foil and Neil’s mouth waters immediately because the smell of cheesymeatysaucydelicious lasagna is wafting towards him
- Neil says “hi?” literally as a question because he’s so fucking awkward
- so she introduces herself as Jeong-sook and welcomes them to the apartment. “if you and your cute young man ever need anything don’t be afraid to mosey on over and knock!” and then she leans in conspiratorially and stage whispers with a wink “I take my hearing aids out around 7:30, just so you know” and then thrusts the lasagna into Neil’s hands and cheerily waves goodbye
- Neil stands in the open doorway for a minute, mouth hanging open at the woman’s salacious implication and mentally resigning himself to the fact that now that they’re introduced he won’t be able to slip past her in the hallway without some sort of small talk or genial greeting 
- He’s frozen there, pondering this, for enough time that Andrew comes up behind him and peeks around his shoulder, lifts the corner of the foil to see what it is
- “Grandma seemed nice. What do you think the chances are that she poisoned this?”

- It’s just the two of them so the lasagna lasts for the better part of a week. After its gone, they both open the fridge doors at least once in hopes that a second one will have magically appeared (sorry boys no such luck)
- Eventually, Neil washes the dish and goes to return it. 
- Neil, the babe that he is, doesn’t know that when someone makes you food it’s polite to return their dish filled with food that you’ve made for them
- Andrew raises an eyebrow when Neil comes back from his trip with the red pan still in his hands
- “She told me she wouldn’t take it back unless it had something good in it. She marked pages with her favorites.” He sounds a little dazed as holds up a battered, worn looking dessert cookbook with bright and colorful sticky notes poking out between the pages
- Andrew likes this woman.

- So anyway shortly after moving in Andrew gets a minor injury and has to sit out for six to eight weeks
- Neil is super grateful that this happened after they moved in together because now he can make sure that Andrew is recovering safely and properly
- Andrew spends most of this time at home, reading and playing with the cats and smoking out on the balcony or roof
- Jeong-sook always happens to be out on her own balcony watering her plants or sweeping or some other suspicious activity when he goes out to smoke
- Andrew has an inkling that she’s lonely, and that she sneaks out there when she hears Andrew telling the cats that they have to behave when they go outside
- (does Andrew Minyard talk to his cats? abso-fucking-lutely) 
- Andrew tolerates her chattering and she ignores his silence, continues to ask (unanswered) questions and tell him stories of her kids and grand-kids and late husband 
- This happens almost every single day for the first week and a half
- And then Andrew is just having an all around bad day and he finally snaps.  Neil had left that morning for a week and a half days of flights, press conferences, and friendlies, and Andrew was low-key missing him already. He hadn’t been able to get through the entire hour of physical therapy because the pain had been too excruciating, and then he’d returned home to find that King had thrown up all over the floor. THEN, as he was filling up a bowl with soap and water to CLEAN said throw up, the sink faucet had burst and soaked EVERYTHING.  
- He just wants to sit by himself on his own balcony, at his own house, in his own SILENCE and smoke a fucking cigarette. 
- So he gets out there and the damn thing isn’t even lit yet and Jeong-sook is already going off on one of her variations of how smoking is bad/is going to kill him
- And Andrew is so done. Just so done. He doesn’t care that this woman is in her eighties and could be blown over by a mild wind, he just wants some peace and fucking quiet, so he whips his head over and says something like “grandma if you don’t shut up about it i’m not going to be the only one that this cigarette harms”
- There’s an awful silence and Jeong-sook just stares at him
- and then she’s laughing so hard that she has to grab onto the handrail for support

Long story short, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship

+ Jeong-sook had realized that she was going to have to break Andrew to get him to open up to her, so the prattling on and prodding him with a million questions had been calculated and purposeful  
+ Andrew is impressed when she tells him this, so when they part ways and he goes back inside he decides to flip through the cookbook she gave Neil a few weeks back 
+ He finds the page with the most stickies, studies it for a minute, then heads out to the farmers market 
+ son of a bitch whips up a Blackberry Cobbler in an hour and a half and presents it to Joeng-sook like he didn’t just consider hauling her over the railing and throwing her five-stories down 
+ from this point on she gets better at knowing when Andrew needs to be left alone and when he wants company
+ And Andrew learns that she isn’t as fragile as she seems
+ (honestly she’s quiet the whippersnapper) 

Andrew still has at least a month left of recovery, and so they spend a lot of time together

• Andrew fixes things around the house for her when they break 
• They watch their soap opera at the same time every day. Neil comes home to surprise Andrew for lunch one day and Andrew is next door, so Neil texts him asking where he is. Andrew says ‘watching soaps with Jeong-sook’ and it’s so outrageous that Neil laughs and thinks its a joke, replies ‘no but rlly?’
Andrew doesn’t respond because he already answered and good things are happening
• She bakes him his favorite desserts and sometimes they’ll even cook together (though they’re both very particular about the kitchen so this occurs only on days when they’re on their best behavior)
• She always asks about that ‘nice young man of yours’ and tries to give Andrew advice on how to woo Neil (honestly, some of it works)
• they gossip about the other tenants together
• Andrew buys her groceries when she’s having particularly painful days, cleans up around her apartment and brings the cats over to keep her company 
• Andrew hounds the landlord almost to the point of stalking until the elevator gets fixed so that she can actually go places now
•He takes her to doctors appointments and she always bribes him into lunch afterwards 
• I’m JUST going to throw it out there that they’re the same height and both have short blonde hair 
• She tells him about her childhood in South Korea, teaches him Korean words and phrases.  She knows he would be too uncomfortable to outright ask (as Andrew refuses to acknowledge any connection to his birth parents and so doesn’t like to show interest in the related culture/heritage), so she never pushes but plays it off like its all for her
• She was a boxer for most of her life, and so they compare fight stories and watch matches together (she yells at the TV a lot)
• There’s some sort of red-carpet team event and Neil is busy, so Andrew takes Jeong-sook instead. She’s so excited that she makes Andrew take her to the mall so that she can buy a new yellow dress-set. Reporters ask Andrew if this is his grandmother, and Andrew, instead of explaining, just says yes. Andrew has an arm looped around her for support and she’s fucking glowing and the photographer snaps a picture of it and it gets posted online and sports reporters and fans alike are amazed that Andrew Minyard Has a Soft Side. Neil prints out two copies and frames them, puts one in the apartment over the fireplace (figHT ME THEY HAVE A FIREPLACE) and gives one to Jeong-sook, who puts it proudly on the table next to her bed
• Her shitty ass children and grand-children never come around, but when they do Andrew makes a point of going over and glaring at them, making sure that they see how well she’s doing without them 
• When he’s finally allowed to play again she goes to all of his home games and watches the rest on TV. He calls her almost everyday while he’s away to make sure she’s not lonely and that she’s doing okay
• Andrew gives her a Minyard jersey that she wears whenever they go out together, because she thinks its funny when people do a double-take or whisper “that’s andrew and aaron” before they actually get a look at her face
• Neil is still a little unsure around her a lot because he doesn’t have that much experience with older ladies and she’s unpredictable, but she becomes a really important part of Andrew’s life and he - in that andrew way of his - tells Neil that moving into this apartment was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made

happy birthday, yoosung!! ☆ ☆ ☆ hopefully you have a choco milk free day \o/


“Look at us. We’re that couple. With the yoga mats and the flirtatious bickering.”

“I know. It’s perfect.

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Do you see any similarity between how the Legends treat Mick and how the rest of the Flash cast treat HR? I mean HR's also not the brightest guy around and he's constantly mocked/disrespected for it especially by Cisco.


I don’t often get questions that make me pause and examine my own biases quite as much as this one has. Because I genuinely have no affection for HR (beyond the fact that he’s wonderful to Wally) but it’s no secret I love Mick. So this has forced me to re-examine a bit of the narrative surrounding HR.

I would say there are similarities and differences, the extent of which would probably lend themselves to a full “compare and contrast” essay (anyone wanna pretend fandom is an English 100 class? That’s how I’m currently feeling lol).

Some comparisons. HR misrepresented himself to the team and exploited them, which was part of what led to the initial frustration and mocking/disrespect. He claimed scientific genius (because they were looking for a scientist) and kept up a ruse to ingratiate himself to them, and they were understandably frustrated when they found out. He was also broadcasting their adventures via the form of novel to the multiverse? Which would frustrate the hell out of me.

Mick… has betrayed his team (twice but they now can’t remember one of those times), but he’s paid a heavy toll for it, becoming Kronos and suffering everything that entailed. He doesn’t always seem easy to get along with, what with the day-drinking and belligerence, exposing their secrets (e.g., Lily being an aberration), etc. He’s never lied about himself, but much like HR, there was/is some textual justification for why he’s not as close/trusted as the rest of the team.

Both characters also prove their worth in different ways. I’ll admit my bias in saying that Mick has done more of this, and also that he’s more invaluable/irreplaceable in some of the things he’s pulled off for the team. His knowledge base and skills (from being Kronos and also just in general) are consistently under-utilized and undervalued by the team, and he seldom gets much credit for when/how he pulls things off (it does happen on occasion but it’s often tongue in cheek or snide recognition, which sort of undermines it).

HR does provide assistance to the team though, with suggestions they’re often too distracted or tunnel-visioned to think of themselves. He’s got knowledge of other dimensions and inter-dimensional travel that are probably under-utilized, and his suggestion of the STAR Labs museum was a good (great) one that the team took a while to come around to. He’s been invaluable to Wally, and I love that someone’s on Wally’s side. And the team is kinda shitty to HR sometimes. Harry (sourpuss that he is) was especially rude to/about him, but the entire team will scoff for sure. There’s also been (somewhat unfair) anger at HR from a lot of them, when literally he’s always trying to help. 

(Also, I don’t actually know that it’s mostly from Cisco, I would need some examples of that, but if it is, I think it’s more about how HR lied to them and misrepresented his credentials. I don’t think Cisco’s ever called him an idiot or stupid [which Harry has] and has more expressed frustration with having to deal with some of HR’s not-so-great ideas or attempts to ‘help’ that have gone awry and Cisco’s had to deal with instead? I’d caution about singling Cisco out above and beyond the fact that he’s the one who had to take over for the fallout of HR’s lies or has to actually enact his sometimes implausible suggestions).

I think the core difference for me in how their teams treat them is that, all remarks aside, the Flash team is a lot more likely to apologize to HR and ensure to invite or include him. They’re gentle with him when he butts in to a comment not directed at him (assuming he was being invited to be Barry’s best man, or assuming the compliment about being able to sing was about him) rather than trying to belittle him. They do admit there’s things they couldn’t have done without him, and they let him in on secrets, like the Christmas secret of giving Wally the Kid Flash suit, he was very noticeably ‘in the know’ for that. As time goes on, he feels more and more accepted and part of the team (in contrast to Mick, who felt somehow less and less part of the team as S2 of Legends wore on).

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hey, i'm new to tumblr hockey and I was wondering if you could recommend some blogs to me? thank you in advance!

hooooboy welcome to hell :D

but yes absolutely i can help you out, here are some grade-a quality blogs:

@povverbottoms @curlyfrycarrick @puckstars @daddyseggy @leondraiisaitl @hallskey @fratboyhanifin @dratdaddy @buchplease @werenzki @temipanarin @klingbrg @psharp @temapanarin @jo-drouin @zachparises @captainerinrose @19trash88 @kuuuuuuuuuch @brandoncarlo @rawpucking @alyssaad72 @hockeydilf @keithsflow

hope this helps you out a bit! all of them have 10/10 content <3

My point about the Teen titans still stands. I don’t like the fact that Raven, Beast boy and starfire are not allowed to grow as characters. They should have graduated from Teen titans long time ago and Damian should’ve had a new team with new heroes. If they wanted to give Damian a team, well idk, why don’t use Maya? Superboy? EVEN BETTER USE SUREN DARGA. I loved their little friendship. Beside they have like a lot in common, they both understand each other’s. I’m ok with Kid flash and aqualad though.

Rakuzan going to Akashi's place for the first time [headcanons]

- Hayama and Nebuya are amazed how big the house is
- Hayama is extremely impressed with the big beautiful house and the maids and chef and gardner etc
- Mibuchi tries to shut Hayama up and is extremely worried about their image in front of Akashi’s dad
- Mibuchi is scared of Nebuya burping or farting when Akashi’s dad is there
- Mayuzumi is so done with their shit
- Mayuzumi thinks this big fancy house is perfect for relaxing and reading some linovels
- specially the backyard
- Hayama wonders if there was a pool and suggests having a party there later
- Akashi tries to make his team impress his dad
- Nebuya shows off his muscles to the maids and gets scolded by Mibuchi
- Mayuzumi gets along well with Akashi’s dad.
- the team sees a picture of Akashi’s mom and are suddnly calm
- Mibuchi tells Akashi how pretty she is
- Hayama is amazed how much Akashi looks like his mom
- Akashi is very happy to have them over and he wishes his mom was there so he could introduce them to her

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although leo risings are quite eye-catching on their own, which of the boys do you think would be most attracted to leo types?

I know this might sound annoying ‘cause I say it all the time but it’ll strongly depend on the houses and other signs involved. For example, if Jungkook’s Moon in Leo is at his 11th house that means that although he’ll have some strong characteristics of that sign (endearing, playful, possessive) the 11th would be making it a very, very sweet Moon. That’d mean he’d be altruistic all over, wanting to protec who he loves at all times and although prideful at times would actually be quite humble most of the time. Awkward even, having an awkward and meme humor. So for me to say that Jungkook with a Moon in Leo would love any Leo types would be just empty of any real logic. Because Moon in Leo in the 1st, for example, can make one have such a big ego that they end up being selfish at times and that would annoy him greatly. Moon in Leo in the 10th will be tough and prideful af and moved by goals, which would go very against what he’d stand for with his Moon in the 11th as well. Makes sense?

So without taking rulers into consideration or at least knowing all of their birth times… I can only make some empty guesses, but I wouldn’t bet on them. But, just to not leave you empty handed… I guess I could say that out of all of them I think Jimin can go for the charm Leo can give the people that have it somewhere in their chart, and Yoongi could love their attitude (if not exaggerated, and specially not loud - because Leo can make one loud). But for any of them to actually feel attracted and fall in love, to want to stay and commit, all that jazz - I’d have to know their 5th and 7th houses combined with their Moon and Venus and then specify how Leo would have to be working in a chart for that to work. Sorry if this sounds like a lot of theory but I’d be lying if I just went and said that that is a thing, because a sign alone… Means nothing. :(