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you are not your own

“you’ve taken my light, your darkness will come”


supernatural meme: three relationships [2/3] → Dean & Ben

– You’re a liar, Dean.
– Excuse me?
– You say family’s so important, but what do you call people who care for you, who love you even when you’re a d*ck?”


#the fact that he acknowledged the fact that she didn’t ask for it #and he was pretty much the only one to do this #and he told her that the least he could do is keep her company #because he knows it must’ve been hard for her especially now her life is in danger #he didn’t want her to go through it alone #noone loves her as much as he does i swear

#2: What kind of girl he'd date (5sos 4/4)

A/N: This is totally just my opinion! They’ve never really clarified in an interview on what they look for in a girl other than someone who can make them laugh and feel comfortable with :) but ya, if you don’t feel like my opinion matches yours that’s totally cool! AHA this is just for the heck of it :D 


Personality - I personally feel like Luke would go for someone a little more bubbly and super cute! I’m not saying total opposite of his shy nature but a bit more outgoing and someone who loves to meet new people. I see her as someone who’s very soft spoken and caring to everyone. She’d be that person who you’d meet once and the next time you meet again she’d remember you and pick up the conversation where you left off. She’d just be very friendly and just an overall sweetheart <3

Looks- tbh, I don’t really think he’d really care what you looked like, i mean obviously some good hygiene would help LOL but i mean hair wise I could see him with any shade, but more like natural hair colours. For eyes I think he’d fall for someone who has as equally beautiful eyes as his (that doesn’t mean they have to be blue.. brown, green, hazel and grey eyes are just as dazzling!) but I do see him with someone shorter than him but you don’t have to be 5'0 to be considered short. I mean anything lesser than his height just so he can feel like he can protect you! For body shape, tbh, anything. I mean Luke definitely isn’t the type of guy to run from someone who’s maybe shaped more on the larger or smaller side. I feel like he doesn’t want someone who looks like a model because that’s intimating, but someone who has flaws so whenever you feel down about them he can always make you feel better!


Personality- I feel like Calum would date a confident girl, someone who isn’t afraid to express their opinion and doesn’t really care what others have to say about her. She’d be that one friend in the group who could get along with anyone and always make someone she just met feel comfortable. I definitely think that she has to be funny to match Cal’s joking manner. I kinda see her as a replica of Ashton but ya know.. female :D but just someone who can make anyone smile and laugh!

Looks- tbh, I’m so sorry to all you gingers/brunettes/whatever hair colour you are but i definitely see him more with a blonde! idk why maybe I just like the contrast of dark and light hair colours together but it’s personally who I see him with. (I’m not blonde either so lets all just have a crying party) For eyes though I don’t know if he would have any sort of colour he’d prefer more, i just think like Luke that as long as he can get lost in the beauty of them that he’d love them. And i don’t really think your body shape matters, I mean I can see Cal with a model but I can also see him with someone who may have more of a pare shaped body or a sporty body. But I think Calum is one of those guys that can look past your imperfections and only see what makes you perfect <3


Personality- I know everyone says that Mikey girls are cray cray and always trolling and personally I agree! I think that Mike needs a girl who he can feel comfortable around and say random stuff that he won’t feel like he offended you or made you feel annoyed by the volume of his voice. I feel like she’d be a mini Michael and be loud most of the time but a complete cutie too! She’d always tug at her sleeves and blush whenever she gets compliments and she’d reveal that sort of fragile side to her. I think that she’d be a pretty heavy gamer like Mike and it would sort of be what they bonded over.

Looks- idk tbh, I mean I can see Michael with someone who is a bit more punk and scene but I can also see him with someone who is a complete cutie and looks totally innocent. The only person I couldn’t see him with is a complete girly girl, not that there’s anything wrong with that I just have a hard time seeing it! For her hair, like I said above, I could see it either being a flackin rainbow of colours or just natural. I think he’d go for any body shape, I mean it’s Mikey he’d never judge someone on their appearance. But I definitely see him with someone who’s a bit insecure about their body so he can tell her how beautiful and perfect she is all the time!


Personality- So I kinda see Ash with a girl who’s kind of a replica of Luke. I don’t know why, but I just think the contrast of their personalities would be really cute! I mean she would be sassy and funny but you’d have to get her to open up first. She’d always be shy and quiet and she’d be more of a listener than a talker. But once she feels that Ash and her are close enough she’d start to open up and become herself more, kind of like a mission for Ashton :D But once she did let him in she’d always keep him on his toes with smart remarks and she’d always joke around and pull pranks on each other. I feel like she’d always be up for new adventures and try new things! With the fans she’d be super sweet and she’d always listen to what they had to say and make sure she was in no rush with them. 

Looks- Sorry to all the blondes and colourful hair out there but I definitely see him more with either a brunette or ginger <3 idk why I just think that him with either one of those hair colours would be super adorable, not to say you blondes or whatever hair colour you have wouldn’t though! For eye colour I definitely see him with someone who has lighter eyes (and yes light brown eyes count). For body shape just like the rest of the boys, he’d go for anyone. He’d just want to make you feel comfortable in your own body and make you feel beautiful and he’d love you even if you do hate your thunder thighs or that bit of flub on your tummy or even if you have no curves because you were born naturally skinny. He’d look at all your flaws and only see perfection because that’s what makes you well… you!