idk this scene is so sad

childhood viktuuri prompts

-yuuri becoming an amazing braider because viktor always liked to style his long hair and yuuri loved to play with his hair so it all worked out

-them going to the movies with yuuri liking movies with an extra deep plot with amazing fight scenes and strategizing and viktor just crying over sad romance movies and sad dog movies

-them shamelessly sharing everything from clothes to food to beds

-when 5 year old yuuri starts off skating 9 year old viktor would hold his hands and skate around the rink for him and do tricks for him

-them actually never having large fights?? but viktor would sometimes accidentally hurt yuuri emotionally but they would always solve the issue

-17 year old viktor getting the idea from cheesy romance films where friends sleep in the same bed and somehow end up cuddling to sleep in the same bed as yuuri and and slowly waiting for him to fall asleep and then pulling him to his chest and just not letting go until he wakes up

-viktor would steal yuuri’s glasses and try them on and yuuri would always get flustered because he looks absolutely stunning with the blue glasses and his gorgeous silvery hair

more under the cut! :)

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  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: k but lincoln literally got cut of while he was saying i love you to daisy ?? that was so emotional ??? why is no one talking about it ?? also that scene where lincoln and hive floated there looking at earth like they werent enemies made me really emotional. not to mention yoyo sacrificing herself for mack. also fitz killed a man why is that not being talked about. also why he FUCK is there a new director ?? is it May ?? id be fine with that, although i liked Coulson as director. and idk man this episode was a mess i am very sad and i hate this show, i really liked lincoln im gonna miss him

You know what was sad? Seeing Newt prancing over to Thomas and Alby in the first scene he was in and looking really damn happy. It was sad because that happy little limping boy tried to kill himself in there. He hates the place so freaking much that he’s willing to die, but he still manages to look like the happiest person in the glade and idk man but that really fucked me up


here are a couple of comic scenes that directly reference art history !!! i like to use art references in particularly sad or violent scenes….mary cassatt’s woman bathing vs james bleeding into the sink, wiping blood out of his eye. i think the reason it works is that most people have seen the paintings before even if they dont remember so it resonates in their mind as import and….lmao idk if thats too Freudian 

The ‘kissing’ pic.
  • 01. What do y’all think? it’s old but i want to know your opinions.

Lauren sad? 

  • 02. The page where I took this picture had the caption: Lauren was probably at the same restaurant as Camila and Kygo. I don’t know whether the girls were there too. And she probably saw this scene! Some things are in our face and we don’t realize! Detail: He’s gay but idk if Lauren knew about this fact. Just want to know your opinions. So…?

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I thought it was so cute in when in episode 8, Yurio runs up to give his grandpa a hug. My little brother (who is the same age as Yurio) does the exact same thing, so it reminded me of that. I love that part so much because it shows that Yurio is still very much a child. No matter how intimidating he tries to be, he's still just a 15 year old boy at the end of the day. I might be the only one who thought that moment was very sweet but idk.

Pretty much any scene with his grandpa involved is cute (and sometimes sad )

ok finally getting  caught up with filming spoilers and here’s what it looks like:

-looks like jekyll and hyde; apparently, someone heard “jekyll” yelled on set but this may be speculative

-robin may actually be dead wow; still no sean on set, so……..sad tho 

-magic fountain popping up in front of the museum of natural history (?) with a carving of excalibur in it:

-the fountain is a portal in which zelena, the charmings, killian + good brother come through after going through the door in the previous episode

-fountains are in so many fairytales, idk what this one would be but it feels important

-emma and regina go get henry in nyc and miraculously meet up with everyone else at the same time?

-cs scene is the last scene of the day and there better be a proposal or so help me 

-yeah feelings

-anything else?


“I’ll never see her again…”

Felt cruddy today so I drove home during my open period to get this Book of Life au comic strip done. I’ve wanted to draw this scene for starco for some time and sometimes being a cruddy mood helps motivate you to draw sad feely scenes :)

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Hi :) I want to share my thoughs with you. So while watching last episode's opening we can see that Viktor is "loosing his colors" in it. And we had this drama with Makkachin and the last scene with Yuri and Viktor on the airport and.. etc. So everyone wonders how this anime will end. And now my idea: really sad and heartbreaking but awesome. In a way. Between Yuri's and Viktor's birthday we have a month gap. And if the theory with 25 episodes is true we can fill the rest of them with the 1/2

YOI will finish airing Dec. 22 so there will be only 12 episodes for this season according to MAL. Hm, I don’t think YOI will get that dramatic tbh, even though indeed, Victor’s colors are grey. Idk what that could mean, honestly. But I can hardly see any characters die. Maybe we’ll get to see his “dark and sad” past in that beautiful scene where he looks down and Yuuri is blushing (perhaps bc of the cold idk ; ;) ? 

We all worried about Makkachin because of how Mary worded out the situation, but I guess it’s because she was just as worried as us, but it was obvious Makkachin wouldn’t die. YOI is not that serious of an anime, sure we had moments we go “omg no” but everything ended well, sometimes with comic relief, like that argument Michele and Sala had :)

Also, YOI has surprised us every week, so I’m certain we won’t get a “classic” happy ending. I fully trust Kubo and the anime staff :)

I think Kubo stated in a tweet that noone would die, I may be mistaken though? I can’t find it because I don’t read Japanese ; ; 

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hey, have you heard of paige young? she was a playboy model in the late 60s and she was abused by many powerful men (hugh hefner and bill cosby in particular) and she ended up shooting herself in the head because of it. idk why but this made me soo sad, like she was a talented painter and she was apparently really creative and introspective and kind and fuck, i want hefner and cosby and whoever else to fucking die

(paige young ask pt2) and plus, she intended her death to make headlines so that people could recognize the dark side of it all, and she wanted it to start a huge controversy and closer look into playboy/ that whole scene but literally NO ONE CARED. i just wanna give her a hug 

this is so sad and depressing thank u for sending me this I wanna know more abt her life now. I just read this article about her and I feel dead inside.. Hefner and Cosby need to die tbh ur right. she was so beautiful and sweet:

Hollywood is such a cesspool RIP Paige Young may her abusers rot in hell

soooooooo guys guys guys. all you greenies(and all you gladers) listen up!!!! it sucks to not know anyone in the fandom and i was once like that too *sad violin music*

so idk introduce yourselves or something tell me about your lives yo. who are your favorite characters what are your favorite scenes what is your favorite part of your day how was your day today???

i wanna know all of you  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hey! Do you remember that almost inukag kissing scene after kikyos ashes were stolen? Do you think inuyasha was thinking about kikyo in that moment or was he actually looking at kagome? I switch back and forth all the time but it makes me kinda sad! It's after the spiderhead arc so inukag feels were pretty much established. I always felt like inuyasha was still caught up in kikyo feelings yes but kagome just recently cried for him so? Idk I need analysis help lol!

yeah, sadly he really was thinking of Kikyo at that moment :/ I’ve seen a fanmade timeline somewhere, and that moment happened only around a month after Inuyasha and Kagome met for the first time, so it’s no big surprise that Inuyasha was still heavy with feelings for Kikyo.

He already knew at that point that Kagome was her own person, because that was after he called her by her name and realized that she cared for him (during the spiderhead arc, like you said), but the news that Kikyo’s bones and ashes might be used to bring her back was hard for him to hear. How many of us will know what it feels like to start grieving someone, and then learning that they might be back? No one, probably. He was starting to become friend with Kagome, but her resemblance to Kikyo was still something that bothered him, and that’s why he was so torn. 

Tbh, I still believe that the true moment where Inuyasha realized that his feelings for Kagome were really distinct from his feelings for Kikyo was in chapter 72 when he said this:

I miss season 1 & 2 Lucaya tbh like I understand why they can’t behave like that anymore but it still hurts. I always find myself watching clips with them before all this ‘triangle’ shit plot and it makes me feel so nostalgic and sad cause I know that right now they can’t go back to these moments that made me fall in love with their relationship and ugh idk I just miss them ok 

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living for the day when farkle initiates a hug lol. can't even imagine how amazing that scene would be, like riley is sad or something and he just surprises her by hugging her like she did in GMGLONY. i feel like NO ONE would be able to claim it was platonic if he initiated it. idk why the tone would be so different, but it def would be.

Agreed. That would be such a sweet moment ☺️

//okay okay, can you we talk about this for a bit?

this is steven’s reaction to Lars insulting his mom. and usually Steven gets sad when he gets offended but this is different. he defends his mom even though he hardly knows her, and I really like how the SU team executed this scene because it shows the not-so bubbly side of Steven. I mean really, this scene kinda shocked me because LOOK AT HOW MAD HE IS.

no but idk this scene kinda struck me, y’know? and at the end of the episode, he still told jenny and the other guys that LARS brought them to the top of the mountain even though Lars was already telling the truth; here we are back to happy Steven and I just can’t;;;
hot daniel this episode was great ;v;