idk this quote always stuck to me

Every so often Walt would call us up to his office on a Friday afternoon. We knew what he wanted. When we got there, he would say, “I just wanted to know what you boys were up to these days.” Then he would turn around in his chair and stare out the window, like the first time we played it [Feed the Birds] for him, and he would say “Play it.” And we would…and you could just see Walt thinking “That’s what it’s all about, everything we do at Disney.” - Robert B. Sherman

✿tagged by: my grandpa @deathgripstrash
✿rules: answer the questions and tag 20 people you’d like to know better 

✿nickname: i don’t got one, ive always wanted one tho (got called Mod the other day on discord and that was 👌)
✿zodiac sign: Capricorn
✿height: 5"6
✿time right now: half 5
✿last thing i googled: homebrew druid circles (bc land vs moon is so all or nothing, considering making Serque a ghostbuster)
✿favourite music artist: music has always been weird for me bc I’m particular about it but never have the energy to find new stuff, so, idk man
✿song stuck in my head: the caravan place mv with the jazz robit
✿last movie i watched: hhh, can’t even remember, i think kill bill 1 maybe?
✿last tv show i watched: new samurai jack, god that show is so good!!
✿what are you wearing right now: bouncer jacket, shirt with blue and yellow flowers an primark jeans/p>

✿when did you create your blog?: 5ish years ago lmao
✿what kind of content do you post ?: went fandom, then shitpost, then full mcelroy
✿do you have any other blogs ?: yep! my two d&d blogs, my kinda inactive star wars blog and a ton of hoarded rick and morty urls (hmu if you want them)
✿do you have asks regularly ?: nop
✿hogwarts house: gryfinndor(Pottermore)/ravenclaw(3rd party tests) i could go either way but i hate red so ravenclaw it is!
✿pokemon team: instinct irl, probs valour if pokemon were like, real
✿favourite colour: lilac or mint
✿average hours of sleep: 4 or 5
✿lucky number: fuck if i know
✿favourite character(s): boi there’s a lot (love taz carey n lup atm, as well a certain foolish samurai)
✿how many blankets do you sleep with ?: 1-3 duvets, 1 blanket
✿dream job: working in a big ol warehouse and volunteering at a super cool museum in free time, or just professionally writing rpg campaigns
✿following count: its in the 400s end me
✿followers count: 264

✿i tag: my irl best dudes @vivalacobrastarship and @rostygold, plus my wonderful discord d&d bros @rei-kay @hypohypodiegetic @dienosaur @justashadeoffcrazy @unsurecatdeer @hexagizmo (colleen’s tumble ain’t on the doc so if anyone sees this and knows it lemme know so i can edit her on)

No you guys listen up

I was watching a panel that the game grumps did and there was a question that a guy was like “I’m an aspiring editor and I wanted to know if you knew how to make it into the industry Barry” and Barry just shrugs and tells him that he fell into the industry

When the question was answered, Danny cut in and said, “dude, don’t say you’re an aspiring editor. If you do that shit every day of your life non-stop, you are an editor. Don’t aspire, be it.”

And ya know that really stuck with me these past couple of days. I always introduce myself as an aspiring author, yet, I write and create every single day. I’m not an aspiring author; I’m a fucking author. I write every day and put my whole heart and soul into it.

If you, young souls, say that you’re an aspiring creator, and you put your heart and soul into that said thing you do, you aren’t aspiring. You’re being.

Tl;dr don’t aspire, just fucking be it.