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Alright so it's been years since I read warriors so forgive me if I'm remembering wrong, but didn't the name Lostface make her really uncomfortable and she /really/ wanted it changed? I understand the idea of her keeping it out of spite but I dunno it just doesn't seem like something she'd do if she could change it like she did in the books. once again I could be remembering wrong, it's been a long time so sorry

No worries! im pretty sure she did! but in this au ive decided to lean more towards, instead of her keeping the name out of spite, she recognizes that bluestar was in a bad place. 

Bluestar was upset and named her Lostface to spite starclan. Lostface later realizes that Bluestar wasn’t doing too well when she named her and decided to keep the name. Because instead of erasing the name Bluestar gave her and making it shameful, she decides to keep the name and turn it into one that makes Starclan proud. if that makes sense

Idk i havent thought it all through yet. Thank you so much for the ask, though!! it helped me think through some of the background for the AU

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Share one of your weaknesses. Share one of your strengths.If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose? Thanks!

im on mobile so these are gonna be ugly but thank u so much for asking!!!! ♡

Share one of your weaknesses.
• I don’t like.. writing violence or smut or sad things in general lmao?? I mean,, I kind of enjoy poetic sadness sometimes but idk mostly I just want everyone to be happy and in love all the time :’) im just bad at writing smut lmao and idk I don’t like writing about people getting hurt either so.. all of that :’)

Share one of your strengths.
• I think.. my vocabulary and word usage is pretty good? Also I LOVE writing soft things so those always turn out better for me I just love softness and tenderness holy shit.. I guess I generally am better at writing about lighter topics :’) because that’s what I enjoy the most

If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?
• hm idk! I think a film of melt would be really nice.. one that omits my filler chapters and sloppy writing :’) I’ve just worked so long and hard on it I think that one would be really nice to see !! also the hanahaki au.. I would cry.. maybe the mermaid au if I ever finish it?? idk!! I would love a film of any of my fics im crying

Thanks so much for asking ily!!!!!!!! ♡