idk this one turned out pretty bad

“How ‘bout, Muffin?”

A/N: howdy! this one was requested ((ty you so much for this request honestly!! pls send in more if you have any!!) and I hope I brought your idea to life. I added a bit of a backstory to add some fluff but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

request: “Can you do a Bucky imagine where the reader has superpowers and she accidentally breaks Bucky’s metal arm by her powers or they have super strength and accidentally slammed his arm in a door or something like that. And reader feels super bad and sits with Bucky has Tony fixes his arm and the reader won’t stop apologizing and it ends in fluff”

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

warnings: slight angst idk – more like banter?? Two implied swear words. One swear word. Bit of second hand embarrassment and rejection

word count: 5.8k (wowza, idk is it better to do longer imagines or short and snappy ones??  lemme know pls)


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Sluggishly, you dragged your slipper clad feet across the floor, slapping a hand over your mouth as you yawned loudly. You felt the comforter from your bed trailing behind you as you held it around your body, resembling a makeshift cape. You were sure you looked like a mess; you could feel your hair falling messily out of the bun you had strategically placed it in last night, your pyjama top slipping off your shoulders and you were certain that there were prominent bags lining your eyes. Smiling lazily, you mumbled a small “good morning” to Steve and Natasha who were fumbling in the kitchen preparing their breakfast. They returned your greeting, both however, seemingly much more awake than you were. Not bothering to suppress your sigh, you nudged Steve with your shoulder as you walked past. 

“Remind me again: why the hell do we need to wake up at an ungodly hour to practice punching each other?” You groggily mumble, your voice laced with sleep, narrowing your eyes when Steve laughed at you. 

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can u do a soulmate au with mr ryan haywood?? maybe something like a tattoo of the soulmate's signature?? idk just make it super sweet!! love ya <3

A/N: So I promise there’s some fluff in there. I just took a sharp turn into some angst for a minute. I’m sorry! I hope you still like it.

Word Count: 1,411

“Look at this bullshit,” you held out your wrist to Jon one day after he asked you about your soulmate.

“Oh, wow. That is pretty bad,” he tried to hide a smile.

You shoved his shoulder, giggling yourself, “Don’t laugh. Since I was born I’ve had to deal with a scribble. This asshole better be a doctor with a signature like this. Seriously.” Jon laughed even harder and you started to have trouble speaking between giggles. “Are these even letters?!”

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"It's your lucky day" | Mechanic!Alex x reader

Alright guys, I just wanted to say that when I saw so much people wanting my fic I cried ( I’m a loser lol). I really felt like someone appreciate the things that I write and that made me really happy so thank you. This isn’t great, I think it’s pretty bad but you asked for it so….
If you don’t like it please don’t hate, I’m a sensitive bean.
Thank you for reading this little introduction❤❤.
PS: I’m on mobile so I’m gonna edit it tomorrow beacuse now it’s 5 am and I can’t turn on my computer because it makes terrible noises and I’m very sleepy so Idk how is the grammar.

Warnings: mechanic!Alex is a warning so…., she checks one time the phone while driving ( DOn’T USe yOuR pHonE WHiLE DrIvIng)

You are in your car with the windows down and the hand out letting the wind caress your skin.
You are very happy today because you are going to see your sister after a long time when you two were too busy.
You hum quietly your favourite song checking quickly you phone, seeing how much miles you have to do to finally arrive to your sister’s house when a you hear the motor crackle slightly.
You open your eyes wide terrified, praying.
“C'mon boy you can’t leave me here” you say hitting the dashboard again and again.
Your car starts to slow down while you curse under your breath and continue to hit the dashboard.
“No, no, no please, you can’t do this to me. I saved you from being destryed and you thank me like this?” you continue to whine mumbling senseless things.
Your car stops completely and you drag yourself out for checking the motor.
You open the hood and look on the inside with a confused look, closing it after a minute.
“Alright I have to find help” you mumble.
You start walking in the streets of the city that you were passing, searching for someone.
You spot a blonde guy that is coming out of a garage.
“Excuse me, sir” you shout walking, almost running, towards him.
“Yeah?” he turns giving you the opportunity to see that he is shirtless and cover in dirt and sweat.
You stare at him with wide eyes and mentally drooling.
“Are you okay?” he asks looking in your eyes.
“What? Y-yeah I’m okay, my car won’t move, do you- do you know a mechanic?” you say trying hard not to stare at his chest but failing.
“Well, it’s your lucky day, because I am a mechanic, where’s your car?”
“It’s the blue there”
“Alright I’ll pick it, stay there” he walks towards your car, giving you a nice view of his back and you almost faint when you see his muscles twitching under his skin.
You look at your toes watching over and over again the image ot his muscular chest and blushing to your self.
You snap your head up and look at him still blushing.
“Enter and sit somewhere, it won’t take so long”.
You nod entering in the garage and sitting on chair that seems clean, watching the guy as he works.
You look at his fingers climbing up his body with your stare, admiring his arms and biceps, moving to his shoulder and his neck and going down to his chest until you meet the hem of his jeans.
You close your eyes trying to calm your furious heartbeat and not to go too far with your mind.
“Okay it’s done” he says smirking at you.
“Okay, how much is it?”
“It’s free, but at one condition: go on a date with me”.
You look at him all red nodding vigorously, blushing even more when you hear him chuckle.
You open the door of your car and sit, closing it right after.
“Here’s my number, call me and we can decide when we can hang out, alright?”
“Bye” he says winking at you and then chuckling at your red cheeks.
“Bye” you say driving out of his garage.

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I like you, theoretically

Pairing: Jikook

Genre: fluff crack FLUFF FLUFF

Word count: 2.2k

Description: Jungkook’s little cousin loves to embarrass him and definitely knows more than she should.

A/N: Well this turned out much longer than expected. Thanks for requesting, anon <3 enjoy~ brb dying from Jikook feels

Jungkook is sure that all the little kids in the world are out to get him. Sure, his little cousin, Jinah, seemed all cute and sweet, but Jungkook was sure that it was all an act. She probably had something up her sleeve.

So when he was forced to babysit her for the day, he knew that probably meant bad luck for him.

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  • okay so he works as a bodyguard but a very violent one
  • but a very good one
  • who protects people secretly
  • except when it came to you, all he did was follow ( almost ) every move of yours
  • ye it’s pretty stalkerish but that’s his job ok
  • over the span of 7 months he picked up a bunch of things no one really knows about you
  • some that you dont even know about yourself but you catch yourself doing them
  • like your strange ways to listen to music
  • you could go to 80s german pop to chinese folk music
  • hes also experienced you being in and out of relationships
  • hes seen you with your heart broken
  • but dont worry, from afar he’s cheering u on to get better
  • bc he lowkey has a crush on you
  • only lowkey though no one knows bc why would he have a crush on the one he’s trying to protect hahHAhhHHhha…
  • there would be these bad guys who would attempt to kill you but that would never work out bc hansol was always in the background ready to fight
  • he’s also extremely fast and skillful at fighting
  • but he’s also rlly tall too so he’d hit his head against something trying to follow you only to be in huge pain
  • one time while blocking some bad guys that were trying to kill you, they pulled down his mask and fuck he’s like “ poor girl !! cant protect her now hahHHAHH my identity’s out !! “
  • like srsly hansol what the fuck
  • but no actually he knocked both of them rlly quick and had his partner ( yuta ) give them these pills which resulted to short-term memory loss
  • but he was still being paranoid that they know what he looks so he bleached his hair
  • “ hansol you dont look different it’s just your hair “
  • “ exaCTLY, they wont know anything “
  • “ that doesnt make sense “
  • one time you nearly escaped from getting kidnapped and the bad guys were trying to find you
  • “ whered she go “
  • “ idk man “
  • and hansol beat them up
  • but you were like
  • “ ohhHHh shit i dropped something there let me go BACK to where i ALMOST got kidnapped ;;;; ))) “
  • and you saw hansol mid punch with a buff dude and another buff dude on the ground basically dead
  • after hansol was done with the buff dude #2 lets just say you were “ surprised “
  • hansol looked at you, but rmbr he only saw you from afar and he has a crush on you so he was like
  • “ oh…………….. you’re up close…… ”
  • he kinda just stayed staring at you for so long you felt violated
  • you dove into your bag ready to get your pepper spray out
  • “ how did you.. ?? i didnt even get it out yet ?? wat “
  • “ oh shit “
  • the whole time you were like who is this man and why is he saying hes a good guy
  • you demanded for an explanation
  • so he basically went all out bc why wouldnt you am i right
  • “ i was protecting you bc that’s my job. you’re this huge ass company’s target, and i stop them from killing you. and for your information i’m actually really good at my job. “
  • “ wait so im targeted ?? what the fuckie why “
  • “ you expect to work as spy and have no problems ?? “
  • “ ok u right “
  • lets just say you guys had a little coffee “ date “ after
  • “ what do you want? “
  • “ extra hot no whip white mocha “
  • “ no whip?? what the fuck you really are hardcore “
  • also cue the cliche oh there’s whip on my lip let me.. wipe it off for you..
  • HA SIKE hansol was all like
  • “ that’s what you get for getting whip! “
  • so you had to wipe it off yourself
  • but during that little date you were still pretty baffled by how events turned out
  • “ he’s really a spy.. he ain’t that bad looking either i could have fun with this“
  • even though he wasn’t really “ secretive “ anymore he started being by your side
  • well
  • more like 10 feet behind you
  • you would always meet in your apartment
  • s e c r e t l y
  • and you’d both have deep conversations on how fun but shitty your jobs were
  • he started even falling for you even more when you both were getting closer
  • but how is that possible ?? idk bro
  • same as you, you were also developing feelings for him
  • until one time
  • he discovered your diary that you write all your lil secrets in
  • but seriously you’re a spy and you fucking have a diary containing secrets when was this a smart thing to do
  • pull yourself together man
  • he was snooping through your diary when you were taking a nap
  • “ hansol, he has badly bleached hair, but he’s cute… sometimes too quiet “ you wrote
  • “ what the heck is this girl… my hair costs more than she does— “
  • hansol what are you saying, you’re literally protecting her
  • you also wrote your “ planned “ confession on a page
  • hansol kept grinning and giggling to himself while reading it, it was so cheesy
  • may i also add that he changed some of the ways you described him–
  • your handwriting and his are so different
  • “ badly bleached? you mean. .. perfect hair ehem. abnormally tall? you mean gorgeously tall duh “
  • as he put your diary back where it was, trying to make it seem like he never touched it, he quietly lied on your bed facing you and kinda just admired your features
  • he was blushing even though you were asleep
  • you woke up awhile after that only to meet his eyes staring right at you
  • you pushed him away
  • “ you’re so creepy oh my god hansol “
  • he didn’t say anything
  • he just leaned toward you, leaving a kiss on your forehead
  • “ i like you too “
  • “ what the fuck hansol– how’d you know? what did you look through oh MY GOD HANSOL “
  • you just stayed here half blushing from the kiss and half freaking out how he figured out you liked him
  • you also noticed how he kept glancing at your diary every second
  • “ hansol… you didn’t “
  • looking through your diary, you noticed a bunch of eraser marks and smudged writing
  • “ hansol is the best.. hansol is hot.. did you seriously write this all ?? “
  • “ hey! i obviously didn’t write that, you’re the one who likes me here pft “
  • “ so do you! “
  • and you both just sat there thinking … wow the other person likes me .. oh ym GOD
  • he blurted out “ will you be my girlfriend, ___? “
  • you guys are now the happiest couple there could ever be
  • on some of your dates, bad guys would try and come and he’d just.. make out with in public so they wouldn’t notice you two
  • his kisses are the best
  • whenever a guy is checking you or something, he would always keep you by his side
  • “ hansol there isn’t anyone bad here “
  • “ yeah there is, that guy right there– looking at my… girl hmph “
  • your relationship is filled with adventure ( or basically doing your jobs side by side and you both escaping from people )

4horsesatetheworld  asked:

Do you have any sense8 au ideas where they are all criminals? I love your hcs so much!)

dude they’re basically already all criminals they’ve like murdered people but anyway 

  • so some asshole from california lucks out and pulls off inception and then everyone and their mother suddenly wants to get into dream crime. wolfie doesn’t mind it at first–a little healthy competition’s not a bad thing, especially when you’re the best extractor in the business, retired lucky assholes notwithstanding–but when it gets his point man shot in six places and stuck in limbo, you can’t blame a guy for getting a little more aggressive with his rocket launchers, and a little more careless with interpol 
  • a korean woman wolfie’s never met shows up out of the blue to bail him out. she’s tiny, fierce, she breaks his cellmate’s hand within two minutes of meeting him, and she has a proposition for him. her brother is a scumbag, so she says, and she wants him to do three things: one, find out if joong-ki murdered their father. two, get him to sign over all the rights to their company as quietly as possible. three, have him take a nosedive off the nearest cliff. the third one, ms. bak says, might change, depending on her mood. 
  • wolfie knows what it’s like to deal with murderous asshole family members, and he knows that if he fails, it’s a one-way ticket to felix. he shakes sun’s hand, as gingerly as possible, and she tells him to find the rest of their team. wolfie tells her that besides felix, he doesn’t need a team. sun tells him to get his tongue out of his own asshole. she’s been in prison too, looks like. 
  • lito, at least, owes him a favor. wolfie helped him deal with his (live-in beard? boyfriend’s girlfriend? platonic threesome member??)’s crazy ex-fiance a while back, and notorious forger and con artist aside, lito rodriguez does eventually come through for his friends. hernando shoves wolfie up against a wall before he leaves, and makes some noise about his boyfriend coming home safe and whole. wolfie shrugs, and makes no promises. 
  • the rest of them are a little harder to track down. at lito’s suggestion, they head down to san francisco to check on dream crime’s very own oracle. her girlfriend meets them at the door, pepper sprays wolfie in the face, and almost brains lito with a baseball bat. nomi gives them a spiel about walking away from her life of crime, and she seems pretty stalwart until wolfie shows her just how many zeroes are on sun’s check 
  • their architect is a waifish little blond girl from iceland who can somehow build dreamscapes through sound. her totem is a wedding ring burning a hole in her pocket, and she takes to dream crime admirably to get away from some skeevy new age drug dealer and friends who would sell her out in a second 
  • a pointman, wolfie argues, is supposed to be someone you can trust. a pointman is supposed to be someone you can rely on. a pointman is not supposed to be a /cop/ from chicago with a chip on his shoulder and an incredible need to get fucked. nomi tells him to shut the fuck up, and will joins anyway 
  • kala’s not a criminal, she’s just a chemist. she’s a very good chemist, sure, and the compounds she makes could have revolutionary effects in dream-sharing, but she’s doing it legally, for governments and good. sun has her shoved into a gunny sack and thrown in the back of her limo 
  • capheus drops them both off at the abandoned dildo factory that the team’s running the operation out of, and sun invites him in. when wolfie asks, she says they need someone to drive, and capheus has always kind of wanted to be a telepathic superhero, so telepathic criminal is pretty okay too if its for a good cause 
  • it all goes pretty well until it really fucking doesn’t. kala tries to escape, like a lot. capheus keeps touching things he really shouldn’t be touching. will, as it turns out, has a shade, and wolfie doesn’t even have time to be smug about it before lito’s screaming his head off trying to get away from a little girl trying to hardcore dream murder him
  • maybe, wolfie thinks, living forever in limbo with felix wouldn’t be so bad
ll girls as artists

idk if canon already said stuff about it but w/e. thx renee for insp :*

Hanayo: best artist, draws lots of pretty shit and has the best aesthetic. good with almost all mediums and can do some cool sculpture stuff too. u go Panayo.

Kotori: 2nd best, only second to Hanayo because Kotori doesn’t draw much other than fashion designs. gotta expand her fields tho. also good at drawing animals. 

Honoka: mostly does half-assed cartoon doodles that somehow turn out looking decent?! not half bad at art, surprisingly.

Umi: crazy skilled at hyperrealistic stuff…… except she takes forever with her drawings. one time it took her 6 hours to draw a single eyeball but goddamn it was a beautiful eye. just stick to calligraphy, Umichin.

Nico: draws horrible self-insert OCs instead of maximizing her potential in fashion design alongside Kotori. Nicko why. 

Rin: weirdly good at art?! Hanayo probably rubbed off on her. she doesn’t have the patience for anything other than dumb cat doodles on her homework tho.

Nozomi: more into bizarre performance art than 2d mediums tbh.

Maki: potatos. attempts graphite portraits of the others that end up looking like potatoes it’s ok u tried Maki. 

Eli: draws self-insert OCs with Nico and thinks airbrush looks good. the two shouldn’t be allowed near digital art programs. they make their own animated series that has quality on par with Nyan Neko Sugar Girls, stop them.

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Blurb on what they'd be like if you got into a big fight and you just like left the house bc you were upset?

ashton’s turned out a lil longer than the rest oopsies 

so idk i feel like luke is pretty mellow 98% of the time but when he gets mad he gets mad and it would’ve been something stupid and both of you would just be screaming at each other to blow some pent up steam i guess but he would accidentally take it one step too far and bam there you would be walking out the door because you just needed to get out and he would just be dumbstruck like shit shit shit what did he do?? he would feel so bad and probably just start crying because he’s so terrified that he lost his princess and he would call you a million times and when you finally picked up he would just start blubbering apologies at 100mph and you would just shush him and tell him that you’re coming home and when you got there he’d just hug you so tightly because he thought he lost you and you’d both apologize and cry and cuddle and kiss and fall asleep aw

i feel like mikey could possibly be a bit of a hot head sometimes maybe?? like maybe he just gets ticked off or he’s in a bad mood and you accidentally push him a little too far and there it is the screaming and you would just give up because you really just can’t deal with this right now so you’d just turn around and walk out without a word and he’d probably shout after you “were do you think you’re going?” but you would just get in your car and drive to a park or a cafe or your friends house or something and he’d probably be a little pissed off even after you walked out but once it hit him that you actually left the housebecause of him he would probably get really worried and upset and scared because he regrets everything and he’d call you and you guys would talk it out over the phone for a bit and you’d just explain that you were a little scared and boom right there and then he would just burst into tears because he scared the love of his life and you would just give in because its michael you know and you’d drive home and cuddle and watch movies and make out oh dear

you would be fighting with calum because he got jealous. maybe you got a little too up close and personal with someone at a club or bar and next thing you know he’s dragging you back to your house and once you got back all hell would break loose you’d be yelling and rolling your eyes and he’d be going off about how you were obviously flirting with that guy and you just wouldn’t even try to argue against it because he was too mad at this point and you would’ve had enough and turned to walk out the door and he would just pull you back and push you up against the wall and growl “i love you” and start KISSING YOU ROUGHLY AND CHILDREN I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

ashtons is gonna be hard because i don’t really think you guys would be the couple to get in big fights like maybe a few small arguments here and there but big fights would be rare if not non-existent so imma do this one a little different so you see the boys would probably be over as usual and you would be getting drinks/snacks for them or something and you would be about to walk into the room that they were all in and you would overhear ashton talking about you so you’d just stop in your tracks and you’d hear him say something like “yeah guys she’s put on some weight since tour started” and your heart would just break because you hadn’t had any problems with your body until now and you’d probably just accidentally drop everything and a second later you would run upstairs and lock yourself in the bathroom and just cry because you thought that you really just weren’t good enough for him and he’d just say “oh my god” and run up after you and bang on the door begging for you to let him in and after a while you finally would and he would pull you against his chest so tightly and whisper into your hair how beautiful you are and how fucking sorry he was and how much he loves you and he’d explain that one of the boys was checking you out or something and he just said it because he hated the idea of anyone else being able to look at you the way he does and you guys would just stand there lovin’ each other for a while you feel me aw


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