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♡ 170726 | After School Raina’s Single Album Tracklist Revealed
  The single will have three tracks with Aron featuring on the title track 밥 영화 카페 (rice movie cafe) with English title Loop. The single will drop on the 31st, with Aron and Raina both making an appearance on Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet Radio. 

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What is your opinion of the M*A*S*H movie, if you don't mind my asking?

I only watched it once, about a year ago. I don’t remember it all that well to be honest.

But I don’t remember particularly liking it. If I remember correctly it was like, all the worst parts of the early seasons and none of the fun parts. Also they gave Hawkeye the worst bucket hat in the history of television.

And my favorite part of the series is the character developement, something the movie severely lacked; It was hard to really enjoy the characters the same. The wit was less witty and the pranks were in poorer taste. Maybe I would have appreciated it more if I watched it before ever seeing the show and wasn’t constantly comparing them. But it did have good ole Gary Burghoff, which in some respects made it weirder to watch, but it was also a comfort.

I actually own the movie on dvd because it came with my boxset, maybe sometime I’ll go through and make a movie/tv show parallels gif set, that sounds fun.

Special shout out to the kids doing the morning announcements in Spider-Man: Homecoming for the most accurate portrayal of how terrible and awkward announcements are that I have ever seen.


“Where are we even going?”
“Omg Pidge would you just shut up for like, five seconds? We’re almost there.”
“Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice, Lance. Not everything is about you, you know. Maybe I’m just–”

“…This is what I wanted to show you.”
“Happy Birthday, Pidge.”

It’s Pidge’s birthday so obviously I had to draw SOMETHING.

It turned into Plance. Go figure.

My favorite part of the movie is how great, happy and united my children are and how nothing bad EVER happens to them.


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