idk this moment is just cute okay

me, watching the next episode’s previews and seeing hansung climbing into yeo wool’s bed:

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oh my god can you do the gay club scene we never got but with hoopkins?? lol because i feel like molly would totally not know what to do in a gay bar and then be flustered and they could dance. idk. :)

Stella is leaning forward, squeezing Molly’s arm, and for one moment Molly thinks she’s going in for a kiss and that’s- great, actually. Great decision, yes please and-

“Tell me after,” Stella slurs just a bit, and hiccoughs. “’M going to the loo.”

And the disappointment on Molly’s face must show because Stella winks at her (excellent!) and adds, “I’ll only be tick! Get some more drinks, the ones with the cute umbrellas.”

“Yes!” Molly says, rather loudly. “Okay!”

And Stella is gone. It’s only then that Molly replays her words and realises that she must be in some sort of bar. She fumbles with her phone, and just about manages to text:

wHere am I??! xoxo

Immediately, dots indicating a response being typed pop up:

…Wrong number? -S

NO youre edecibe no i mean a detective youll knowwe

Oh you’re having a VERY good night. John says turn on your GPS? -S


Never mind. Case solved. 

What follows is a google maps attachment of her location with the caption: ‘John and I know this one really well. Good music.’

Then there’s another little ping, and Molly frowns, screen wavering in front of her. It’s an online banking notification:

Transfer to your account: £20. Note: Stella likes tequila. Have fun! :) S & J

“Aaaaand I’m back. You alright, did you get the drinks?”

Molly blinks and slowly pockets her phone. The lights of the club sparkle in Stella’s eyes. 

“No,” she says firmly. “Let’s dance first.”

And she’s leaning over and tugging Stella by the wrists and Stella is laughing and laughing as they barge onto the dance floor. Stella does the macarena and Molly ends up in a spectacular giggle fit, until the song suddenly changes to something much slower.

Stella’s eyes flicker to Molly’s lips. She pulls Molly close.

“I’d really like to kiss you,” she whispers.

Molly’s heart skips and skips. 

“Then get the hell on with it,” she says, and closes the gap, and Stella’s lips are on hers, and the entire dance floor melts into the background.

I’m taking ficlet prompts. <3

Things I Want in a Friend/Things I Want My Friends to Do
  • take random pictures of me when I’m not paying attention. like those really good candid photos that I can post on instagram pls
  • steal my phone and post random shit on snapchat (idk I just like the idea of someone stealing my phone while Im doing something stupid and posting a vid on my story)
  • record cute or funny moments of us on our phones because I want to make those really white people edits with all my friends
  • actually text fucking often even the most random shit at like 3 am is okay I like never text my friends unless we’re making plans I want to talk to you (also RESPOND GODDAMMIT)
  • hold my hand it makes me feel loved
  • roast each other constantly
  • but also be rlly rlly supportive of each other always
  • but also roast each other
  • “you look so hot rn and those heels goddamn but if I say any more your short little legs are going to snap under the pressure of your massive ego”
  • instagram photos of each other
  • i just want more pics of my friends on my phone so i can post them and share them to the world becuz i luv them
  • just all that basic shit that seems really stupid I want that where is it

distraught mino trying to guess what jei was eating

Tbh I️ liked yoi but I️ never got into the fandom and I️ was mainly pretending to gawk over it. Yoi is okay but it just seemed like every other romance story but with skating. Some moments are cute but romance is not my favorite genre. It was just really sappy and fluffy imo. Also idk why yoi fans feel the need to hate ks fans???

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Davey 😏

(I was secretly hoping someone would say Davey cos he’s my fave ty)

First impression: Won’t lie, from the moment he opened his mouth on Newsies Live I was like “DAMN WHO DIS” loved him immediately

Impression now: Still love him, favourite character of all time, sweet smart and tol

Favorite moment: “That’s disgusting.” And I also love him in The World Will Know idk why, he’s just so ready to fite what a sweetie

Idea for a story: Hmm not sure (says the writer ffs)? I have a story in mind that i might write for Davey but I was leaning more towards Michael Mell. We’ll see.

Unpopular opinion: He would be cute with Katherine okay?! *Don’t throw rocks at me pls*

Favorite relationship: I do still ship Jack x Davey vv much so they’re probs my favorite (But I highkey ship Davey and me more ;)))

Favorite headcanon: It’s a sad one but the one where he and Les had a brother that died in the trolley strike is so plausible and heartbreaking and adds so much to Daveys character

I could write a freaking essay on Davey Jacobs i swear i love him

oh man took a nap and i had the sweetest most adorable mass effect dream!! i’m sort of forgetting it already but it was fshepard’s birthday and she was trying really hard to keep it secret and forget about it but somehow zaeed found out?? so he started making these chocolate filled cookies (or smores?? idk) for her with a tiny makeshift blowtorch and the smell drew in jack and eventually grunt. and i guess garrus had been really worried about shep all day because he sought her out after shift ended to make sure she was okay only to find the three of them sitting around zaeed and eating these cookies, relaxed and laughing, and he watched them for a moment and walked away chuckling to himself it was really cute!!! :’)

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How would the whole thing go with Seven since he's supposedly always checking on MC through the cctv? Like, what if MC was kinda always flirty and would flash him through the cctv? 😂 Idk what this is. I just seen a comic and thought it this. Kill me

So like I’m walking to the bus as I write this and my brain sTILL hasn’t registered anYTHING.I ran into a Christmas tree on the sidewalk

» Saeyoung was tired of this shit okay

» Sometimes he just wanted to check in if his MC was okay and MC just did the dumbest shit in return

» But oh today

» Today was different

»(help my hands are frozen)

» The moment he turned on CCTV MC was standing there smiling

» Oh MC just wanted to say hi. How cute

» lol no

» MC’s grin fades slowly into a smirk as they start stripping in front of the camera.

» Feeling something wet drip down his shirt, he realized he had crushed his can of Ph. D Pepper

» MC decided to put on a show for saeyoung, touching themselves

» fuck he hissed, turning off the screen to go find MC

»" Hey Saeyoung “ MC smiled, sitting on the bed, fully dressed.

It’s 6:40 and I’m tired leave me alone 😂😂😂 ~ Admin Taylor 🌹

I Saw Spiderman: Homecoming!!! *Spoilers*

Okay so first of all the beginning was super cute! I could not stop laughing at his little video diary! And the rest of the movie was super cute and I loved Peter’s dorky moments and those shirtless scenes….unf you guys know what I’m talking about ;) and at the end when Aunt May walked in I was about to lose it! So does she know he’s Spider-Man now? Idk maybe he could just say it’s a Halloween costume or something. Also I low-key did a little cheer when I saw Liz leave. I felt bad for her and everything but honestly I didn’t ship her with Peter at all so yeah…plus I lowkey want him to stay single a bit longer for us lovers of reader-insert fics about him.

But anyway I have a super great idea for a peter parker x hero!female!reader fic and I’ll be working on that this weekend and getting it up hopefully soon! If anyone wants to fangirl over Spiderman or Tom Holland and general feel free to chat or hit me up!

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Centipeetle for the character ask!

  • First impression: she’s cute but i dont get why people like her so much. she kinda seems like a stray dog trope.
  • Favorite moment: this might sound weird but centipeetle triggering herself when she remembers what happened. its just super relatable as someone with ptsd
  • Idea for a story: idk. somewhere along the line maybe steven tries again? but this time with a support group.
  • Unpopular opinion: im okay with her being in that spaceship. steven really cant do more for her
  • Favorite relationship: her relationship with steven was cute
  • Favorite headcanon: centipeetle and her crew are all  in a polyamorous relationship

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I can't believe he sang that to him. Why is nobody freaking the fuck out? Like I never thought there was really something going on between them, this is the first time I'm actually sus! Like what.. I thought that Kook didn't see him, the videos are all blurry, but he smiled back right? Fuck

really…… this is the first time you think something is going on between them??? dang. like, the moment is cute, and it’s sus that jimin sang that, but like, it also could be fan service (not saying it is, but it could be). idk, i think the moment is adorable, and highly suspicious, because like….. he really….. sang that to jk….. but it’s happened before (ie. for you performance). and so i’m kinda like “okay this cute affff but like, that boyfriend selfie though). 

edit: never mind i just rewatched the video since i hadn’t seen it in hours, and wow. i completely get why you think this way. that was HIGHLY sus. 

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Mahaad has to babysit Yami and so he leaves for a moment to get something from the neighboor, and he says "I wont be gone for very long, Yami. Behave, okay?" and Yami just sits back determined and thinks "Be strong, Yami (Or atem idk what u have chosen). Be strong for mother."

Well, Yami did get to hear that phrase, but not the way you thought of.

Mana’s pep talk leaves much to be desired.

Pregnant Reader X Dean

Request: OMG!!! Okay, alrighty, could you write one where the reader is really pregnant (with Dean) and is expecting the baby at any moment so Dean is getting nervous and so is Sam. Then the reader goes into labor and BAM unexpected twin boys. (Really really really fluffy please and cute) and everybody visits!! Thanks

Request: May i request some daddy!dean, maybe some quick little snippets from them finding out the readers pregnant, to the birth and stuff. :) idk i’m just really hormonal right now and babies. i love your writing!

Request: hi there! do you think you could a sweet little fluffy thing where you’re like 5/6 months pregnant with dean and sometimes when you feel bad he’ll rub your tummy and so like one morning you wake up and you just feel really swollen and cruddy so dean rubs your belly and talks to the baby😍😙 thank you!!!

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Baekyeol & jealousy part 2

[continuation of this post]

Now, we were discussing Chanyeol, right? Let’s proceed with more gifs.

Do you remember this moment? Baekhyun was acting all cute with Kwanghee on broadcast, and Chanyeol… Idk about you guys but his reaction looked rather forced to us.

Wolf era throwback. Someone does not look very happy because of BaekHan.

A more recent moment for you all. Baekhyun touches Kai, and Chanyeol just… This face is so common.

Here comes more painful subject. Baekhyun’s relationship (whatever that may be) with Taeyeon.

Let’s look at the gifs below properly (sorry about the quality, they were too large for tumblr so we had to improvise).

Okay. First gif. Here we have Baekhyun trying to appear cheerful and not affected by the whole situation. Obviously, this is for his own protection. After all, there are dozen photographers taking pictures at the moment, waiting for him to trip over, and do something, preferably involving Taeyeon, so they can publish another article to feed the thirst of the public.

And here he is, along with his bandmates, with Chanyeol sited fairly close, and Taeyeon sitting even closer. So Baekhyun tries to smile, and he turns left a bit, most likely to check on both Chanyeol and Taeyeon at the same time. All the while Chanyeol was staring at him. When caught by Baekhyun, Chanyeol pretends he wasn’t looking.

Both Chanyeol and Taeyeon don’t look happy at all. Actually, they look quite miserable.

Second gif. Baekhyun’s mask falls. He isn’t trying to smile anymore. He is completely focusing on Chanyeol now (Chanyeol, who sighs deeply), and their eyes meet. For a split second the Universe halts completely.

This is probably one of the most intense moments we’ve witnessed lately. And it speaks a lot about what’s going on between Baekhyun and Chanyeol. It shows us that they are not mere best friends. There is much more between them. Unspoken words. Hidden emotions. It’s painful to watch, and we feel sorry for Taeyeon too. This is a really difficult situation. 

Latest SM Town. Baekhyun is looking at Taeyeon, and Chanyeol is looking at Baekhyun. Then Baekhyun looks at Chanyeol, and Chanyeol turns towards Taeyeon…

With this melancholic accent we end here. It’s your call whatever you make out of this. If you want to talk more about this subject, our inbox is open. Just be mature and respectful. Also, zero Taeyeon bashing. 

-admin MTL & SFS

Yoongi has been nailing all the HYYH concept photos. This is his era.

Remember when he was everyone’s profile picture because of this one photo?

He isn’t (wasn’t) even your bias, but god damn you can’t deny how good he looked. Model Yoongi.

And then HYYH pt. 2 came out and WOW. Just WOW. He became everyone’s lock/home screen on your phone.

AND THEN THEY DROPPED THOSE ON STAGE EPILOGUE PHOTOS. He looking gooOooood for this comeback omg.

And now we have Young Forever (Day ver.).. where he looks so freaking cute just standing there.

You can’t deny that Suga, Min Suga, Min Yoongi robbed the HYYH era. Don’t get me wrong. He always looks good, but this.. THIS is beautiful.