idk this looks less than i meant it to

Taking a break from working on a comic to fiddle with new human!Gold and Silver designs. It’s super messy and scrappy, I’m sorry.

Gold looks like some kind of Roman councilor, while Silver’s just some engineer grunt or something. Whatever it is they make psychic nerds in handcuffs do. I fully admit to making new Silver look a little cooler and Marty McFly-ish than before, cause he definitely feels a lot cooler and less dorkwad-ish in the new universe. I kind of miss him being a precious dope, but oh well. I’m still keeping the dorkus glasses.

I think I will just draw everyone in the future with some kind of Italian influence + poor fashion choices + a lot of black, white, and gold.

The Back to the Future cover made Gold look a lot taller than Silver. IDK if that’s how it’s meant to be because it’s hard to tell in the comic itself, but I like to think that Gold’s a really tall gal and that Silver’s the short one in the group. No, lifting yourself with telekinesis does NOT count towards your height. Enjoy the Bigger Maker Machine while you can, half-pint.