idk this looks cool

Thinkin’ of opening comms

yo its the local cryptid memer and mia artist, ya boy Cas what’s good

quick question time aaaaaaaa

Show of hands how many of y’all would be interested in lil bust up commissions like this ?

I reckon I’d price them at somewhere between $12-$20 (if u have opinions on what I should price this at please let me know!! I am  l o s t) and open them for OCs, and fandoms like RWBY,(+RWBY OCs), Achievement Hunter, Voltron or BNHA for now mmmmmmm

I’ll likely have 3 slots available at a time ! (and a waiting list if necessary)

If you’d be interested, leave a like, reblog, or message me I guess?? Depending on the response or if i just decide to, I’ll have an official commission post up later !!


❝ Yes, y'all you’re now listening to the sound of FOUR greatest orators and our DJ SHAOLIN FANTASTIC. Cutting the heads off the competition laughing ha, ha, ha, ha ❞  

Summer Punk

UM I love fashion???? Hey have some Summer fashion that would fancy your punk persona punksona IDK if that would be canon or not who cares but my hc is that noah, blue and ronan are music snobs and are they kind to tell you anything that is not rock sucks??? idk they are still idiots trying to look cool. 

In some kind of AU… 🍃