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Bitty’s Southern

Bitty is a southern boy and as a southern girl let me tell you there are things he does that make the rest of SMH go “Ummm….what?” 

  • He says stuff that makes literal ZERO sense to the rest of the team. Mostly southern phrases etc. LIKE, “That boy is about of useless as tits on a bull.” or  if it’s raining but the sun is out Bits just says, “Devil must be beatin’ his wife.”  Everyone is confused as shit.
  • “Oh my goodness I want Chick-fil-a. BUT IT’S SUNDAY.”
  • Holster going,” Hey Bits can you hand me a coke?” and Bitty responding with, “Sure, which kind do you want? We’ve got sprite, mtn dew, dr. pepper…” BC in the south every soda is a coke.
  • “Y’all know what I miss the most about Georgia? Cheerwine. And Duke’s Mayo. You northerners keep using that hellman’s stuff or miracle whip and let me tell you. IT. IS .NOT. MAYONNAISE.”
  • “IT’S SO HOT! Summer is the WORST” “Ransom, It’s like, 70 degrees. It gets up to like 115+ in Georgia. And it’s not even humid! You hush your mouth.”
  • The first time Bitty goes to Stop & Shop with one of the guys from SMH he tells them to grab a buggy on their way in and said member stares at him for a second, “What’s a buggy?” “Oh for goodness sake. A shopping cart! We need a shopping cart!”
  • Bitty’s drunk at a kegster when he suddenly shouts, “WHO WANTS TO PLAY CORNHOLE?!” 
  • It’s New Years so of course Bitty’s making black eyed peas, collards, cornbread, ham, and a pineapple upside down cake. “It’s for luck.”
  • Bitty will be checking Facebook and be like, “Oh bless his heart.” Chowder notices him fretting over the phone so he asks what’s up “Oh it’s just one of my friend from high school’s dad.” and Chowder, being the precious person that he is, responds with, “Oh no. What happened? Is he ok?” Bitty just shakes his head, “He’s done went and fell out of the deer stand. Again. Broke his arm and bruised his pride. You think he would’ve learned his lesson after the same thing happened last huntin’ season”
  • Jack’s all dressed up in a suit or something, he has a meeting with the Falcs, “What are you all gussied up for?”
  • “Look at what all I got up at the outlet mall!!”
  • Rans/Holster/Bitty share a bathroom so I reckon this has happened at least once: “Neither of y’all go in the bathroom! I’m fixin’ to shower”  to which Holster responds, “What was that Bits? What are you fixing?” Bitty hollers from his room, arm full of clothes, “I’m fixin’ to shower!” Ransom chimes in, “I didn’t know the shower was broken!” At this point Bitty is getting frustrated,“Oh for the love of Pete! You Yankees.” He speaks slowly and pronounces each word carefully, “I am going to go take a shower so please do not go and hog the bathroom.”
  • “So I was talking to Momma and APPARENTLY Mrs. Jones, the one that lives down the road, was rude as all get out.” “Really? What’d she do?” Bitty just throws his hands up, “Momma and Coach were drivin’ back to the house and Mrs. Jones was driving in the opposite direction so of course Momma waves at her. AND SHE DIDN’T WAVE BACK.”
  • I know for a FACT that at some point Bits makes a pitcher of sweet tea, puts it in the fridge, and the boys/Lardo finds it. “What’s this?” “Oh, it’s just some tea. You want some?” So Bitty pours them a glass and approximately 2 seconds later “WHAT IS THIS? IT’S LIKE SYRUP! Bits this isn’t tea! It’s diabetes in a cup!”
  • “Just rub some bacon grease on it.”
  • “Don’t you dare pour that coffee out! I can use it for gravy!”
  • “You know what food I miss? Fried pickles. No, wait, HUSHPUPPIES. I’d kill for some right now.”
Literally how I became happy.

A lot of you guys are always concerned about me because the more that I share, the more you realize I’m a real person with struggles and issues and I’m not 100% okay 100% of the time haha so I just wanna give an update and share some insight on how I’ve been doing and what I’ve been working on.
The hair cut is the visible part. The change is sooooo real. I look like a different person but I seriously FEEL like one. Surface changes: I live in Tennessee. I have short blonde hair. I’ve now dated two guys that I actually loved. I own a house and a car. Before, I lived in California, I had freaking long brown hair, I shared a mini van with four other people, I’d never been on a date and truly questioned whether I’d ever meet anyone that liked me for who I was, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life past like two years into the future and I felt like I would live with my parents forever. So a lot of big things have changed but honestly the biggest changes happened inside with less visible results. You can only see it in my smile and hear it in my words. But really you’ll see it in my actions over the next 12 months. It’s just the beginning.
I honestly don’t know where it came from. The last six years I have been so passive. My life has been happening to me. There have been some breakthrough moments where I learned a lot about myself and my confidence and self love, yes. I had some good times for sure. But as far as knowing what I want and where I wanna go, I was not good at that. I felt SO powerless and began to withdraw more and more, in my friendships, my career, our band, my family, everything. I shared so little each day, I had so few ideas, I didn’t create much, I only wrote when I was really upset or inspired (which wasn’t that often), I had no social life, no vision for myself, no confidence that anyone would ever love me and I just wasn’t living a rich life at all. I was an observer hoping that one day someone or something would come along and make my life actually enjoyable. I was constantly waiting. I journaled a lot and released a lot of emotion, that part was good. I just felt like I was living in a cave, stuck in the past, not doing much each day to actually experience life.
Then we moved across the country. *shock* *panic* *whoa*. That was the first time I was really shaken up.
Then I had my heart broken. Twice. I fell in love and both times it didn’t work out. I NEEDED that, to meet people who actually got me and appreciated my personality and loved all my quirks and my strange mind and how childlike I am. For the first time I felt understood. I wouldn’t change a thing. I was so closed off for so long and suddenly I was ripped open. Someone was asking for my time and attention and I had to give it to them. I was so scared but I really wanted to experience that side of life so I had to let those people see me and experience who I was. It was so good for me omg. I felt like my heart was shriveled and frozen before that, it had seen the sun maybe three times, but once that happened it absolutely bloomed. Not everyone has to fall in love to open their heart but for me that’s how it happened.
Anyway it was really intense and pushed me to the edge, dealing with that loss. I cut off all my hair. I just had enough. I was so drained. I had felt so vulnerable throughout my dating experiences, such a long period of trusting and hoping after so many years of doing the opposite, I guess I became a little over exposed. I pictured myself feeling tough and strong after a particularly intense weekend of fighting and I saw myself with no hair. It was kind of a crazy idea at first but it turned into a real desire. After a few days of thinking it over, I took the plunge.
What. A. Rush.
Suddenly I just wanted to feel alive. I went a little overboard but I did so many things. Concerts, road trips, bonfires, social plans nonstop, shopping, reinventing my style… I was really hurting during this time and I just wanted to feel better. I don’t regret doing so much but I’m glad I came down after a month and examined myself. I realized how much I was hurting and I faced it. I felt scared, hurt, abandoned, broken and vulnerable but it was comforting to identify that. Once you face it, you can feel it, release it and eventually let it go.
In October I realized I wanted more. I actually had dreams. Cutting my hair showed me I could have an idea, see it through and that it could actually go well! I wanted that on a bigger scale. I started writing again, all the time. I took an interest in my appearance again. Before, I just wanted people to think I’m pretty. Of course I still do but now it’s so much more than that. It actually is for me. When my outfit/makeup/overall look matches my mood, I feel so much more confident, comfortable with myself and ready to take on the day. Even in my work out clothes, I always try to coordinate them now and make them feel good because I know I just do more with my day when I feel confident and ready to put myself out there. You don’t need to look perfect AT ALL, in fact sometimes that can cause more stress because it puts more pressure on you. Just take the time to put yourself together and feel GOOD about what you’re wearing each day. It seriously makes a huge difference. And especially DO NOT wear anything that makes you feel bad. GET RID OF IT!!!! All your clothes should make you feel cute in some way.
Idk how this happened but I kind of just realized nothing is a big deal. The way I used to live, EVERYTHING was a HUGE deal. Texting a guy? Leaving the house? Spending 30 dollars? Calling someone first? All terrifying things I dreaded and avoided at all costs. I had to work through so much INTENSE anxiety when I first started dating, it was really sad how much that freaked me out and how much I had to work through just to get to a point where I felt comfortable going on one date or being the object of a man’s attention. I felt so incredibly unworthy.
Anyway, maybe it was the hair cut but sometime around then I just became really bold. Right now I feel like almost nothing scares me. My biggest fear is probably trusting people that have hurt me. That’s one thing I can think of that I’m struggling with and truly terrifies me, trying to rebuild broken relationships. I’m having help working through that. Other than that, there are so few things I won’t try, won’t pursue, won’t say to someone. I am becoming more bold, confident, comfortable in my own skin and sure of myself with each passing second. I just feel GOOD. Nothing is that big of a deal! Seriously force yourself to take more risks and you’ll quickly understand what I mean. You can spend weeks, months, even years fearing things and trying to predict what will happen but once you finally do them you’ll see just how unnecessary all that stress was. Nothing is that hard, that daunting, that permanent. Heck, even tattoos can be removed these days.
I think that was the biggest change of all so far: the removal of fear. Fear used to be the gas in my tank, it absolutely fueled me. Now it’s faith. I am so ON FIRE for my life!!!!!! I have so many exciting dreams I want to pursue, so much I want to create, so many places I want to go, things I want to experience, learn, master, people I want to meet and be around….. I love it all. I decide what I want and I go after it. I look at myself in the mirror and I smile. I’m starting to look as bold and unique as I feel. The long hair was beautiful and fun and maybe one day I’ll want it back but for now, it just feels too plain for how colorful and out of the box my mind is. I always used my mind a lot but I wasn’t exploring it much before. Now that I’m embracing my unconventional brain, I just want to express that openness and share it with the world.
Also I’ve noticed I’m getting disappointed comments from traditional, conformist men I never wanted to date anyway that used to love my hair 😂 so no offense but I was never interested in you anyway, there are soooooo many long haired women in the world you can comment on that you’ll probably never even meet but i’m just one less you need to worry about hahaha. All of the bold men that liked me before just like me more now. And I think it’s because I also like myself more! Confidence attracts confidence! I’m growing into the baller I was born to be and it’s just helping me attract more ballers 😂😂
Anyway, I feel so much more confident in myself, men or no men. It’s funny cuz I finally stopped worrying about guys and now I actually interact with them the way I always wanted to hahaha.
I no longer rely on the approval of others to get through the day. I no longer feel paralyzed by fear every morning and night. I no longer ponder whether I’m worthy of a date or not. I no longer look in the mirror and sigh. I no longer think of the future as a blurry grey blob filled with hopelessness, uncertainty and fear. I know it will be whatever I make it and I am going to make it freaking phenomenal.
That’s a huge key, putting YOURSELF in the drivers seat. Forget this message of victimization. You are the person holding yourself down but YOU can be the one to lift yourself up!!!! Wow I just got a huge craving for meat loaf and mashed potatoes. HAHAHA. Anyway, put yourself in control. Ask God for guidance. Trust that you are taken care of always because YOU ARE. Embrace yourself. Stop thinking you have to be perfect. Stop thinking you’re unlovable. Realize how cool you are and how much you have going for yourself. Jump in and try things. Stop thinking you have to be “ready”. THE LESSONS OF FAILURE ARE FAR MORE VALUABLE THAN THE PRIZES OF SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!
On that note, go kill it. Embrace yourself. Blossom. Live. Come alive. You got this 👊🏼💗

coffee shop!au haechan

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a/n: jai here!!!here’s an example of what i write <33 aljhjhhefh this was quickly written ok but i enjoyed writing it so ^^ also if u wanna request something, my inbox is open!!<3

  • -the sweetest and most handsome barista :“((
  • -honestly you’d have a crush on him the moment u saw him in the coffee shop he made ur heart srsly go!!!!
  • -he’s so nice to everyone and it’s just ??wow bless??
  • -and when he’s brewing coffee, u can always hear him humming to a song and u think it’s so cute!!
  • -donghyuck’s pretty famous w the older regulars bc they think he’s such a sweet boy!!
  • -"ah donghyuck looking handsome again ^^” - one of the older ladies
  • -sometimes parents come in w their kids too
  • -and then u see him interacting w the kids and it’s just so adorable!!
  • -he’s always got sweets with him and it’s just,,,heart attack.
  • -and when he’s on break, he loves to play w the kids and the kids all jump on his back
  • -most of the time he pretends to be the big bad dragon
  • -but sometimes the smol ones tell him to be the handsome prince and honestly it’s just :“)))
  • -first time meeting him tho
  • -u probably discovered the coffee shop bc of a friend who recommended u to go there since most of the time it’s a chil place to study
  • -so ofc u checked out the place and bam!!heart attack!!u saw the handsome tanned barista standing there and u were honestly about to faint!!
  • -the moment he saw u walk in he immediately smiled at u and trust me u almost fainted bc of it
  • -when he took ur order he tried to make a small talk w u bc u kno he kind of thought ur pretty cute and it doesnt hurt to talk a bit
  • -ngl michael jackson was probably playing in the bg and ofc he asked u if u like michael jackson which led to u both talking about ur fave artists
  • -he kept smiling through the whole convo and srsly his smile left u blushing
  • -everytime he came to ur table to refill ur cup he talked a little bit w u
  • -asking u what ur studying and sometimes even helping u w some things!!
  • -except for science bc he hates science
  • -ljefhjgh he helps u w anything else tho when u need help
  • -you both probs became best friends damn
  • -he likes to tease u sm 
  • -w teasing i mean randomly poking u when ur v focused on studying
  • -or pinching ur cheeks saying u look cute
  • -aljhfrhg he’s trying to make it so obvious that he likes u in more than just a friends way but u still won’t notice!!notice him already!!
  • -ofc it makes him quite :( bc he thinks that maybe u just dont like him in that way which is y u dont do anything
  • -but he gathers up all his courage and he’s like "donghyuck lee,ur gonna tell her how u feel instead of sulking like this”
  • -akflehg but then he realises
  • -damn,, how am i gonna do this
  • -so ofc he goes to his best friend/big brother mark
  • -and he’s like “bro,,i like someone,,but u kno i like them in that way,,but idk how to tell them,,,”
  • -mark just pats donghyuck’s head and he’s like “lemme help u out”
  • -mark helps donghyuck w finding a way to confess to u and donghyuck’s a bit nervous but ofc u cant rlly see it
  • -askhzefuhgr dude his confession is so cheesy tho, i mean mark helped him what do u expect
  • -as usual,u just walked into the coffee shop and greeted donghyuck w a smile and he smiled back at u duh
  • -so donghyuck made ur coffee as usual
  • -this time tho!!
  • -he bought a piece of ur fave cake too
  • -which u didn’t order but he still gave it to u??
  • -so he comes up to ur table w ur coffee and ur fave cake and ur like “donghyuck i didnt order cake??”
  • -and he’s like “i know ^^”
  • -ofc ur quite confused but ??ok then hyuck??
  • -as usual, music was playing in the bg
  • -alhfeufhjf donghyuck was acting strangely quiet tho and he was kind of staring at u and when u catched him staring he immediately looked away
  • -ya ur pretty much confused af
  • -mind u it was v early in the morning, so there was pretty much no one in the coffee shop but u two
  • -u decided to ask him what’s wrong and he just replied w “nothing~” and he smiles shyly at u so it made u even Extra Confused
  • -so ur sipping on ur cup of coffee and eyeing him when suddenly ‘love never felt so good’ by michael jackson started playing in the bg
  • -and hyuck was singing along ofc :“))
  • -at some point tho he suddenly gets up and he pulls u by ur hand w him and he’s like "let’s dance~”
  • -u end up dancing w him through the coffee shop w him singing along and it’s just so zlhjfhleu
  • -ur both v giggly and ur basically just both laughing at ur silliness
  • -even after ur little dance party tho, he kept staring at u and so u asked him “what’re u looking at”
  • -slowly, he wrapped his arms around ur waist and leaned a bit closer
  • -not too close, but close enough to leave u kind of blushing
  • -he pokes ur cheek when u blush and he mumbles “be mine?”
  • -donghyuck’s a blushing mess too ok, he’s usually not like this but he is rn bc he’s so scared you’ll say no
  • -akfhjrghr it left u quite shocked to see hyuck being like this
  • -after u got over the shock, u pulled him in for a hug and said “yes” and he’s so relieved dude he hugs u back so tightly
  • -when u pull away from the hug, he suddenly asks “,,can i kiss u?” and ur like uhm ok yes sure haha bc ‘oh damn he’s gonna kiss me o shit efljrjhgjr’
  • -this boi tho 
  • -he leans in v slowly and rite when u were about to close ur eyes, he kisses ur nose quickly
  • -akfjhrh which made u whine a bit bc u rlly thought he was gonna kiss u but ofc if he’s not ready, he’s not ready so u didn’t rlly mind
  • -he just chuckles and told u to go back to studying, since ppl started coming in now
  • -w a bit of a pout u sat back down, but it’s ok bc now u have a wonderful bf aka lee donghyuck who will take good care of u <3
  • -u better take good care of him too
  • -or else
  • - :)

anonymous asked:

Hello! Sorry to bother you but do you now any slow burn drarry (very slow) with kind of calm atmosphere? I dont know how to explain it very well but something w/out Angst or to much fluff. Like when you read it, you feel calm or peacful? Idk im sorry

Haha no no I get it, it’s usually categorised as ~soft~ these days (almost 60% of this is Saras_Girl lmao). Also, most of these are slow burn but not all, I stuck with the ‘calm and peaceful’ side of your request mostly… These are ALL favourites by the way - quite rare for a masterlist - so I highly suggest checking them all out at some point because I guarantee all are amazing in their own ways!


The Girl In The Kneazle Nightie (Saras_Girl)

Rating: PG, WC: 29.8k, Summary: All Luna wants is for her friends to be happy. Harry and Draco aren’t going to make it easy for her, but that’s okay. She has a plan.

Strangeness And Charm (@drarrytrash)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 45.8k, Summary: One November night during his eighth year at Hogwarts, Draco ends up in the forbidden forest. That’s how it starts.or: If two boys fall in love in a magical forest, does it still make a sound?

Running On Air (eleventy7)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 74.8k, Summary: Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

Truffles, Noble Lord Of The Sky (megyal)

Rating: PG, WC: 10.6k, Summary: Fuck fairies; and Longbottom, too.

Life Is The Flower (For Which Love Is The Honey) (@bafflinghaze)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 15.4k, Summary: The Malfoy Manor lands are lush and verdant. Bees hover over carpets of flowers, and ducks paddle in the pond. It is a place far removed from bustling London and pesky reporters; it is a place where Harry finds what—and who—he didn’t know he was missing.

Chase The Wind (saras_girl)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 10k, Summary: Draco is up to something, Harry has no filters, and Hermione knows everything. AU Hogwarts fluff with no excuses.

Beekeeping (khalulu

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13.5k, Summary: A few years after the war, Harry needs distance from the British wizarding world and volunteers abroad as a teacher in a poor rural school. Draco is a low-budget traveler, wandering wherever his curiosity leads him. Their paths cross in Malawi, “the warm heart of Africa.”

Yuan Fen (romaine24)

Rating: PG, WC: 14.4k, Summary: A Christmas Eve drive on a country road in Scotland leads you into another world: One where a celebrity bartender keeps referring to “true love”.

Stop And Stare (Saras_Girl)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 78.3k, Summary: Harry’s life is full of care, he has no time to stop or stare; he has no time for anyone’s shit, until his friends aren’t having it. A story about the unravelly things.

Voices From The Fog (@noeeon​)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13.6k, Summary: After years of running away, Harry crosses paths with an all-too familiar face and follows him to Amsterdam.

Here And Now (Morgan_Elektra)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 27.8k, Summary: It’s been 5 years since the end of the war, but less than a week since Rita Skeeter outed Harry on the front page of The Prophet — and made some rather scandalous insinuations about him and his blond former nemesis. A chance (or is it?) encounter on a street corner reveals just how much has changed… and what remains the same. An over-sized courgette, some olive oil, a bottle of wine, and Ed Kowalczyk make things extra interesting.

With Great Yawns And Stretchings (@sugar-screw)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 22k, Summary: The coffee is very good. Really. And the cats are so cute. That’s why Harry goes so often.

Sleepless In Selsey (Cheryl Dyson)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 19.3k, Summary: Harry has shut himself and his children away from the wizarding world and although he claims to be perfectly happy, his son Albus thinks otherwise and begins a plot to help his father find love again.

All Must Draw Near (Saras_Girl)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 61k, Summary: Harry doesn’t have time for rumours; he has a shop to run. Which is just as well, really.

A New Life (dracogotgame)

Rating: PG, WC: 9k, Prompt/Summary: A lonely Harry wishes on a star on the Eve of Christmas: all he wants is a family to celebrate with. He wakes up on Christmas morning with Draco in his bed and a band of adorable, rambunctious toddlers running amok in his house. Harry figures something went wrong and he should probably try to fix it. But does he really want to?

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight (Omi_Ohmy)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 36k, Summary: When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.

Along Came Potter (@huldrejenta​)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 9k, Summary: Potter shows up at Draco’s flat. Then he shows up again, and again, and again.

1,000 Points For Gryffindor (@blithelybonny)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 25.1k, Summary: The story of how Harry Potter single-handedly lost Gryffindor the House Cup while attempting to have a “normal” year at Hogwarts. Featuring Harry’s suspicious nature turned up to eleven again, a new DADA teacher who is so not here for Harry’s fame, multiple detentions, Slytherins being sneaky, Hufflepuffs being sneakier, and the mystery of Draco Malfoy’s hoodie because seriously Hermione who gave that to him and is he wearing it just to torment me? This is ridiculous!

Unexpected, A Holiday Tail OF Mistaken Identity (amightypenguin)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 24k, Summary: After an accident involving a two year old and a wand, Harry (much to his dismay) is sent to Draco, who believes he’s caring for a pet. A large pet with a bad attitude.

Don’t Let’s Stop or The Case of the Dead Philandering Politician (A Draco Malfoy Mystery) (i_l0ve_my_az)

Rating: PG, WC: 15.9k, Summary: Herein Draco Malfoy is a Forensic Analyst employed by the DMLE, has an ongoing feud with Coulson who works days, irreparably frightens assistants, imbibes massive amounts of coffee and quite possibly engages in too much snarky banter with his liaison, Inspector Potter.

The Arrangement (RurouniHime)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 72k, Summary: It’s worked for years. Why change it now?

When It Alteration Finds (momatu)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 56k, Summary: After the war, Harry left most of the Wizarding world behind and built a new life for himself in the Channel Islands. He wanted a nice, quiet job where he could make people happy and listen to their stories. He opened a bakery and is happy with his life. Draco is a fiction author who writes under a penname, and he’s currently suffering from writer’s block. His agent suggests he try writing in a new environment and rents a cottage in the Channel Islands for him for the summer.

Not Your Face (khasael)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 26k, Summary: After an unusual late-night encounter with the Mirror of Erised, Harry finds himself with the unexpected (and rather unwanted) ability to see aspects of everyone else’s deepest desires. Harry really wishes things like this didn’t happen to him.

And, On The Other Side, A Welcoming Voice (blamebrampton)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 38.7k, Summary: For twenty years, the official history has told readers that Harry Potter died at the Battle of Hogwarts. The next edition is going to require some significant revisions.

Moving On (nimrodel_13)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 25.1k, Summary: After the war, the Ministry forces Draco to turn the Manor into a building open for public use as part of his sentence. So he turns it into an Inn. Surprisingly, it is going quite well until his father’s ghost appears in one of the Manor’s rooms and scares away all of his guests. As a last resort, Draco seeks the help of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived-Twice turned intrepid Ghost Hunter. Because if he can’t maintain the Inn, he may lose his home…

More Than That (joosetta)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 10k, Summary: This is a story about two 52 year old men who refuse to age gracefully.

Hippomancy For Beginners (khalulu)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 11.4k, Summary: When Draco desperately insists on becoming a Centaur Liaison, he doesn’t know what he’s getting into, especially with that annoying hero-turned-hermit Harry Potter living right at the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. Not to mention foreign unicorn women, slavering three headed beasts, bitter brews, unexpected friendships, and the consequences of a very cocky vocabulary.

A Remedy For All Seasons (cutecoati)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 14.8k, Summary: When Draco Malfoy returns to work on a mysterious outbreak of children’s disease, Harry is not surprised to find him a nuisance. In most regards, that is.

This Summer (saras_girl)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 39.2k, Summary: This is a summery romantic comedy featuring my favourite ensemble cast, in which Harry is confused, Draco is Draco, and Hermione attempts to eat all the things.

On Open Wings (@dictacontrion​)

Rating: PG, WC: 15.4k, Summary: Answers don’t just fall from the sky, but sometimes birds do. When one almost knocks Harry off his feet, he’s got to save it. If Draco is the only one who can help, well. That’s really entirely irrelevant.

The Owl Who Came For Christmas (dracogotgame)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 17.7k, Summary: Draco has a debt to pay off, no matter what Potter thinks. And he has a Very Good Idea to go along with it. Things don’t go as planned.

And A Malfoy In A Pear Tree (lauren3210)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 7.9k, Summary: Draco works in a coffee shop. Harry drops by every day to get his fix. Of coffee, Ron.

There’s A Trick With A Dragon I’m Learning To Do (curiouslyfic)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 20k, Summary: Harry’s live-in’s a workaholic being courted — harassed — by an array of weeping minions and an assortment of overprivileged pricks. Harry’s bloody portraits are being harassed — courted — by, well, an assortment of things Harry doesn’t even want to think about. Harry’s had a long week already and so far, his weekend’s not looking much better. At least he can say with certainty there’s no place like home.

Wish Upon A Star (As Dreamers Do) (ICMezzo)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 27k, Summary: There’s plant magic and celestial magic and dark magic and the normal magic that allows Harry to use a spell to clean his socks when Myrtle’s taken up in his laundry room again. Then there are wishes, and dreams, and love, and those are even more magical still.

Open For Repairs (@drarrytrash​)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 34.9k, Summary: After the war, Draco works at a tv repair shop and Harry breaks things. feat. sad boys in jumpers and more ABBA than is probably necessary.

Helix (saras_girl)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 92.8k, Summary: Seven months after the end of the war, Harry is feeling lost. Fortunately, he is about to be offered an unexpected and sparkling chance to find himself again.

Deep Waters (@huldrejenta​)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13.2k, Summary: Back at Hogwarts, eighth year turns out to be just as miserable as Draco had suspected. Struggling with post-war apathy, he tries to find something positive he can do for himself. Like secretly learning how to swim in the Great Lake. Only things don’t go as planned when Potter somehow finds out.

briwilli  asked:

i see your trans!dex and raise u.... trans!nursey ???? i need it pls help

OK YOU GOT IT i have other prompts but….. we have already established that i am the worst. when i hc trans nursey i hc him as nonbinary (because lol, i am and i project harder onto nursey than i do dex, if that’s possible) so HERE WE GO (idk why another coffeeshop au happened but it did) (also i should note that dex is also trans because my dex is always trans lol)

“Motherfucker,” Dex whispers it under his breath but Bitty still gives him a reproving look from the back. He doesn’t intentionally swear in front of the customers, but he spilled hot coffee on himself, alright? He heads back to quickly run his thumb under cold water and when he returns the line seems to have tripled. He groans. 

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Ragethirst highlights: City of Darkness

You guys.

You guys.

I honestly don’t know if I can do this movie justice. There was just. So Much™ going on. But I will try.

Also, shout out to Chuch’s brother, who bravely joined us for his first ever Ragethirst and somehow managed to keep up with us. Truly a worthy soul.

  • We begin our journey with the villain nutting to Wagner-esque music. We know he’s a villain because he listens to classical and waxes rhapsodic about wine. (He didn’t actually nut, but suffice to say we know what Collin Chou’s O-face looks like.)
  • His #1 henchman is basically Chinese Snape with more scimitars per square inch.
  • While Snape is busy killing people, the villain offs a guy with… an ice cube. (The victim wet himself, we crossed piss off the kink bingo. Not five minutes in.)
  • Cut to a K-pop looking boy (Joe about pissed herself) aggressively playing guitar. He runs afoul of more villains, plays the guitar at them, kicks everyone’s asses, and runs into a herd of cyclists to escape.
  • Listen. I lost track of the “plot” right about here. Basically all I can do is give you random highlights of things that happened from then on, but don’t expect any of this to make sense.
  • Donnie’s at the supermarket shopping for his cop boyfriend, who’s talking to him on the phone. Donnie scolds him that he wants to make him some good food for once because Pen only eats crap stuff. (Seriously, you expect us to read them as straight?)
  • Guys with machine guns burst into the supermarket. Donnie tells Pen they’re making a movie, holds the phone up to one of the bad guys, realizes they’re not making a movie, and proceeds to kick ass.
  • Random point of interest: Donnie wears tracksuits almost exclusively throughout and I hate that he looks so good in them.
  • Pen, aka cop bf, shows up as the villains have two people hostage and he and Donnie proceed to Road to El Dorado them. 
  • This is getting long already, Read More it is.

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anonymous asked:

hello, i'd like to request a minghao flowershop!au please :)

- you’re on your way to buy flowers because your friend jisoo is sick
- of course he didn’t tell anyone he was sick because he didn’t want anyone to worry and then fainted on the spot like really jisoo TELL US WHEN YOU’RE SICK YOU’D MAKE US WORRY EITHER WAY
- so you walk into this humble little flower shop and the first thing you see
- is the cutest boy ever standing at the counter
- he greets you the moment you step into the shop and it takes you a second to regain your thoughts and greet him back
- please imagine minghao with an apron on and a white daisy tucked behind his ear
- you go around the shop admiring every bouquet, and they’re all so healthy and vibrant and beautiful
- you pick one up and you think yes. jisoo loves these colors he’s going to love this one
- when suddenly someone asks “do you need any help?”
- you jump at the sound of the voice and turn around to see the cute boy from the counter just inches away from your face
- you shyly take a step back and say “o-oh hi! no i’m good, thank you. i’m just buying a bouquet for my friend”
- the boy looks down at the flowers in your hands and says with a sympathetic expression on his face “i… i’m really sorry for your loss”
- you’re like…… what
- you look down at the flowers in your hands and say “… i guess this bouquet doesn’t mean get well soon huh”
- and the boy laughs and his voice is cute and soft and you’re dead the flowers might as well be for you
- he says “daisies are what you’re looking for.” and he points at the white daisy sitting behind his ear
- so he leads you to where you can find bouquets with daisies in them, and you pick one out that smells so good with soft colors like jisoo’s soft personality
- “good thing i stopped you before you gave him that last bouquet” the boy laughs and you laugh too
- you say “thanks for saving me!! i really appreciate it”
- after wrapping a light purple ribbon around the plastic, he gives you the bouquet and says “i hope your friend gets better”
- and after saying thank you, you leave the shop and the boy is on your mind but you’re like oh well that’s it i’m never going to see him again
- one week after buying the flowers for jisoo, seungkwan tells everyone he’ll be coming back from jeju later on tonight and your friends all have welcome back gifts except for you
- seungkwan’s honestly the easiest person to shop for because he gets excited and happy over almost ANYTHING so you settle for…. flowers!!
- because it’s simple NOT because you wanted to see that cute boy again ahahah…….
- you liar
- so you enter the shop and the boy, who’s watering some flowers turns around and says “welcome—oh, it’s you again!!”
- and you’re like OMG HE REMEMBERS ME and you calmly make your way over to him
- he says “so what do you need for today?” and you tell him that oh yeah my friend is coming back after being away for like four weeks and we’re all throwing him a welcome back party
- and he immediately gets to work. he asks you questions like “so describe your friend. is he more on the shy side? or extroverted? cheerful? soft-hearted?” and by the end of your visit he puts together a bouquet that’s even more beautiful than the last one you bought
- when he’s done he says “i put in yellow roses the most because they mean welcome back, and i’m sure you’ve all missed him while he was gone”
- you’re like “thank you, you saved me a second time. without you, i probably would’ve picked up a bouquet that meant you’re the worst lmao”
- and he says “so you really don’t know the meaning of flowers??” and you say no because idk flowers have always interested you but you never really found the time to learn their meanings
- after your explanation, he picks out a yellow daffodil from a nearby bucket and hands it to you and says “your first homework is to find out what this flower means and let me know if you figured it out the next time you come here”
- and you wordlessly take the flower and nod because YES EXCUSES TO SEE HIM
- he says “i’m minghao, by the way. it’s nice to meet you.” and you tell him your name and leave the shop, already excited for your next visit
- seungkwan’s welcome back party goes well as planned but before you know it, you’re in font of your laptop looking for the flower and its meaning
- you discover that it’s a yellow daffodil and it means “new beginnings”
- you immediately look for excuses to go back to the flower shop like “HEY WHO WANTS A FLOWER IT’S ON ME” but the boys are like why tf would we want flowers at least offer to buy us coffee or something
- you’re like fine well if no one wants a flower i’ll just get one for myself and are you really going to spend money on a flower just to see minghao again??
- yes. yes you are
- so you get there and minghao’s face just lights up the second he sees you enter the shop and he says “so have you finished your homework?”
- and you say “yes actually!! you gave me a yellow daffodil which means new beginnings!!” and he’s so proud of you for getting it right
- he then says “so what’s the occasion? what flower are you looking for?” and you just freeze because you didn’t plan this far ahead and you just stutter “uhhh my friend is….. sad!! yeah he’s really sad so flowers would cheer him up right??”
- and minghao makes you a custom bouquet and you watch him make it and he’s so handsome and cute
- you notice the way his ears stick out cutely, and how gently he handles the flowers, and how each one has to be placed perfectly so they can be noticed and admired by the person receiving them
- and in the end when he tells you your total you’re like….. omfg i’m CRAZY i’m spending so much money just to see this boy
- when you hand him the money he says he hopes your friends feel better and you say thank you and wave goodbye
- but he suddenly cries out “wait!!” and he runs over to you before you step out the door. he hands you an orange rose and says “here’s your homework for next time” and you take it and promise to be back
- when you get home, you put the bouquet of flowers in a vase and discover that orange roses mean “fascination” and you’re like woah. i’m actually learning things
- you become a regular customer at the flower shop and eventually you come by just to hang out and talk to minghao, but you of course don’t leave without your homework
- you know, just to keep him company in the lonely little flower shop
- and also because you might have a little crush on him
- but one day while watering all the flowers minghao gave you….. something just….. clicked
- yellow daffodil: new beginnings. the start of your friendship??
- orange rose: fascination. interested in you??
- iris: your friendship means a lot to me. you and his friendship??
- and every flower has some kind of meeting related to your visits!?!?! does this MEAN….
- you get to the most recent flower and it’s a purple lilac which means
- “i think i’m in love with you”
- but these past few weeks with minghao have been so fun?? you could be yourself around him and you could talk about anything and he’s cute and perfect and just….
- you want to confess to him, you know, take a CHANCE
- but how you may ask??
- you confess to him in the language of FLOWERS
- so the next day when you go to the flower shop, minghao greets you like always and when he bends down to pick up a coin he dropped while counting the cash that morning, you quickly pick up a specific flower from a nearby basket
- you walk up to the counter and minghao says “so… do you know what a purple lilac means?”
- and you say “I do BUT…. it’s MY turn to assign you some work. in fact, i’ll give you a little quiz right now” and you cringe at your own words like why didn’t i just keep my mouth shut WHY AM I SO EMBARRASSING
- you hold out the flower you were hiding behind your back and it’s a red rose and you say “since you already know the meaning of flowers…. you should know what this means. or you know…. what i mean….”
- minghao’s eyes go wide when it clicks and
- he turns as red as the rose you’re holding
- he quickly plucks a flower from a nearby bucket and it’s a yellow daffodil
- he asks “do you remember what this one means?”
- you nod and say with a smile “new beginnings” and he nods his head and places the flower in your hair and he slowly leans in…..
- and he kisses you!!
- “new beginnings” aka new relationship, new chapter, new love story, GET IT
- for your first date, minghao takes you to a garden and he tells you about the meanings of all the beautiful flowers and you love seeing how happy he looks while talking about them
- when he’s mad at you he speaks to you in flowers and you’re like I DON’T UNDERSTAND JUST TALK TO ME
- he surprises you with bouquets all the time and
- florist minghao is just the cutest

i love flower shop au’s, thank you for your request!! ^^

anonymous asked:

Hiiiii, can I get date hcs for Bokuto and Suga? :D ty!!


Originally posted by shadytobio


-a little nervous about asking you out but after some encouraging words from condescending Daichi and hypocritical asahi he asks you out

-is very polite and casual about asking you out

-I have two very reasonable dates that I imagine suga would spring for

-café/coffee date or picnic date

-both give ample opportunities to get to know each other

Picnic date:

-he is so prepared

-he makes all of the food and puts it into one of the classic wicker baskets and even lays out one of those iconic gingham print blankets for you to sit on

-the food is like super simple, (nothing too complex though I’m sure he’s a great cook), but also super good

-conversation is super easy with him, he’s the type to ask a lot of conversation starting questions so there isn’t really a moment of silence

-you’re laughing and even playfully feeding each other

-once you two get really comfortable you lay on your sides facing each other and kinda talk more intimately

-everything is so easy with him; I mean he’s a natural charmer

-near the end you two lay on your back and look at the clouds, playing that game where you find shapes but like jokingly so there’s a lot of laughter involved

-somewhere along the way the two of you started holding hands

-you might start to drift off because hey, you were so nervous and got yourself worked up the night before the date and didn’t sleep well

-maybe you fall asleep and gently curl up next him, maybe you don’t

-he laughs gently letting you rest a little before waking you up once he’s mostly packed up all of the picnic

-you feel guilty for falling asleep on the date and for not helping him clean up but he laughs it off saying it was cute


-as he walks you back to your house you’re doing that cute hand holding with the arm swinging-ugh goals-

-when you reach your door you give him a soft kiss on the cheek and thank him for such a fun time

-he laughs and teases you making you promise not to fall asleep next date

-give him a light shove to put him in his place

Originally posted by seieiryu


-face it owl boy has probably been crushing on you for a while but akaashi has had to physically stop him from scaring you away or being too over the top about asking you out

-he probably has to ask you out with akaashi nearby providing close supervision

-he’s polite and kind, just a lil loud


-it’s a little eccentric and outside the box, but that’s what you sign up for if you date Bokuto, so idk what you were expecting

-he’s so excited practically dragging you behind him as he enters the zoo

-child-like wonder at all of the exhibits, you find your heart fluttering, you find it very endearing

-after visiting a ton of the enclosures you are finally starting to get into sync with Bokuto’s fast pace and short attention span

-you both smell the wonderful smells that drift from the concessions area and practically break into a sprint to get in line

-aLL oF ThE jUnK fOOd wILL bE cOnsUmed

-you buy different things but share like one of THOSE couples

-he’s very generous with his food but gets pouty if your stingy with yours (too bad owl boy this *insert delicious food here* is mine)

-after you’re refueled from your snack rampage you’re ready to go to more enclosures

-idk if every zoo has one of these but I imagine one of those professional bird trainers with the leather arm gloves

-picture this: he has two owls, they’re mates (because fun fact: owls are monogamous creatures)

-the trainer is hyping up how they’re in such a good relationship

-Owl Boy points at them and is like “that’s just like us (Y/N)!!”

-you blush watching as the female owl nuzzles into the male


-you turn to Bo and plant a kiss on his lips

-he is sHoOk

-once he recovers he breaks into a big grin

-“HEY HEY HEY I-“ before he can finish his excessively loud and smug statement you shove the rest of your unfinished snack from earlier into his wide open mouth

-the whole rest of the way through the zoo he’s nudging you asking for another kiss

-with most boys you wouldn’t have kissed on the first date at all, but bokuto wasn’t most boys

-you obliged and gave him short pecks on the lips

- he was practically glowing as you both entered the gift shop

-he definitely got you a stuffed owl, you name it Lil Bokuto because it looks a lot like him

-you also buy matching zoo tshirts

-they definitely have a stupid animal pun on them

-he insists on giving you a piggy back ride, you accept this offer because frankly you’re exhausted

-when you get to your house you give him one last peck before saying goodbye

-you go up to your room and that night you totally “didn’t” fall asleep cuddled up to Lil Bokuto

-Admin Honey

where does one purchase a Bokuto??? Asking for a friend..


Not Just Another One Night Stand

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x reader

Prompt: can I request the iii of 5 of this au master post, with a Thomas Jefferson who can’t get the reader out of his mind after a drunk one night stand where reader run away the morning after and a few days later they’re on their new job and he’s their boss who’s still got the hots for them?

Author’s note: hoo boy this got a bit long but I enjoyed writing it a lot

Warnings: One night stand, maybe some swears but idk, suggestive language ;)

Word count: 1,062

Thomas was as attractive as he was charming, the perfect combination for a rushed meeting in a bar, followed by a passionate one night stand. But that’s all you intended it to be: a one night stand. You mistakenly stayed the night - you didn’t usually, but there was something more alluring in the way he acted that kept you there. It still wasn’t enough to keep you there in the morning, and without a word to him you gathered your belongings and slipped out the front door, believing you would never see him again. You two hadn’t even swapped numbers, just names.

However a day after your chance encounter left you craving more. Not just more of his touch (even though that was an important factor), but you wanted to know more about him - his dreams, ambitions and aspirations. You often found yourself wandering past the bar you two had first met, even during the day, in the vain hope you would chance upon each other once again. But Fate worked in stranger ways than that.

With the thought of that night still dancing around in your mind you applied some lipstick, giving your outfit a much needed splash of colour. Rotating, you examined your outfit and, deeming it work-appropriate, you grabbed your bag and headed out the door. It would’ve been a very bad look if you showed up late to the first day of your new job and you smiled to yourself as you reached the foyer, five minutes early.

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Arm Wrestling

Originally posted by atreiides

Arm Wrestling

Erik Lehnsherr X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Hi! Can I request one with Erik where the reader is human. Her and Erik arm wrestle and he lets her win, and she’s so excited that she jumps to conclusion that she has the mutant power of super strength and she tries picking up cars and stuff and Erik uses his power to actually lift it and keep her happy. Make i fluffy haha :) Love your writing, thank you

Notes: Idk how this could NOT be fluffy omfggg

Warning(s): Lots of fluff!!

“I win! Ha!” (y/n) whooped, jumping up and grinning brightly at Erik. They were arm wrestling and he had just left (y/n) win. He raised an eyebrow, watching his close friend. Strange enough for lots of his ramblings, (y/n) was a human. But they were at least manageable and probably the most open minded person Erik had ever known. They were also known to be naive and jump to conclusions, so it wasn’t that surprising when (y/n) said something odd.

“Erik I think I might be a mutant. I’m pretty sure I must have super strength because you’re pretty strong.” Erik couldn’t help but laugh, an eyebrow raised.

“A mutant? (y/n), I don’t mean to be rude, but most mutants become mutants at a certain age or sometimes after stressful situations which causes an activation in the dormant genes. There’s a small possibility that your ‘mutation’ randomly activated, but it’s a little far fetched.”

There was a moment of silence. Erik waited for (y/n)’s response, who was standing and thinking. Finally they shrugged and pulled at Erik’s arm, their grin once more magnificently white.

“Whatever, let’s go see if I can lift cars and stuff!” Erik laughed and let himself be dragged, waving to anyone that passed them by. In the parking lot he stood behind (y/n), who unhesitantly walked up to one of Charles’s cars. Hank had just returned from shopping and was closing the door when (y/n) walked up.

“What are you doing?”

“Testing my new mutation.”

“M-mutation?! (y/n), I thought that you were a human!”

“I beat Erik in arm wrestling, and he’s crazy strong. I’m pretty sure I have super strength.”

“I don’t think that’s-” Erik interrupted Hank with a wave of his hand, “Let them be, Hank. If anything goes wrong, I have it under control.” Hank nodded, still nervous and hugging the groceries to his chest. Erik smirked and watched him leave before nodding to (y/n), who eagerly grabbed the front bumper.

They counted down to three and lifted the car. Of course this was just Erik, smiling from his place on the sidelines as he felt the heavy weight of the car metaphorically in his hands. He could just feel the weight, tipped as the back bumper floated in the air. (y/n) was squealing, thinking that the light feeling and the bare use of their muscles was just because they were so strong. They set it down and ran over to Erik for a big hug.

“I’m a mutant Erik I’m a mutant! Oh my god this is so cool!” Erik laughed and swung them around in the hug.

“So you’re a mutant, (y/n). Congrats, I guess. Not everybody is happy to find out that they’re a mutant, I guess we’re just lucky that you’re so easy going.” (y/n) nodded their head in agreement, glad to be back on the ground. They thought about something for a second, grabbing Erik’s attention. Finally he felt the familiar tug on his arm and laughed as (y/n) exclaimed they wanted to go pick up a lot more heavy items.


Erik managed to keep up the act for the rest of the afternoon. Lucky for him, almost everything had at least something metal. (y/n) was having the time of their lives, finding the limits of their powers. The two of them had attracted the attentions of many students and staff. At some point Charles had even come to watch, chuckling in his seat as he read the surface thoughts of Erik and his straining powers.

“Hey Erik, I’m going to go pick up the old tree up in the woods, you know the one that Charles has been meaning to get rid of the entire summer. He won’t have to pay for anybody to come and move it now!”

“Uh- I don’t know, (y/n). It’s…It’s pretty big.” Erik said. There wasn’t any metal in trees, at least nothing he could get a grip on and lift. Perhaps this idea wasn’t the greatest because now he didn’t really have a way out. He could be honest, but how would (y/n) respond?

I think they’ll understand. Remember, (y/n) is a rather open minded and forgiving person. Charles telepathically hummed. Erik sighed and nodded, watching (y/n) talk to Hank about a good place to set the log. Erik walked over and turned (y/n) around, his face firm.

“Whats with the stern face?”

“I haven’t been entirely honest with you. I…let you win the arm wrestling contest. I’ve also been lifting all the objects- it was a joke at first but you were so serious that I just couldn’t tell you. I’m sorry for not being honest with you. Can you forgive me?”

(y/n) blinked for a few minutes before laughing, “Of course Erik! I’m glad being me, human, mutant, or whatever I am. Thanks for being nice about it though, and for telling me. You’re great.” They punched him in the arm and he grunted.

“Others could argue. I dropped a stadium on Charles, don’t forget that.” (y/n) just snorted and walked back with Erik. Everybody was filing back to their classes upon Charles’s demand, who stayed back to smile at his best friend.

“I told you they would take it well.”

“Yeah yeah, shut up.”

“Hey Erik?” (y/n) asked.


“Would you like me any more or any less if I were a mutant, instead of a human?” Erik frowned, almost thinking. Without hesitance he shook his head no, “I wouldn’t mind. You’re you no matter what, and I’ll always like you for that.” (y/n) smiled and took his hand, pulling Erik back into the mansion. Charles looked on, proud of the progress his friend had made.

Press Coverage/Less Coverage (Tony Stark x Reader) (Part 1/2)

Rating: T, it’s mostly buildup; there’s a little bit of suggestive dialogue but that’s mostly it (for now. wink wink).

Word Count: 4.2 k

Warnings: Suggestive dialogue, Justin Hammer makes a brief appearance, some swearing

A/N: Jesus guys I’m so sorry kms!!! i totally lost my momentum and this ended up taking three months I lowkey hate myself but guess what!!! I’m about halfway done editing my rough draft of my novel which i actually finished!! Also I’m fostering a puppy this weekend and his name is Dan and I love him but anyway !!! here you go, part two is in the works and idk when it will be out but hopefully it’ll be soon!

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#3 Fall(ing For You) (Josh)

Request from anon: 

Since it’s getting colder I was wondering if you could write a Josh fluff where they spend time in the fall together? Maybe wearing his sweater and cuddling idk I just have major feels for Josh in the fall lmao

I relate hardcore to the fall Josh feels, anon. Enjoy! (Also I’m sorry for the title, I couldn’t help it)

Warnings: none


“What about this one?” your boyfriend, Josh, asks as he points to a short, plump pumpkin that sits on a vine of the pumpkin patch the two of you were currently perusing. 

You walk over to the pumpkin in question and turn it slightly to get a better look at it. 

“It’s all rotten on one side, we should keep looking,” you point out and Josh nods, grabbing your hand and cautiously stepping around pumpkins as you maneuver through the patch. 

“See, this is why I need you, because I would’ve picked that one up and bought it at first glance,” Josh says, and you simply let out a small giggle in response. 

You walk in a comfortable silence for a few more minutes, the two of your venturing further than the other people browsing the pumpkins. The brisk air is turning your noses a bright shade of red, but the thick sleeves of Josh’s sweater and the scarf around your neck were keeping you warm, not to mention that, despite the dropping temperature, his hands were still warm as ever. 

“Oh my goodness, that’s the one,” you exclaim excitedly, pointing to a perfectly round, wonderfully symmetrical pumpkin. 

You stop right in front of it once you reach it, realizing, upon closer examination, that it’s probably twice as big as anything you can carry. You got a couple steps ahead of Josh in your excitement, so you turn back around to face him, and try to tell him via mind-communication that he should do the gentlemanly thing and come pick up this pumpkin for you. 

He seems to get the idea, but simply raises his eyebrows at you, smirking slightly, and gesturing to the pumpkin for you to pick it up. 

You turn back around and look at the pumpkin, breaking it off the vine and trying to figure out the best way to lift it up. You get a good grip on the bottom of it, and you get it up into your arms, but one step in and it’s already slipping out of your shaky hold. 

Josh seems to be getting a real kick out of watching you wrestle with this pumpkin, and you see he’s also picked out a pumpkin of his own, a taller, skinnier one that he seems to be holding with no problems. 

“Need a hand there, Y/N?” Josh asks, clearly amused. 

Your stubbornness takes over. 

“Nope, I’ve got it under control,” you say, as the pumpkin starts slipping again. 

“Alright, babe, I think I’ve watched you struggle enough. Let me take it,” he says, and he comes over to take the pumpkin out of your hands, but you turn away, prohibiting him from doing so. 

“No, I said I’ve got it,” you say, and he can’t help but snicker. 

“All you’re gonna have left by the time we get to the car is pumpkin guts if you try to carry it. Just let me help you. I promise you can smash the patriarchy another day,” Josh says, and you reluctantly hand over your prized pumpkin, but you do it with a joking scowl. 

“Fine, but only because I don’t want to ruin the world’s best pumpkin,” you say, crossing your arms as the two of you start back toward your car, Josh easily handling both of your pumpkins. 

You pay for your pumpkins and secure them in the trunk of your car before hopping into the front seats and driving home. 

Once you arrive, you set your pumpkins on your front porch, agreeing that you should wait until closer to Halloween to carve them, so they don’t rot too quickly. 

Since it’s only around 1 in the afternoon, you both agree that you shouldn’t just lounge around for the rest of the day, so you decide to go walk around town for a bit and enjoy the weather. 

You make the short walk to a little group of shops and restaurants not too far from your place, the leaves crunching under your boots as you walk through the streets hand in hand.

You stop into a coffee shop and get coffees to sip on in an attempt to warm your chilled bodies. 

You come across a seasonal Halloween shop and Josh drags you in to look at the costumes. 

You both take turns trying on ridiculous wigs, hats, glasses, and anything else under the sun, laughing harder with each added accessory. Josh records to whole ordeal on his snapchat, complete with horse masks and fake cleaver headbands, making the fans go a little nuts. 

Josh wanders over to the full costumes section and pulls a sexy nurse outfit off the rack to show you, raising his eyebrows. 

“In your dreams, Dun,” you roll your eyes and he laughs, putting it back on the rack. 

You both exit the shop with a few little accessories for Halloween night, because you simply couldn’t resist a good costume. 

Eventually, you end up wandering through a little park that connects with the shopping area, and you find a nice bench to sit at under some beautifully colored trees. 

The wind cuts through your sweater and sends a shiver down your side, Josh noticing and pulling you into his side, one arm wrapped around you. 

“Cold?” he asks.

“Not anymore,” you reply and he smiles, softly kissing the top of your head. 

You take in the scenery around you and enjoy the smell of the leaves, but Josh can’t seem to take his eyes off you, mesmerized by your rosy cheeks and glowing eyes. 

Eventually, you get too cold to walk around any longer, so you head home, changing into some sweatpants and another one of Josh’s sweaters and cuddling up on the couch for a night of Netflix and hot chocolate. 


Cute Josh in the fall makes me happy. Thanks for the request, hope you liked it!

Feel free to drop a request in my inbox if you have one, I’d be happy to write it. I’d appreciate any feedback you can give, and I’m always down to chat about anything under the sun, so don’t be shy, my inbox is open!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!

To the Four of Us (Part Twenty One)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
soundtrack song: You and Me - Lifehouse
full soundtrack: x
words: 2,825
warnings: swears 
a/n: i lov u all so here’s a nice happy fluffy christmas chapter :-)

all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey@anitheunicorn@newyorkyoucanbeanew@lafbagxette@justafangirlwithanavy@iamgrayfox@ordinaryornate@schuylerjoon@angelica-peggy-eliza@trashyperson101@crazydragon15@but-if-you-had-to-choose@geespilots@marvelous-hamilfan​ @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers​ @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships@schokoobananaa@allthegoodurlshavebeentaken​ @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships@aham-threw-his-shot-away@hesitantcat@nonstopspook@hamrevolution@writethewayout@passmethegoddamnball@allthegoodurlshavebeentaken@sun-tree@angelizaandpeggy@isis278​ @idk-destiel @engulfedinstars

dedication: @l0vedoesntdiscriminate for the soundtrack rec and also everyone who sent me a kind message when i posted my lil coming out thing earlier tonight, u all made me V happy!!!!! :-))

“ALEX! JOHN! Santa came last night!”

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Imagine a female version of Killing Stalking where instead of killing women Sangwoo would play out the goody two shoes sweet girl role but kills men and works the fuck out in her free time like some bad ass. She would be tall, beautiful, lovely long dark hair with some blonde hightlights.

She hates guys with a passion because of sexual abuse by her father and perhaps some physical towards her mother. But maybe at one point before it started happening she was a true daddy’s little girl who adored him before he became her own monster. The story would have gone the same way where she kills her father and her mother, she hates her mother because she was never believed or she never helped her. 

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anonymous asked:

hello~ idk if your still doing random aus but how does a odd jobs!seventeen one sound ahah?? i would also like to say thank you for creating amazing writing and i love the details you put into it!!

i did career!seventeen a long time ago, but this one since it’s odd jobs i decided to make it a lil more fun ^^
i only did half the members because i wasn’t sure if like,,,,,,,,,,,this was what you wanted LOL 


  • bike courier 
  • delivers express mail all over gangnam district 
  • is super athletic and is more enthusiastic about biking than he is about anything else in his life. like honestly ask him some bike facts nO oNE else would know and he’ll know them. 
  • wears a cute snapback with his companies logo on it backwards and like old jean cut offs and like probably has a cool tattoo sleeve
  • you’re carrying like forty pounds of paperwork from your office to down to block and it’s like kILLing your back and you keep having to put the pile down because ow and cracking your back and suddenly this bike comes to a stop in front of you and you look up to see this cute guy with a big grin and he’s like
  • “hey, you need help?” and you’re like “oh no im not going far-” and he’s like pointing to your hand on your back like “you look like an old person c’mon give me half your pile ill walk the block with you.” and so you hand him over half the paperwork and he like chains his bike to a nearby street pole and runs back over to you and literally effortlessly carries all of the paperwork in like one hand and you’re like holy shit
  • and he’s smiling down at you like “so, what’s your name I’m Seungcheol and my bike over there’s named Mansae.”
  • and you’re like one: who names their bike but two: he’s cute so why not give him a chance hehe


  • flower arranger 
  • is an apprentice at a flowershop in your neighborhood 
  • likes arranging flowers for couples the most, especially when he gets to tell them what the combinations mean in flower language 
  • wears a different flower tucked behind his ear everyday
  • you see him through the window of the shop fixing the display a lot and like if you make eye contact you always look down and blush because oh my god he’s so handsome,,,,like a real life flower prince
  • jeonghan thinks your shyness is super cute and he always makes an effort to smile and wave at you even if you just run the opposite direction
  • one day you almost forget to get flowers for your friend since it’s her birthday so you run into the shop and since it’s pretty early you don’t think jeonghan will be there BUT GUESS WHOSE AT THE COUNTER 
  • jeongahn. with a pretty lil lily behind his ear and he’s like “hello ^^” and you’re like asfksllhg but you’re also like quick what are good flowers to get a friend on their birthday
  • and jeonghan is like i know just what you need! and he brings out this bouquet that is beautiful and colorful and you’re like omf thank you and he’s like no problem let me ring you up
  • and like when he tells you the price you’re like ??????? what so cheap??????? and he’s like “yeah it’s a discount we have, it’s called the “cute discount” and since you’re cute you get the discount (-:” (how smooth jeonghan)


  • camp counselor 
  • kids love him because he can play songs from their favorite cartoons on his guitar 
  • reminds everyone to say thanks before eating lunch (not necessarily in a religious way but like he makes them say thanks to the cooks or something LOL)
  • is always trying his best to give good advice and be a role model but kids still laugh about how he tripped over a twig during one of the catch the flag games two years ago
  • you’re actually one of the lifeguards out by the lake where the camp comes to swim and joshua has had a secret crush on you for like every summer since he first saw you
  • and like the kids he’s in charge of know it. the other counselors know it. the damn fish in the lake know it BUT he refuses to confess 
  • like the most he’s done is shyly ask if you had any extra water noodles for the kids to play with and when you were like “yeah, wanna come with me to grab them?” he was like uM juST TELL me WHERe i cAN Do It mYSELf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • literally joshua isn’t even the one to confess, one of the kids sneaks off and hands you like this bracelet and is like “josh hyung made this for you in arts & crafts it’s obvious because he put a little fish charm which means the lake except he didn’t want to give it to you because he’s a big baby so here you go. also: he likes you. ask him out please!!!!”
  • and you like looked down at the bracelet and burst out laughing because wow that,,,,,,,,,,,is the cutest lil thing you’ve ever heard
  • and so the next time there’s a big party being thrown and everyones over at the main campsite you tap joshua’s shoulder and he’s like oh OH oh my hello,,,,,,,,and you show him your wrist with the bracelet and he’s like 1!!!!!!! WHERe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god one of the kids,,,,,,,,
  • and you giggle like “it was cute, but you should have given it to me yourself,,,,,,,,”
  • and joshua’s damn ears turn read he’s like AH ,,,,,so adorable


  • magician
  • thinks the cap and top hat make him look “cool” and “edgy” so he wears them even though everyone’s like “you look corny”
  • mostly performs outside on the street for change but because he’s incredibly witty and handsome sometimes people will hire him to do birthday parties and things like that 
  • pulls bunnies out of hats, makes flowers appear out his sleeve, and can even sneeze out a 5,000 won bill
  • can also do a handstand on one hand and other physical stuff that gets everyone even more into his show than just bad magic tricks
  • you always pass him by when you’re on the way to study and he’s always got a crowd of people around him but one day he’s doing a trick and instead of choosing someone from his mini audience he calls out to you and you’re like looking around  with your books in hand like me??? and he’s signalling for you to come over
  • and people are looking so you like awkwardly shuffle over and he’s like “im going to let you pick a card any card” and you’re like oh my god seriously but you do and it’s the ace of hearts but you don’t show it and jun’s like “put it back in my pile” and you do and he like does a fancy hand motion and winks at you then takes the top book from your hands, opens it to a page and pulls out the ace of hearts
  • and you’re like holy shit how
  • and he’s like (———; magic
  • and the audience is clapping and you’re still trying to figure it out so jun hands you the card to see that it’s really your card but when you turn it over it has his number on it and you’re like !!! and jun just winks and bows like “thanks for helping me with my trick (-: 


  • personal trainer 
  • half personal trainer half life coach
  • thinks everyone should take up dance as serious exercise and eat egg whites everyday because it’s healthy
  • probably the kind of personal trainer that compliments you every step of the way instead of ever scolding you
  • but it works because like,,,,,,hearing him be proud of you makes you wanna work hard
  • and like he’s not even your personal trainer, he’s training a coworker of yours and like you come with them to the gym just to like see if it’s worth it to run on the treadmill for like 30min
  • and hoshi comes over and starts talking to your coworker and then he smiles at you and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he’s so………cute,,,,,,,,,,,what the hell
  • and hoshi’s like “instead of that treadmill how about taking one of the gyms dance classes. you’ll have more fun, i promise.”
  • and you’re kinda shy so you’re like ahh dancing and me don’t mix
  • and hoshi’s like “i bet you’re just fine, and if not - ill help you out.” and you’re like aklfkwf
  • your coworker standing there like “ahem i thought you were my personal trainer hoshi” and hoshi’s like “ofc, your friend’s cuteness just caught me off guard”
  • and you’re like oh my gOD
  • but we all must admit, that was a good one


  • ethical hacker 
  • works for the police department by hacking into virus filled computers and breaking algorithms set up by criminals
  • works strictly from home. spends like 95% of his time hunched over his laptop with these cute round glasses on doing complex math in his head
  • sometimes, one good days, his friend mingyu drags him out to a coffee shop but even there wonwoo’s on his laptop probably hacking into someones hard drive 
  • you know him because you work as a delivery person for a takeout place near his apartment building so you’re always the one they send to drop off his food
  • and wonwoo orders the same thing no matter what time of day it is so like you don’t even need to know his name, you know him by his order
  • and you notice every now and then how worn out he looks like he hasn’t slept in days when he opens the door so sneakily you also add in coffee to his order and like an extra order of vegetables to help 
  • and you think it goes unnoticed, but wonwoo knows and secretly he gets excited to see you at his door and one day even musters up the courage to ask you how the weather is and like you have minimal conversation and when you ask what he does all day he’s like
  • “oh, i hack computers.”
  • and you’re like oh my god. are you running some kind of illegal site or something……” and he laughs like “that’s fun! no i hack for the police!”
  • and you’re like that exists and he’s like yep it does and idk how this au would even progress one day he asks if he can take you out on a date (to his living room to play video games probably) since you’re so sweet to him LOL


  • vocal tutor 
  • is incredibly picky and strict and has no tolerance for people who don’t practice
  • WILL rip you to shreds if he finds out you’re being lazy. finds imperfection in everything
  • but like he’s the best tutor in the world, he really knows what to listen for and how to improve anyone 
  • like even people with no pitch and horrible voices become decent under him and it’s obvious that under his cold approach, he really loves singing and is proud to help other people grow their talents
  • ok tutor!woozi in a lil pink sweater vest or something imagine with his hair all neatly combed ok not the point
  • and you’re in need of a vocal tutor because in all honestly someone said you sucked at karaoke and you want to prove them wrong
  • so you find woozi in like idk the yellow pages and you’re like “i want to learn to sing” and woozi’s like “are you joking around?” and you’re like what no and he’s like “you better not be because if you are i will unleash hell. ok first lesson-”
  • and you’re like intimidated at first because his approach just seems way too hard but like the more you spend time with him and the more you learn
  • you see the passion woozi has for this and how gentle and caring he can be when it comes to like encouraging your obvious improvements 
  • and like woozi won’t say this but he went a little more easy on you because like,,,,,,,he thinks you’re kinda adorable and seeing you sad makes him also sad…………
  • but yeah once you’re ready to tackle that song that messed you up at karaoke you’re like “do you wanna come with me?” and he’s like “oh to karaoke? like to mentor you? that’s fine.”
  • and you’re like “no woozi like on a…………”
  • and woozi like his heart feels like it’s gonna jump out of his chest but he tries to play it cool like “oh, that’s fine too. pick you up at 8?”
  • but when you leave he immediately calls up seungcheol like HELP ME  

thoughts-of-a-fandom-blogger  asked:

Soul mate marks? Or what about the not aging after you turn 18 until you meet your soulmate

honestly i know this was sent for the other meme but like

  • okay that second one: i love
  • so here, on your right, you have chat noir
  • whom has been chat noir for a very long time
  • was probably the son of a duke or something in 18th century france
  • wanders around aimlessly for a very long time — plagg lets him know when chat noir is needed, the rest of the time it’s just adrien trying not to let on just how old he is
  • he’s met and worked with many ladybugs in the past and privately thought he should’ve aged for each of them
  • he, obviously, did not
  • (probs got the ring v v v young — 15, like in canon, maybe?)
  • his life is a tragedy of never being The One, despite how sure he is of his own feelings
  • ON YOUR LEFT you have ladybug
  • who does not get the miraculous for a very long time
  • born probably somewhere around the turn of the twentieth century
  • she doesn’t wander so much; she stays with her parents until they die and then keeps running the bakery in their absence
  • it’s not really in her nature to stay still, but the bakery has been lauded as the best in paris for a good many years, and it’s the last thing she has of her parents — the least she can do is make sure she maintains its good name
  • she gets the ladybug miraculous somewhere around the turn of the 21st century? probs in 2015, like in canon
  • gabe IS the one who necessitates this, but he’s not adrien’s dad this time around — he’s just a fashion icon who’s bitter about losing his wife before they could spend the rest of their years together, and the miraculous actually have been proven effective in bringing back dead soulmates
  • the cost is astronomically high, of course, but it works, and, at this point, that’s all gabe cares about
  • (bonus points if gave knows full well the cost; if, at some point in all those years, adrien helped one of the ladybugs bring back their soulmate, and gabe was witness to that)
  • and at this point, adrien’s just like: oh, we’re dealing with a butterfly miraculous holder this time? cool, chill, where do i find my ladybug, let’s get this over with
  • he has, maybe, relegated himself to the role of overly-wise mentor and dorky sidekick before he’s even begun — it’s the role he almost always finds himself in, why not get a headstart
  • except ladybug…
  • oh ladybug
  • marinette is so happy with her new role
  • she’s been sick and stuck and stagnating and useless and grey for so long, and being ladybug is like finally getting to breathe for the first time in her life
  • and it’s a lot of pressure, and she’s terrified, but chat is there and she’s finally doing good, and she didn’t realize that this was what she was waiting for, but it was
  • she’s spent her whole life dreaming of meeting a soulmate that would make her existence worth it, and lived long enough to find something better
  • and that enthusiasm just spills out of her every which way, infecting every part of her life, and she loves it
  • remember: chat is very much a large feature of this new life of hers
  • chat is in the background, smiling blankly into the void and going, oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit
  • (she’s beautiful in a way he’d never seen before, charismatic and quick-witted and magnetic in everything she is, and she’s embracing the world — him included — with open arms and a wide smile, and oh gods above if he doesn’t start aging after this, he never will)
  • (it also turns out to be very difficult to be a mentor or a sidekick when your partner insists on actually treating you like a partner)
  • i’m not sure how or when ladybug comes to the realization that chat is most likely her soulmate, but she does, eventually
  • hawkmoth bites the dust before either of them can do anything about this
  • they’re… sort of? ripped away from each other — it turns out that they aren’t actually allowed (on some deep, fundamental level of ‘allowed’) to transform when there isn’t any need for them to be around
  • they’re both kind of understandably ripped up that they won’t be able to spend the rest of their lives with their soulmate, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles and they deal with it
  • adrien decides to settle down in paris, just in case he manages to find her again, and becomes a regular at this nice little bakery nearby
  • (yeah, adrinette is basically a coffee shop au in this au, i know, leaf me alone)
  • and then la paon just sort of… springs out of the woodworks?
  • and adrien’s all ‘oof here we go again, god i miss her alrea— wait what’
  • because normally it’s a new ladybug for every villain no matter how close together said villains are, but this time it’s… the same ladybug? that same ladybug who may or may not be his soulmate?
  • adrien is o v e r j o y e d
  • marinette’s just thankful to get out of the bakery again — maybe she should look into a career switch? into a police officer or a firefighter or something, but chat wouldn’t be there and that’d be kinda sad :(
  • basically, they are stupid happy to be back together again — even if it’s only been a couple of years, they didn’t think they’d see each other again at all
  • la paon goes down too
  • they still don’t know each others identities

okay so, summarizing up the rest of this, they keep going like this, meeting up every so often like this, for a really long time, and by the time they hit their 50th anniversary and neither of them have aged, they kind of lose hope

at least they have each other

(and then it comes out that tikki and plagg are actually their ‘soulmates’ (or at least filling the gap) and, given that the actual function of the whole ‘aging’ mechanic is to make sure that each side ages at the same rate as the other, and the kwami are immortal gods, adrien and ladybug are effectively immortal until they give up the miraculouses)

(idk their identites come out at some point and they spend another few hundred years enjoying each other’s company)

(give me happy otp i beg)

The Robron Break-Ups : A Definitive Guide (Part 2/Infinity)


Part One / All

In this, the second part of the Robron Rejection Compendium, we look at the next 5 break-ups, even more honourable mentions and I start to cry about feelings, just a little bit. Go get yourself a cup of tea and settle in, because this part is way longer than it has any right to be.

(Also, to throw in a quick serious moment before i start cracking manslaughter jokes again, thank you so much for your kind comments and tags and likes etc for part one. I was kind of completely overwhelmed by the fact that people even took time to read it, because I wrote it half giggling to myself at how no one would be able to make it to the end of the thing. So, yes. I mean this with every bloody ounce of sincerity I have in my entire body - thank you so much for taking the time to read it. You all kind of made my evening.)

Anyway, on to Part Two and an honourable mention to kick things off…

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anonymous asked:

hello do u have any favourite tony/rhodey fics?

oh god, you have no effing idea of what you’ve unleashed i’d probably just go on a rant on each of them but instead i’ll try to keep it to a normal casual list ( just two things 1. i usually always bookmark the fanfics i love to bits so i’m gonna take most -if not all- of the ones listed here from my bookmarks and 2. unfortunately i am super picky with fanfics, especially if it’s two characters i adore like tony and rhodey so -while i can’t be sure until i finish- this might be a short list. on top of that, i actually haven’t gone to ao3 for these two in quite a while -something i’m probably going to fix today, cause now i need me some rhodeytony- so yeah, sorry about that ). 

here it goes, actually under a cut ( except the first three cause i really love them ! they’re definitely my favorites ) cause it got kinda long. my bad for ranting, whops !  also totally my bad because this went from ‘my faves’ to ‘all the rhodeytony stuff i’ve ever read and liked’, sorry !

  • tomorrow, on the beach    — aka the best thing that ever happened to me on ao3. as you can possibly guess it’s a ‘edge of tomorrow’ au with tony and rhodey and i swear to god i went to bed that i still had to finish this and spent the morning after with my phone glued to my hand. i had basically only just cracked open my eyes and i was already back on it. i read it like my life depended on it.  there are lovely cameos from maya hansen and pepper potts which i loved and god, it’ll probably make you love rhodeytony even more
  • james rhodes in 8C       – aka the one that will have you say ‘good lord what good thing did i do in my past life to deserve this’ and also ‘for fuck’s sake i don’t deserve this’ cause the pining is Real my friend and it will get to you. it’ll get to you and it will butcher you like a pig. it’s that good. so fucking good. here’s a quote just to get you going: 
    • “Man, no one said you were funny,” James Rhodes in 8C says. Tony forces a smile and rolls his shoulders inward. “Everyone here is a dweeb,” he says. “They don’t know what’s good. What’d they say about me anyway?”
            James Rhodes in 8C tilts his head, and his eyes are warm and clear, and something in Tony feels cracked and exposed, but somehow free. “Nothing important,” he says with a dismissive flick of his wrist, and that’s when Tony knows there’s never gonna be anyone for him but James Rhodes.
  • below freezing        – aka it’s tony’s turn to be the knight in shining armor, but before that prepare yourself: cause you’re gonna see rhodey like you’ve never even imagined. this fic will gently wrap its hand around your heart and, at one point out of fucking nowhere, will squeeze and twist and you’ll probably beg for the end. cause, god, jUST GET RHODEY OUT OF THERE.  this is mostly rhodey-centric, if i remember correctly, but of course that means that there’s loads of rhodeytony things in it. you’ll sob, man. you’ll sob like a child. and you’ll enjoy it so fucking much & the ending’s too fucking much.  ( someone also did art for this here !  but don’t spoil yourself )

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Today, I fucked up... by getting a haircut

So, this happened yesterday. I went out to get my hair cut at a local chain store that I go to on a biweekly basis.

I don’t usually request a specific stylist, so I log into the system and take my seat until I’m called by a girl that I’ve never seen before. I find out this is actually her 2nd day here. I pop a squat in the barber chair and we start to exchange pleasantries. She’s quite cute and we are actually hitting it off very well (I know, it’s her job to be pleasant). We talk about common interests an Christmas shopping comes up and she mentions how she needed to this job to afford gifts for her family.

So she finishes my cut and we go back for her to wash my hair. This is by far my favorite part of the whole experience. Getting your hair washed by a cute girl is probably the closest I ever come to feeling like those guys in the movies who have beautiful women feed them grapes. (Idk, the analogy fits in my mind). This girl goes all out. Perfect water temperature, massages my scalp AND my neck! I’m sitting here feeling absolutely amazing!

She finishes up, puts some product in my hair and I’m feeling really good about how I look and feel. This girl definitely earned her tip. We walk over to the register and I swipe my card and await the prompt on the screen to add the tip. My total comes to $16.20. $5.00 tip is more than fair, especially since she went all out with the head massage. I punch in my tip amount and immediately hit the confirm button. As I wait for my recept, I watch the girls eyes get huge and she looks at me in excitiment. She run from behind the counter and hugs me! I’m flabbergasted! She starts getting teary eyes and stumbles over herself to say “thank you” over and over. I’m thinkin, man, it’s just 5 bucks, but I won’t say no to a hug from a cute random girl.

She hands me my recept and I start to make my way to the door when I realize what had happened. When I punched in the 5.00, I accidentally hit the 0 an extra time… I tipped her $50.00 instead of $5.00. Shit. At this point I need to make a decision. Do I wreck this girls day by admitting I made a mistake, or do I just eat the $66.00 hair cut? I turn around and take another look at her. She’s still so excited, looking close to tears. She’s probably thinking she’s so lucky that this guy just came in, sat in her chair, and just helped her make her Christmas a little bit better out of the kindness of his heart. I look at my recept again and sigh to myself. “Merry Christmas!” I turn and leave, leaving a little bit of Christmas spirit and a nice chunk of my bank account.

TL;DR accidentally tipped my hair dresser $50.00 instead of $5.00. Didn’t want to ruin her Christmas Spirit, let her keep it.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

12 Days of Sabriel – Day 3

Title: 12 Days of Sabriel – Day 3
‘Showing up late to class with a Starbucks’ is not Sam’s style at all. Not showing up to class at all because the guy working at Starbucks is confusingly handsome is totally Sam’s style.
Underage Drinking (< 21 years)

Sabriel || Fluff || Height Difference || Coffee Shop AU || College AU || Sam is a Starbucks virgin || OC: Bagel || Advent Calendar Fic

Day 1 | Day 2

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