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I WANT THIS MOVIE: supervillian girlfriends, Poison Ivy (Natalie Dormer) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) break out of Arkham Asylum for a criminally fun “girls’ night out“ in the city they are definitely up to no good.


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

thinkin abt sherlock like getting a lil older and fitting into his body better and having a Ponch and being called “dad” and having a Husband and still being his weird sciency chaotic good detective self and being more the classique older holmes but having had happiness and emotional stability in his life for a few years and feeling and doing better makes me emotionale………….

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Can I request some more Shiro and Lance texting (like the spider one, that's my favorite on this entire blog). I live for the shenanigans those two would get up to. Love the blog, by the way! :D

hey dog idk if this is even close to what you’re looking for but it’s 4am and this was the first thing to pop into my head lmao

(thanks for the ask and i’m glad you like the blog!! :) i promise there’ll be better shiro/lance banter very soon so keep an eye out! <3 )


S i n g  f o r  m e, a l l  o f  y o u r s w e e t e s t  m e l o d i e s,
A n d  t h e n  l e t  m e  d r o w n  i n t o  y o u r  a r m s,  i n t o  t h e  s e a

Like light and dark

         Worlds apart

                    This fatal love was like poison right from the start

Their song [the sirens’], though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption.”

imagine Chuuya is on a mission in some sleazy bar or someplace similar and some pervert in a small group of older men calls out to him like “Hey sweetheart, does the carpet match the drapes?” 

and Chuuya turns his head to look at the group of men, his expression carefully neutral, and he asks the man “Would you like to find out, hon?”

and walks over to where the guy is sitting and then lifts his leg up and rests his foot on the guy’s shoulder and the guy thinks he’s about to get laid but then Chuuya just fucking kicks him in the side of the head and then puts his leg back down and walks away

and Kouyou hears about this later and she laughs because someone said the same thing to her once when Chuuya was younger and he watched her do the exact same thing, that’s where he learned it from