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AAAAA JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK U FOR 1000+ FOLLOWERS ;A; it the most i ever had h hh – This is also kind of a redraw of this,, hhhh ill try to be more active here,,, try being the key word hahaha

thinkin abt sherlock like getting a lil older and fitting into his body better and having a Ponch and being called “dad” and having a Husband and still being his weird sciency chaotic good detective self and being more the classique older holmes but having had happiness and emotional stability in his life for a few years and feeling and doing better makes me emotionale………….

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Can I request some more Shiro and Lance texting (like the spider one, that's my favorite on this entire blog). I live for the shenanigans those two would get up to. Love the blog, by the way! :D

hey dog idk if this is even close to what you’re looking for but it’s 4am and this was the first thing to pop into my head lmao

(thanks for the ask and i’m glad you like the blog!! :) i promise there’ll be better shiro/lance banter very soon so keep an eye out! <3 )


I WANT THIS MOVIE: supervillian girlfriends, Poison Ivy (Natalie Dormer) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) break out of Arkham Asylum for a criminally fun “girls’ night out“ in the city they are definitely up to no good.

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A: You're a DICK. B: Prompt - Sambucky + injury (doesn't matter who. or both. idk. Hurt my boys and then make them better.)

Bucky pressed on the wound and Sam yelped.

“Fuck! You’re a DICK.”

“You just told me to do that,” Bucky breathed, his voice fading. He blinked once, twice to clear his vision.

Sam’s eyes pressed shut and he lulled back, chest heaving with shallow breaths grinding down pain. Gunfire blazed over their heads, artillery blasting in the distance. “Barnes.”

Not looking up from the balled up cloth he held against Sam’s bullet wound, Bucky hissed: “What?”

Nothing, just the sound of Sam breathing.

“What, Sam?”

“I’m gonna pass out.”

“Please–don’t do that–”

“I think my ribs are broken.”


“Bye.” And Sam passed out.

“For fuck’s sake.” Bucky risked moving one of his hands, slammed on the com, “where the fuck is my medevac?”


“Jesus.” Sam was gonna bleed out and Bucky did not have time to hide his body. “Shit.”

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the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

ok but, contrary to popular belief, keith is pobably the boyfriend who brags about lance. 

like lance will definitely go up to strangers while they’re together and be like “do you see my amazing bf?? do you??” Keith is just rolling his eyes and trying so hard not to smile its pathetic tbh (im almost positive someone’s already made a post like this so imma stop the lance train there)

but its more like he gushes in secret

like could you imagine that poor boy absolutely gushing abt lance to shiro or allura (no one can take their possible friendship way from me)

“i mean come on, did you not see the way his hair looked today? do you think he knows how cute he is? i mean he talks a big game but does he really know?”

“idk keith why dont you ask him, he is your boyfriend, you know”

“what? no. he cant know how much i like him. that means hes won. he’ll hold it over my head forever.”

but lance already knows how much keith really loves him but being the better boyfriend that he is, he pretends not to know until keith finally tells him (probably like their wedding day or something bc they’re too stupid smh)


S i n g  f o r  m e, a l l  o f  y o u r s w e e t e s t  m e l o d i e s,
A n d  t h e n  l e t  m e  d r o w n  i n t o  y o u r  a r m s,  i n t o  t h e  s e a

Like light and dark

         Worlds apart

                    This fatal love was like poison right from the start

Their song [the sirens’], though irresistibly sweet, was no less sad than sweet, and lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy, the forerunner of death and corruption.”

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hey!! i'm not requesting anything but i just wanted to ask you a question. that's okay, right? hahah~ Where do you usually get inspiration for your au!s ? they're so wonderfully created and well written honestly i binged through your BTS and seventeen tags in one night. seriously!! they're so well thought-out and they seem so realistic and plausible. thank you so much for doing what you do <3

omg, ask me whatever you want!!! thank u for such sweet compliments!!!

most of the time i get inspiration from the idols personality, i tend to binge watch variety shows when i have time/during commutes and i pay attention to things that they do that form a better photo of their personality in my head,,,,idk why i do it really??? i guess im just an observant person hehe but that’s the basis of how i pair an idol with an au ^^ 
i also have blogs on here that i look at for insp, aesthetic blogs mostly!!! pictures of places, people, and things can really help you write more vividly ^^