idk this is what i do when i'm bored


When u realise maladaptive daydreaming is the reason why you never want to go out and do anything or have any motivation and that your entire life has literally just been a fog of daydreams and fantasies because real life is bland and terrible and I’d much rather sit here and daydream about my lovely characters for several hours than, idk, put up the bedsheets that have been laying on my floor for a week


Axl: I can’t help it. I either stand there bored or I run back and forth. And I kinda get into dancing. I didn’t even know that I like what I do. I just, I looked down at my feet and go “what am I doing now?” but I feel like if I stand there, then people think “oh this is boring” so I gotta do something and I just try to do whatever happens. It’s a lot of fun. I thought about taking dance lessons and stuff but then I was worried about getting too stale, being too much like organized and everything. I like the spontaneity of just whatever happens, keeps it real raw and fresh. If it got too ballet’ed out, I couldn’t handle that.


Yuri’s favourite moments with Otabek are not the ones where they’re out on dates. It’s not when they’re failing to cook together in the kitchen. It’s not when Otabek shows up with gifts for no reason other than ‘I love you and thought of you’. 

No, Yuri’s favourite moments are the ones when they’re cuddled up in bed doing nothing at all, and they could be anywhere in any time and maybe it’s next week already, he’s lost track. Maybe they start to fall asleep, maybe they don’t, who can really tell between lazy kisses and stroking each other’s hair and cheeks and running their fingers down each other’s spines? 

Those moments, bathed in light from a sunset from the window, all alone with Otabek in near silence, are Yuri’s favourites. Nothing could be better. 

But what we should do is when they sing Good Girls, instead of saying "She's a good girl, She's daddy's favorite" we should say "She's a good girl, She's Ashton's favorite". I don't know if this was already said or thought of but idk I think this needs to be done more. :)

‘what was that all about?’ ['it’s because of you.’’] | RaS Escape


my aesthetic is grey cloudy skies and trying pathetically hard to be cute

Daniil Kvyat: I have no time for girlfriends.

- Do you have a girlfriend?

- With my rhythm of life I don’t have time for a permanent girlfriend but I don’t see a problem with it.

- So you have girl-“friends” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (or playmates idk)?

- You need to work in the Intelligence Service with such questions! (all laugh) If I have real feelings for someone, I’ll immediately understand it.

- What kind of car do you drive now?

- I don’t have a car now, I walk.

- Do you have a pet in Russia?

- Yes, a Labrador. He’s like a family member. I like dogs, cats are cool.

- You have a very nice grandfather! Does he give you advice?

- Yeah, he gives me some advice sometimes, but he is very diplomatic person. He’s lived a long life and has great experience. We text each other during the GP weekend, I always keep in touch with my family.

- Are you planning to move from Monaco to Italy to be closer to the team?

- We’ll see. There are people in the team who spend their time on the factories in Faenza and Bicester. Also I’m often in England, where I meet with my engineers, but periodically will come in Faenza as well, because it is important to spend time with the team.

- But you hear the Russian language more often in Monaco than in Faenza?

- Yeah, Monaco is like a little Russia. (laughs) There are a lot of Russian people there.