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How do you feel about people trying to 'prove' Yoongi is actually gay/bi bc I've seen a lot of it n idk I don't think it's right to try and do that to ppl its essentially outing him w out permission??? Idk like that gone done to me before n it wasn't nice so it makes me uncomfortable when I see it on twitter n stuff ://

yeah to be outed is my biggest fear i understand why you feel uncomfortable.. i think that someone else’s sexual orientation is none of our business like that shit is very personal especially if we’re talking about conservative countries. i find it difficult to even discuss it with people who i’m sure wouldn’t judge me. fuck i’m always paranoid someone will look through my blog or my messages and will ruin my life with the info they can find. so maybe i’m projecting but i really don’t like speculating about this stuff. and i know it might be weird to hear it from me because sometimes i would make a joke like “it’s hobi not hostraight” or would talk about yoongi being whipped for hoseok but i think purposefully digging up evidence of one’s sexual orientation and dedicating threads to it is different from talking about this stuff lightheartedly. before i get any anons: yes i know we’re all just looking for represantation and it’s a nice thought that the idol you’re looking up to might not be straight because it’s stupid to assume all idols (people) are straight by default

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down,
You, you enchant me even when you’re not around,

If there, there are boundaries,

I will try to knock them down,

I’m latching on babe,

Now I know what I have found

summer love (◡‿◡✿)

start select; bluejaku drabble

here we go again, based on miss kenzie’s post about vidya games that i can’t actually find right now for the life of me.
no drama, just some quick shenanigans and my unsupervised delight for noiz + bluejack interactions.

“You know, maybe you just suck at gaming.”

“Shut up,” Aoba growls, even as he enters the wrong combo and sends Jigglypuff spinning straight off of the battle stage. “I haven’t played this in a while.”

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I am currently having a mighty need to read a story where Belle is a convent raised aristocratic girl and Gold ends up engaged to her because reasons (idk Moe is in debt?) And the only reason he agrees to it is because his last wife left him and he thinks she won’t because she’s been so sheltered but then they get married and holy shit she has been SHELTERED and he has no idea what to do with a highly religious virgin who was raised by nuns and has never been around a man who wasn’t related to her or actively giving a mass/taking confession.

I need it like burning.