idk this is really bad but oh well

oh my god i really don’t wanna be the person to do this because i love uptown funk but it’s actually really really problematic…. like it’s awful and idk I feel so bad for liking it. I can’t really explain it that well but here is a detailed explanation. idk why we can’t just have nice things


yoo! here’s the djwifi piece i did for @a-little-light-zine ~ if you would like to see all the pieces in this zine, feel free to donate and pick one up while it’s still available~ 

also wanna say a huge thanks @littleblackchat for your ridiculous amount of hard work in making this zine come together ;0; it was crazy watching you work and i have a lot of respect for you //grovels profusely// ur a beast gurl

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Lord of Shadows: Thoughts and Theories

This book broke my heart, Everything was fine then it went to shit, then it was fine again and then it went to shit again, and then everything was fine, and I thought things were going to turn out really well, then everything went to ABSOLUTE SHIT. I’d give this book 5/5, because it was so jam-packed with so much action and different character and plot twists, whereas Lady Midnight was basically the Emma and Jules show.

I felt that Lady Midnight, though it was a good Book, wasn’t Cassie Clare’s best work. The first half failed to really draw me in, and I had to push to really get into the book. It was also just constant Emma and Jules, though I understand she was setting the scene and setting up their relationship, it just got a bit dull. The whole book was kind of a ‘meh’, but with Lord of Shadows, it was fast-paced right off the bat, with loads of plots and different POV’s and characters drawing me completely into the book. This book, in my opinion, was a huge jump from LM, in terms of success for me, personally.

I was getting a lot of asks on why I spoil myself for things, the reason is a) I can’t help it, and b) when something major happens in a book that I wasn’t expecting, I get really hyped up for a few days and can’t really concentrate on anything else. Sounds kinda weird, but spoiling myself works. Except some people gave me fake spoilers, so…

Anyway I’ve tried to organise my thoughts into sections, but it’s all a bit all over the place, here are my thoughts and theories!

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“and that bright big one right there? It’s called…. The Moon”

“Oh shut up Danny!”

Danny and Dani stargazing as requested by @creatingpathstowander … I started with a really bad doodle and ended up here… well thanks for the request bro =) Ps: click on the picture for better quality

Are you someone who likes to send terrible things over anon to the people who least deserve it?

Well have I got a few nifty tactics for your next time!

Blush ( @dailyshinycutiefly ) and Chrysanthemum are standing near the Official Daily Pokémon Community Complaint/Negative Comment Box! Submit now and earn 100% of Blush’s wrath and 0% of Chrys’s Heal Pulse!

“Why, Chrysanthemun, that looks awfully like a trash can!”

Heck, it sure does because that’s where they belong~

If you just cannot bear to face the consequences of unapologetically doing bad things, I suggest you stop! It costs $0 to treat people like human beings after all.

(apwidfieswksasjz sorry I’m really heated over the continued surges of negativity in ask boxes)

Beginning of chapter Theory resumed
  • Edward: you should be having a panic attack why aren't you having a panic attack
  • Bella: why the fuck should i be having a panic attack
  • Edward: idk maybe because you discovered im literally a monster
  • Bella: well that means no more secrets between us right? how's that a bad thing?
  • Edward: ok then maybe because you almost got attacked
  • Bella: oh yeah that happened i forgot
  • Edward: wtf
  • Edward: *drives fast*
  • Bella: wow you really want to scare me to death don't you
Dancing w/ Ten
  • heyyyyy yyyy yy y y yy
  • bae got another request <3<3<3
  • god, i miss him sooooo much, i really hope he’s doing well :///
  • oh, and btw, this was kind of bad??
  • like idk what happened to me but i had 0 creativity w this one
  • but, let’s start this now shall we
  • okay soooo,,
  • you would probably randomly show up to nct’s practice rooms all the time
  • i mean, he probably spends most of his time there so you’re always like
  • “hey (◕‿◕✿) i brought food (◕‿◕✿) i love you (◕‿◕✿)“
  • it wasn’t a surprise for him anymore, lmao
  • so, going to the story
  • you were sneaking again on the practice room to see ur boi
  • you had his permission to come this time but you entered right when he was already practicing
  • you silently you sat in a corner of the room and watched him dance
  • the music was too loud for him to even hear when the door opened and he had his eyes closed the whole time as he danced passionately
  • so he never noticed that you were in there
  • and, this is reall random but you probably got the perfect view of his butt
  • so you were like ¯\_ ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )_/¯ the whole time
  • and btw you never saw that choreography before
  • and you couldn’t tell if he had it memorized or he was freestyling because of how fluent his moves were
  • and when the song finished and you standed silently from your spot and surprised him with a backhug
  • hit the stage memories :’)
  • okay, but i actually never actually watched that, i only watched some of the shoots where ten appears and his performances lmao
  • he even fell into the ground and you were just laughing so hard that you couldn’t even breath lmao
  • “oh my god, i really hate you sometimes y/n”
  • “yeah i love you too baby <3<3<<3<33<”
  • he held your hand and pull of it to make you fall softly into his arms
  • can you imagine how warm and cozy they probably are i’m crying
  • “i’m not that sweaty yet, don’t worry”
  • but you were still like eWWwwwWw
  • “ok but sorry for what i did earlier, i just wanted to surprise you"
  • and he was probably going to answer you with his normal sassiness
  • but instead he stayed in silence longer that you expect
  • and when you separete from the hug you saw how his eyes were shining when he looked at you
  • “what?”
  • “do you want to dance with me?”
  • and you were like ?!??!?!?? what
  • “i was thinking about creating a new choreography but i need your help in this one, baby”
  • and you felt SO insecure in that moment
  • you never really felt confident with your dance moves, and especially if you had to dance with him since he’s so talented
  • and when this prince noticed your worried expression he hugged you and even laid in the floor, having you whole over his
  • “i swear that there’s nothing to worry about, y/n. you’ll do great”
  • but you accepted after thinking about it for a few moments more
  • and after he did aegyo for you, lol
  • and y’all started to prepare for the whole thing right away
  • and you were really surprised by how serious ten was when it came to music and dancing
  • y’all spent like 20-30 mins choosing a song together and you could see how he was listening carefully to every beat
  • and how his body would naturally start moving at the rhythm of each song and hoenstly, it was amazing
  • and he would see your suprised expression and he would smile so widely
  • and he was actually a sweetheart when y’all e started with the dance
  • he was so caring with you and his moves were so gentle
  • even his words would be said softly and sweetly
  • “that was great! but be careful though, it’s kind of hard to do it”
  • “wow, y/n, you’re doing even better than me!”
  • “are you feeling tired? we can take a break if you want to”
  • honestly, i don’t think no one is good enough for this angel
  • he’s just too perfect for this world <l3
  • and y’all wouldn’t even realize all the hours that y’all spended inside that practice room until y’all decided to take a break
  • and when you saw how late it was both of you were so surprised because it was so late??? like what???
  • “let’s go out for dinner then, y/n”
  • “you’re paying”
  • “y/n, i’m a l w a y s paying”
  • lmao
  • and the end i guess
  • this was so boring i’m sorry
  • idk what happened to me lol

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idk his name bc I'm don't watch mha, but yknow angry yellow explodey boy? hurt Him.

That one time he got kidnapped, or as I call it, Bakugou and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza

Jantom Week: Day 3. First kiss

I didn’t manage to draw anything on digital today, both cause I have math test tomorrow and the worst headache ever. Then I remembered this thing here that, actually, I don’t really like since it was just for practice. (You can see that, I’m sure) But, meh, I can always delete it later.

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UT Sans, UF Sans, UF Papyrus, US Papyrus, and SF Papyrus see their S/O or crush get slapped by an abusive ex (hard enough to leave a mark or bruise). Reactions?

**Soft warning: violence



Classic trusted that you knew what you were doing when you asked to invite your ex over, to get rid of guilt and clean up what happened in the past. You two left off on a very bad note and dating Classic has really helped you recover and become more confident in yourself, so you were ready for this. At least, you THOUGHT you were ready for this.

When they showed up, you noticed they came off as more mature, and Classic greeted them casually. Because of the fact that things got abusive in the past, he wanted to meet this person and be able to listen in when you two talk it out. As you and your ex get into the conversation, it becomes an argument, as your ex screams at you, asking why your new boyfriend has to be here, since it’s private. You stand up and tell them that you think Classic should know what happened before, and right then and there, they just slap you. They hit you real hard across the face, it makes tears prick the corners of your eyes as your hands shoot up to your cheek and you take a few steps back, completely shut down. Classic’s eye flames and turns your ex’s soul blue, pinning them to the wall without being gentle. You watch your boyfriend go off on your ex, yelling and threatening them to never lay a hand on you again. It terrifies them, and they sprint out of the house the second they’re released from the magic. Classic then goes up to you, kisses your red cheek, and hugs you tighter than ever. He doesn’t let go of you for the rest of the night as you cry in his arms, and settle down just before dozing off.



Red has had a crush on you for what feels like forever - to be specific, 5 months. He’s met your girlfriend, and never really liked her. She seemed too controlling over your and too judgmental of your actions, and Red can even remember a few times where you went to him crying, and he comforted you just as a best friend should. So it was one night where everyone was just kinda getting together, including his brother, Undyne, Tori, some other monsters.. and the both of you. You two showed up last, and your gf apologized for being late due to your bad planning, and you just went with it. Red already knew this would be interesting.

It was a little after everyone ate when he saw your girlfriend pull you off to the side, and you seemed uncomfortable, so Red secretly followed. He heard her screaming at you and completely breaking down your self esteem, but he couldn’t control himself when he saw her punch you in the chest, and it wasn’t a light punch. You stumbled back and hit the wall, oxygen drained from your lungs, and before she could whack you again, Red launched a bone straight at her arm. It got impaled and she let out a scream once being hit, and he stormed over, pushed her down, and told her in a dark voice that he NEVER wants to see her again, and never wants to see her with you ever again. She is going to let you SAFELY pack your stuff and move in with him. At this point, all the other monsters are watching as Red towers over your ex, blood running down her arm. When she screams at Red that she’ll tell the police, all the other monsters join in and stand up for you, warning her that it’s the last thing she’ll ever do.

That night, you move in with Red, sit down, and spill everything. He tries his best to heal the wound on your chest, since he knows it’s sensitive and tries to do it without going crazy that you took your shirt off in front of him, and in a few days, you two start dating. It’s one of the best few days of your life, with more to come in the future.


Fell disliked your ex boyfriend the second you mentioned he was your ex, because obviously that means he couldn’t handle perfection. You and Fell have been together for a few months and, since you left off on a good note with your ex and wanted to keep it there, you wanted to visit him to check up on how life is going. Fell agrees, but wants to stay outside while you talk, and if you stay too long, he’s letting himself in. He gets protective over you.

When you show up at your ex’s house, he smiles and motions for you to come in, and sees Fell, being the edgy little thing he is. When you mention it’s your boyfriend, your ex actually motions for him to come in, too. Fell developed a little respect, seeing as how he at LEAST has some manners.

The conversation remains light hearted until you get around to mentioning Fell. Your ex squints his eyes a little and begins accusing you of dumping him to go and date someone else, and out of no where, he just starts beating you. He’s muscular, so the few hits he manages to get on you give you a bloody lip, a bruised bicep, and a sore stomach. Fell very quickly intrudes and hurts your ex way worse than intended, and almost kills him, but you beg him to stop. Fell demands for your ex to never show his face in public ever again, and if he sees him, he’ll finish the job. Since Fell is terrifying when he has to be, your ex nods and agrees, not wanting to mess around. Sure enough, you never see your ex again, and don’t bother revisiting him. Fell takes care of your wounds as much as he can and gently kisses the top of your head, claiming you as his and his only, forever.



Honey really likes to compare himself to your significant other, and personally, he thinks that your S/o SUCKS. He messes with them a lot and pulls pranks on them, excusing it as if it’s how he treats all his good friends, but your S/o isn’t fond of him. One night, while you and Honey stay up late talking over something like Skype or FaceTime, you get around to talking about how the relationship with your S/o is “pleasant when they aren’t angry, and they get angry easily.” And with these words, Honey becomes concerned. He really wants you elaborate, but doesn’t push you, so when you feel uncomfortable going on, he lets you go to bed.

The next day, you and your S/o decided to invite Honey and Blue over for dinner - you bragged about how good of a cook Blue is, and that maybe you could all use a little bonding, and your S/o agreed. When the skelebros show up, everything seems normal. Your s/o tickle tortures you at one point though, and hearing your amazing laugh fill the room drives Honey crazy. He wants to be able to touch you and tickle you as intimately as he just saw. It’s when you accidentally say something a little snarky that your S/o gets offended, and tells you to say it again in a slightly threatening tone. So when you stand up and tell them that it was nothing, that you didn’t mean for it to come off that way, your S/o slaps you hard across the face, and has a ring on, so it leaves not only a red hand mark, but a bruise on your cheek. Blue’s eyes widen and he very quickly takes a step back, unsure of what to do, and Honey steps forward and says “We’re leaving.” When your S/o, NOW your ex, thanks them for finally leaving, Honey repeats, “No no, WE are leaving. All three of us. Bye.”

With a little violence from Honey toward your ex, since they attempt to fight him and fail horribly, he finally pulls you away from that toxic relationship and you move in with them (they both live in the same house since it’s only been a few months since being on the surface). Blue tries to heal your cheek up as much as he can and reassures you that you’re safe with the two of them, and when he sees you and Honey getting close, he slowly begins to urge you two to go out together. So sooner than later, you do, and you don’t regret anything.



Rus knew your s/o was abusive, but you begged him not to say or do anything, so he restrained. Although it felt so wrong, he did as you wanted him to, and not even his brother knows. Rus finally gains the courage to get you to break up with your S/o when Berry points out that he saw bruises on your upper arms and legs after you leave from a friendly night together, and Rus spills to him. Together, both of them confront you before you make it all the way home, and you become a crying mess. You cling to Rus as he comforts you, and you beg him and his brother to help you. God, you’re so scared to go home, you feel sick to your stomach calling it home, please, just help. So they do.

That same night that they confronted you, they marched right up to your s/o’s front door, and told them you were leaving. You were going to pack your stuff and leave. Your s/o was furious with you, and went to grab you, but Rus shoved them away and pinned them to the wall, warning them not to get angry or they’ll regret it. Your now-called-ex puts up a fight, and it ends poorly for them. Rus beats the shit out of them, and Berry is proud of his brother, and isn’t afraid to express it. They leave your ex there on the floor as the three of you leave, and Berry encourages you not to feel guilty- they deserve it. You live with Rus for a few months until you finally get together, since you needed time to recover from what happened.

I did this in a hour so it’s really bad but this is for the crossember day 5 WHAT IF

for some reason i always see cross as some sort of big baby so this is where this came from…… :\

crossember list @byutak

underverse @jakei95 // @underversesans

ink @comyet

sans tobyfox

mm why do i tag people i don’t want them to see this crap :|

oh well. also i’m joining in 5 days late cause i didn’t know this existed till a few hours ago XD

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hello, could you do a hc for Law, Robin, Hawkins, Mihawk, Rocinante, Drake, Sanji, Chopper, Sabo, or any other characters you would like to add. What's on their journals/diary, who is usually did wrote a random stuff? a silly drawing? a poet? a bunch of quotes? ^^ thank you. 💖 by the way i'm about to write some of your hcs into my journal book 😁✌

hello my sweet daisyflower! I hope the wait didnt bother you^^


  • three words
  • Shitty. Doctor’s. Handwriting
  • keeps his crew’s medical/physical conditions on check, like when Shachi had the flu, he wrote it down there
  • as well as special pills or herps he needs to get or buy again
  • oh and he likes collecting coins right? that’s why he keeps track on all the coins he already obtained
  • the journal looks like a hardcover book with his jolly roger printed on the tettered brown leather
  • the inside doesn’t look all that good either, he doesn’t take the best care of his journal even tho it’s very useful to him


  • ohhhh beautiful handwriting and neatly kept journal comes in
  • a small purple book it is
  • she uses it for all her historical, linguistic and archeological research
  • so you will find all things about the void century and poneglyphs Robin was able to lay her fingers on
  • also drawings of birds and some drawings of her crew, they don’t look as good as Usopp’s stuff but still very nice
  • and photos of her crew, she likes to look at whenever she cannot really sleep
  • Robin keeps her journal with her most of the time


  • Hawkins keeps a very mysterious looking journal with him all the time
  • its always there in his coat
  • he puts a lot of his cards in there and has some sort of spells, I mean dude idk how this guy and his magic works
  • very, very, very pretty handwriting, he writes stuff about the places him and his crew have been to 
  • oh and he uses his journal to check on the crew’s fortune since he’s also the quarter master besides being captain fortune get it? coz Hawkins haha..bad joke
  • his journal is very well kept


  • a kind of log book, he needs to keep track for the marines after all
  • and write down everything he and his comrade faced off against already
  • it also functions sort of like a personal diary
  • he would often write down that he misses his parents and his home but that he’s happy he has a new family
  • also keeps track on Doffy and his crew of course
  • there are so many dumb photos of his friends from the marines there, photos made in their quarters, on night outs or in the canteen


  • beautiful drawings of the sky and constellations
  • oh and of course of the animals he comes across
  • his journal also functions as a logbook, means he meticulously writes down every single event since he and his crew entered the grandline and then the new world with date and location
  • there are no silly doodles in Drake’s book
  • he does draw animals and the night skye pretty toroughly but it’s less for aesthetics and more for his own researches
  • also his journal is plain black


  • Sanji has very very nice handwriting
  • you guessed it he writes down all the recipes he is about to use or he is kind of experimenting with as well as the favorite sorts of food of his crew
  • also not bad looking doodles of pretty women dammit Sanji
  • on the very last page he has glued a photo of Zeff
  • his journal has a lock for this very reason
  • the other being his dumbass love poems


  • is the only doctor in the world who doesn’t have shitty handwriting
  • he has different kinds of pens that he uses because he thinks it looks much better when everything is colorful
  • all the strawhats allergies and blood types are written there, as well as other medical conditions from his crewmate he needs to be up to date on
  • he asked Usopp to draw some cute stuff into his journal that aesthetically matches with every page, like test tubes for chemical equations or flowers for a photo with him and Kureha


  • silly dragon doodles and bad drawings of other animals he likes a lot like eagles or hawks
  • his journal is dark blue and pretty tattered already but damn he would not dare to throw it away
  • out of this bunch he along with Chopper and Robin and Law cares the most about his journal or takes it the most serious
  • he writes down little stories to all the places he’s been to already
  • his handwriting somehow got worse over the years and you can actually see the evolution from decent to spidery in all his journals


Ive been back from Japan for a couple weeks now, and I had an amazing time! I really need to take a day to organize all my pictures and finish up posting on social media, so I feel bad for not having done that yet but oh well.
It was so fun - I visited Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nara, and Tokyo and also briefly saw Fukuoka and Osaka. They were all amazing and I think Nara and Kyoto are some of my favorites!
I’m going to Nagoya in September to study abroad and I’m willing to answer questions about my trip so far if anyway just wants to chat, I love talking about it!


Angelic Angel Avatars

But seriously even some James fans don’t understand that he was not a bully, he and Snape both hated each other and were equally cruel to each other-after all-its not like Snape didn’t have plenty of death eater friends to help him go up against the four marauders (at that, only James and Sirius were involved in that crap anyway). James and Snape are compared to Harry and Draco-they were both as bad as each other. In Snape’s worst memory, we are shown the equivalent of the scene where Harry attacks Draco in the bathroom. if you only saw this scene from Dracos POV and weren’t shown the many times Draco tormented Harry, you’d assume Harry was a bully, but obviously, he isn’t. Same deal with James. Just because we only saw one scene of him from the POV of someone who hated his guts, doesn’t mean he was a bad person. He did stuff that was shitty, but Snape was equally as bad-he obviously created spells like sectumsempra with James in mind-which is a lot harsher than a prank intended to embarrass him. 

Sorry, I just adore James Potter and can’t stand when people don’t realise this crap.

You know past few days one of my ‘school friends’ has been begging me to go back to school and I cba but I’m so nice I never say no 😂😂so I say yeah okay and then at sehri/suhoor time the day before when I know she’s asleep I say sorry I have plans I didn’t know of etc, so I see her message the next day when half the days gone so there’s no point in meeting and doing anything else 😂
And I did that three times and she hasn’t spoken to me since 😂


      //OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN ((Doin this within my AU btw))

  • Who would be the big spoon?

//Rin doesn’t feel comfortable with spooning since it means he’ll leave his back completely vulnerable to someone so they sleep facing each other and Rin presses his forehead against Suguro’s shoulder and wraps his arms around his torso and clunches Bon’s pajamas slightly and Suguro buries his face in Rin hair and he’s hugging Rin lightly cause he knows the other doesn’t like someone holding him tightly and hhhhHH 

  • Who would wake up first?

//SUGURO WAKES UP AT LIKE 05:30 SO????? But he’d kinda lay there on his side and look at Rin’s face with a serene smile on his face cause it makes him happy when Rin’s calm and relaxed then he’d kiss him on the forehead before leaving for his jog annndd AHHH IM BLUSHING SO HARD

  • Do they have nicknames for each other?

//Nah, Rin knows Suguro doesn’t like being called Bon that much and Suguro isn’t the nickname kind of person so??? Also Suguro would DIE if Rin came up with a cutesy nickname for him bc he blushed so hard Rin thought steam would come out of his ears when the half-demon called him Ryuji for the first time lol

  • What happened when they met each other’s parents?

//Suguro’s mom was kinda surprised like ?????? Hold on a nice gentle kid like you LIKE LIKES Suguro???? With his chicken hair and dumb piercings and all??? Wow bless bless come here son let me tell you about every single embarassing thing Ryuji has ever done then we can cook and talk about dumb Suguros together.

//Suguro’s dad was like lmao whatever I’m fine as long as you take care of my son and makes the uwu face 

  • How do they apologise after an argument?

//Rin sits somewhere n looks away and tries to do stuff to keep himself occupied but after like 20 minutes he sheepishly goes over to Suguro and kinda wraps his arms around him and clutches his shirt slightly and apologizes.

//Suguro seethes and grumbles and rants to any unfortunate soul that happened to be nearby but in a few minutes Rin’s hurt expression just surfaces in his mind and suddenly all things that could go wrong pops up in his mind like what if I hurt him too bad what if he hurts himself on accident bc he was too sad to pay attention whAT IF HE GOES BACK TO THAT SHITBAG FUCK FUCK FUCK ABORT ABORT and he rushes over to Rin and holds both of Rin’s hands and quietly says sorry before enveloping the guy in a bear hug for a few seconds but he lets go after a min cause he remembers that long tight holds aren’t Rin thing and causes the guy to be upset so he lets go and says ‘Sorry!!!’

  • What would they be like as parents?

//Suguro would be the strict parent who takes care of the kids’ education and helps them with homework but he’s a huge softie inside and gives the kids ALL the hugs and god forbid you hurt one of his kids cause he’ll fuck you up so bad

//Rin would be the loving momma with side ponytail who miraculously didn’t die for the anime protagonist’s character development. He’d smother his kids with affection and listen to all of their problems and pretend the gross thing -is it moving??- that his kid cooked is delicious and if you mess with his kid you’ll end up famous!! On the 3rd page of the newspapers as a mangled corpse.

  • Who is the better cook?

//Rin of course lol do I even need to say that??? He cooks all the things and he looks up different recipes and gets Suguro to test them and he gets nervous he fucked up but Suguro’s always like ‘Holy shit this thing if food from heavens praise the lord wow wow’ and Rin gets embarassed cause he isn’t great with compliments.

//Also Rin cooks with Suguro’s mom sometimes and they give each other tips for different meals and sometimes Rin helps her out at the inn but Ryuji doesn’t like those meetings at all since tHEY TALK ABOUT HIS EMBARASSING STORIES WHY MOM WHY BUt he secretly likes the fact that Rin and his mom get along so well since he was afraid she wouldn’t accept Rin and that would hurt the guy soo yeah

  • Who is more romantic?

//Rin is a huge romantic cute cliche couple stuff is one of his biggest weakness and he cries while watching romantic movies but Suguro’s a softie and he does that sappy crap just to see the suprised and then giddy look on Rin’s face and it makes him happier than anything else would AAAAAAAAAAAA

  • What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

//Rin makes those fancy-ass meals for Suguro and he gets his bf cool clothes cause let’s face it his fashion sense is the b es t

//Suguro gets Rin cute stuff like plushies and small keychains basically things that makes him die of embarassment when he’s buying them but Rin loves loves loves cute things and his eyes light up when he sees his gifts so iT’S WORTH IT ASDFGHJGFDS

  • Who gets jealous easiest?

//Suguro gets all pissy if you occupy Rin for too long cause ugghhh my boyfriend could be paying attention to me right nnnOOW

//And Rin gets pouty but inwardly panics cause he has abandonment issues so he gets more jealous tbh

  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

//Rin is a very festive person y’know the kind that starts wearing stupid christmassy stuff the second it’s December the 1st but Suguro puts up with his shit since he also really likes events but is too tsundere to show it.

  • Who is the most adventurous?

//Hmmmm neither??? idk

  • Who is the most protective?

//Oh man don’t even get me started like in short let’s say that if you hurt Rin you should start filling adoption papers cause you ain’t havin no kids. You hurt Suguro and you won’t even live to see them adoption papers. I’d say both of em.

  • What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

//Lol no it’s too early in the morning for me to make myself cry noppe.

  • *BONUS: Song to sum them up?*


 Do I ship it?

 NOTP / Crack only / AU only / Not really / Maybe a little / Well now I do/ Yes/ Of course! / OTP