idk this is really bad but oh well

It really bothers me when people say “Oh, Chris, Caleb, Sean are basically the same” or “Jake, Drake, Michael, and blah blah blah are all the same bad boy rogue types” because they’re not,

Look, idk if it’s because writing these characters are like their comfort zone, they know how to do them and do them well or if it’s because these types of characters are popular and they know they’ll make them money. Probably both.

Let’s get one thing straight here. I don’t like these types of characters. They annoy me. It’s not because I hate them, even though I really hate Mark and Chris specifically, it’s more related to personal taste which they are not apart of. 

But they are not the same character. They’re variants of the golden boy/rogue or whatever the official character trope name is. If I put Jake’s model into Michael’s slot in HSS, he’d sound OOC. If I put Chris in Sean’s spot, it’d sound OOC.

oh my god i really don’t wanna be the person to do this because i love uptown funk but it’s actually really really problematic…. like it’s awful and idk I feel so bad for liking it. I can’t really explain it that well but here is a detailed explanation. idk why we can’t just have nice things


yoo! here’s the djwifi piece i did for @a-little-light-zine ~ if you would like to see all the pieces in this zine, feel free to donate and pick one up while it’s still available~ 

also wanna say a huge thanks @littleblackchat for your ridiculous amount of hard work in making this zine come together ;0; it was crazy watching you work and i have a lot of respect for you //grovels profusely// ur a beast gurl

A Little Light is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The zine includes art, fanfics, and cosplay. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1.

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Chillin’ (Richie Tozier/Reader)

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(A/N: Ya’ll imma need to start writing Stranger Things fics just bc there aren’t enough It gifs lmao. I was tempted 2 take this gif and just draw glasses on it. Anyways I’m tired and this is bad bc of it. It doesn’t fit any of the things I said I wanted to write today so like idk why im i like this lmao. Oh well don’t hate me. The title is stupid bc this is stupid and im stupid)

Request: “hey can i get a richie x reader imagine where they’re both really bad trashmouths and idk they’re sitting in bed talking just exchanging cuss words and what’s happened lately and maybe some cute kisses??”

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@hogwartshousesnet gtktm event: ships

“We should get a move on, you know… ask someone. He’s right. We don’t want to end up with a pair of trolls.” Hermione let out a sputter of indignation. “A pair of… what, excuse me?” “Well - you know,” said Ron, shrugging. “I’d rather go alone than with - with Eloise Midgen, say.” “Her acne’s loads better lately - and she’s really nice!” “Her nose is off-center,” said Ron. “Oh I see,” Hermione said, bristling. “So basically, you’re going to take the best-looking girl who’ll have you, even if she’s completely horrible?” “Er - yeah, that sounds about right,” said Ron. “I’m going to bed,” Hermione snapped, and she swept off toward the girls’ staircase without another word. Chapter 22, U.S. 394

Lord of Shadows: Thoughts and Theories

This book broke my heart, Everything was fine then it went to shit, then it was fine again and then it went to shit again, and then everything was fine, and I thought things were going to turn out really well, then everything went to ABSOLUTE SHIT. I’d give this book 5/5, because it was so jam-packed with so much action and different character and plot twists, whereas Lady Midnight was basically the Emma and Jules show.

I felt that Lady Midnight, though it was a good Book, wasn’t Cassie Clare’s best work. The first half failed to really draw me in, and I had to push to really get into the book. It was also just constant Emma and Jules, though I understand she was setting the scene and setting up their relationship, it just got a bit dull. The whole book was kind of a ‘meh’, but with Lord of Shadows, it was fast-paced right off the bat, with loads of plots and different POV’s and characters drawing me completely into the book. This book, in my opinion, was a huge jump from LM, in terms of success for me, personally.

I was getting a lot of asks on why I spoil myself for things, the reason is a) I can’t help it, and b) when something major happens in a book that I wasn’t expecting, I get really hyped up for a few days and can’t really concentrate on anything else. Sounds kinda weird, but spoiling myself works. Except some people gave me fake spoilers, so…

Anyway I’ve tried to organise my thoughts into sections, but it’s all a bit all over the place, here are my thoughts and theories!

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Lance auditions for a commercial

Lance: *holds up a carton of milk* Almond Breeze, now who wouldn’t like a good breeze on their nuts?

Keith: *muffled laughing*

Director: Cut! Lance that is not our slogan.

Lance: Really? Well it should be.

Director: Try again….

Lance: Almond Breeze, we’ve got nut juice!

Keith: Lance oh my god no *laughs*

Director: This is ridiculous….

Lance: I know, this is completely nuts, I peCAN’T believe it! 

Keith: Is that the best you got?

Lance: Walnut exactly….but I’ll cashew outside when I think of a better pun

Keith: *to the director* Sorry we have to walk out on you, that’s gotta be a real kick to the nuts.

Director: *annoyed af* I fucking quit….

The Houses as people I know


¬thinks theyre a slytherin bc they know theyre mean

¬really kinda stupid but loves everyone

¬typical gryffindor stupid and brave

¬no matter where they are people of all ages gather around them

¬exaggerates but doesnt care when they start getting into the lying part

¬subjective hearing

¬really energetic and loves when people follow them around and ask them about themselves

¬arrogant but lazy

¬loves camping

¬pretty wild tbh

¬cries when they dont get chips

¬doesnt understand given opportunities and literally just makes them up as they go

¬barely any patience and short tempered but really great when theyll help out and listen

¬loves being listened to


¬Really caring

¬so fuckin funny oh my g o d

¬Listening over talking

¬social bar is so low by 4pm they might fall asleep wherever they can

¬lots of trauma but makes jokes about it


¬idk theyre so hilarious and nice its really difficult to think they had bad experiences

¬will fight for food

¬sugar daddy but has sugar daddies

¬loves their friends and would definitely snap someone in half if their friends are ever disrespected

¬honestly intellectuals they can talk about anything and really put their feelings into it

¬also doesnt think anything is real


¬lame but well-placed puns

¬really has an old soul and uses heart and brain to make decisions

¬so good at holding a conversation????

¬doesnt really care what anyone thinks but at the same time it means the world

¬good grades but fuck homework

¬asks a lot of questions irrelevent questions that they can tie back in to the topic

¬loves video games and appreciates the story

¬makes really stupid faces when they make jokes

¬laughs at themselves

¬picky eater but theyll still eat anything

¬loves chicken


¬literally 0 fucks given smh

¬will laugh with you then tell you youre annoying right after

¬ask politely if they can slam your head into the table

¬says they hate you but talk to you excitedly when youre around

¬appreciates honesty but also please shut up

¬loves memes to the high heavens especially good vines

¬good jokes

¬Great jokes???

¬literally most of the talk is like code bc its just inside jokes

¬reeaaallly fuunn y oh my god how do i explain i t just thinking about the conversations makes me start laughing

¬offensive humor but put to good use


“and that bright big one right there? It’s called…. The Moon”

“Oh shut up Danny!”

Danny and Dani stargazing as requested by @creatingpathstowander … I started with a really bad doodle and ended up here… well thanks for the request bro =) Ps: click on the picture for better quality

This Is Okay

Description: so this is just a short, shitty, rushed platonic analogical fic that borrows some dialogue from the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. inspired by this post. enjoy i guess?

Genre: i have no fucking clue. crack? fluff? i dunno, man.

Word Count: 417

Ship: platonic analogical (i mean i guess you could read it as romantic? if you try hard enough.)

Warnings: mentions of homicide & blood


As per usual, Logan was sat on the couch in the common room reading, and ignoring his surroundings.

Virgil was bored, and you guessed it, anxious as hell. He needed someone to bother. Who better to bother than Logan? He was an easy target. Vulnerable on the couch, unaware of his surroundings, and absorbed in his book.

Virgil snuck over to unsuspecting side, even though that was completely unnecessary, and slowly sat besides him. When he got the expected results, no reaction whatsoever, he huffed in annoyance.

“Hey, Logan,” Virgil prompted. To no avail of course. Logan was too caught up in the world of his, ugh of course, murder mystery novel. “Well. You’re clearly not listening. I can say whatever I want, can’t I?”

“Tell me about it.”

Okay, that was so unexpected that Virgil flinched. At least he got some reaction. Though he still sounded distant, and inattentive.

Quickly Virgil made up some bullshit that he had hoped would startle Logan enough to pay him some much needed attention, “I murdered Patton last night.”

“I feel you.”

What the fuck? Okay, yeah definitely not hearing him at all.

Virgil continued, “Now I have the taste for blood. I can’t stop murdering.”

“Been there.”

No you haven’t. Listen to me you idiot.

“Looooggggaaannn.” Virgil gave up, and whined, slumping against the aforementioned side ever so slightly.

Finally, Logan sighed, sounding present, yet still not tearing his gaze from the book.

“I give you some attention then you’ll leave me to my book,” Logan mused. “Correct?”

Virgil nodded fervently with a rare smile on his face, No, you’re clearly annoying him. Pretend to change your mind, and hide in your room for the rest of the day.

Virgil did his best to push the harrowing thoughts away, and instead focused on the calming voice of Logan as he talked about the book he was reading. He found himself resting his head on Logan’s shoulder. He was content. He was able to annoy the side he considered a best friend, his favorite pastime, and was able to find some solace. So, he had to get a little dark, and disturbing, so what? Would you really expect anything else from the embodiment of anxiety? No way. This was how Virgil is, and that’s okay. This is how his friendship with Logan is, and the more his calm voice carried on talking, as if Virgil didn’t just “confess” to murdering another side, the more normal it seemed. This is okay.


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Are you someone who likes to send terrible things over anon to the people who least deserve it?

Well have I got a few nifty tactics for your next time!

Blush ( @dailyshinycutiefly ) and Chrysanthemum are standing near the Official Daily Pokémon Community Complaint/Negative Comment Box! Submit now and earn 100% of Blush’s wrath and 0% of Chrys’s Heal Pulse!

“Why, Chrysanthemun, that looks awfully like a trash can!”

Heck, it sure does because that’s where they belong~

If you just cannot bear to face the consequences of unapologetically doing bad things, I suggest you stop! It costs $0 to treat people like human beings after all.

(apwidfieswksasjz sorry I’m really heated over the continued surges of negativity in ask boxes)

love is an open door //t.h//

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love is an open door

Pairing(s): Older!Tom Holland x Reader

Requested?: nah

Request: N/A

Warnings: idk bruh, bad writing

Word Count: 202

A/N: Based off of this. Feel free to send feedback or just your reactions! WTF am I doing with my life though. I hate this so much likes yiIIKESS. And WOW 2 FICS IN ONE NIGHT!!!!


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….I honestly hate that plastic totes got to be so recommended & popular as “cheap” cages for hedgehogs in the US. I cringe every time I see a picture of one online now. They’re just NOT big enough for anything…. People think hedgehogs don’t do anything (except run on their wheel, usually), but they don’t…have…anything to do…. They CAN’T do anything if you only have enough room for a bed, wheel, food/water, and for all of 4 steps between each thing. I’m still unhappy with my vivs now because they still don’t seem big enough to me anymore. I wish I’d gone for the 6ft long ones that were shorter instead of these ones. 

BTS Reaction To You Not Being Virgin Anymore

(Someone requests something similar to this)


His lips meeting yours for a tender kiss, you put your hands in his hair. He puts his hands around your waist. He breaks the kiss. His eyes filled with lust he looks deeply at you 

‘Y/N I want you’.

You look at him turned on by his words and decided to speak 

‘Jin… I just want to tell you that… I’m not virgin…’ 

‘Yeah and…. I still want you right now’ He takes your hand and leads you to the bedroom

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You were both on the bed, making out. His hands traveling from your breasts to your tights, sending chills at every touch 

‘Don’t be scared Y/N I will not hurt you, I will be gentle’ 

‘Well… I’m not scared… I’ve already done it…’  

You look at him and you can see that his eyes became darker 

‘Oh i see…. Already experienced. Good news then… Better be ready for a long and rough night babe’

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You were chilling on the couch with Hoseok next to you. You were watching TV when Hobi turns off the television and turns to face you 

‘Why don’t we try to learn each other more. I can ask you questions and you answer. Same for you’ 

‘Alright ! But you start’

‘Okay so… Hum… I’m gonna be direct (laugh) Are you still virgin ?

‘I wasn’t expecting that haha but no I’m not…’

‘Really ! Wow wow Y/N… Not as innocent as you say you are huh ? Really interesting hehe’

Hoseok will tease you non stop about it 

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You are pinned against the wall while Namjoon is attacking your neck. Your hands on his torso feeling every details of his body. 

He guides you to the bedroom and starts to take both of your clothes of living you in only underwear. He kiss you roughly


A soft moan coming out of your mouth. Namjoon stop himself from kissing you and look at you blankly

‘What do you have ..?’

‘I just remembered what you told me…’

A week ago you told him that you already done things with your ex-boyfried. He just looked at you and didn’t say nothing

‘Well I’m gonna show you that the first is only a draft and the second is a masterpiece’ he says while a smirk is forming on his lips

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You are currently sitting on the bed with Jimin 

‘Babe you know i love you right ?’ 

Jimin put a strand of hair behind your ear. He leans on to kiss you. It’s a sweet and passionate kiss. You start to sink more and more in the bed until being completly lay down. The atmosphere starts to heating up

‘Jimin before we start anything i just want to tell you that I’m not virgin anymore’

‘It isn’t a problem babe. I’m not gonna be your first but… you will be mine..’

He smiles shyly at you before continuing what you started

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HUUUUUUUUUGYou scream from the opposite of the room where Tae was. You jump on him hugging him tightly.

‘Now kiss me Jagi’

You kiss him on the forehead, on the cheek and then on the lips. At first it was a sweet kiss and then it leads to something more rough. You are still on him. He goes to the bedroom

‘Are you still virgin Y./N ? Just wondering’

‘No I’m not’

‘Great. You are going to show me things so huh’

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‘Okay! Truth or Dare’ Jungkook asked you while smiling demoniacly (idk if it’s a word ?) at you

‘Last time i said Dare you made me run in the street in swimsuit so Truth !’

‘Alright ! So Y/N are you still virgin ?’

‘No I’m not’

‘Oh really ? I didn’t knew this’

‘Well… You never asked’

‘True… Soooo… maybe… we can…you know what i mean…’

You hit his shoulder while laughing

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Tbh honest I don’t know if this is good or bad 😅…

BTS requests are open !

OH WATCHED THE NEW ADV TIMES here r my hot takes

-im glad we got an ep that touched on finns trauma and i liked how it was handled!! im really not a fan of f*nntress though, it just doesn’t have that much substance to it and feels super rushed? it’s not a bad ship, i don’t mind it being there and i’m glad finn’s better at romance but it feels really forced and unecessary like it’s just there for the sake of Giving him a girlfriend and it’s just :/

it’s better than f*bblegum by a long shot, and idk i don’t mind sm*kybear being platonic or romantic i love em in any context!! but f*nntress is just /dissolves into a puddle/ FINE i cant complain it’s not a bad ship but nbghrehhh we dont need it


-ALMOST BMO CLOSING JESUS CHRIST I KNOW I ASKED FOR BABY FINN CONTENT BUT IM CACKLING not much to say it was a very feel good ep and well rounded all around i loved it so much i love bmo i love bmo i love bmo i lo

-SON OF RAP BEAR WAS TOPS uhhhgh the comment about cinnamon bun was fucked but she did the same blush when someone mentioned her dad so i’m gonna hope it didn’t translate into a romantic context at all cause that’s fucking creepy, keep the 30 year old away from the 17 year old you piece of shit son of rap bear

but her whole arc w her dad? sogood im glad they touched on it and went down the route of, he’s shitty you don’t need to forgive people who aren’t actually sorry route. you did good fp and ur outfits were the bomb dot com

raps were kinda mehghhh but i don’t watch the show for quality rapping




also her forced boyfriend she didnt rly enjoy um bonnie is lesbian

and 13 yo pb just makes me sad now god THAT’S what she was like at 13??? fuckkk im emo

-im guessing huntress is the final love interest (again not bad but i wouldve preferred none at all, it seems anticlimactic at this point but ok whatever) and gumbald’s the final big bad villain

which is cool im so stoked for the rest of the season!!! these were good eps thanks for the birthday presents cn (jk)

JUSTICE LEAGUE (a breakdown of the good n bad - no spoilers dw)


  • all scenes with barry and vic, like seriously let these boys be the bestest of friends
  • me @ anyone that says bruce is the Dad™: fool, he is merely a child that listens not to his mother
  • there were so many scenes taken straight from comic i am alive
  • (you can already see this in the trailers but) DIANA ON TOP OF LADY JUSTICE
  • Poetic Cinema
  • (minus the whedon reshoots)
  • i think they managed to achieve a good balance between the emotions, actions n humor so it was gr8
  • wonder woman is a Proud Mama™
  • the actors and actresses really outdid themselves every single scene i felt like it was taken str8 from the comics n i loVED IT
  • i still can’t determine who bruce has a crush on: diana or clark
  • literally vic throughout the movie: Oh, Victor Stone Whomst?
  • The Fist Bump


  • henry cavill’s moustache cgi was so terrible to the point my dad asked me if they switched actors sadgshf
  • a couple of scenes were too jumpy and rushed imo
  • there were some scenes where the cgi was pretty bad it felt more like watching a video game than an actual movie
  • the logic of the ending didn’t really sit well w me :///
  • also idk why but i didnt really like superman in this movie, i kept feeling like there was something off about him but i cant quite place it
  • all joss whedon reshoots were irrelevant and you can most definitely see the male gaze he put there