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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ladies Appreciation | Day One: Anything and everything Daisy Johnson

S.H.I.E.L.D. was the closest I ever came to having a family. I belonged there, saw what I could be. Even that ended with agents hunting me through the woods.

Random dialogue prompts!

“I know who you are.”
“I’m talking to a bar of soap.”
“Just close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
“Well, it’s not TECHNICALLY illegal!”
“Are you gonna want this back or can I keep it?”
“Stop focusing on the bad things, it’s the good things that keep us going.”
“Wait, you’re not dead.”
“Yeah? Well one day these tears are gonna punch you in the face!!!”
“What are you in for?”

Okay so I have this Chrome extension called Momentum and basically what it does is that it shows nice and fancy pictures from places all over the world, and sometimes space and places that aren’t real (as far as I’m concerned) and stuff like that, plus the time, weather and a “Good morning/evening/etc”-message. Basically it looks good and I like it a lot because the picture changes, but there’s also the option of having quotes down on the page, and this is what it looks like: 

So, as usual, I read the quote (because they’re pretty good tbh) and I read that one and thought “huh that sounds familiar I wonder whose it is” and proceeded to check whose it was (which you can do by just hovering your mouse over the quote) and guess what

…I may have spit out the water I was drinking. I find it funny because usually it’s quotes by Gandhi or MLK or someone like that, and now Dan Howell, like, that’s a first… I just love it, and I feel kinda proud. 

Mood Board 02

Hello, guys. Guess some of you are too busy to do stuff for your blogs or sites or, idk, pages? Well, lucky for you, you have something to get busy with. This is my fourth month being unemployed and it’s super duper mega boring. Don’t try and be a bummer especially when you know you can do better.

Unlike before, my days are often spent at home. And what I do are the most productive things I could ever think of (without spending too much and going outside). So yea, aside from being active on Twitter (follow me @themhayonnaise!), I’m loving taking random snaps of what random things I do (not actually random, I just like the word random because idk I remember someone who called me Random before).

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anonymous asked:

Idk if you have hated on snapchat but his Snapchat stories are pretty random and weird XD what do you think jokers snapchat would be like? (Super random question!)

I’m not sure what this is referring to? Are you talking about jared snapchats? im confused by hated so im assuming it was autocorrect lol. I follow him on it and I always think they’re really cool. He’s actually been an influence on how I snap. Jokers snapchat would be really blunt I think and self absorbed. Always snapping his jewelry and his wardrobe and his guns and maybe him doing target practice. Snapping videos of harley dancing to be like “yeah thats my queen”. At least like 5 snaps of his lambo a day cause thats his baby

Another dragon.

Been meaning to design dragons that would be more evil aligned. They wouldn’t look any drastically different from the other dragons, and they’re not necessarily “evil” at heart like Gammanites. It’s just Gravity doesn’t make it to those dragons on time and it’s too late to change their minds. Maybe not all of them, and some just need a lot more time to learn the errors of their ways, or they need to be placed in a situation where it’s either they work with others in order to survive, or everyone dies, but others can’t be reasoned with whatsoever. Maybe this could be one of them. Maybe it’s just a random derg idk

but seriously, like, akuma attacks have to happen when adrien and marinette are in the shower or duing some other equally inconvenient time. why do i never see that in the show or in fics

  • like marinette’s in the shower and her phone goes off because the news stations are freaking out over the akuma
  • and marinette’s like “shit i’m in the middle of shaving my legs” but oh well, gotta save the city again
  • so she just has to jump out the shower and doesn’t even have time to get dressed before she transforms. 
  • so she shows up with her hair soaking wet and conditioner still in her hair and she’s gotta fight an akuma. probably like in the middle of winter too to make it worse.  
  • meanwhile chat shows up with a freakin’ croissant in his mouth because he was just in the middle of breakfast and needed to transform but there’s no way in hell an akuma is going to prevent him from skipping the most important meal of the day
  • or like one day ladybug shows up with eyeliner on only one eye and chat shows up with only one cheek contoured
  • because marinette was in the middle of her morning routine and adrien was in the middle of makeup for a photoshoot when the attack started
  • both showing up to fights at 3AM with bed heads and retainers still in because they literally just jumped out of bed
  • and it probably gets to the point where it’s super normal for chat and ladybug to show up looking super weird and unkempt bc they were in the middle of something random but they had to just drop everything and go

the dregs meme: [1/5] details - Inej’s daggers

Sankt Petyr, renowned for his bravery, on the right; the slender, bone-handled blade she’d named for Sankta Alina on the left. She recited the names of her other knives, too. Sankta Marya and Sankta Anastasia strapped to her thighs. Sankt Vladimir hidden in her boot, and Sankta Lizabeta snug at her belt, the blade etched in a pattern of roses. Protect me, protect me. She had to believe her Saints saw and understood the things she did to survive.