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crappy doodles from subway idk
i like that silly comic with young archie and maxie
1: ‘What is your fucking problem!?!?’
2: M: ‘Sorry. I was wrong.’
A: ‘Me too, actually. Wanna buy an ice-cream?…’
M: ‘…yeah’
3: *intense*
4: A: ‘I don’t wanna argue with you…’
M: ‘Yeah, yeah, calm down, i love you too’


Chris Evans and Mjölnir on the set of Captain America: Civil War

Title: it’s my duty
Summary: Who knew something amazing could come out of being pulled over and running late for work?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Silver Lining
Rating: K
Warning(s): idk, probably some OOC on Sasuke’s part. It’s an AU with no massacre of any kind, though, so idk. Maybe he’s IC by those standards. WHY DON’T YOU JUDGE.
Comments: Inspired by hallous’s fanart of cop!Sasuke and doctor!Sakura.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Sakura muttered to herself as she heard the sirens go off in warning, and glanced at her rear-view mirror to expectedly find a cop car flashing his blue-red lights at her. Tightening her jaw, she let out a small sound of frustration before moving smoothly to the side of the curb, shifting her car in park and turning off the ignition, while she drummed her fingers against the opened window side, glancing at her watch with a stressed look.

“I’m already running late for work, and it’s Spring Break, one of the busiest times of the year—AKA, my boss is going to murder me.”

Running a hand over her face, Sakura glanced in her mirror and drummed her fingers some more, biting her lip at the cop’s apparent inactivity. She knew he was probably just writing down all the information about her car as part of the usual process, but she couldn’t help wanting for him to hurry up a bit.

She had patients to treat, for god’s sake! Fearless, stupidly injured and probably very intoxicated patients, but still patients regardless!

And it’s not like I ever really speed, she thought to herself, pinching the bridge of her nose. My record is clean! I’m usually a very careful driver!

Hearing the sound of an opening door, she glanced at her mirror again and bit the inside of her cheek, thinking of what she should do. Crap, he’s coming, she thought, as she glanced back a little and saw the man approaching her window. Maybe if I make a cute face I can get away…?

Grinning secretively to herself, Sakura took a quick look at herself in the mirror, before turning to greet her to-be-victim-of-her-charms and putting on the sharpest, cutest smile she could muster—only for it to drop instantly once her eyes set on his out-of-this-world attractive face.

Mouth running dry, and stomach flipping wildly, she stared at him in distress and shattered hope of escape.

Shit, she thought, swallowing the nervous lump in her throat. He’s hot…

“License and registration,” the young cop—who was probably not more than a year or two older, at most—finally spoke, his voice rumbling deep in his chest. It drove shivers down her spine.

Ino would know how to handle this… she said to herself, unable to muster the courage to even open her mouth at all. Her eyes widened as the cop’s gaze finally moved to her, likely wondering why she wasn’t saying or doing anything.

When their eyes met, her cheeks flushed madly. Ino-pig would know how to handle this—but I sure can’t!

Raising a brow, the dark haired police officer called, “Ma’am.” He took his hand out of his pocket and gestured his hand out, as if waiting for something to be handed to him. “Your license and registration, if you would.”

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I finally got my copy today, and I’m so happy! I was so anxious to play Zestiria, that I couldn’t resist any longer and bought the Japanese version, and it’s as great as I imagined ♥ I immediately bought myself two 1000 yen cards to buy some DLC, but it was gone in a flash ;A; I might buy more cards later to get some costumes for the girls, but today I focused the most on Sorey and Mikleo. Mikleo looks so fresh in his swimsuit ♥♥♥ I love Mikleo’s original design a lot, but I can’t help but also find it kind of stuffy and formal, if you compare it to the other Seraphs outfits. Also, he looks nice with his hair parted. You can see his eyebrows a lot clearer now, though I do miss his headband. And Sorey’s outfit looked so cool…! I bought it in a flash! xD

Next up, I bought nearly all attachments, and as you can see, I had lots of fun with them! xD The hair options are most fun to play with, but I’m also amazed at the customization you can add to your attachments! Change their color, place, form! Amazing!

I ended up finishing the prologue today, and then quitting. Going to play more this weekend! I love it so far ♥ The camera is a bit wonky, and I can’t make heads or tails of the whole item/equipment/skills menu (god do I miss the items icons TnT) but the rest of the game feels new and exciting, and I can’t wait to play some more~

Ashton & Calum imagines

With Their Children



“DADDY!” The tiny 4 year old came scampering down the hallway clutching onto her favourite teddy. She’d had it since she was a baby, a small, brown plush puppy and she loved it. Ashton appeared from behind the front door and set the shopping bags down. Bending down he held his arms open, and his baby girl ran into them instantly.
“Hey baby girl, how are you? I’ve missed you.” He’d been gone barely an hour and a half to get some groceries, but no matter where he went or for how long, he always missed his little princess.
“Great! Look at puppy, she missed you too!” Your little girl started waving the dog in Ashton’s face and he giggled a little. Standing up with Bella still in his arms, he stroked the toy dog and smiled so brightly.
“Hey pup!” He spoke to the dog which was really adorable. Pecking his daughter on the forehead, he placed her back on the floor to come and find you. He didn’t have to look long because you were there the whole time watching the little scene unfold. Seeing your two favourite people together was enough to fill you with limitless happiness. “Hey beautiful, I got the shopping.” Ash looked around his feet at the numerous shopping bags littering the laminate flooring in the hallway.

“I can see that, thanks babe. Help me unpack them?” You looked him in the eyes knowing he’d be unable to refuse you. He nodded slightly, still wearing the biggest smile in the world. Bella grabbed hold of Ashton’s leg and hugged it hard. You looked at her with a quirked eyebrow, “Daddy’s little girl. I can’t say I’m surprised, you spoil her rotten.” You kissed Ash’s cheek before picking up a few of the carrier bags and lifting them to the kitchen. Pulling things from the bags, you put them all on the bench in no particular order. Strong arms snaked around your waist and you couldn’t help the smirk that played on your lips.

“You know love, I was thinking…” He paused to place kisses up your neck. “We could do something way better than unpacking the shopping.” You could hear the seduction in his voice and it was making you want him so bad. Turning you round, Ashton placed his hands on your hips and his eyes were already undressing you. Honestly, it made you feel a little squirmy and his lips met yours with some force. Neither of you had heard your daughter enter the kitchen.

“Yucky! Stop stop stop!” Her small protests were heard loud and clear as you both pulled away from each other instantly. You both laughed at the situation and had no idea how to explain it to your daughter, if and when she was to ask about it. She’d covered her eyes with her toy pup and she couldn’t have looked any cuter. Before you could even think about going to her, Ashton has already scooped her in his arms. Rolling your eyes, you turned back towards the shopping. You thought Ashton hadn’t seen you do that but he was behind you a couple of seconds later, hugging you with one arm and holding Bella in the other.

“I love you both so much. I don’t even know how I got so lucky.” He left kisses on both of your cheeks. After that, you spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking the shopping and watching countless Disney films.



“I’M COMING!” Calum yelled as he ran towards his five year old son, Danny. The small toddler began to yell excitedly and he kicked the football a little further up towards the goal. His tiny feet pattered along the grass as Calum scampered up behind him. Watching and playing football with his son was one of Cal’s favourite activities. It filled him with pride to see his boy run around a field kicking a ball. “Go on Dan, kick it into the goal!” You were never much of a fan of football but you liked joining in with a family game. You were always shoved into the goalie position because both your son and husband had deemed you rubbish at every other position.

Even though Calum could be competitive, he was never that way with Danny and always let him win. Danny came scooting over to the goal at his fastest running speed and kicked the ball softly. You never saved the ball when he kicked it, but you pretended to try for his sake. The ball fell with ease into the goal and Calum rushed over to Danny, lifting him off the ground and putting him on his shoulders. He started running around like a maniac whilst holding tightly onto his sons tiny legs.

“You know, you’re the best football player buddy. I’m really proud of you.” He loved his little boy more than anything and his family was his life. The love you all shared could never be replicated by anyone else. Calum put Danny back on the floor and made his way to you. There was a mischievous smirk playing on his lips.

“Calum… What are you thinking?” You began to take a couple of steps away from him, but that just made him speed up. Within the next thirty seconds, you were flung over his shoulder and spun around like a rag doll. “Stop! Oh my god!” You squealed with laughter and your son stood and clapped at the sight, not fully understanding what was happening. Although, you didn’t really understand either. When Cal finally put you down, you fell straight to the floor and the dizziness hit you. Accidentally, you pulled Calum down with you and he was on top of you… to say the position you were in was uncomfortable would be an understatement. Quickly, Calum moved to hover his body above yours.

“I must admit, I quite like having you beneath me. Especially when we’re you know…” Just to emphasise where he was going with that comment, he leant down and placed kisses down your jawline.

In between your giggling, you placed a hand on his chest, “Cal, stop. Are you forgetting we have a toddler pretty much watching our every move?”

“He’s going to have to learn about it one day anyway… Why not now?” He leant back down continuing where he left off.

“Seriously, no. You will not scar my poor babies mind for life ok, get off.” You shoved him off you and onto the grass beside you. Sitting up, you outstretch your legs a little more and Danny jumps onto them. You let out a grunt as he nearly crushed your legs. Opening out your arms, he cuddles into your chest and wraps his arms around you. “Are you tired baby?” He nods lightly against your chest. It was getting on 7pm and you’d been out all the day, the little tinker had worn himself out.

“Let’s get you home buddy, I’ll read you a bed time story ok?” Calum ruffled his hair and you all made your way back to the car. You carried Danny the whole way back and as soon as you got in, he dropped off to sleep. You couldn’t help but take a picture of him looking like the most adorable child ever. You were so glad he wasn’t a screaming, unhappy child or you might not have coped in the same way. “You know, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love the two of you. I’m so glad we never let anything ruin what we have now. You’re incredible, and so is my little man.” Leaning over he placed a delicate kiss on your lips. Afterwards, you headed home and even though it was only 8pm, you were all worn out. You put Danny to bed; he didn’t even slightly stir when you moved him from the car to his bed. Calum and you fell asleep on the sofa in the middle of watching a film with your head nestled in his chest and his arm protectively wrapped around you.  



~These were not requested, I came up with them all by my lil self~

They’re pretty poo, but I mean I tried? If you want Luke/Michael imagines with the same theme, then ask me for them! Don’t be afraid to request possible imagines I could do. They’re all welcome. :)