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Fights & Forgiveness

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Anon requests: hii!! love your writing! i was just wondering if i could have an imagine where the reader and jughead are dating and where the reader, archie, and jughead have been friends for a long time but they don’t talk to archie as much (because of the falling out between jughead and archie.) and one day maybe jug and her get into a fight and all she wants is to talk to archie about it ? and fluff at the end please! idk if that makes any sense but i thought it would be cute to read. thank you so much!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After fighting with Jughead, (Y/N) turns to an old friend

Warnings: none

Word count: 919

A/N: ugh guys I’m so sorry I’ve been so inactive this past week and a half.  I’ve had so much to deal with school and music, and i’ve also had a serious case of writer’s block. hopefully I’ll be able to write more stuff soon, and until then, enjoy!

Jughead and I stood at my locker, talking about his novel.

“I just want to investigate a bit more tonight,” he told me as I pulled out my textbook.  “We can go to Pop’s after.”

“That’s fine with me,” I nodded, gently shutting my locker.  “I just don’t know if tonight is good for me.  I have to work on an English project, so I may have to skip out on the sleuthing.”  

“That’s okay,” he shrugged. “I’ll just come to Pop’s when I’m done.” I smiled and nodded, wrapping my arm around his as we began our trek down the school hallway.  Our conversation continued, but Jughead abruptly stopped talking when Archie walked past us.  The atmosphere grew tense for a moment as the two boys locked eyes.  Once he passed, Jughead returned back to normal.

“You know,” I steered away from our conversation topic, “you should talk to him.”

“I know,” Jughead agreed. “But I just… I can’t.  Not yet.”  I nodded in understanding and said nothing more about the subject.  Archie Andrews had been a sensitive topic ever since he flaked on Jughead to go on their road trip.  Even though Archie was one of my closest friends, I knew that because Jughead was my boyfriend, I had to take his side.  Which meant that I barely spoke to Archie anymore.

“So I’ll see you tonight?” I confirmed once Jughead and I stopped in front of my classroom.  He smiled and nodded.

“Of course.”

I arrived at Pop’s at around five o’clock, knowing that Jughead would come a bit later.  Pulling out my English binder, I began to work on my project.  

I finished the project three hours later, and Jughead had still not shown up.  Worriedly, I checked my phone for what felt like the millionth time. My leg bounced with anticipation as I drummed my fingers against the diner table, my eyes never leaving the entrance.  Jughead was almost always late to our dates, but never by this much.  I was about to call him when my phone buzzed.  Quickly, I unlocked it and checked my messages. Jughead had just texted me:

Sorry, sleuthing went late.  Not gonna make it to Pop’s tonight

Frustrated, I packed up my things and immediately left the diner.

“What the hell?” I stomped up to Jughead the next morning at school.  He looked at me with wide eyes.

“What?” he asked.

“Why the hell weren’t you at Pop’s last night?” I clarified, clenching my teeth.

“I told you, I was investigating.”

“That’s what you always say!” I furiously flung my hands.

“Because that’s what it always is,” he retorted.  “What, do you think I’m cheating on you?”

“No!” I yelled.

“Then why are you getting so worked up over this?”

“Because you always do this to me,” I seethed.  “You say you’re gonna investigate the murder but promise to meet me at the diner later, and every time I fall for it.  Every night I sit and wait for hours in the diner for you, but you never show up.  Do you know how pathetic that makes me look?”

“If you’re so upset about what people think about you, then don’t bother waiting for me at Pop’s!” Jughead retaliated.

“Trust me, I won’t,” I scoffed and stormed off.

That night, I sat in my room, toying with my phone.  My finger hovered over the call button, just wanting to talk and apologize.  Finally, I built up the courage and pressed the green button.

“Hello?” he asked confusedly.

“Hey, Archie,” I sniffled. “Can we talk?”

“And now I don’t know what to do.  Should I talk to him?  Or should I wait for him to talk to me?” I finished crying about what happened between me and Jughead.  Archie and I sat at a booth in Pop’s.  When I called him, I explained why I hadn’t been talking to him recently.  With complete understanding, Archie offered to meet me at the diner and catch up.

“I mean, he’s the one in the wrong here,” he shrugged.  “If he’s not gonna come up to you and apologize, it’s not worth it.”

“I just…” I stifled a sob, “I just don’t want to lose him over this.  We’ve been through so much.”

“He’ll come,” Archie assured me.  “I promise.” I smiled at my friend, happy to have him back in my life.  Our conversation drifted to more casual topics, such as school and Archie’s music. Suddenly, the bell on the diner door jingled, signaling that a new customer had entered.  I didn’t look up, but I did once the newcomer approached our table.  

It was Jughead.

“I’m sorry,” he said, looking between me and Archie.

“To who?” I inquired sharply.

“Well… both of you,” he sighed, “but Archie already knows.”  I sent a puzzled look towards Archie, causing him to nod.  


“He came up to me,” Archie answered on behalf of Jughead, “right after your fight.  He apologized for not talking to me, and I apologized for flaking on our road trip.”

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry,” Jughead apologized again.  “I’ve been so invested in investigating Jason’s murder that I’ve completely neglected our relationship.”

“Jug…” I trailed off, unable to finish my sentence.  Instead, I stood up, wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him.  He smiled into the kiss, and we pulled away after a minute.

“So that means you forgive me?” he asked with a smile etched on his face.  I grinned and pecked his lips.

“Of course.”

Photographs (Josh Dun)

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Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Self-concsiousness
A/N: more josh dun? More Josh Dun. sorry if this seems all over the place, Idk were I was going with it. Alsoooo I made a reference to one of their old vines :3c

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I was looking through old stuff and???? I found this? So I thought eh and uploaded it anyway.

I can’t exactly rmb why I drew this? But I think it has something to do with me originally thinking that Keith was Chinese…and spoke mandarin…and I was like rly happy? but turns out he isn’t? Idk…aahhhhhh

* Mandarin text reads: You really are very cute!!

It’s St. Lucia’s day today! :D

Not many people celebrate St. Lucia (or St. Lucy), and I personally love it, so I thought I’d make some Lucia themed ot4 art :)

DL(Plushie Skit)- Denying?

Thank you for your amazing request @miraculousxmelody!! How can we skip Shu and Yuma~~The Besties!

We all know those feelings when we see the old photos of us and our friends we be like “I miss the good old time.” That is how Shu feel man… (No harsh comments please~ It is just a cute Skit nothing involves BL. But if you prefer to think that way then go ahead nothing to be shame about~)

Who is the saltiest? Shu, Ruki or Reiji?

I thought Reiji was the winner, but now idk anymore.

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I have this headcannon that (when the war is over and EVERYONE obviously makes it out whole *sweats nervously) Evangeline meets the cadre and has the BIGGEST crush (not in a weird way ! just a very normal, innocent admiration) on Fenrys (tbh who doesn't...) and she goes absolutely tomato red whenever she's around him and it's hella cute and sweet and absolutely mortifying for her of course, and the only person who she tells is lysandra, who tells aelin ... or rowan idk, anyways thoughts ?

This is adorable and I totally get what you’re saying. Kids get crushes on adults not in a weird way but in a “you’re cute and idk how to act around you please don’t forget to cut the crust off my sandwich” kind of way. (My niece is a year and a half old and whenever my bf walks into a room she smiles at him and laughs and runs around. It’s hilarious!)

The only thing I’d add to this is that IT PISSED AEDION OFF. At dinner one night, Evangeline is looking at Fenrys and Aedion is like, “Gelly, eyes over here, daddy is over here. Look at me. Focus.” BAHAHAHAHA.

so i was inspired to draw some kid!Stans thanks to this really cute fic by @aroford

i also just really wanted to draw some baby Stans wearing tiny versions of their adult clothes. i thought the image of baby Stan holding his 8-ball cane would be really cute too, b/c it’d be almost as tall as he is, haha.

idk what the story behind this pic is tho, maybe they found the fountain of youth and accidentally fell in or something haha

Ford’s sweater says “You’re Outta This World!” oh, and the boots he’s wearing are an old pair of Wendy’s that he’s borrowing

(fun fact: tiny Stan had freckles)

Heavy/medic headcanon I guess

Medic’s doves have occasionally laid eggs around his infirmary, as expected. Most were discarded before anything could happen (medic wanted to keep them of course, but rules are rules)

Until medic starts to notice the frequent absence of a specific dove. Out of worry, he and heavy go searching for the said dove. To their surprise (and joy), they find a nest of three little dovelings, about a day old. The mother immediately let’s medic gain access as she fully trusts him with her children. Medic picks up the babies, a giddy smile decorating his face.

“Mein gott Heavy! Ve’re grandpas!”

“Da! Leetle birds~”

Medic hands the dovelings to an eager heavy, an awed sigh leaving his lips as they lay in his large hands. It still amazes the German how gentle the giant could be. Medic can’t help but stare at those gorgeous eyes he has, so full of love and passion. The same eyes he fell in love with…the same one’s he continues to fall in love with.

Just a couple more additions to the family.


Gai n Kakashi got married like on the playground when they were 9 and that was it. that’s their wedding day forever that’s the day they both point to whenever anyone asks when they became husbands and they don’t even have a certificate or anything but they will force the other jounin to tell you yeah it happened yeah it’s official can i leave now

periodically the enterprise receives care packages from home, filled with photographs, food the replicators just can’t get right, old books, etc. every care package chekov receives includes a long-winded letter from his parents (because they’re old-fashioned) and a newly knitted jumper from his grandmother. the size of the parcel always depends on what chekov’s had to report home, and so anytime anyone is nice to chekov, his babushka knits them a jumper. sulu obviously gets one regularly as chekov’s best friend, scotty has a fair few from mentoring chekov in engineering, and bones is coming down with the damn things because he’s chekov’s doctor. (everyone finds it in endearing but chekov. he’s an adult and the jumpers are still too big for him.)

Come Home//Josh Dun

Requested: Can you do one where josh comes home from tour and sees his two your old daughter for the first time in a few months and he gets really emotional Idk I thought something like this would be really cute haha


               Just like the times Josh had left for the studio, your daughter preformed her “mommy, when is daddy coming home?” act. Otherwise known as your baby girl crying, begging, and hopefully asking when her father would be returning. The studio situations weren’t as bad though, it was only a few days at a time and she would mope it out and squeal in happiness when Josh returned and gave her their secret hug-shake (yes, your 2 year old named it that because secret handshakes weren’t cool enough and she loves her daddy’s hugs). Except, this time it wouldn’t be that way. Josh wouldn’t come back in a few days, he wouldn’t be able to call her directly before bedtime (because now the timezone differences wouldn’t be an hour or two), he would be gone for so long.

               You could tell this thought bothered Josh to the core as well, although he played it off as nothing; trying to be the strongest of the three of you. Claiming it wouldn’t be that long before he was home. That the two of you would have a blast with your “girl time” and it would feel like he was only gone for a week. Oh how wrong he was.


               “Daddy!” You were awaken by your daughter squealing from her room. You hated to admit it but this was a normal occurrence, she would have a dream that Josh was finally back from tour; realize it was only a dream then fall into a puddle of sobs. “I want daddy back.” You heard her quietly sob as you walked into her room. When you sat beside her she snuggled right into your side, tears wetting your shirt as you sat in silence; rubbing her back in an attempt to soothe her back to sleep. “Tell Uncle Marky and Ty to give me my daddy back.” She sobbed, the sound broke your heart. She was struggling so much without Josh’s presence, and it killed you knowing there was nothing you could do.

               “Go back to sleep baby. We can call daddy tomorrow, okay?” When she gave you no answer, you took it as a sign of her falling back to sleep. You tucked her back in under her plush blanket, giving her the small kitten Josh had won her from the carnival before he left and returning to your room. Now wide awake. You opened your phone, going on snapchat. Looking at various people’s stories. Mostly of them hanging out with family, friends, some drunk snaps. Then you saw Josh had updated his (surprise surprise really; he always had snaps of his performances on there). When you opened it though, a surge of anger and jealously went through you; from your head to your toes you were furious. There he was, playing with somebody else’s daughter and having the time of his life. He had time for that but not your own daughter? Throwing your phone to the side you flopped down in bed, forcing your eyes closed and willed yourself to sleep. You knew deep down there was no reason to be angry, but in your half asleep heart-broken state that crossed so many lines.


               “Mommy, mommy!” Your daughter jogged back into the room, your phone in hand as she had done so. You were currently in your Livingroom working on orders from the Twenty One Pilots webstore. An easy way to help the guys in their dream, while taking care of your daughter while getting money for it. A win-win job; not to mention the idea of how happy the customers would be when they received their order. “Look at what daddy posted!!” You grabbed your phone out of her small stubby fingers, praying she hadn’t seen the one where Josh was playing with someone else’s daughter (you couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen if that was the case). To your happy surprise, you saw a picture of Josh with a slight pout on his lips with the caption “missing my favorite girls back home”.

               “Awe. He misses you honey.” You ruffled your daughter’s hair, ignoring her screeches for you to stop. At two years of age the girl was obsessed with her hair (which may or may not have a bright pink streak in it thanks to a certain drummer).

               “He misses you too mommy! Girls means more than one. More than one means you and me!” You rolled your eyes at her logic, pulling her into your lap smiling. “I’m happy he didn’t forget me. I really miss him.” Your daughter sighed, resting her head against your shoulder. You decided not to press the subject, or say anything in response. But rather hold your daughter a little closer for a few minutes. Though you couldn’t do anything to make Josh come back faster, at least you could hold your daughter close and show her that you were there. “I love you mommy.” She pressed a soft kiss to your cheek before wriggling out of your arms and scurrying off to her room.


               “Mommy, I have a question!” Your daughter ran into the kitchen, markers in hand with a piece of paper. “I need you to bring me to town so I can get supplies!” You raised an eyebrow at her, grabbing her little list from her hand. “I need a drum thingy, you know the thingy you hit” To enunciate her point she smacked the counter, only to get a stern “mom” look from you, in which she immediately apologized with a giggle. “A picture of you, me, daddy and Scully” Scully being the family cat; aka your daughter’s best friend aside from Josh. “And yeah! Let’s go!!” She grabbed her jacket, boots and everything before you stepped in.

               “Honey, its late. The stores are all closed!” You weren’t lying, it was 8’oclock on a Sunday, all the stores probably closed 2 hours ago.

               “Well they should open!” Your daughter huffed, taking off her outside clothes before storming angrily back into her room. You softly laughed at her reaction, and began to wonder what on earth she needed a drum head and a family picture for.


               “Thank you mommy!” You heard your daughter yell as she scurried back to her room with the bag, calling for Scully to join her as she did so. Needless to say that was the last you saw the picture, and drumhead for the months Josh was on tour.


               “Daddy!” Your daughter cried in happiness, after 3 long months he had finally made his way through your front door. Back to his family. “I missed you so much!” The girl was sobbing at this point, clinging to her father’s shoulder as he lifted her. He pressed a long, loving kiss to her head; obviously trying to fight tears himself. You sat and watched, wanting to cry yourself.

               “What are you doing over there, get in here.” Josh mumbled, tears now visible down his cheeks as he held his open arm out to you. With no second thought you wrapped your arms around his middle; missing the warmth of his embrace, the smell that radiated from his shirts, the sound of his heartbeat when you pressed your face to his chest.

               “Daddy, can you put me down?” Your daughter asked, and to his dismay Josh put her down; watching in a mix of fear and pain as she ran off.

               “Does she hate me? I didn’t mean to have her hate me because of tour.” You felt both of his arms tighten sadly around your frame as you clung to him. Rubbing his back reassuringly—because frankly. You weren’t expecting your daughter’s reaction either.

               “Look! I made this so you don’t have to miss us as much on tour. You can put it on your drums. There’s me, and you, Scully and mommy!” She smiled, pointing to each person as she spoke. Your daughter had decided to glue the family picture, which had you holding her in your lap; and Josh holding the cat like a baby (which Scully did not like one bit). Along with her sloppy scribbles that you couldn’t quite make out. “It says we love you daddy, we miss you very much but you’re always awesome!” Josh’s smile was indescribable as he went over and pulled his daughter tighter than ever.

               “Thank you sweetie. I can’t play on it though; it’s too pretty. But I am definitely going to bring it with me. Put it on the wall of my bunk so I can see you guys right before I fall asleep and when I first wake up. I love it” Josh pressed a loving kiss to your daughters head, obviously overwhelmed by love with the gift your daughter had spent months making him.

               Although the distance and time apart was rough; moments like these made it all worth it in the end.


  • holy frick frack im so ready for this you have no idea how long i’ve waited omg 
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yeah so i was expecting pick me male version to be the same as pick me female version….

but you know what?




btw expect a produce 101 spam within an hour.

Give this song a change, you might love it, and then watch the show with me ha ha ha.

@scoup-dumplings this is us lmao

After rewatching khr for the third time, i was thinking its funny and kind of cute when haru says things like “i love you desu” or “ cute desu ne”.
Which brought me to thinking about when jjapanese people throw english words in songs and stuff. But everyone overlooks it. But if your not japanese and say random japanese words your a weaboo? I don’t like it either really because people only throw in baka, sugoi, or kawaii. Lol. Idk because when someone says thats so kawaii, i hate it. Strange subject. Just thought about it because i’m learning japanese. its just the stigma that comes with it i guess.

I also thinks its cute how haru emphasizes the う in です ( ⊙᎑⊙ )
Also not including katakana words when i’m talking about japanese speakers using random english.

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heyyyyy ;)

1. First impression: Honestly I thought you were like so soft and cute ?? And everytime I saw you post I just felt like i had to be all ‘’ I love you !!!!!!! ‘’ for literally no reason, i saw you as so soft and pure
3. How old do you look: Idk but i bet you are a soft cute
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yeah, , ,, i’m snorting
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope :0
6. Best feature: Ur memes
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
8. You’re my: Meme friend xoxox
9. Name in my phone: If i had you in it It would be ‘’ Penny the meme queen “
10. Should you post this too? Ye my dude :’ )

I don’t know if someone already said that or not but I was re reading Gintama volume 20 and I thought about this

In chapter 169, Gin says he’s been reading the Jump for 20 years.
He’s about 26 so he was 6 when he started.
Approximatively how old he was when Shouyou found him.

Imagine little Gin having difficulties to sleep or being bored or anything and Shouyou trying to be a dad and buying him the Jump
And then Gin becomes addicted to it so Shouyou has to buy it every week