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Bump In The Road

Before my old account got deleted, I used to follow @geminioriginalsimagines, and honestly I just love her blog so much, and she likes Chris Wood as much as I do, so I wrote this for her. You guys should follow her and read her imagines, they’re amazing x btw, I just love writing angst so much ugh idk why

The moment you felt sick after eating your favorite yogurt, you knew something was up. You checked the expiration date on the yogurt and the berries you added into it, both were fine.

You sat on the toilet, anxiously waiting fro the results from the home pregnancy test. You nearly died from happiness when all 5 of the test came back positive.

You were so excited! After countless of tries, and dozens of doctors saying you couldn’t have a baby, you and Jake were finally gonna get the little family you both wanted. 

You’d spent the day dancing by yourself and eating tons of chocolate. You decided you were going to tell Jake during dinner. You made baby back ribs, baby corn on the cob and put red wine into tiny wine glasses. It was perfect.

When the table was set, kitchen was cleaned and lights were dimmed, you took a shower and slipped on the little white sun dress Jake adored so much. 

You heard the door slam shut, indicating that Jake was finally home from work. You padded your way through the house and smiled when you saw your handsome boyfriend hanging his bullet proof vest on the coat rack. “Hi baby!” You smiled brightly, throwing your arms around Jake’s broad shoulders.

“Hi.” He grumbled, not returning your hug. You ignored his strange behavior, assuming it must’ve been the result of a stressful day at work. 

“I have some news.” You grinned, leading him to the table.

“Oh yeah?”

You nodded your head, biting your lip as you took a seat. Jake glanced at the table, raising an eyebrow. “I have news too.” He sighed heavily.

“So..” You both said, glancing at each other. 

“You first.I’ll save the best for last.” You grinned.

“Are you sure?” Jake looked guilty. You simply nodded, smiling so big that your cheeks began to ache.

“Look. I…um… I’ve been really stressed and  overwhelmed lately, from my job, and our relationship. I just… I need a break, Y/N. It’s not you. It’s me.” Jake said, avoiding your eyes. 

“Oh.” You breathed, your eyes tearing up. “Okay. That’s okay.  Take your time, I and I’ll get my things tomorrow morning.” You said, standing from the table. 

“Y/N I-”

“No. It’s fine Jake, it’s okay.” You offered a sad smile, turning to leave. 

“Y/N! Wait!” He called, but you ignored his pleas. 

Jake sighed and ran his fingers through his already messy hair. He looked down, thinking about all the hard work you must’ve put into this dinner. His eyes scanned the tabled, feeling more guilty with each second that went by.

Only then did Jake Riley see the tiny white stick with a pink plus sign in the middle.

You are Loved

I just want to note, Asexual is not the same thing as Aromantic, and Aromantic is different from Asexual. Aromantic is when you don’t experience romantic attraction (“oh I’m so lovey dovy about that person” although this doesn’t include desire to date or marry.)
Asexual is when you don’t experience sexual attraction (“gosh dang it I need your body specifically.” They can still want sex, they just don’t experience their body saying that about a person.) This fic doesn’t really reach into each sexuality (Except arguably Morality’s asexuality), but it does mention it.

(I’m aro ace so idk what attractions are like so correct me if I’m wrong please.) Someone can be both asexual and aromatic, but in this case, Logic is Aromantic and Morality is Asexual. Logan is aromantic, but he can still have sexual feelings towards someone. Morality is Asexual so he doesn’t experience sexual attraction, but he can still experience romantic attraction.

if you want someone to blame BLAME @stary-puppy @sanders-sideblog  @prinxietyhell @analogically-prinxiety​ and @doctorshufflepuff FOR THIS Terrible angst (And for being supportive through my writing process. I hope you all love me because you might not love me during the fic. (and don’t throw your device across the room please, I almost did.)

Also I wanted to show what abuse can look like. Most of these are not from my experience but I’ve seen some of this happen and I’ve heard stories of peoples experience so wanted to show how realistic it is. Girls are rarely shown as abusive so I wanted to show how terrifying it can be. If anyone is experiencing the things Morality experiences (no matter your or your abusers gender), especially from the beginning, please reach out and talk to someone in your local area. Even if they love you, it’s not okay. I know not everybody will listen to you, but please take care of yourself. You Are Loved even if you don’t feel like it.

trigger warning: this contains a lot of abuse. Mostly emotional abuse and physical but it implies sexual harassment in some parts. I will have a different fic coming up tonight (but way later on) with no abuse in it if this is triggering or too angst for you.

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Yesterday I must’ve seen something about one more super successful Patreon and became salty, or, idk, I’ve no idea what triggered me so much, but I really was all red and hot with rage. :’D So I went and snapped a fucking photo of our half empty fridge. This rage (and following jumpy mood bc I was nervous about people’s reaction) made my blood pressure shoot up, I couldn’t fall asleep for good 4 hours after that, and even after catching some Zzz’s I still don’t feel well physically, but if it was a necessary sacrifice in order to make that post, let it be.

I’m sorry that I had to reveal the ugly truth and tell details about my everyday life in order to prove why exactly Patreon is so important to me.

People’s reaction varied, I don’t pay too much attention to the exact follower number, but I could swear there was a few unfollowers. Well.. Let the life judge them. *unkind smile* At least I didn’t get any hate messages, I was ready (and armed) even for that. If I must, I will not sugarcoat the facts and tell how exactly my life is, if it’s required for people to finally pay attention.

Maybe it’s easy to get tricked by all the colorful and cute drawings and derpy posts, one may think I’m okay because I don’t talk about my troubles. *big nod at Aketan* It must be easy to disregard a patreon sign on every drawing of mine, posts about monthly rewards, polls, whatsoever. Maybe I really had to show you WHY EXACTLY I need patrons. I told it numerous times, but nothing was as effective as yesterday’s post.

People live with families, have parents and friends to back them up, can work full-time after all. My ass isn’t covered by anyone except my patrons. I live on my own (with an artist buddy on the same conditions) and my income directly depends on how much I draw monthly. I may have several illnesses that I don’t know about because visiting a doctor in my country does more bad than good. It’s a separate topic. Anywho, I have a weak, unstable body, so I can’t work like a horse. I’m doing my best to keep your dashboards alive and filled with cute drawings, despite everything.

I figured out that people acquired a habit of ignoring posts containing “patreon”, “help”, etc. So I kinda had to go full ham in order to draw attention. Sorry if it’s too much, this post is a roundup and is the last one.

Now to the good news!

On top of that, I received several donations via Paypal. I feel.. Words can’t express it! It’s like you gave up on completing a task that proved being impossible for you, and on the last try.. Bam.. It all goes smooth.. You finally did it.

It’s not covering my entire rent bill, but is already a huge help. It shows that you guys care, and have my back. Thank you so much for that. I’m deeply moved because I also received a lot of kind messages, caring, encouraging, and just distracting with pleasant talks. That’s exactly what I needed yesterday.

I’ll reblog the main patreon post and the fridge post once again on monday, to make sure that no one missed it. But I’m already feeling much better and safer in terms on money. Hopefully we can reach the next few goals, then I won’t have to worry about money ever again. This was a heavy burden that laid on my shoulders for months now, I was anxious and felt a giant pressure. Not the perfect working conditions for an artist, right. I’ve had an artblock for so long now that I don’t remember how it was before. But I’ve gathered my last energy to push through it, and am determined to change things for better. This’s only possible with your help.

Comfort With You

Pairing: YoungK X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,383

Request: Hi there! Can I request for YoungK from Day6 scenario where both of you have been friends for a long time and he’s always had a one-sided crush on you so he tries to confess to you with his cute yet embarrassing ways! (I hope that made sense?? ;_;) Thank youu!! :) <3 -@its-youngk

You could not believe your luck when you felt water hit your head. Rain fell like curtains of water when you were still only halfway from the coffee shop you promised to meet Brian. Even as you started to pick up the pace and ran in your heels with your hand barely covering your hair, you were wet by the time you made it to the entrance.

The coffee shop was cool and dry and smelled nice. You stopped for a minute to brush off the droplets on your clothes before you searched for the familiar face. Brian spotted you and smiled, waving his hand in the air.

“Wow, you look nice,” he laughed, handing you a napkin.

“Thanks,” you breathed, taking the napkin and then a seat. “I didn’t know that it was going to rain today. I didn’t even bring an umbrella.”

Brian pulled out an umbrella for you to see and then placed it back on the seat next to him. “I got you.” He then looked at the food on the table. “I also got you your favorite, iced green mint mocha. And mango ice flakes to share since I thought you’d be a little hungry.”

“That’s why you’re my best friend,” you cheered with a smile before you took a sip of your coffee. “I see you’re having a boring iced Americano, as usual.”

“Hey, I don’t judge your complicated order so don’t judge my simple one,” Brian responded with another laugh.

“You don’t know the true beauty of what coffee’s supposed to be like until you’ve tried it,” you sang, holding out your cup to him. “Try it.”

Brian held his own cup and shook it in front of you. “Only if you try mine.”

You rolled your eyes but switched your cup for his. “Fine.” You observed the drink with only espresso, water and ice. It was less than the things put in the coffee you ordered. Brian watched you as you placed your lips onto his straw and took a sip. You stopped immediately and returned his cup back onto the table with a scowl on your face. “It’s bitter!!”

He gave you a nonchalant shrug and then put his lips on your straw, drinking the caffeine. He also handed you back your drink with an unreadable expression. “Ok, mint in mocha is not right. I can’t even explain its taste.”

Both of you drank your own coffee to rid of the previous taste. Then you reached for a spoon and began to dig into the mango dessert. “Hey,” you said while your attention was on the ice flakes, “we just technically did an indirect kiss, haha. Scandalous.”

Brian started to choke on his drink. Your eyes widened, and you watched him as he patted his chest and then drink some more coffee to stop the coughing. “Oh my gosh, Brian. I was just joking. It’s not a real kiss. Calm down,” you told him.

He tried his best to calm down, but he could barely meet your eyes. When you mentioned how the both of you basically kissed, Brian freaked inside. You took it as a joke, something that best friends do to each other a lot, but it was hard to just brush it off as nothing when he had a crush on you.

You and Brian were friends for a while, and there was not any romantic attraction from either of you at first. The first time a little bit of that attraction showed, Brian took it as a type of attraction that would go away. He then began to notice how attractive you looked, felt nervous every time you two touched and would, and realized how much he talked about you to his friends when you were not with him; he then became aware that he liked you.

He had not told you. You were his friend, and he was not sure how it would change if he confessed to you. He wasn’t even sure if you liked him back. You made it quite hard for him to decipher, but since there were no obvious moves, he took it that it would just be better to keep his feelings to himself.

“Anyway,” you continued, “are you into someone these days?”

“What?” he replied right away, taken aback by the sudden question.

“I don’t know. There’s something about you… I just have a feeling. Call it a best friend instinct if you want,” you said with a shrug. You scooped mango and ate it. Then you placed your spoon down, looking Brian straight in his eyes, squinting. “Is my best friend instinct right, Kang Brian? Don’t lie to me.”


“You are!” you gasped out loud. “Do I know her? Have you talked to her? Is she pretty? No, wait, that’s not really important. Is she nice to you? What does she do? When did you two meet? What’s her name?”

“Uh… which one do you want me to answer first?” Brian asked with a nervous chuckle. You caught him rubbing the back of his neck. He did that a lot when he was nervous.

“All of them!” you exclaimed.

Brian could not help but smile at how you were itching to know about his crush. If only you knew that you were asking about yourself. He watched your bright eyes as you spoke. “I can’t tell you that easily,” Brian said. “Maybe. How about we finish the ice flakes, and I’ll think about it.”

“Oh, you’re challenging me? Jokes on you because you know that I love mango ice flakes,” you told him as you grabbed your spoon once more with a determined look on your face.

You could barely breathe when you had to stand up. The bowl was empty, and half of your coffee was finished. You lagged behind Brian out of the door. The rain continued to pour. Brian opened his umbrella up, holding it above the both of you. “I’ll walk you home,” he said.

“Oooh, how lovely,” you cooed. “A cute boy walking me home after treating me to coffee. I love it.”

Brian did not know how much longer he could contain his happiness. His phone then buzzed into his pocket. You heard the sound as well and decided to hold onto the umbrella. Your hand was below Brian’s, but you both were still slightly touching. Brian’s heart almost jumped like he did. “I’ll hold it,” you offered. “Answer your message.”

“Thanks,” he said and hurried to reach for his phone to check the message.

Jae: Yo, did you know that (Y/N)’s supposed to be going on a blind date?! Idk when, but I think it’ll be soon. My good friend Brian that I love, you need to tell her that you like her.

Jae: Also… I ate all of the pepperoni off of the pizza you ordered a while ago. Sorry bro. But at least I didn’t eat the rest of your pizza… Wonpil did. DON’T TELL HIM I TOLD YOU

Jae: Good luck w/ (Y/N)!!!

“What’s up?” you asked Brian when you noticed his expression changed from reading the texts. He snapped out of his thoughts and stuck his phone back into his pocket.

“Here, I’ll hold it now,” he said, taking the umbrella from you. He was not sure how to start his conversation next. “Um, hey (Y/N).”


“Are you…going on a blind date?”

You tilted your head to the side, and then jumped up as if you remembered something. “Oh yeah! I am. One of my friends arranged the blind date. She said that she thinks I should try getting into a relationship now. I guess you heard it from someone else,” you spoke. It was your turn to laugh nervously. “Are you mad that I didn’t tell you? I was going to, but I just kind of forgot when I was with you.”

He shook his head. “I’m not mad. Just surprised.”

“To be honest, I don’t even think I want to go on the blind date.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t think it’ll work out. I don’t know. I shouldn’t judge the date already since it hasn’t even happened yet, but… I just like being in a relationship with someone that I know. Having the foundation of our relationship from being friends first instead of just trying to build a relationship from one date.”

“I understand. I’m the same,” Brian agreed.

You glanced over at him. “Oh. So the girl you like was actually your friend first? That should make things easier for me. Is it it Mijin?”

“No, it’s not her,” Brian chuckled at your attempt. Near the stoplights ahead, Brian found a convenience store. He stopped walking which made you stop. He handed you the umbrella.

“Can you wait just a few minutes for me? I’ll be right back. I just need to buy something first.”

You nodded your head and watched him run into the store. Like he said, a few minutes later, he returned with a bag in his hand. “What’d you buy?” you asked, curious.

“Just something.” He took the umbrella again, and the both of you continued to walk towards your house. With a start of a new topic to talk about, you were not curious about the bag at all.

Before you even knew it, you had arrived in front of your house. The rain became lighter. You turned to Brian. “Thank you for taking me home, best friend. I’ll treat you next time.”

“Actually,” he started which caused you to stop and wait. Brian was not sure what to say. He did not plan what he wanted to say, but knowing that there was a possibility knowing that he could lose you to another from the text he received from Jae, he knew it was best to let you know now. It could go totally wrong. He would be embarrassed. But it was better safe than sorry.

Do I know her? Yes, you do. Have I talked to her? Yes, I have. Is she pretty? No wait, that’s not really important. It might not be, but she is absolutely the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

You slowly realized that he was answering all of the questions that you had asked earlier. He continued to look at you as he answered.

Is she nice to you?” Brian tried to stifle his laughter after that question, but you could still  noticed. “We both exchange teasing remarks at each other sometimes, but it’s our way of showing affection to each other. I’d say she is nice.” Your heart skipped a beat. You had no idea why.

What does she do? As of now, she’s a server at a restaurant.” You worked at a restaurant.

When did you two meet? Hm, it was when we both went to the same school orientation. We ran into each other, but neither of us knew our way around that school though we pretended to in order to try and help the other out.” You couldn’t possibly…

What’s her name?

You held your breath for a bit. Brian watched your reactions and then he sighed. He was not sure whether you finally pieced everything together. Would you run away? Or would you stay?

“(Y/N). Her name is (Y/N), and I’ve liked her for a while now,” he confessed. “I was nervous to say anything at first because I was scared she wouldn’t like me back. But then I heard about her blind date. I didn’t want her to go meet another guy, so I decided to suck it up and tell her how I feel now. Now, I’m not sure what she’s going to say. I can’t tell by the way she’s looking at me.”

You always thought of Brian as your best friend. He was someone you can count on, and someone you could easily talk to about anything. You knew what he was thinking, and you knew his likes and dislikes. You were never able to tell that he had a crush on you though. Hearing it actually come out of his mouth, you were stunned, and your heart was pounding.

You were not sure how the relationship would carry to the next level, but then you thought about your relationship so far. As you said, before you wanted a romantic relationship with someone, you wanted to make sure the foundation of your friendship was strong. Maybe you have meant Brian all that time.

Brian was blushing. You don’t think you have ever seen him blush before. You noticed that it was quiet, but it was because he was waiting on you to speak. “Uh…” you managed. You chose to say exactly how you felt. “I like you, too. More than a friend.”

“Really?!” He sounded so shocked, and you could not help but laugh.

“Yeah, I do,” you confirmed. “All this time, I’ve been wondering who this special girl was, and now that I know it’s me, it feels nice.”

You became curious again when he started to pull something out of the bag from the convenience store. It was a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. You had a feeling you knew who it was for, and you burst out laughing. “I can think of so many cheesy things you might do with this,” you said in between laughter.

“Just play along, (Y/N),” he said, trying to keep his composure and his cheeks from becoming any more red. “Here’s some Kisses for you.” He handed you the bag.

“Aw, thank you,” you said, and you meant it sincerely, too. “Well, I should head back inside now. You should also head home, too.”

“Wait, you forgot one more,” Brian said. You waited. He stepped closer, closing off distance between you two. Then he leaned down and planted a kiss on your cheek. Now, you were surely blushing.

Brian clenched his hands into fist and then started to back away quickly. You could not stop smiling. “There. I gave you your kisses. I’ll see you later! Don’t tell anymore about this!” He rubbed his forehead, laughing. “Okay, that was embarrassing. Bye!”

“Text me later,” you yelled back at him waving, laughing and watching as he turned around and began to run out of your neighborhood.

pretty fucking cute (leafyishere)

hey guys its been awhile since i written anything (again) and I’m really sorry, but i was just hit by some inspiration so i decided to write.. hope you enjoy :) btw i recently just got into leafyishere about 3 months ago (and this pinecone already has me wrapped around his fucking finger) and i understand not everyone is a fan, but i decided i wanted to begin writing imagines based on him, but i promise he’s not gonna be the only one (i can take any requests) i just decided to make him another one of my focuses 

bold- text messages

warning- cussing, mention of a cyberbully lol

——————————————————————                                       ~~ As your eyes began to open slowly taking in the light of the cold saturday morning, you began to realize where you were. You looked to your left noticing a broad figure lying peacefully. The conners of your lips began to form in a small smile at the thought of being next to him, being able to touch him and feel him next to you and not just see him through the small computer screen.

You and Calvin have been dating for over 6 months now and you’ve never been happier. You were first introduced to Calvin over Youtube, you yourself had created a Youtube channel to be able to express your opinions and not only entertain yourself, but just like Calvin, distract yourself from life’s issues. Most of your content wasn’t as extreme as Calvin’s, but it seemed to get people’s attention and created a great fanbase for you. One day you received a ton of mentions on twitter containing the same link, a leafyishere youtube video. The video was titled “THE MOST AWKWARD GIRL ON YOUTUBE”. When you looked at the thumbnail you just thought to yourself “oh fuck.” First of all you had never seen anything of this youtubers content before, of course you’d heard of him, mainly insults calling him the “cancer of youtube” and second, you knew this was gonna be a disaster because you knew you were super awkward. The reason you were so stumped by the thumbnail was because you could tell it was one of your old videos you had posted when you had first started your channel. The video was meant to be “funny” while you attempted to create a blog while visiting Disneyland with some of your close friends. In the video you would try your hardest to be as funny as you could and would go up to random people and tell them a cheesy pick up line while they in return gave you a face of disgust, it was a MESS. As your mouse hovered over the youtube video you already knew what was coming. Although the video did say some mean things about you, that you didn’t take seriously because you knew the video was cringey af, he did add some pretty cute comments like complimenting your giggle saying “I’m not gonna lie dude that was pretty fucking cute.” As you were finishing watching the video you couldn’t take the obvious smile off your face, his voice was just so endearing to you, you couldn’t seem to hold back a grin. But overall this kid was funny af. You had always enjoyed people with satire humor, because you weren’t one to take things too seriously. You decided to respond to the video so you tweeted him “@y/n: @leafyishere this is honestly one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. nice job roasting my cringey ass” Eventually he responded with “@leafyishere: @y/n anytime ;))” After these tweets you both followed each other and started @ing one another on a daily basis both of your fandoms freaking out anytime there were any interaction with the two of you. After some time he eventually got the nerve to dm you and your little heart did flips the minute you got a notification that read “message from @leafyishere: um hi there…” This is the message that then started it all. You both eventually went from twitter dms to texting constantly, then phone and Skype calls on a daily basis, you were both hooked. He always made you smile no matter what, to others he was labeled as a cyberbully and a terrible person, but to you he was the only person who could bring such happiness to your life that you couldn’t go a day without smiling over just the thought of him. Things started getting pretty serious between the two of you, soon enough the both of you expressed your deep feelings for each other and how you both appreciated each other more than anything. He always said he wanted to ask you to be his official girlfriend but it didn’t seem right to do it over the phone, his exact words were “i don’t wanna ask you over the phone though because thats just fucking dumb as shit, i wanna say it to your cute ass face in person.” Time then started to fly by and every time you talked the subject of meeting one another always came up. Distance was basically your cock blocker. He lived in Ohio and you in California so of course it was tough for both you and him to find time with your busy schedules. Nights were the times you always had your free time, but for Calvin he never knew when to take a break and spent all his time trying to make the best videos for his fans. So most of your night texts were you trying to convince him to go to sleep when eventually you couldn’t pry your eyes open any longer and would give in to the sleep and wake up feeling guilty for not staying up with him, to which he always replied saying “its fine, i can’t sleep anyways so might as well do something while I’m up.” Which broke your heart every time. 

With time you and Calvin only seemed to fall harder and harder. He helped you with all your bullshit and you helped him with his. Thats all you both needed. The desire to meet started to build up more and more during all this time, the frustration of not being able to touch and see each other started to become overwhelming. One day you started getting into your feels after watching some of his newest face cams, swooning like crazy, and you texted him curious as to why he hadn’t been relying as much as usual.


“yes cutie?”

“fuck i hate us were so cringey… anyways what are you up to?”

“watching some of your youtube videos…”

“no way i was just doing the same thing”

“you were watching your own videos?”

“no cal i was watching yours you dumbass”

“well shit my bad”

“i wanna see your face”

“uh right now?”

“no next year.. yes right now”

“someones sassy today…i like it”

“so can i see my pinecone now or what?”

“i hate you..and idk baby i kinda wanted to take a nap I’m feeling really exhausted today”


“you seem excited about my nap”

“well duh i care about your health asshole, now stop talking to me and go the fuck to sleep buh bye”

“you’ve been watching my videos way too much you’re starting to become a bully”


“night babygirl”

“night you mug”

Seeing that he was gonna take a nap you decided you could use one yourself, so you laid down and the minute you did, you knocked out. All of a sudden a ringing woke you from your sleep. With your eyes barely open you grabbed your phone and saw you were getting a FaceTime call from Cal. You panicked because you missed him so much and straightened up as much as possible to not look like death and quickly answered. The minute his face popped up on the screen you had a huge smile on your face. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you noticed he was in a building with really bright lights. “Wasn’t he suppose to be taking a god damn nap.” you thought to yourself. 

“hi baby”

“hey cal.. where are you? its so bright” you responded with a faint voice due to you just waking up

“aw did i wake you babe? sorry but i just couldn’t wait”

“wait for what?”

instead of saying anything he just flipped the camera on his phone and you noticed lots of people dragging suitcases and many people standing next to baggage claims and thats when it clicked.


“oh yeah”


“no actually I’m about to get on a spaceship right now with pewdiepie because were about to get off of this horrible planet…yes I’m here!”


As this processed through your mind you realized you looked like shit and your place was a mess and he was about 20 mins away. 

“omg i gotta go Cal i need to clean and shit. wHY DIDNT YOU WARN ME?”

“babe don’t stress. its just me. as long as i see you i don’t care about anything else. you could have shit on your walls and i wouldn’t care…okay that was a little too far.”

“ugh fine just get your cute ass here soon”

“yes ma’am”

Once the call ended you ignore what he said and made yourself look decent enough as well as your apartment. Time seemed to go by so damn slow and you waiting impatiently for Cal to arrive. Any car you heard pass by made your heart burst out of your chest. Soon enough you heard a car door close and the wheels of a suitcase make their way to the elevator. As you looked out your window you could see Cal entering the elevator. You couldn’t wait any longer so you ran out of your apartment and stood in front of the elevator doors. As you saw the levels the elevator was passing your nerves started to get the best of you, you were basically shaking from the anticipation. Finally the doors of the elevator opened and there he stood. As he looked up to get out his eyes met yours. You both never broke eye contact as he raced to you and held your face in his soft hands and kissed you like his life depended on it. You wrapped your arms around his neck bringing him as close to you as you could, never wanting any distance to come between you both ever again. As you pulled away to catch your breath, he followed your lips groaning at the loss of contact.

“i need to breath Cal” you giggled while placing your forehead on his. 

“sorry i can’t contain myself, I’ve wanted to do that for so long and now that I’ve gotten a taste i don’t thing ill ever want to stop.”

You giggled as you lightly slapped his chest making him chuckle along with you and adding on “not gonna lie dude that was pretty fucking cute.” causing you to blush more than you already were. You both stood there in the middle of the hall just taking each other in, until you realized you were just standing in the middle of the hall like idiots and walked into your apartment. As you lead him into the apartment you could feel his eyes slowly checking you out from behind and you soon enough felt him slap your butt and say “damn girl you thicc af.” making you laugh once again. Once you settled everything where it needed to be you walked into the kitchen offering him some water, but instead received complete silence. When you looked up you noticed he was leaning against the wall just staring at you with a clear smirk on his face, typical him being a tease. 



“why are you staring, its not nice to stare cal”

“hmm well then i must be evil because i can’t stop”

“loser” you said with a bright red face, to which he chuckled at.

“i can’t believe I’m here with you.. god I’m so happy right now its ridiculous”

“i can’t believe you flew all the way over here just to see me, and nice job keeping from me you’re usually a terrible liar”

“wow thanks”

“anytime” you stated with a smirk.

Most of the time you spent together on the couch without ever breaking physically contact as if fearing that it wouldn’t last as long as you both wanted it to. You joked around and said cheesy things to each other, to which you both would never admit to actually enjoying. You even had some fun in the bedroom, you had to catch up on EVERYTHING. 

“how long are you staying?” you asked while laying next to him on your bed while he brushed a piece of hair off of your face.

“as long as you want me to stay”

“well in that case your never leaving”

“are you sure you won’t get tired of me?” he laughed pulling you closer to his chest.

“never” you mumbled into his chest 



“can i ask you something?”

“of course whats up?” you looked up at him looking into his eyes.

He stared at you for a while adorning you’re face, letting his mind look over every detail of your face.

“i um, i wanted to do this face to face and now seems like a good time to bring it up..and i know its gonna be really fucking lame but well I’m pretty lame, but thats besides the point… um.. do you maybe wanna… fuck omg I’m so embarrassing…will you be my official girlfriend?” he stumbled saying with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“are you kidding me? is that even a question? of fucking course i do..why else would i call you my pinecone, that’s a pretty clear hint.”

“god you’re fucking great.” he said with a chuckle.

Although you weren’t certain if he was staying forever or about your future, which seemed legit especially since he even brought his set up to make youtube videos while visiting you, you decided to live in the moment as you both slowly let the serenity take over until you were both sound asleep, that was the one night he slept peacefully, with you by his side.

This was the moment you woke up, realizing your surroundings and seeing his figure lie next to you. You just couldn’t believe it, he was here, it was real, and you weren’t letting go anytime soon. Although the future seemed complicated in figuring out how to manage your relationship with the distance and the busy schedules, you didn’t care at the moment. Right now you had him, right now he was yours, right now nothing could stop you from feeling what you felt for this boy. 

“thank you,” you whispered to the sleeping boy, “thank you for making me feel this way..”

“anytime babygirl, anytime..” 

—————————————————————— holy shit that was bad I’m really sorry, i actually really tried but it just turned out supper cheesy and lame, and i also apologize for any spelling mistakes or any mistakes on the calvin facts, like i said before i just got into his stuff and I’m not too confident on his background. 

but anyways if you have any request PLS don’t hesitate to ask, I’m free for anything and ill try my best:))

xoxo esmi

Proving a Point {S.M}

requested// imagine where there are girls at school who are bullying you for dating Shawn, and he does something to prove a point to them

author’s note// lol i have already done one like this and yah idk maybe i will improve or something turn up??


“It is fine, really.” You mumbled, buckling your seat belt. Shawn was absolutely fuming, it seemed. It seemed like he wanted to punch someone square in the face. He never ever looked like that. He was the calmest guy you had ever met. Like he never got mad. You had gotten into one fight in all three years you had been dating. Arguments, sure, but it never got heated. But you had never seen him this way. 

“No, no it is not okay.” His jaw clenched, as if he were about to scream or something. “It is not okay that those girls are saying those things to you. It isn’t right. You shouldn’t be… punished just for being in love.” He grumbled, his knuckles turning white against the steering wheel. The vein in his neck was about to burst out of his neck, it seemed. He was so mad that some stupid girls at school were making fun of you because you were sixteen and Shawn was eighteen and you were dating. Of course, there were some girls who thought you were the coolest person in the world and would do next to anything to be your friend, but you never bought in. You stuck to your small group of friends. You liked some of the attention, some underclassman looking at you like you were some sort of Goddess. Then there were the popular girls, who were probably just jealous that some girl who was no where near the top of the social ladder was dating an award winning pop star. They were jealous so they harassed you, basically. They made fun of the photos you posted on Instagram, and the comments you left on the posts, and they really couldn’t seem to let that time that Shawn had surprised you at lunch and you spit out your milk you were so excited. They always commented on how you were sixteen whilst he was eighteen, and how that was technically illegal that you guys were dating. 

“Shawn, they are just jealous that their boyfriends aren’t celebrities.” You leaned over and kissed his cheek, which Hannah, the leader, saw and looked at all of her other friends and gagged. You sighed, thinking the ones where the joked about you and Shawn being sickening were the worst of all the jokes. Shawn didn’t really seem to care about the fact that it didn’t bother you all that much. Because it bothered him all that much. 

“That doesn’t give them the right to say, ‘Look guys, Y/n’s boyfriend is here! Grab your ponchos!’ Is there something wrong with him or something?” He looks over at the group of girls who were sitting in the courtyard just a couple yards away from Shawn’s truck. He glared at them, putting his arms up in utter confusion. The entire group of girls lost it in a fit of laughter, thinking it was the funniest thing that Shawn was fighting back. The whole thing was dumb. Dumb high school girls being annoying and petty. Laughing at a relationship they want, simply because they don’t have it. It wasn’t that big of a deal. Well, to you. Shawn started to open his door, to get out.

“Shawn st-” He turned around for a second. He grabbed your hand for a moment, looking deep into your eyes. 

“I love you, and I do not at all want these dumb girls making fun of you and borderline harassing you. I need to stop it. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I could’ve stopped it.” He gave you a small side, smile and slipped out of the car, leaving the door open so you could hear. 

“Can I help you?” Shawn hollered to the courtyard, which was pretty close, so he didn’t need to. He probably did it to assert dominance or something. His arms crossed, and it was good he was wearing the grey sweater that still showed his forearms which has some incredible muscles and showed off his tattoo. He looked super hot. 

“Excuse me?” Hannah laughed, walking a little closer to Shawn, her entire posse following close behind her. Shawn took his sunglasses off, and narrowed his eyes at her. 

“Why are you bothering my girlfriend?” He spat, shooting absolute daggers at them. One girl with gorgeous chocolate skin and beautiful heels started to look panicked. She didn’t seem all that fond of a celebrity calling her out. 

“You mean your underage girlfriend?” Hannah shot back, the other two girls giggling a little. The girl with the beautiful skin started to get a little more nervous it seemed. 

“Hannah, come on le-” Hannah put her hand up to her face. 

“Shut up, Normani. I have been waiting for this chance.” Her face spread with a wide smirk as she flipped her golden hair and then crossed her arms. 

“She’s two years younger than me, it isn’t an issue.” Shawn almost growled. Hannah started laughing even harder, unable to contain herself almost. It seemed extremely staged and fake, but it sure was loud. 

“She’s a skinny, ugly little sixteen year old. She’s a joke! It’s even more of a joke that a celebrity is dating her! It’s absolutely hysterical! It could be a Disney Channel television show!” Hannah managed to get out in between cackles. You rolled your eyes, as if you hadn’t heard that one a billion and seven times before. They really needed to get some better jokes, ones that you hadn’t heard over four times in one day. 

“But I love her.” Your heart skipped a beat every single time he said stuff like that, especially to other people. You feel like you are going into cardiac arrest just when he says how much he loves you during interviews, much less defending you by saying how much he loves you. “I love her so much. She is the most beautiful girl in the world. None of the girls in all of Hollywood hold a candle to her. Don’t you dare call her anything less than that.” You thought he was about to jump on them, but he didn’t. He just stood there while they continued to laugh. 

“Okay, sure. Whatever you say!” One redheaded girl whose name you swore was Alisha. Alice? I don’t know. 

“Allison, come on! Don’t humor him that way!” Allison, that’s it. Her name was Allison. “It’s rude to lie. You wear contacts, Alli, right? Maybe you could recommend him to an eye doctor. He obviously isn’t seeing very well!” Hannah cackled again, sounding like an absolute witch. 

“I can see just fine. I can see well enough to know you’re a bitch.” Shawn quickly turned around and got back into the car, slamming the door behind him. 

“Oh my God, S-” He cut you off again and started the engine. 

“Don’t look back at them. It’ll show you care.” You did as he said and didn’t look back at the girls who constantly bothered you. “We don’t care.” Shawn muttered. He pulled out of your school’s parking lot and out on the road. 

“I love you for doing that.” You smiled, reaching over and grabbing his hand that wasn’t gripped onto the steering wheel. 

“Yeah, well I wouldn’t tell off some teenage girls in sparkly clothes if I didn’t love you.” He looked over for a second and smiled, taking your hand and lacing his long fingers with yours. 

“I don’t really care about them, yanno. I mean I have my friends and you like my friends. They don’t mind we are dating, they think it’s cool! They don’t treat me any differently. Plus, those awful girls weren’t exactly nice to me before.” You shrugged. 

“Well, I don’t like it when anyone is rude to you. I love you more than anyone and when you hurt I hurt. Hopefully, after that you never have to deal with them again.” He smiled again. 

You kinda had the best boyfriend in the world. 

author’s note// I made y/n get off track to show she didn’t care that much idk it was friggin dumb sorry. and yes theres a curse word no i don’t curse but it was the only word that made sense. idk this sucks sorry. 

Jumin Han Fic Ch 6

Helloooooooo my babies~ Well well well, look what the cat dragged in. ME. I am so sorry that I have been kinda not been posting- I was sick and then I had final exams and such and it’s just been hard D: This chapter had been long overdue and it has literally been sitting on my desktop so yeah. WELP HERE IT IS INSTALLMENT 6 OF THE FIC~
If you have not caught up then fear, not my kiddies- here are the previous chapters;

Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5




He couldn’t believe his eyes. Here he was, Jumin Han, Director of C & R International, standing outside of her house. If someone had told him that he was going to be doing so, six months ago he would have laughed in their face and possibly even sued them for even coming up with that ridiculous idea. Him? Pining for a woman so much that he goes out of his way to meet them? Non-sense.

Yet here he was, he sacrificed the comfort of his dear Elizabeth to that monster, Luciel, in order to find this girl, his ears craved hearing her smile, his eyes begged to see her smile just one more time. He was desperate, becoming greedy, needing to see her, wanting her.

He rang the doorbell of a worn down home. It was so tattered it was practically falling apart. He wondered if Luciel had given him the wrong address, surely MC did not live here, in such harsh conditions?

The door opened and he felt his heart possibly stop beating. Attractive women were always throwing themselves at him but he never felt any sort of pull towards them. Here she was, standing there her hair tied and in casual clothing, looking more appealing to him than any woman had in his entire life. He became that he was staring at her once again, mesmerized by her beauty, he cleared his throat and fiddled with his tie, “You hadn’t shown up to class this week, so as a courtesy I brought you some notes. I believe a thank you is in the works? Or do you commoners simply not use that word?”

He kicked himself, knowing that surely that would annoy her. She went on and on about how she hated him and how he had money, acting entitled would not get him anywhere. He was about to clarify and hope to rephrase his previous statement when two children popped out from behind MC. “OOOH who’s that your boyfriend?” they asked curiously.

Jumin felt all the blood rush to his head, the thought of becoming her significant other made him incredibly happy for some reason. Was this why he felt so desperate and greedy for her attention? Had he begun to fall in love with her? He heard her let out a small laugh affectionately at the two boys and his heart soared with desire, oh how he wished he could be the source of her joy, of her smile.

He felt a tug on his hand, and saw that he was looking into the same beautiful big brown eyes that MC had on her own face, the little boy looked strikingly similar to MC, and he hoped that it was her sibling. The little boy pulled him into her home and she asked him if it was okay. He simply looked at her, feeling an overwhelming urge to kiss her but he restrained himself and his urge and strode into the house. “Being in love is quite vexing,” he thought to himself.

Surprisingly, Jumin found himself, enjoying himself. His home was probably triple the size of this one but he never felt so comfortable before. There was a warm aura surrounding him. He spoke to the children, growing quite fond of them and spoke to MC. He was already quite fond of her as well, but yet again he felt himself hunger for more. He was caught in a trance, thoughts of her filling his mind when the children once again pulled him.

“Hey Mister, do you like like my sister” the young girl whispered in his ear, a devilish smirk appearing on her face.

He looked at the four kids, as he felt a deep blush creep onto his face once again. He slowly nodded, losing the ability to speak. The simple action sent the kids squealing, MC scolded them and sent them on their way. She turned to him and he felt his heart pitter-patter as it often did when he was with her. “Would you like to stay for dinner? It may not be some five-star restaurant food but it doesn’t taste so bad?”

He agreed. He had never had a home cooked meal before it couldn’t hurt to try. He watched as MC began making plates for him and the kids. He couldn’t but imagine how it must be to eat her cooking every day, to be on the receiving end of her love and affection.

“MC, I really appreciate this. I am sorry to impose on you but thank you for the meal.” He saw a pink flush lightly twinge her chubby cheeks before she briskly turned around, he felt the urge to only tease her more but he contained himself. It would be all too selfish to force his emotions onto her, he did not even know how to express himself clearly, how could he possibly expect her to reciprocate them. He needed to earn and become worthy of her affection. He had all the money in the world but for once even money couldn’t solve his problem and that only made him crave for her more.

The four children barreling down the stairs interrupted his thoughts; MC placed a bowl in front of him, filled to the brim with some noodle dish. He looked at it quizzically as the children seated themselves around him. “What’s wrong mister? You don’t like ramen? Our sister makes the best ramen in the whole wide world!” the youngest boy, who he was growing quite fond of, exclaimed with a dimpled smile.

“I apologize, but my chef has never prepared ramen for me before. It will be my first time trying it. You are sure it tastes good? Because if not I will be holding you personally responsible young man” he said as he lightly tapped the young boy’s nose, which left him squealing.

It was funny, even with one of the most renowned chef’s in the world, he had never tasted something so delicious before in his entire life. He felt himself shoveling more food into his mouth, copying the children as they hurriedly slurped their noodles. MC had quite the look on her face, Jumin felt that pressing urge to kiss her once again. She was looking at him was gentle eyes and a soft smile. He felt the need to clutch his chest. “Oh, what that girl does to me!” he thought to himself.

He found himself laughing with the children after enjoying the meal. He always ate his meals alone, in his giant penthouse. Sometimes if he was lucky, Elizabeth would accompany him as well. Even so, he felt something oddly fulfilling eating in this tiny home with MC and her little family. He had never experienced such joy before in his life. He never wanted to leave, he pined to spend more time with the kids and MC, he wanted to eat more meals with them and spend more time with them. He felt a twinge in his heart, sure he had his father, but he was never really able to experience a family and spending quality time with them.

As the children piled out, he watched as MC began cleaning up. He felt extremely guilty, here he is, imposing on her and she has to go through all of this extra work. “MC, please, take this money, as compensation for my encumbrance” he said as he pulled out a wad of bills from his wallet.

“Ah, it seems, I have yet again said the wrong this” he thought to himself as received her cold glare. However, it was short-lived, much to his surprise.

“Jumin, if you would like to repay me, why don’t you come over and help me wash the dishes? I’ll wash, you dry?” she said, as she turned back again.

First, the spontaneous visit, then the ramen and now Jumin Han was going to be doing household work. Something he never attempted before. He was experiencing many “firsts” with MC, he found himself enjoying himself. Expanding his horizon, now if only he could find a way for her to reciprocate his feeling, he wouldn’t ask for anything else after that.

WHOOO. So thanks for readin the fic, you amazing lovely creature you. So while I was bedridden and dying, I actually came up with quite a few AU idea’s. Unfortunately the majority of them are for our deep story characters! and one for possibly Choi Twins but idk yet. So as always thank you so so much for sending me requests and showing me so much support it seriously means SO MUCH <3 UGH I LOVE YOU GUYS AND IF YOU EVER WANNA CHAT OR VENT OR WHATEVER I GOTCHU GUYS, MUAH XOXO.

anonymous asked:

So,,, I love ur international idol and Victor/Yurio hcs, so for some angst (if thats okay) could I ask how they react when, while away on work, they hear their s/o has gone into shock and sent to the hospital? If that's okay!! Thank you very much!!

OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS. I LOVE WRITING ANGST AND HURTING MY OWN HEART. I’ve only had mostly fluffy things and I really love angst and not knowing how things end and stuff like that. I’m glad you like my other headcanons (Which can be read here). Thank you for this request!  (and thank you for being so polite omg tbh some people don’t say please or thank you when requesting things and I’m kind of like ???? manners pls) Also, these headcanons are not like my other ones; they’re not going to be as funny, since they’re angsty.

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • It’s another night of separation for you and Viktor, and it’s been almost three weeks since you’ve last seen him
  • He’s at your shared home and you’re in Switzerland for a photoshoot of sorts
  • maybe for sexy swimwear???? idk you decide wink wonk
  • He’s getting ready to give you a call to tell you goodnight and how much he loves you
  • But, to his surprise, you call him before he could dial your number
  • He always calls first, so it’s a surprise to him. But he’s noticed how tired and stressed you’ve seemed over the phone the last week, and your ‘i miss you’ texts have multiplied considerably in number
  • Viktor’s surprised expression changes to a knowing smirk real quick
  • “Heheh they must be excited and can’t wait to ‘say goodnight’ to me omg you sexy animal”
  • He answers the call with a “Hey, baby~”
  • But the reaction he is looking for isn’t what he gets at all
  • The way his smirk falls into a devastated expression is worthy of being in a movie
  • but this aint acting; no Oscar for this too-real performance
  • Your manager is who calls him; they say you were walking to your hotel after the photoshoot and a huge crowd of paparazzi came out of nowhere
  • There were no bodyguards around, and your manager was the only one there with you
  • A photographer from the crowd had grabbed your arm and scared you more in the already-stressful situation, and you immediately had a poor reaction
  • Your manager noticed how pale and sweaty you looked, and managed to get you away from the crowd and into a small store
  • Inside the store, your manager barely touched your cold, sweaty hand before you went into psychogenic shock, passing out and falling to the floor
  • The employees of the business called an ambulance when you didn’t respond for a while, and you were still receiving treatment
  • Viktor keeps the phone while he rushes around, packing a bag and getting his jacket
  • He bombards your manager with questions
  • “Are they awake yet? Can I talk to my love? Who’s taking care of them?”
  • He tells your manager to get you a room at the hospital, and that he’ll be there before the sun rises
  • Viktor rushes to the airport and gets on the first plane to Switzerland. The wait for the flight to leave isn’t long, but he’s shaking the entire time
  • He continues to text your phone in hopes that you will answer, but to no avail
  • The entire flight is torture, and he accidentally snaps at a flight attendant who makes a comment about his composure
  • When he finally arrives in Switzerland, he’s able to get to the hospital you’re at quite quickly.
  • He looks like a maniac, frantically sprinting through the halls of the hospital trying to find your room
  • And when he does find you, the sight of your cold, pale skin brings him to tears
  • Seeing your beautiful body lifeless in a hospital bed is too much for him to handle
  • He sits in a chair next to you and holds your hand while he sobs into the blankets covering you, murmuring apologizes about not being there and for not protecting you
  • After a few hours of crying, he notices the natural light has changed in the room
  • He looks out the window at the bright pink sunrise, holding your limp hand in his warm one
  • Viktor knows you need to rest, but he just wishes you were awake to see it

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri is sitting alone in his room with his music blasting into his ears
  • He’s being all pouty and cute because he misses you while you’re away
  • He really tried get his schedule to work out, but it just couldn’t happen this time :(
  • You were in France to shoot a designer perfume commercial, but Yuri had to stay back due to his skating
  • The phone ringing interrupted his brooding, but a less-annoyed expression crossed his face when he saw that it was you calling
  • When he answers the phone and it’s not you, he gets angry
  • Your manager tells him in the phone call that you came into contact with your allergen by accident
  • The lunch you had on set contained the allergen, and you immediately went into anaphylactic shock
  • The crew immediately called an ambulance, and your manager did the best they could to keep you breathing and calm for as long as possible
  • It was difficult to keep calm, since people were panicking in trying to get a grip on the situation
  • By the time the ambulance had arrived, you were barely capable of breathing on your own and your face had swollen significantly
  • Your manager said you are currently in a room at the hospital, and you responded well to the treatment
  • Yuri’s anger really set in when your manager told him you hadn’t woken up yet, and the incident had happened almost six hours earlier
  • “This happened six hours ago, and you didn’t bother to even give me a hint that something was going on? You really are a piece of shit.”
  • When your manager apologizes,Yuri promises to see them in a few hours and hangs up the phone
  • Yuri marches through the airport with his quickly packed luggage, and gets on a full-service flight to France
  • He scowls the entire trip, and even glares at the flight attendant that gives him his complimentary cookie
  • In France, he takes a taxi to the hospital you’re at without leaving a tip for the driver
  • Before heading up to your room, he stops at the convenience store to get you some gifts and himself a snack
  • Yuri comes into your hospital room with a bunch of balloons and a kitten stuffed animal in his hands
  • When he sees you in the hospital bed and on oxygen, he can feel his heart split in half
  • He carefully sets the balloons in a corner and takes a seat in the chair next to your bed
  • The kitten stuffed animal is carefully placed on your stomach, and Yuri gently moves your arm so you’re cuddling it against your body
  • He can’t help but smirk to himself about how cute you would look if you weren’t at a hospital recovering from a near-death experience
  • The blank expression on your face and beeping of monitors hooked up to you haunt him; they make him want to be sick
  • He wants to be sad, but he can’t control his anger once your manager enters the room
  • Yuri stands up from his chair and charges at your manager, pinning them against the wall with his forearm across their chest
  • He stands on his tiptoes and yells right into your manager’s face
  • “You shithead! You are such an incompetent fuck! This is your fault! You know about their allergy! This wouldn’t have happened if you would’ve done your fucking job right! Once this is all over and (Y/N) is back home safe, you’re going to be out of a fucking job, because I’m going to fire you!”
  • He then grabs the collar of your manager’s shirt and shoves them out of your room before quietly closing the door behind them, making sure not to wake you while you rest
  • Yuri takes his seat beside you and holds your hand, letting a few tears of anger and sadness fall down his cheeks
  • Oh, how he wishes you would wake up, so he can see your beautiful smile again
  • It’s only been a day or two, but it feels like an eternity since he’s last seen it
War Of Hormones (BTS x Reader)

Requested by got-seoul7: Can you make a scenario where all the BTS boys like the reader and they all try super hard to win reader’s heart but you know Suga got that swag so reader chooses him (or Jhope cuz his smile is sunshine, OR BOTH *gasp*Idk) ? Please and thank you c: 

[[A/N: I don’t know if you can tell haha but I tried to inspire myself from a couple of their songs (and I also jumbled up lyrics together) … It turned out to be longer than I expected]]


The morning bell rings thus the scene sets with hundreds of students rushing through the school entrance. However, here you were. Taking your time. Waking up early and getting ready for school was a struggle. Walking to school was a struggle. School was a struggle in general. You felt someone barge in to you on your way to the school gates, you felt as if all your energy had been drained from your body - simply too tired to deal with this person, it was literally too early for this shit. But then the person turned around to flash you a mischievous smirk. “Taehyung wait!” yelled a familiar voice behind as you felt someone run into you causing you to fall on to your bottom in an ungraceful manner. Taehyung was the class clown who continuously teased you at every opportunity he would get which was aggravating to you but apparently amusing to him. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” Jungkook lent you a hand so that you could stand up on your feet. Jungkook was Taehyung’s best friend - little did you know that Jungkook had a massive crush on you regardless of the fact that Taehyung also really liked you. 

“I’m fine” you mumbled commencing to look around so that no one had noticed how you fell. Jungkook felt relieved as a faint smile drew on his lips “Oh _____, don’t forget to meet me at the library at lunch.” 

You had no idea what he was talking about and you couldn’t remember ever agreeing to meet him at the library but you played along with it - nodding your head at his comment. 

“Yah! Jungkook! Are you coming or what?” Taehyung yelled with a hint of slight anger. Jungkook waved goodbye at you before joining Taehyung who winked whilst biting his bottom lip at you.

The day began with maths. Maths was one of the subjects you detested but, was actually quite good at - you just couldn’t understand how it was relevant to your life. Did you really need to know how many triangles Mary obtained in a container if Peter stole three quarters of them? Anyways, maths wasn’t only a pain because of the actual subject itself. Maths was torture because of this one guy who sat across the classroom, in the corner at the far back. Jin came from a rich family but he wasn’t your stereotypical rich kid … He was different, he seemed to like isolating himself from others - he was that one mysterious guy which no one knew about but everyone seemed to really like him. You always caught him staring at you through the use of your peripheral view and sometimes you would fully turn around to look at him but, he would not drop his gaze, he would simply just allow his eyes to stare straight into your own. This guy observed you from a distance every single maths lesson. Oh god, his glare was so intense - it didn’t help that he consistently threw intense glares at you, all the girls in your class were heads over heels for him yet he took no interest in them, it was only you. He had a way of making you feel immensely intimidated, both by his beauty and by him in general. His stare gave the impression that he was going to prey on you like a famished predator. 20 minutes of the lesson had passed and you could still feel his gaze burning into your back. You couldn’t take much more of this any more so you put your hand up so your teacher could allow you to go to the toilet. 

You took a couple steps in the hall before you could hear someone’s feet heavily dragging themselves behind you. Hastily, you began to quicken your pace … So did whoever was behind you. You were ready to break out into a run but the person had grabbed on to your wrist. 

“Hello” Jin’s voice had travelled to your ear, sending chills down your back. You didn’t know why but there was something about him that seriously scared you. 

“What?” you mumbled not daring to turn around. 

That’s when Jin’s hand moved to grab your shoulder and in a swift movement he had shoved you into the wall … You began to believe that it was his signature move - the amount of times you’ve seen him do that to other girls in the school was unbelievable. For a moment you honestly thought he was going to beat the hell out of you, so you attempted to discretely move to your left however he prevented you from leaving by resting his hands either side of you on the wall. 

“I said, hello.” You shifted in discomfort doing everything in your power to avoid eye contact with him which for some odd reason had made him chuckle ever so gently. You didn’t reply back because you just wanted him to go away. 

“You don’t want to talk?” you shook your head slightly unsure if you had made the right decision “That’s fine____, let’s go take a walk.” 

His fingers clutched tightly on to your wrist as he pulled you away “Jin?” you said in almost a whisper, he just threw a quick glance at you before taking a turn to follow the way to the science hallway. 

“Jin! Where are you taking me?!” he let go of your wrist and looked around to see if anyone else was there. He managed to open the door of a classroom that wasn’t currently in use, carefully pushing you inside before holding on to the handle and standing in front of the door to disallow you to leave. 

“Jin, I really don’t have time for this I’m going to be late for my next lesson.” 

He tilted his head to the side “_____~ah, are you scared of me?” 

You looked at him squinting your eyes slightly, taking a long time before replying to him “No” 

With his hand still on the handle he takes a step towards you, so you would shuffle backwards quite quickly “No? Are you sure? It’s just that every time I try to talk to you, you seem so eager to get away from me. I might not speak a lot but I do see an awful lot … There’s something about you that can’t seem to keep me away. My eyes always seem to stare at you, my thoughts only seem to be replaced by you. I like you … My only real wish is you.” His eyes glistened as they shifted from one of your eye to the other  

“But Jin, I don’t feel the same way. I like someone else.” 

Jin sighed allowing a cocky smirk to present itself on his lips “Say what you want, either way it’s not going to stop me from doing anything … I will be your man, just watch” You furrowed your eyebrows as his hand let go of the door handle enabling you to leave the classroom.

Next lesson was art. The only lesson that you actually enjoyed. You went on one of the computer’s in the art room to research an artist your teacher had previously assigned you homework on. Taehyung covered your eyes whilst you were typing something up. 

“Guess who?” he huskily spoke near your ear 

“No, go away, I need to finish my work.” 

He took his hands away from your eyes but started tickling your sides, you tried so hard not to have an outburst of giggles though you couldn’t exactly help it. You squealed so loud to the point that everyone had their eyes on you and Taehyung. Your art teacher simply gave Taehyung a stern look to warn him to leave you alone. Taehyung stepped away from you - pretending that nothing ever happened. You took the time to compose yourself before typing again on the keyboard. This time, Taehyung had approached you again once he knew that the class’ attention was no longer on you and him. He stood behind you and put his hands on both of your cheeks, controlling your head movements with his hands. Of course, you chose to ignore him though this only seemed to encourage him. He started pinching your cheeks gently before gradually pinching slightly harder to a harmless extent - it didn’t hurt, it was just annoying. You looked up at him as he looked down at you, his rectangular smile appearing at the sight of your exasperated expression “_____ you look so cute with your cheeks like that.” 

You squinted your eyes in irritation “You’re squeezing my face. Please stop.” He let go of your face but then took a seat next to you. 

“______ can I tell you something from the bottom of my heart?” 

You caught a glimpse of him, it looked like what ever it was he wanted to talk about was pretty serious “Not now, tell me later.” 

You fixated your eyes on the screen. Taehyung snatched the mouse away from you, saving your work before turning off the computer. 

“Why are you being like this? Are you playing with me? I need to tell you something and you’re just ignoring me. Why are you shaking up my heart?! Stop confusing me!” 

You blinked several times completely puzzled with his sudden change “What the hell?”

 He bit his bottom lip in frustration “Isn’t it obvious by now? Isn’t it obvious that I like you, that I care about you. I would do anything girl, but would you do the same? You know, it hurts so much because of you … Do you even care about me?” 

Your eyebrows rose in astonishment “It’s not like that - you just tease me so much and you constantly make me mad.” 

He looked away from you, prominently exhaling to calm his nerves “Why do you think I always make you mad?” you shrugged in response “You really don’t know? I’m just trying to get your attention, I want you to notice me. I want you to love me the way I love you. Just give me a chance … If not now then, give me just one day.” 

You scratched the back of your neck murmuring under your breath “Please let me do my work.” 

He blatantly did not listen to you - adding on to what he was saying “From head to toes you’re the best. You’re perfect for me, why can’t you see that? Can you imagine … Just one day, if only I can be with you.” You could feel heat rush to your cheeks as they began to flush a soft shade of pink. “See, it’s so evident that we’re both right for each other yet you play so hard to get.” You got up readying yourself to leave when he said something - he believed to have mumbled it but you heard it loud and clear “Continue playing hard to get and I’ll kick your butt.” 

You gave him a disdainful look “What the hell is the matter with you?!” 

His eyes found yours, however his were full of vulnerability “You’re making me like this. You’re so bad yet I still love you.” 

It was still way too early for you to be dealing with this shit, this wasn’t the first time that Taehyung had told you about his feelings and you felt as though it definitely won’t be the last.

The bell for break rang. You found it so suspicious that both Jin and Taehyung had decided to confess to you. Jin’s confession shocked you the most as you always believed that he despised you but you already knew about Taehyung’s feelings towards you which was stressful because you didn’t have any feelings for either of them, at least not the way they did for you. Just the thought of being in a relationship with Jin traumatised you - you didn’t want to be pushed into a wall every single day, he was a bit way too spontaneous for your liking anyways. And then the thought of being in a relationship with Taehyung traumatised you even more … There was something wrong with that boy. How could he just threaten to kick your butt for not wanting him? Who in their right mind does that? 

“Hello _____, you look beautiful today” A cute guy named Jimin made his way towards you. 

“Thank you, Jimin.” 

There was something about Jimin that you really liked, he was different to most guys. He gifted you with nice compliments and always brought you small special things. It started off with notes that brightened your day to flowers. Speaking of flowers, today Jimin didn’t bring you any - which was odd. Jimin was a sweet guy but sadly, you only saw him as a friend plus he was in the same ‘clique’ as the guy you liked, so if you chose Jimin or just as much got romantically involved with him it would cause many problems, that you weren’t ready to be the cause of any arguments. 

“_____, I’m nervous - I really want to get closer to you even if it’s just as friends. So I would really like it if we could eat together at lunch … And talk … Maybe” 

You gently patted his shoulder “Aw Jimin you’re honestly so sweet. If only there were more guys like you in the world. I would love to eat at lunch with you but I can’t because I already promised Jungkook that I would help him out with something at lunch.” 

Jimin’s face constructed itself in pure disappointment “Who’s Jungkook?”

Your jaw could have dropped at Jimin’s comment, you could have sworn you’d seen him hang out with Jungkook and Taehyung before. 

Third lesson - music. This was the lesson where you would drift off and daydream to free your mind from current thoughts. You never paid attention to anything in this class. Today however was performance day and you only had to listen to everyone so that you could appreciate people’s hidden talents. 

“Who would like to go first?” Your teacher’s eyes focused on you as he spoke. 

“Oh, seonsaengnim, I’d like to go first.” A deep voice beside you spoke. 

It was Namjoon - a popular and super intelligent guy who was part of a ‘clique’ full of wannabe rappers, of course, he was the only one who showed true potential. 

Your hips and your thighs and your everything fine. I’m sorry maybe I’m too rational, I feel like I’m crazy, crazy. Thank you for existing. You’re making a big boy act like a kid but I’ll turn things around from just knowing each other to becoming lovers. I told you how I really felt. Baby, you should know you change all my negatives to positives. You put up your thorns but I can see you’re a rose, the person who’s making my heart race again is you. I want to be your oppa, I want to be recognised differently than the other dudes. I’ll be kissing you all the time girl. I can take my eyes off you but I can’t take my heart off you. Today is happier than yesterday so please, don’t look at me as if you’re looking at a stranger. What am I to you girl what am I to you? I do love you crazy uh do you?’ 

He stopped rapping but you were so surprised at the change of the song, you didn’t expect him to start shouting into the microphone like a madman. 

“Namjoon oppa, who was the song about?” Said a girl that sat on the same table as you and Namjoon. All he had to do was look at you and it was clear who he was talking about. Why was everyone confessing to you today? Either way, if they thought they were going to win you over by the use of aggression then they were wrong. 

Namjoon sat down next to you “So what did you think?” 

You simply stared at him as your eyes widened “I don’t know - it was just - did you have to make it so public?” 

He looked at you with a blank expression on his face, saying “Yes.”

P.E was fourth but you managed to sneak out to go watch the basketball match that was taking place in the sport hall. You sat on the bench to watch your best friend - Suga. He was also part of a small ‘clique’ with wannabe rappers who were rival to Namjoon’s clique. Suga may appear cold and distant towards others but he’s always been there for you since you were children. A while ago, he had confessed to you but you felt as if you were too close to him to start a relationship with him though that didn’t stop you from flirting together.

 So far, Suga’s team was winning. They had a small break in which Suga noticed you and blew you a kiss therefore you pretended to catch it. He came to take a seat next to you “Thank you for coming, it means a lot to me.” 

You smiled to yourself, shyly “No problem, you’re always there for me so it’s only right that I’m here for you.” 

He shook his head confusing you a bit “No, it means so much to me that you’re there. I’m not good at romance and things but I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. I want you by my side at all times - before I go to sleep and after I wake up. Yes, maybe you’re more comfortable being friends instead of lovers but I still want you.” 

The basketball coach was vigorously waving his hands in the air as he shouted Suga’s name “Get here right now! There’s no time to flirt, we have a game to finish.” Suga nodded and before he stood up, he placed a soft kiss on your cheek. That kiss alone just concealed so much of his emotions at the time that you almost felt something for him - you weren’t quite sure what it was, but you definitely felt something.

Lunch came around pretty quickly, and in the matter of seconds you were in the library with Jungkook, helping him with a piece of homework yet he understood everything he was supposed to do. “You don’t need my help, you know what you’re doing.” 

His signature bunny smile appeared on his face “I know … I just wanted to spend some time with you.” 

You raised an eyebrow looking at him in disbelief “Why?” 

He stopped doing his work and leaned back in his seat “Because I like you. I hope there’ll be a miracle of you loving me more than I love you - I’m so hungry for your love, _____.” 

You just stared at him blankly “Are you not Taehyung’s best friend? How would he feel knowing his best friend is trying to get with the same girl he likes?”

 Jungkook shrugged his shoulders “I don’t care, do you realise that if I have you I’ve accomplished everything.” You looked away from him, distracting yourself with your phone “_____, can you turn off your phone? I know you’re not interested but I’ll have you, just watch.” 

You felt someone take a seat next to you - placing some sort of container of food in front of you. 

“I made you something. I didn’t buy you a flower today but I made some lunch for you and it meant a lot for me if you could eat with me so considering you can’t do that I brought it to you here.” Jimin said whilst doing aegyo. 

“Oh my god, are you stupid? She’s not even supposed to eat in the library. First of all, who are you and why are you trying to talk to my girl as if she even likes you.” 

Jimin was taken aback by Jungkook’s comment “Your girl? Are you - are you okay? Are you delusional or something? _____ isn’t yours, she’s soon to be mine.” 

Jungkook stood from his seat raising his voice at Jimin “Can you not hear properly?! I said why are you trying to talk to MY girl as if she even likes you? You think you can win her over with a couple plants and food. She obviously prioritised me over your stupid lunch, so take a hint and leave.” 

You then stood up “You really need to stop fighting, it’s pointless because I don’t have feelings for either of you. You lot are acting like 5 year old children fighting over the same toy - I am not a toy, I am neither of your possessions, so if you don’t mind, I’ll be leaving now.” You got ready to leave, but Jimin called out your name.

“_____~ah!! Don’t forget your lunch.” 

Jungkook sneered “It looks disgusting anyways.” Impatiently, you left with the container of food because let’s face it you were starving.

As soon as you were out of the library you felt someone slap the container out of your hands and the food fell all over the floor. You were quite pissed - you knew exactly who it was. 

“What the hell is the matter with you? You are so annoying. Do you know that I’ve not eaten all day? That was my only chance to eat.” 

Taehyung smirked at you coming closer to you causing you to back into the library door “My love is enough to keep you full - just give me a chance, we’re obviously meant to be-” He got pushed off of you by Jin who proceeded to grab your wrist dragging you along for the second time today. 

“So I leave you alone for a few hours and you’re already on to another guy. It’s driving me crazy, I just want to love you. I’m warning you now, stop confusing me.” 

You tried wriggling your hand out of his grip “Jin, I’m not on another guy - that guy came to me.” 

Jin exaggeratedly sighed “Stop lying. Have you seen me? Why would you need any other guy when you’ve got me? I can treat you right - I’ll treat you better than all these other kids because I’m a man. I’m the only man you ever need” He let go of your wrist and cupped your face in his hands as his face started becoming dangerously close to yours. You closed your eyes secretly hoping that someone - anyone could take you away. Wishes apparently came true because you felt someone yanking you away from Jin. The person then opened a classroom door, shoving Jin inside and locking him in there. 

“Thank you so much.” you said turning to look at the person. Namjoon slowly shook his head “Don’t thank me, you’re in danger.”

Namjoon shot you a menacing glare “Listen, the fuck do you think this is? I’m so done with you playing me for a fool. My heart isn’t a game so stop playing with it. You have me wrapped around your finger - I am at your mercy because I’m always below you, understand? It’s like I’m carrying you on my shoulders, I can’t do anything. Baby stop playing hard to get, c’mon show me what you got.” 

Another voice interrupted “She won’t be showing you anything. Stay away from her. Honestly, if you don’t want any trouble stay away.”

Finally you caught on, Namjoon didn’t only want you because he liked you, but because - he knew that it would hurt Suga more than anything to see you and Namjoon as a couple. 

“_____ jinjja? You would sink that low and choose him over me.” 

You ran your fingers through your hair feeling nervous “I didn’t chose anyone. Suga you’re my best friend, don’t act like we’ve not been through this before. If you don’t want to comprehend how I feel towards you then maybe we shouldn’t be friends at all.” 

He nodded indicating that he was partially listening to you “You’re willing to throw away years and years of friendship because of what? Because I can’t control the way I feel about you.” 

A wave of guilt washed over you “No … It’s because you’re forcing me. Do you think that I’m going to like you if you try to force me like that? I’m sure you know that’s not how you get a girl - especially not me.”

“Jagiya” Another voice came, the voice of J-Hope. 

Jin started hitting so hard on the door that he managed to break it open “Yah! Why are you calling her ‘jagiya’? Do you not know that she belongs to me?” 

J-Hope laughed at Jin’s comment “Ahh you’re so cute - it’s almost pathetic.” 

J-Hope intertwined his fingers in yours, and out of all the guys he was the only one you were accepting to be with … Well, because you were secretly dating each other, the only person who did know you were dating was Jimin because he was a very close friend to J-Hope, overall, not that many people knew about your relationship with him but sometimes it seemed better as no one would try to interfere - but this was a different story. 

“I never realised how lucky I am. From what I’ve heard you’ve got 6 guys running after your heart yet I’m the only one you were willing to give you’re heart to.” 

You giggled slightly feeling yourself blushing “Obviously, no one compares to you, you’ve always helped me through my hardships. You never fail to make me smile and you didn’t have to force me to like you because I’m already there. My very own sunshine on a cloudy day.” 

You heard someone pretending to heave “I’m going to puke, that’s disgusting” Jungkook said joining Jin, Namjoon and Suga who all felt betrayed by you. Soon after Taehyung ran towards Jungkook yelling all sorts of curse words and scolding him “You’re supposed to be my best friend and you’re running after the girl I like.” 

Taehyung grabbed on to Jungkook’s collar but Jungkook brushed him off “I don’t know if you can see properly but the girl you like has a boyfriend.”

Taehyung crossed his eyebrows at the sight of J-Hope’s fingers intertwined in yours feeling his anger intensifying he looked just as betrayed - if not more, than the other guys.    

-admin blxnktae  

The Fic And Fandom Content Promotion Starter Kit

So this last Tuesday we hosted an @spnircchat topic about “How to Promote Your Fics (without being a dick.)” Everyone wants a good response to their written work, but may not be sure how to get eyeballs on their work if it’s not on the top of the latest fics page on Ao3.

Here are some things that help increase traffic to your stories on Ao3. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is the list strictly in order of importance/priority. This is a long post (about 900 words,) so it’s going behind a cut that leads to a tumblr with a large, readable typeface.

Now, on to the kit!

1. Clearly Connected Tumblr/Ao3 Pages (Twitter Optional)

If you’re DeanWinchesterCriesDuringSex on tumblr, but you’re StuckyFool on Ao3 and you’re 99WaywardBalloons on twitter, you have an alias connection problem. People who find you on one platform may not have the easiest time finding you on another, and that could make searching for you on these platforms daunting enough that people might give up.

Best practice: the same ID on all platforms.

The next best: frequent, visible links to your identities on other platforms, so if a reader finds one, they can find the rest.

Keep reading

She's Got A Boyfriend Anyway

***WARNING*** Contains sexual content (GET YOUR HOLY WATER YOU SINNERS jk I’m the one that wrote it xD)

A/N: This one is a bit different, its completely different to what I’ve written considering that it contains smut (which I’m absolutely shit at writing so bare with me on this one guys. I cant write smut to save my life.) And it is based off of the song Sex by The 1975. I’ve been wanting to write something based off of this song for a while now, considering it’s one of my favourites. I hope you guys like it. Also tell me what you think of it, I appreciate feedback guys.

I felt so awkward writing this oml

Prompt: You and Dan have a ‘friends with benefits’ type thingy but at the same time you’re casually seeing someone, but nothings official. And then shit happens.

Word Count: 2455 words

Genre: Smut (but fluff at the same time, idk there needs to be more fanfic genres)

“And I’m not trying to stop you love, if we’re gonna do anything we might as well just fuck. She’s got a boyfriend anyway, she’s got a boyfriend anyway…”

Dan’s P.O.V

The sound of moans and skin against skin fills the room that I am currently in. Sweat starts beading down my forehead as I thrust into the beautiful girl beneath me. Her moans are like music to my ears. I can feel my orgasm hitting. I put my head in the crook of (y/n)’s neck and stifle a load moan that I can feel coming up in my throat. My body shakes in pleasure, but as I am about to come, I hear a beeping coming from (y/n)’s phone, kinda ruining the mood. I stop abruptly as she reached over to my bedside table to grab her phone, apologizing.

“I’m so sorry, Dan but I’ve gotta go. I have a date and I need to get ready.” She says sighing. I pull out of her, so I can let her get out of bed and get changed.

“Is it with that Jackson guy again?” I ask, slightly jealous. She nods answering my question and I mentally sigh. Of course it’s gonna be Jackson. The guy that (Y/n) has been “casually” seeing for the past couple of months. “Oh, have fun. Call me later on and tell me how it went.” I say as she’s darting around the room trying to find her clothes in my room, which is basically a bomb site.

“I’ll see you later on.” She pecks my lips when she’s managed to get dressed and then rushes out the door, to go back to her flat and get ready for her date. Ugh, why does it have to be Jackson. He’s so weird.

I hear Phil emerge from the lounge and walk into his room. He must’ve seen (y/n) through the crack of the closed door. Poor Phil, having to put up with all of mine and (y/n)’s noise. I asked him if he wanted to leave, he said no, that’s his own fault.

“About time. I thought you two would’ve gone on forever” Phil says as he comes into my room. He sits down on my desk chair, probably waiting for an answer.

“It could’ve.” I smirked at Phil as he cringes, making a gagging noise. I giggle at his face. “But she had a date with that Jackson guy.” Phil was the only one who knew that I really liked (y/n). Heck, i was basically in love with her.

“Wait, she’s still seeing that guy? Why was she over here then?” Phil asks confused. I just shrug and sigh sadly. Phil takes this as his cue to leave and wonders back into his room, and now I am left alone with my thoughts. I decide that I’ve had enough for today, and I feel extremely exhausted, and just decide to go to sleep.

*5 Hours laaaatttteeeerrrr*

I hear my phone vibrating and going off on the bedside table beside me. I open my eyes and answer it, not bothering to check the caller I.D.

“Hello?” I ask tiredly. It was like 11pm, but I was tired. The day really drained the energy out of me.

“Dan! Guess what?” I recognised the voice as (y/n)’s. I smiled at her excited tone of voice

“What happened?” I ask with a slight giggle. Hearing (Y/N) excited makes me happy.

“Jackson asked me to be his girlfriend, AND I SAID YES!” And like that, my heart sunk into my stomach. It felt like my whole world had just crashed. The girl that I really really really like is now in a relationship. I should’ve made my move when I had the chance. I don’t know why, but I just feel shocked.

“R-Really! Congrats!” I congratulate her with fake excitement in my voice.

“Ahhh, I’m buzzing so much right now. Thank you, Dan. I’ll call you later. Bye!” She says and then hangs up, and I’m left to just look out at the wall in my room with a blank expression on my face and a heavy heart.

*2 months later*

From: (Y/N)
To: Dan
Hey Dan, just finishing up dinner with Jackson and his parents, I’ll be over for our movie night in about 15 minutes -(Y/N)

I read the text message over and over in my head, excited that I get to see one of my best friends/the girl I really like. Ever since she’s been with Jackson, she hasn’t really had time to hang out with Phil and I anymore, so as you could probably guess, I was extremely ecstatic when she asked to hang out with Phil and I.

I was so immersed in the text message that I didn’t even hear (Y/N) knocking at the front door, until Phil told me to go and grab the door and to stop being weird (thanks Phil). I basically run down the stairs, and you know me, I never run. I open the front door to reveal the beautiful (y/n) in front of me. I smile at her endearingly.

“Hey Dan! So I brought a couple of movies to watch, and some food.” (Y/n) says holding up a plastic bag full of stuff. I let her through the door and make our way up the stairs. (Y/n) puts her things down on the floor in the lounge whilst Phil and I grab our pillows and blankets from our room. We walk in the lounge to see that (Y/N) has all the food set up into bowls and stuff like that.

“So, what do you guys want to watch?”


As the end credits rolled down the screen, I looked over to see that Phil was fast asleep and (Y/N) had turned her attention to me.

“Thank you for tonight, Dan. I really had fun watching movies with you and Phil. I missed you guys so much.” She says smiling, putting a sweet into her mouth. I could hear the hard sweet hitting against her tongue piercing as she sucked on the sweet.

“My pleasure. I really missed you too. We haven’t really hung since we, we uh- um you know” I’m too awkward to say it.

“Since we last had sex? It’s true though, I mean we really only hung out here when we fucked.” She laughs which puts a smile on my face. I blush from her words. It’s true though.

“Ahhhh those were the days. It was really funny though, last time, I asked Phil if he wanted to leave and he said no, and then after you left he looked traumatized” I reminisced about the last time we had sex.

“Goddammit Phil, he did that to himself. To be honest coming over here to fuck with you, made me forget about a whole lot of issues going on, so uh thank you for being my fuck buddy I guess.” She pokes her tongue out at me giving me a clear sight of that tongue piercing of hers.

For some reason I can feel myself becoming more nervous with this conversation topic. Is she hinting at something? Is she going somewhere with conversation? No you idiot, she’s got a boyfriend. She has a boyfriend who really likes her and she really likes him. I see (Y/N) pickup her phone and start checking her messages. I hear her sigh as she turns to me.

“Sorry, Dan but I have to go home. Jackson’s having electrical problems at his flat and is over at mine now.” She says getting up out of the covers. Jackson really has to ruin everything, doesn’t he?

“I can walk you, your flat isn’t too far from here, plus I don’t want you walking by yourself this late.” I offer. Thankfully she accepts my offer and we were getting our stuff ready to head out. As we were walking down the street towards her flat, I can’t help but think of the conversation we just had. Did it mean anything or was it just meaningless banter?

With all of the silence and all of the thinking going on in my head, I didn’t even realize that we had actually made it to (Y/n)’s flat until she put her arms around me, hugging me, thanking me for the movie night.

“I’ll see you another time, Dan.” And like that she disappears into her flat. I walk back home by myself still thinking about the conversation? Why did i have to be an idiot and bring it up, and then act all nervous and awkward talking about it.

I walk back home, thinking about that conversation once again, it had to mean something to her if she kept talking about it right?

As soon as i get home, i take off of my shoes and go straight to bed. The conversation keeps replaying in my head, and I can’t sleep. Guess I’m in for another sleepless night.


I hear a mysterious knocking at the front door. I check my phone to see that it’s only 11am, so so so early. I groan as i get up out of bed and walk down to the front door to see (Y/n) standing there looking as perfect as ever, and I just cant help myself.

“Hey Dan. I left my charger he-” I cut her off with my lips needful on top of hers. I feel her kiss back, which makes me incredibly happy, until she pulls away. “Dan, w-we can’t, I-I have a b-boyfr-” And once again my lips are back on hers, in a needy way, and she still kissed back.

She pulled on my hair as her tongue entered my mouth forcefully. We pulled apart and basically sprinted up the stairs and ran into my room. As soon as we got in my room, she was taking off of her top, and then her lips were on mine again.

“A-are you sure you wa-” I was going to ask if this what she really wanted but she cut me off before I could finish my question

“Shut up, Dan.” She demands and then pushes me onto the bed straddling my waist as she kisses me in a passionate and lustful manner. We only break apart when it comes to taking off each others clothing.

We ended up switching positions, where I ended up being on top of her, kissing her everywhere, letting her know how beautiful she is. And as i am on top of her, kissing all over her body, I can’t help but think of her with Jackson. Does he take care of her? Or could I easily fill his shoes? I don’t even know anymore.
And then just like that, we went back to doing what we usually would when hanging out with each other. We would fuck, but this time, this time to me it felt different. I don’t know if she could feel it too, but everything felt different. And I really liked it.


“We should like go on a road trip or something.” I say randomly as I had the most beautiful girl in the world cuddled into my arms. It’s like she’s mine and she always has been

“Yeah, a road trip sounds great. It’s actually what I need.” She agrees to my idea. And then I had a random question come into my head, and it was kinda personal.

Are you and Jackson doing alright?“ I asked, there it is, the question is out in the open and I feel my heart rate speed up pondering and awaiting her answer.

“Yeah he’s a great guy, he’s really sweet. But sometimes, I feel as if relationships aren’t my thing at the moment. What we had going on was good and all, but sometimes I just don’t know anymore?” She answers, and I have no idea how to feel about it. I don’t know what to feel. “So this road trip. When were you thinking?”


“Alright, is that everything?” I ask as we pack up (Y/n)’s car. We were finally taking that road trip. That well needed road trip.

“Yes sir. Everything is all good to go. I had the car checked and everything yesterday.”

“Great. Lets go!” I say and then get in the passengers seat of the car, and we were on our way.

We were about 1 hour and 45 minutes out of London, when all of a sudden, we got a flat tire. And guess what? We didn’t have a spare tire.

“So I’ve called the roadside recovery place, and they’re not going to be here for another 4 hours.” (Y/n) explains. Great this is just great. We decide to just talk the time away, catch up a bit on what we missed out on in each other’s lives.

“How are you and Jackson?” I ask. She immediately looks to the floor of the car and back up at me, looking kinda sad

“I broke up with him. And before you ask why, it was because I was in love with someone else.” I was flabbergasted. How come she didn’t tell me this sooner? I would never have brought it up if she had.

“Who is it?”


And I swear in that moment I was absolutely speechless. I was so incredibly happy. I looked at her and she almost looked mortified.

“Ditto.” I smile at her and I swear to god, this was the best day of my life. Despite the circumstances, it is still the best day of my life.

Thoughts on Wynonna Earp 1x07

This might get really rambly, but I’ve watched this episode every day this weekend, so this is basically just a place for me to put my thoughts about lots of the things here, rather than a bunch of small separate posts.

First off, favorite quotes:

“Friends don’t let friends get gutted by Revenants.” ~ Waverly to Doc (this just confirms Waverly deserves better friends)
“You carving out chopsticks by hand, or what?” ~ Wynonna to Dolls
“Don’t shoot me, Earp.” ~ Nicole to Wynonna (their friendship gives me life)
“Okay Magic Mike, show us your moves.” ~ Waverly to fake stripper (Waverly is a nerd and a romantic and definitely saw those movies - also, something about her voice and her delivery sounded exactly like Kenzi from Lost Girl and I was floored)
“You of all people should know better than to try to make me question my sanity.” ~ Nicole to Wynonna, with ferocity (Okay, so I really love Nicole standing up for herself, and this means she’s heard plenty about Wynonna from the townsfolk)
“Screw you Satanist party-poopers!” ~ Stephanie
“What do you mean you killed a stripper?” ~ Wynonna to Waverly (this delivery was just perfect, how she was only mildly surprised and almost amused?)
“I’m starting to think sanity’s overrated.” ~ Waverly (based on the description for next episode, nice foreshadowing - but also interesting considering Wynonna’s history with mental institutions in relation to demons)
“She scissored a stripper.” ~ Nicole to Wynonna (Wynonna’s reaction was so proud tbh - she has someone to keep up with her innuendos)

Now for general episode thoughts:

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306pm  asked:

Okay so I was trying to sleep, but I had an idea for a Tallster AU and since you're the best, can you please do one of those things maybe? (idk is this how we submit things to you 😘😘✌🏼️) so: TALLSTER GOES TO BUILD-A-BEAR

This is a fine way to submit things to me! I know there’s an actual submit button that some people have but I am like, low tech tumblr user so this is what I got. 


I cost my parents so much money. I even had a duck from a knock off build-a-bear from a Wal-Mart in Maine. 

I got this, hope you like it. 

  • Ben’s helping chaperone Thomas’s birthday party because Abe has like, some kind of blackmail on him or Ben really owes Abe a favor because I never think that Ben would willingly spend a Saturday afternoon spending time with a dozen and half screaming five year olds. 
  • Abe tells him it’s going to be at Build-A-Bear and Ben dies inside because whenever we walks by that place in the mall it sounds like someone is getting murdered inside. Kids are screaming and crying and there’s stuffing everywhere. 
  • But Ben said he’d help out and he’s a man of his word and he doesn’t have time to fake his death so he meets up with everyone outside the mall with a giant coffee in his hand and a container of Advil in his back pocket and he’s ready to go. 
  • It’s not Anarchy inside the Build-A-Bear Workshop but it’s a close thing. 
  • The kids are really loud and Ben feels bad for the kids and parents that aren’t part of the party because it’s kind of disrupting their time. 
  • They tear through the bins of animals and they’re not neat about putting them back in the correct ones because they want to get onto the stuffing station because they get to press down on the pedal and put the stuffed heart in and that’s like, the best part, even Ben will admit that’s cool and he kind of wants a bear for himself. 
  • So anyways he’s sorting through the bins and putting each lifeless, unstuffed, animal skin back into it’s correct place when someone puts their hand on his shoulder and tells him he really doesn’t need to be doing that. 
  • And it’s a super cute guy with brown hair and brown eyes and the blue apron with the outline of a teddy bear’s head on it only makes him look cuter. 
  • His name tag says “Hello, My Name Is Caleb.” 
  • “There’s another party coming in in an hour.”
  • “But’s it’s so…”
  • “It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Really, I promise.”
  • “Okay.” And it physically hurts Ben to drop the one he’s holding because he knows how many still aren’t sorted. “I’m sorry they’re so-.”
  • “They’re kids.” Caleb shrugs. “It’s how they are at this age. They’re excited. At least no one is crying.”
  • “Not yet.” Ben’s been eyeing this one kid who he thinks is definitely going to start balling any moment now.
  • “Which one is yours?”
  • “What? Oh my god, no. nonononononononono!” and he is adamant that this guy he just met and doesn’t know anything about knows that he does not have a child here or anywhere. “No kids. I’m just a friend of the family helping out for a day. Kind of like an uncle, I guess. But it’s not by blood so I don’t ever feel guilty about saying I can’t babysit.”
  • “How’d you get roped into this one?”
  • “Long story.”
  • “Sounds interesting. I’d love to hear it.”
  • That sounds a bit like flirting and then Caleb smiles at him and it’s for sure flirting and Ben kind of stutters trying to figure out what to tell him without totally embarrassing himself but it’s really too late for that but Caleb just smiles wider until his coworker comes over and tells him that she needs help.
  • And Caleb is like, The Official Party Leader and he is so good at it. He’s so good with kids. 
  • All the kids stop what they’re doing and pay attention and participate in the games he’s playing with them. 
  • Thomas looks like he’s having a blast. 
  • That kid Ben thought was going to burst into tears is actually laughing. 
  • Caleb gets the kids to clean up after themselves without any resistance.
  • It’s amazing. 
  • Abe comes up to Ben and is like, “I kind of want to take this guy home with me.”
  • And Ben is like “I’m working on it.” and then turns red as Abe’s eyes go wide and he smacks him on the back. “I don’t know where that came from. I don’t know why I said that.”
  • “Bullshit you don’t. Aren’t you glad you came now?”
  • So the kids are eating their cake which means they’re gonna be hit with another sugar high but they’ll be going home soon so that’s the parents problem when Caleb comes up to Ben and tells him he’s going to take a quick break to get a coffee. Do you want to come with me?
  • Ben practically runs out of the store because even though the kids are behaving he still needs some space.
  • Caleb takes him to Dunkin and pays for both their coffee even when Ben protests. 
  • “But you worked so hard in there.”
  • “It really wasn’t that bad.”
  • “I could never do that. You were amazing.”
  • “What do you do for a living?”
  • “I’m a teacher.”
  • And Caleb just gapes at him. 
  • “High school. I teach high school. It’s so different. If the kid doesn’t want to do something they kind of just walk out. Not a ton of screaming about it. Some. But not like that.”
  • So they talk about Caleb’s worst experiences with kids during these things which are really more funny than anything else and Ben tells him about this first day teaching and how nervous he was and how he had to work through it and it’s a really love little coffee break.
  • Ben’s going to ask him if he wants to do it again sometime when Caleb says he has to get back to work and the party is winding down so Ben has to help clean up. There are other customers Caleb has to attend to so Ben starts to think that maybe that’s it when Abe hands him a stuffed raccoon.
  • “You didn’t have to actually buy me a bear.” But he loves it. He thinks it’s adorable. Abe isn’t taking it back. 
  • “I didn’t.” He hands over the certificate that comes a long with it and it’s Date of Birth is a phone number and it’s name is Call Me and next to Belongs To it says hopefully each other, someday and it’s very cute.
  • Ben looks for Caleb across the store and he’s sewing up a bear for a girl but he winks at Ben before he goes back to pulling the thread through. 
  • So Ben saves the number to his phone and waits until he thinks Caleb’s off shift to call and they set up a real date. 
I need to get this out of my system...

I am REALLY mad right now…


I’m so mad at the people who steal, trace, and repost MY art on some other websites. Even my sketches are being re-edited and turned into digital in some website. The last time I posted something about this was Idk maybe last month or three months ago? 

I saw someone who LITERALLY just traced my Design of Ennard, and I could fucking tell, that it was originally my design. All they did was just trace over the sketch on paper that I did, traced it on digital art, coloured it, AND CLAIMED AS THEIR OWN.

At first, I just tried to contain my feelings. I did my best to stay calm, and kept telling myself that it’s all just coincidence! I said to myself, “You’re overreacting Liz! Don’t worry!” and all that stuff, but you know what? I’M FUCKING SICK OF IT NOW.

PEOPLE ARE FUCKING TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME. I saw them post my art somewhere on Instagram, and Pinterest. I tried to talk to them politely to kindly to take it down, but all they did was block me. I made an account on THESE specific websites to kindly ask them to take down my art that they “claimed” to be theirs, but all they did was ignore me.

And also, guess what? I saw another user HERE IN TUMBLR, retrace MY design of Ennard. I could tell that they just fucking copied my DS of Ennard, YES THEY COPIED MY DS OF ENNARD. ALL THEY CHANGED WAS THE COLOUR OF HIS SHIRT. I thought long and hard to make Ennard’s DS, I made up his lose tie, and straps on his shirt and I know that they copied it BECAUSE IT IS CLEARLY OBVIOUS THAT THEY COPIED MY DESIGN. YES I KNOW WHO THE FUCK DID IT, BUT BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO RUIN THAT USER, I DON’T WANT TO NAME HIM/HER. 










anonymous asked:

I need help with my grimoire. I made space for a title page, introduction, table of contents, then I numbered the pages and spritzed them with perfume. idk how to fill it tho? any suggestions or guides?

Oh, bro, have I got you.

From [Richtor’s Grimoire Tips, Part 03]

What Should I Write?

Well, it ultimately boils down to… what do you want to write?

I believe you should only write down things that you plan on using, for the matter of saving energy and space. Arguably, however, even if you don’t plan on using something directly, it can be used as a reference for things to stay away from, or provide ideas and formatting for your own spells and ideas in the future. That is up to you completely. There is also no need to write down things you already know, or so I feel; you already have that knowledge in your head, and can reference it there, it will just take up space and energy to write it down in a book.

To me, correspondences are the most important thing in my grimoire, even before the spells. Without the correspondences, I would lack the understanding of why something is used in a spell, what it brings to the spell, and what effect it could have on me. I use these by far the most often, because I tend to make up my own spells on the spot, rather than use any of the hundred or so spells I have already written down… With correspondences, you can write your own spells based off the information contained there, and geared towards the supplies you currently have; creating your own spells to your own particular circumstances and tastes can prove more effective, due to how personal and connected they are specifically to you.

Despite that being said, other people’s spells are also good to write down. If you see a spell you like and wish to use later, your grimoire is the best place to put it. Spells written by other people absolutely can still work for you - writing spells for yourself just provides a more personal connection and ensures success by a degree. (How much? Who really knows, magic is hard to measure.)

What sort of spells you write comes down to the sort of things you want to do with your magic. Protection spells, to me, are always useful to keep - I think protection spells rank the most numerous in my own grimoire. I tend to also write down any spell that I think I would have occasion to use in the future, as a “just in case.” Whatever you think you will use, or might have occasion to use, go for it. Sigils can also fall under this category as well. If you are positive you won’t use something, or couldn’t gain any knowledge from something, or if you just plain don’t like it, you don’t need to write it. (Example, you don’t have to put curses in your grimoire if you’re anti-curse; if you can’t use any spells involving fire, you may not wish to write them down, but if you think you may have chances to use spells like that in the future, then write them down.)

Along with correspondences, anything that is worth noting about a particular herb or crystal is great to have too - what herbs are poisonous, which crystals are not water soluble, etc. This way you can be sure that you don’t include too much of a herb that could make you sick, or damage your crystals, or ingest any gem elixirs after your stone has started dissolving in it. Making sure you are safe while you practice witchcraft is something I think all witches should try to do - we’re playing around with something that isn’t always light and fluffy and happy.

Here is a list of topics that may prove useful to keep in a grimoire; again, it all depends on what you need to know, what you want to do, and how you plan to work with magic. This list is also not extensive or complete - it is just a few ideas I can think of at this point in time.

  • spell timing, such as Sabbats and esbats, moon phases, days of the week, time of the day, etc.
  • correspondences for herbs, crystals, colors, the four elements, planetary associations, etc.
    • substitutions for particular items like herbs, crystals, etc.
    • any safety precautions for working with certain herbs, crystals, etc.
    • information on how to determine personal correspondences and associations
    • magical materials that can be used in spells
  • information on any religions you work within
    • example: for Wicca, you may wish to write out the Wiccan Rede, how to cast a circle, how to call the four corners / elements / guardians of the watchtowers, etc.
    • offering ideas for any deities you work with
    • invocations for any deities you work with
    • rituals / dedications / prayers to any deities you work with
  • information on any spirits you work with / wish to work with
    • offering ideas for any spirits you work with (i.e. the fae, elemental spirits like sylphs and salamanders, etc.)
  • information on the history of witchcraft
  • information on familiars and working with animals in magic
  • information on various types of magic
    • examples: energy work, candle magic, crystal magic / crystal grids, sachet magic, knot magic, kitchen magic / tea magic, bath magic, traditional magic, urban magic, chaos magic, pop culture magic, green magic, hedgework, spirit work, shadow work, blood magic, sex magic, necromancy / death magic, etc.
    • any safety precautions for working with certain varieties of magic
  • any divination methods you wish to try
    • examples: definitions of the tarot cards, tarot spreads, cartomancy interpretations, definitions of runes, reading tea leaves (tasseomancy) / coffee grounds, tips on pendulum reading, etc.
  • spells that you write yourself, or sigils that you draw yourself
    • any notes and observations you made when testing that spell / using it
  • spells or sigils from external sources that you may want to use and/or reference
  • recipes for potions, powders, oils, tinctures, etc.
  • chants and incantations
  • blessings
  • curses
  • information on any magical groups or covens you participate in
    • coven rules and guidelines, members lists and contact information, etc.

Here are some links for other posts that provide tips on keeping a grimoire and things that you could keep in them.

I hope that helps you! :D

Hey Cas,

There’s something I need to tell you. And… although I’d prefer to tell you in person, this will have to do. I need to get this off my chest.

Remember when we first met? It was a Monday, raining, you came into that coffee shop I was working at drenched and shivering with a look on your face that could kill someone. You ordered a cinnamon light soy latte (which I will never understand why you like that shit by the way). You had such a clipped tone and I’m pretty sure that scowl was embedded into your skin. I thought you were a dick at first. Who could blame me? You left as quickly as you came and I was sure that was the last time I’d see you so I didn’t feel bad for talking about you behind your back.

I can’t even remember what I said. I think it was something about having to surgically remove the stick from your ass?

Anyway, I’m getting off track. And I hope to god that you’re still reading and I haven’t pissed you off yet. Please just- keep reading.

You came in the following day. That same damn trench coat on and scowl. Ordered the same shitty drink even. This time though, you looked at me. Actually looked.

I thought

Fuck, the feeling tha

Shit, I actually don’t have words for how I felt. No ones looked at me like that before. All I could see was the vibrant blue of your eyes and everything just faded away. You don’t know any of this and I really hope that you keep reading for the reason why I’m telling you this.

I said hello. You returned the greeting and we complained about the weather. It was just trivial things but honestly? That was one of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had. We became buddies, man.

Cas, I’m not that good with words. And I’m even worse at talking about my feelings but I have to say this. So… I guess I’m just gonna say it. I love you.

I fucking love you, Cas.

It’s hard to see you everyday and not touch you. It’s killing me and while you’re there in New York probably focusing on your family for the holidays, I’m here in Kansas, surrounded by people and I only want you. It fucking sucks ass that you don’t know any of this. Though… that’s why I’m telling you… Shit… Let me start over. It’s painful for me to hold it in all the time. In a perfect world you’d love me back and we would be together but, its not. And you’re just a friend - my best friend - which is why I needed to tell you. You deserve to know.

I’ve tried to fight it. I have and I hate myself for the fact that I can’t contain it anymore.

This letter is a confession. But most importantly, it’s a goodbye.

I can’t keep doing this. Even if you wanted to be with me I’m just a mechanic and you’re a freaking doctor for the love of god. How can I be anything you want or need? I- I’m moving on Saturday to be closer to Sam and Jess while he’s studying in Stanford. Big shot lawyer that kid will be. Heh, you’d probably argue with me, ‘It’s too early to make that assumption, Dean’. Um, anyway my last shift at the garage will be Thursday and I hope and if you (by some miracle) feel the same way I do then, well…

I love everything about you Cas. Even that old trench and small head tilt. Hell, I love you even more for that. I just- I can’t. I’m miserable just thinking about leaving but I have to. It’s the only way for me to move on and for you to find someone who can make you happy. Someone who will be good to you and bake you those chocolate chip cookies you like when you’re sick. Someone to sing you to sleep when you’ve had a late night at the hospital. And I- I can’t do all that. I need to leave before I try and make myself look stupid. Again. I’ve done it before and I’m not doing that in front of you.

So… that’s it. I hate it but that’s how it is.

Goodbye, Castiel. I will always love you, even when I try not to.

- Dean W