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  • has loved reading ever since she found out she was named after Cosette from Les Miserables, even tho she is mucho unimpressed by how weak of a character she was.
  • People assume she’s a quiet bookworm because she’s very reserved, but she will be really hostile towards anyone who gets under her skin
  • Her hair was blonde as a child but went dirty-blonde in grade 9 and she’s been dying it back to blonde since
  • She finds furniture at junkyards and flea markets, refurnishes them and sells them
  • She is the ultimate negasaurus

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Master and Margarita stream edition

Today is also the day of the Soviet Series Club™ where we discovered that the initial pick doesn’t have subtitles (rest in pieces TASS), so this show won by chaotic surprise. Which is so in the mood of the book it’s scary. 

The series is not even Soviet, made fairly recently in 2005 and memorable for the sole fact that, unlike 98% of all Russian shows nowadays, it did not suck. It sure has differences with the book in some way (book bitches required for the stream, call 69-69-KOMRAD), hilarious CGI and the bad Russian meme of Bezrukov as Jesus, but it’s still good, apparently. I can only vouch for the Satan ball scene though. 

So, just like the book goes, Voland arrives to Moscow to fuck shit up, one writer goes through his usual depress, and in the meanwhile, Jesus has his own storyline. It doesn’t make sense, but it does. Chaos is all that matters, and Voland will make sure that it happens everywhere he goes. 

The show has A LOT of familiar actors in various roles, but Vasily Livanov cameo must be one of the most memorable ones as the guy’s been dead to Russian cinema ever since the modern Russian cinema emerged. There’s also Alexander Abdulov, Valentin Gaft, Alexander Adabashyan, and well of course my homeboy Oleg Basilashvili as Voland himself. 

If you want to check if the show indeed doesn’t suck or not, join us today on rabbit, 20th of August, Sunday, at 9pm GMT+1. 

Let’s spill the oil big time.

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hey if you don't believe bi girls can be should probably stop calling random strangers who you haven't specifically talked to about orientation "butch" cause like...either it's purely something people self-ID as or it's a way for wlw to recognize each other like. not every gnc woman you see in public is a lesbian you have no way of guaranteeing that, and claiming both things at once makes it seem like you're erasing the fact that gnc bi women exist (whether you call us butch or not)

idk where to even start 

edit: oh this is funny i was retyping my response to this ask for the fourth time an hour ago when i thought my hand slipped and hit delete midreply and i was like well that’s the end of it but, nope, my hand actually slipped and hit “post” while all i had typed is what you see above. tumblr has a great sense of humor. anyways yeah idk where to even start

So highkey I got really emotionally attached to @misterpoofofficial ’s oc for allura’s mother and ???? I was originally going to draw her but my skills can only go so far. So I opted for a screen cap edit thing ???

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If you ran away, come back home
       Just   come   home


Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.